Godless: The Church of Liberalism
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"If a martian landed in America and set out to determine the nation's official state religion, he would have to conclude it is liberalism, while Christianity and Judaism are prohibited by law.

Many Americans are outraged by liberal hostility to traditional religion. But as Ann Coulter reveals in this, her most explosive book yet, to focus solely on the Left's attacks on our Judeo-Christian tradition is to miss a larger point: liberalism is a religion°™a godless one.

And it is now entrenched as the state religion of this county.

Though liberalism rejects the idea of God and reviles people of faith, it bears all the attributes of a religion. In Godless, Coulter throws open the doors of the Church of Liberalism, showing us its sacraments (abortion), its holy writ (Roe v. Wade), its martyrs (from Soviet spy Alger Hiss to cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal), its clergy (public school teachers), its churches (government schools, where prayer is prohibited but condoms are free), its doctrine of infallibility (as manifest in the "absolute moral authority" of spokesmen from Cindy Sheehan to Max Cleland), and its cosmology (in which mankind is an inconsequential accident).

Then, of course, there's the liberal creation myth: Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

For liberals, evolution is the touchstone that separates the enlightened from the benighted. But Coulter neatly reverses the pretense that liberals are rationalists guided by the ideals of free inquiry and the scientific method. She exposes the essential truth about Darwinian evolution that liberals refuse to confront: it is bogus science.

Writing with a keen appreciation for genuine science, Coulter reveals that the so-called gaps in the theory of evolution are all there is°™Darwinism is nothing but a gap. After 150 years of dedicated searching into the fossil record, evolution's proponents have failed utterly to substantiate its claims. And a long line of supposed evidence, from the infamous Piltdown Man to the "evolving" peppered moths of England, has been exposed as hoaxes. Still, liberals treat those who question evolution as religious heretics and prohibit students from hearing about real science when it contradicts Darwinism. And these are the people who say they want to keep faith out of the classroom?

Liberals' absolute devotion to Darwinism, Coulter shows, has nothing to do with evolution's scientific validity and everything to do with its refusal to admit the possibility of God as a guiding force. They will brook no challenges to the official religion.

Fearlessly confronting the high priests of the Church of Liberalism and ringing with Coulter's razor-sharp wit, Godless is the most important and riveting book yet from one of today's most lively and impassioned conservative voices.

"Liberals love to boast that they are not 'religious,' which is what one would expect to hear from the state-sanctioned religion. Of course liberalism is a religion. It has its own cosmology, its own miracles, its own beliefs in the supernatural, its own churches, its own high priests, its own saints, its own total worldview, and its own explanation of the existence of the universe. In other words, liberalism contains all the attributes of what is generally known as 'religion.'" °™From Godless

From the Hardcover edition.

Customer Reviews:

  • Coulter nails it
    Good read, excellent material if you are conservative and open to a good discussion presented in an entertaining format. If you're an Alan Colmes fan (read that blithering idiot) you won't like it and if you're an OBama supporter, based on his recent comments about Christianity, you won't like it either.

    But if you're a mainstream American looking to explore further the important issues about how we got here and now that we're here how should we conduct ourselves, you'll find it informative, enlightening and comforting....more info
  • In the end, she's right, and she knows it
    Ann Coulter is so caustically funny and bitter as she rips through this listing of sacraments in the church of liberalism that at times it appears she can't be serious or sincere. But in the last chapter she wraps it all up in strong words that makes this book worth of the rating.

    Our rules (God's rules), she concludes, "are decreed by a legislator whose opinions are not subject to appeal by the ACLU. . . The truth is the truth whether we like it or not." She speaks the truth about evolution and its impact as clearly as Ken Hamm, in words stronger than he would ever use, with an attitude that would never be approved behind a Christian pulpit.

    Still, its fun, its fast, its factual...and in the end, she's right, she knows it . . . . And you'll know it too.....more info
  • the TRUTH HURTS (really bad)
    Ann is too truthful for most. She holds back NOTHING. Most people can not stand to hear the truth, they run screaming into the night with their hands over their ears. If this is you, don't read this book.
    If you enjoy TRUTHFUL, BITING commentary, you will enjoy this book (a lot), I certainly did.Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-defense...more info
  • Great read.
    I am a Logcabin Republican, (if you don't know what that is, Google it). The truth really does hurt. She is spot on and smart as a whip. We are spoon fed the liberal left daily in media, and people like Ann really help to get us through the day. ...more info
  • Excellent read
    I found Ann Coulters book excellent. She captures the true hidden agenda of Liberal America and the destuctive power it has to our nation as a whole. Through vivid facts, she shows the slow internal demize, of a nation, founded in a belief in God, by our own elected officials, who's hidden agenda is to remove God from everything in our society. She shows the utter chaos that this would bring to the United States.

    I highly recommend this book.
    ...more info
  • Entertaining Start, but Gets Exhausting
    An intelligent woman writes a boring, tired, bitch fest rant on the people she hates. The very same people that have pushed her career and gave her a platform for expression, which makes her an ungrateful c... Wait I can't say that on here, but if this were an Ann Coulter book I could say it. This book contributed nothing positive towards humanity except to give the Bible Belt something to read and nod their head and say, "Yeah, thank you Ann, you tell them." Conservatives couldn't even get into this book, they were embarrassed by it. For someone who overuses the word "liberal" in her book, she should've started off by explaining "her" version of liberal and conservative. Sorry I gave it a chance, but it came off like a whiny broad putting her inner demons and venom onto paper, but offered no reasons behind her beliefs except that it just is. This will upset all those that love this book that want everyone to give it 5 stars and pat each other on the back, anyone that has a problem with this did not get Ann's book, because remember it's the liberals with the problem, not conservatives or her fans, so becareful, you don't want to be smacked with a double standard hypocrite label. She gets extra stars, because she's an entertaining writer of FICTION....more info
  • Some Observations About Evolution and Intelligent Design
    Ms. Coulter does an excellent job of explaining the controversy about evolution and intelligent design. She creates some confusion, perhaps, by not explaining the evidence for what is called common descent. It is this evidence that makes evolution "....the most pervasive principle in biology, and a thematic thread woven throughout this book."

    The quote is on p. 110 of the fourth edition of the textbook used by 65% of biology majors in the United States: Biology by Neil A. Campbell.
    On page 77, Campbell replicates the probability calculation for random mutations given by Coulter to show that evolution is absurd. The point Campbell is making is that evolution does not apply to the origin of life, but only to what happened after the first living cell began to replicate. The idea that Campbell is in need of a lecture about biology is nonsense.

    It is also clear from Campbell's book that evolution only applies to animals and the bodies of human beings. It does not apply to the souls of human beings, which were created by God. This is generally overlooked because there is a lack of understanding of a method of inquiry called existentialism or metaphysics. Free will, God, the human soul are existential concepts. They are not mentioned by Campbell because his book is about science, not existentialism. To deny that the subject matter of evolution is the bodies of human beings is to make a statement about existentialism.

    This point is also overlooked because many popular accounts of evolution don't say it. Francis Ayala, for example, in Darwin's Gift: to Science and Religion, says that the human soul is a religious concept. Religious concepts are matters of faith and revelation and can't be proven. In my review of this book, which was published by Sight Magazine [...], I prove that human beings have souls.

    It is true that Campbell doesn't mention the arguments against evolution set forth in Godless, such as the irreducible complexity of molecular machinery and the complexity of the human eye. The reason for this, I suggest, is that everybody already knows these argument. Another reason is that advocates of intelligent design use these arguments to promote intelligent design which is more existentialism than science. It is perfectly okay to spend time figuring out whether the big bang was caused by an angel or by God, but it is not science.
    ...more info
  • Average Coulter book
    Good, average Ann Coulter book. I was hoping for a more strident critique of the school system, but this time Coulter actually holds back too much. Book doesn't quite live up to its title. Schools are much worse than she says. She should address this topic in yet another book....more info
  • Brainless
    If you believe in truth , fairness, balance, objectivity , there's nothing here for you, move on.According to Ms Coulter
    1) The Republicans have all enacted successful policies, the Democrats have screwed up everything, and where they haven't its because they inherited the others work(e.g. 9/11 happened because Bill Clinton didn't act on the evidence he had).
    2)Ms Coulter goes after the people the Democrats put up to state their case who cant be touched or criticized. e.g. The widows/mother of the people who died in 9/11.She then proceeds to accuse these women of all sorts of things(like they did it for the publicity, money, they took so much pleasure grieving for their husbands deaths) while repeating that nobody is allowed to criticise them. Leading to the obvious inference Ann Coulter = nobody.
    3) According to Coulter nobody is allowed to criticise schools/teachers either. So nobody i.e. Ms Coulter, than proceeds to do exactly that including bringing out statistics to number of children abused by school teachers v/s number of children abused by priests. I'm not sure what she wanted to prove there.
    4) Ms Coulter attacks evolution relentlessly. She evidently believes that attacking Evolution proves that Intelligent design or Creationism must be correct(a false dichotomy). She says that Darwin made a statement that shows that evolution can never be disapproved, and how theories that cant be disapproved aren't science and then proceeds to write four chapters trying to disprove evolution. Which is it Ms Coulter?
    The sad bit is, this book is a bestseller. ...more info
  • Entertaining, but offensive even for the staunch conservatives
    With Ann Coulter, you either love her or hate her. Regardless of your personal views towards her, there's no denying that she is a strong author and can clearly make her point and back it up, as well.

    "Godless" explores almost every aspect of American society, and Coulter's piercing words can, at times, be offensive. In the end, however, I believe that much of what she has to say is true, regardless of what political party you favor.

    The book could be considered offensive to many groups of people, as Coulter does employ stereotypes often throughout the book. I believe that her word choice can sometimes be of very bad taste (as she blatantly targets all Arab-Americans by saying that they should undergo rigorous security screenings, as Coulter herself trusts the airlines that employ the most racial profiling; this example is found within the first few pages of the book). As some say, she may someday offend all of her supporters.

    I had a very positive view towards Coulter before reading the book, but I do feel slightly offended by some of her seemingly personal remarks within the book, where she targets a group of people, using only a stereotype as her defense.

    I also do not like that Coulter does not graciously acknowledge other viewpoints. She seems to, again, personally attack anyone who does not believe with some of her views.

    My only criticism of the book itself is that, for the general reader, it can be difficult to get through the whole thing. You have to be really interested in what she's saying, otherwise it's a tough read (because it is packed full of information).

    Regardless, it's worth a read if you feel that you'd like it. I personally could not read the whole thing, as I felt very offended at parts....more info
  • God is not Mocked
    The Year is 1792: the cobblestones of Paris are slick with blood, the nectar of the young Republic's three demigods: Liberte, Egalite, & Fraternite.

    The Revolution lumbers through the streets, hoisting the bloody heads and genitalia of its enemies---the nobles, the rich, the royalist, the clerical---through the streets. It has come a long way since the King was toppled just three years ago. It has hauled its Enemies up before the Guillotine, put the traitors to the sword, baptised a new nation in the blood of the Oppressor.

    Now its Jacobin footsoldiers are preparing an assault on the Fane of the Divine Himself: they sweep through the churches. They defrock its Abbes, its bishops. They seize its vast properties, its riches, its wealth. They dethrone God in his Heaven and replace him with Reason; Notre Dame is remade into a Temple of Rationalism. Time itself is bound in shackles and the Seasons suborned before the Committee for the Protection of the Revolution: the names of the months are deistically defanged, and renamed.

    The French Revolutionaries assaulted the Pearly Gates; like so many men before and after, once they had emptied the Fane, cleared out the choirloft, and banished the Divine, they needed a new God to replace him. Power, of course, abhors a vacuum: the French Revolution's new God was Reason, but his rule was cut short in splendid Luciferian fashion by the Demon Princes War and Murder.

    The French formerly baptized in Water; now they did so in Blood.

    Ideas have Consequences, a notion which goes to the heart of Ann Coulter's new book "Godless", a wicked little jeremiad by the battle-scarred Boadicea of the American Right. Happily "Godless" is not Coulter's typical withering harangue of black vitriol (though those are entertaining), but has more on its mind.

    Liberals---and Liberal Society, which has become the American Establishment---have banished God & Religion, in this case Protestantism, from mainstream Society. They have exiled Jesus Christ from the public square, lampooned his followers, marginalized the role of Christianity in American civic life, driven it out of Public Schools so the Sex, Drugs, Gang-Shootings, and Condoms have a little more room to breathe and mill around.

    "Godless" does not mince words. Modern American Liberalism, having dethroned Religion in the public square, has supplanted it: it has become a Religion itself, taking on highly ecclesiastical trappings.

    Liberalism nowadays is characterized by its orthodoxy: while the Right is gripped with internecine tension, in the last eight years the Left has marched in lockstep. Those heterdox and willing to speak out are vilfied and marginalized, as newly Independent U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman---in 2000 the Democrat party's Vice Presidential candidate, now driven from the party ranks---can testify.

    Liberalism's clerical cohort, its punditry, clever columnists, trial lawyers, media darlings, and academics---most of all academics---bring a level of literalism to the Liberal Creed not witnessed since the days of St. Bernard, the Great Hound of Catholicism.

    Coulter observes that the great Liberal Creed---its sacrosanct doctrines of Racism, Oppression of Minorities, the Evils of American Patriarchy, Multiculturalism, America as a Hateful & Corrupt Nation, Global Warming, Gun Control, Keeping Abortion Safe & Legal, Environmentalism and Animal Rights, the UN as the supreme arbiter of Foreign Policy, the whole ugly bag of it---is argued today in print, on the airwaves, in the movies---with a fervency and a hysterical orthodoxy that would shame an Inquisitor.

    The point: Man needs his Gods. Liberals, as Marxists did with Marxism and the Historical Imperative in the 20th century, have made secular Liberalism their new God. Their contentions are no longer political, or driven by Reason, but quite the contrary: Liberals have adopted raw politics as their creed, with political power as the highest and noblest devotion.

    It's a theory that makes sense, particularly given the nastiness with which most Liberals pillory their ideological enemies, with a level of venom and spite that goes well behind mere politics. It also serves to explain the absolute refusal of most Liberals today to cede any point in debate: how can we expect our new clergy of tie-dyed tree-hugging ecclesiastes to discard even one of the3ir Articles of Faith?

    It's good stuff. It helps, of course, that it's vintage Coulter: unapologetic, scathing, and hideously funny. Being Politically Incorrect, after all, means never having to say you're sorry.

    "Godless" is another round of grapeshot fired full broadside at an increasingly hidebound liberal Establishment. If you're one of the Faithful, of course, you'll hate it, & probably see the infernal thing as a breath of sulphur from the Hellmouth itself.

    And if you're a Heretic?

    Suffice it to say that "Godless" will be nearly a Religious experience.

    JSG...more info
  • Political Views Are One Thing, Science is A Different Story
    You can't fault Ann Coulter's passion for her political views however, BUT you can completely dismiss her scientific views. You can agree or disagree with political views but when it comes to making factual statements about the natural world you either stick to the science or spout a bunch of logical fallacies. And it is logical fallacies that this book is peppered with when Ann Coulter's pen turns to anything related to science.

    Ann Coulter makes the big mistake of making all her arguments from a value-based (politics and religious) position. Science is not a matter of conjecture or democratic vote. She does this by making fallacious claims about evolution simply because the bible says something different. She then goes on to describe evolution as a 'godless religion' that is worshipped by liberals. If this is her argument for conservatism then she is making a big error in judgement.

    If it was a simple dichotomy such that Liberals accept evolution while Conservatives do not, then we could quite happily say Liberals accept facts while Conservatives do not. Apparently this is the case.

    Secondly, if evolution were to be a religion with Darwin as its prophet, why isn't she trumpeting the same argument with Newton (Gravitation), Einstein (Relativity) and Watson/Crick (DNA)? Presumably these are all prophets and religions too given Liberals would accept their discoveries as valid? Evolution is purely singled out because it provides a natural explanation to life that directly contradicts the bible. By this logic, we ought also accept the bible definition of pi at 3 and completely massacre all of geometry and engineering.

    You have every reason to be skeptical of someone who makes a bunch of claims and then attacks the science that undermines their position. Any ideology that requires a smear campaign on real world evidence needs to be seriously criticised. In Ann Coulter's case, the case could be argued that because she should know better, her flagrant abuse of science and reason is completely unethical. How does that fit into the conservative "moral" case?

    Of course, any criticism of biblical claims to fact is viewed as Godless by Ann Coulter. I would hope the need for criticism of blatant abuses of reason isn't only a Liberal value but if it is then Conservatives really need to examine their own beliefs.

    P.S. For those who claim Evolution is "just a theory": A Theory in Science is a label applied to a hypothesis heavily supported by experimental evidence from multiple strands of inquiry. In 150 years, Evolution has been criticised and analysed by scientists (this is how the scientific method works). It remains standing as the unified theory of biology, something physicists are striving to attain in their field. If you wish to undermine evolution, you must necessarily dismiss genetics, the fossil record, molecular biology, ethology, zoology, germ theory... One must be incredibly confident of the antithesis claim to say they can dismiss an entire field of science....more info
  • Brilliant, Highly Recommend
    This and all of Ann's books are a must read for all conservatives and those not completely brainwashed by the liberal "religion." She brilliantly exposes the most dangerous idealogies that are destroying a once Christian nation. Everything is going down the tube because America is abandoning it's biblical roots. Seek God, now is the time to escape, because things are going to get much worst. Pretty soon we will be persecuted for speaking these truths. Go Ann! ...more info
  • Best of Ann
    Of the three books I've read by Coulter, this is by far my favorite. It had a great premise and she stuck closely to the theme. Ann's a Class A smartass and I love her for it, but the point gets across beautifully. Liberals are losers...no...I kid, I kid. I do commend Ann for her strong opposition to abortion. Well done. ...more info
  • Love you, Ann, but you missed the mark with this one
    Ann Coulter is such a lightning rod personality, regardless of my opinion of `Godless,' about half the review readers will agree that the review is "Helpful" and the other half will pull the lever for "Not Helpful." Unfortunately, the feedback from other book buyers will not necessarily be representative of whether my review was helpful. Rather, those who like Coulter may likely have one view of my opinion and those who dislike her will have the opposite opinion.

    So it goes.

    I want to start by saying for the record that I like Ann Coulter. I think she is extremely intelligent. She is fearless. She has a strong but affable personality. She is attractive. Much more often than not, I find myself on the same side of the issue as she is. In fact, I thought "How To Talk To A Liberal (If You Must)" was inspired. It was poignant. It was funny. That being said, I was more than a little disappointed by `Godless.'

    The first few chapters of `Godless' begins with the same sharp wit and rational analysis as `How To Talk To A Liberal.' With examples of double-talk, duplicity, and stupidity, Coulter argues that Democrats in the United States have adopted Liberalism as a religion complete with its own doctrine, martyrs, sacraments, and clergy. Coulter's metaphors are hilarious and dead ba11s-on.

    For example, Coulter compares the 1988 campaign issue of Michael Dukakis' furlough program, specifically Willie Horton as the martyr in the Church of Liberalism. "But, when the inevitable happened and Dukakis did lose the election, Democrats went to work creating a myth that the Bush campaign had won the election with a racist ad campaign about a black criminal named Willie Horton. Liberals have an unparalleled capacity to create a myth when the truth will destroy them. The Willie Horton ad provoked hysteria from the Democrats because Horton's release exposed their obsessive fetish with releasing violent criminals. In fact, Horton is the full explanation for why someone like Michael Dukakis should never be allowed near any government job..."

    Relating to the Liberals' "Doctrine of Infallibility," according to Coulter, is the exploitation of women, specifically sobbing women. "After 9/11, four housewives from New Jersey whose husbands died in the attack on the World Trade Center became heroes for blaming their husbands' deaths on George Bush and demanding a commission to investigate why Bush didn't stop the attaches. The Jersey Girls weren't interested in national honor, they were interested in a lawsuit. The first came together to complain that the $1.6 million average settlement to be paid to 9/11 victims' families by the government was not large enough.." "After getting their payments jacked up, the weeping widows took to the airwaves to denounce George Bush, apparently for not beaming himself through space from Florida to New York and throwing himself in front of the second building at the World Trade Center." "The whole nation was wounded, all of our lives reduced. But they (The Jersey Girls) believed the entire country was required to marinate in their exquisite personal agony."

    Then, as if a switch had been flipped, Coulter uses the well-formed foundation for her opinion, not unlike a member of a high school debate team that drew the short side of the argument, takes the side of creationism, or "intelligent design," as opposed to the Theory of Evolution, to explain the how-we-got-here question. In other words, because Democrats have adopted Liberalism as their religion, does it necessarily follow that evolution is not how single-cellular organisms progressed and culminated in the human being? Well, that's Coulter's opinion, or at least that is the opinion she espouses in the second half of `Godless.'

    Like an attorney building her case, Coulter makes a series of points to support her argument. For example, evolution is actually just a theory; it is not provable. Specifically referring to mutation, which is a basic premise of the theory of evolution, Coulter asserts, "the first mutations toward a nose would just make you look funny and no one would want to reproduce with you." Coulter refers to the idea of "survival of the fittest" as a tautology, or a circular and unprovable argument. "Through a process of natural selection, the `fittest' survive. Who are the `fittest?' The ones who survive! Why look - it happens every time!" Coulter continues down this path, inserting a humorous metaphor, a Walkman "evolved" into an iPod, and highlighting frauds perpetrated by unscrupulous scientists upon whose "discoveries" the Theory of Evolution was built. (While unscrupulous scientists have always existed and have always cooked the books for their own personal and professional advancement, their discoveries have been universally discredited and are irrelevant in context.)

    What Coulter does prove is that a lawyer can actually argue either side of the point. Her position that Intelligent Design is more credible than the Theory of Evolution is not unlike Johnny Cochran defending O.J. Simpson. Just like Johnny Cochran was effective in convincing a twelve people who Herrnstein and Murray (authors of `The Bell Curve') might consider to have below average intelligence that O.J. Simpson did not kill his Nicole, Coulter might convince a few folks whose Intelligence Quotient resides two standard deviations to the left of the mean to believe that the Earth is 5,000 years old.

    Love you, Ann, but you missed the mark with this one....more info
  • Thanks Ann
    Another great book by a beautiful, intelligent, Conservative woman!!!!

    Right up there with Peggy Noonan and Laura Ingrahm....more info
  • It's ok to believe in God and have independent thoughts
    I know that if you are a liberal, you will hate this book. The book lays out in a very organized manner that being a conservative and believing in God is ok - even good for the country. Most people in the US are not liberal and it is time for those people to read that they need to stand up for themselves and don't let the poorly mannered liberals take charge. Being and American does not mean you can be rude, selfish, push people around, and think your beliefs are more important than others....more info
  • She just won a "convert"
    After reading this book by Ann Coulter, I am now a fan. She has enlightened me about serious issues in a very articulate, organized fashion that is easy to read, understand, and with a wit a humor that left me laughing my head off almost after every paragraph. She is right!! Liberalism is a religion and has all the components that identify it as a religion. Stunning.

    Yes, I am a fan, now, Ann. Your chapter on evolution was fabulous!! I have memories of a child sitting in my classroom having the teacher display pictures of these moths on trees that changed color because of pollution. Then the next lesson was on since the moths changed color, blah, blah, blah; man evolved from apes. I remember thinking to myself; well, yes, the moths changed colors, but they ARE STILL MOTHS. Does that make me an ape? What does moths changing colors have to do with humans evolving from apes? And why are there still apes if we evolved from an ape? I'm really angy to find out that the picture of the moths was a scientific fraud in the first place. I feel like, no, I know, I am living in a world that is filled with deceipt and lies.

    So weird to think back on that memory. It is as clear as day sitting in my classroom as a third or fourth grader trying to figure this all out. And, no, I wasn't raised in a christian home. I come from a very liberal, secular, democratic family.

    Deadpan? Who wants to read:marked by an impassive matter-of-fact manner, style, or expression (anyways). That's boring. We have enough of that from the deadpan media. She just won a "convert" with this book. I was never really impressed with her short interviews on TV, but, WOW, this book is great and should be read by every average American, especially the Democrats. Going to pass one out to each and every one of my family members. 5 Koodos!!
    ...more info
  • Provocative for Profit, but damaging in the process
    Her M.O. is pretty clear. I watched her interviewed by Chris Matthews recently which reinforced this very openly.

    You either have to be very insightful and respected to sell books on these topics, or be controversial. She's not the former, so she's aggressive about being controversial. If she provoked no emotion, she'd be dull and dull (without content) doesn't sell.

    Being noticed makes you stand out in a crowded market of political discourse, and that sells -- speeches, books, etc.

    So she dresses unlike the normal talking head. The long dyed hair. Etc. That gets noticed.

    And she makes comments that are so far over the top that they stop you in your tracks. para: "Who cares how many of them we kill."

    And then the truth comes out -- its really not about the point of view, its about making money. When John Edwards quoted a vicious personal attack she made on him, she said "I don't mind if he makes money off of me in his fundraising -- I made more money on that" from speeches, book sales, etc.

    I suppose that's good business, if people buy the book. Unfortunately, she lowers the discourse in the process and fuels the fire of division in the country. So I'd encourage you to say "no" to that and not support the damage she is doing.

    ...more info
  • A poorly conceived book.
    I borrowed this book from the library, regretting miserably that the city had to support Ann Coulter's finances. She hits it on the head all right... the head of the person holding the nail. For some reason, she feels compelled to attack those who do not have the air-time (and publicity) given to her by the right-wing networks. So with her compulsive 9-11 widow bashing and ill-attempts at humor, and her poorly conceived thesis obscured by her ruthless rhetoric, this book fails to show anything except how crazy and blind a person can be?!

    Really, the best way to handle people like Ann Coulter is to just ignore her. It works for her. Denial of reality seems to work best when it does not conform with her beliefs. Actually, denial AND dreaming. Her book should be re-titled "Brainless." ...more info
  • Liberals Are Running Scared
    There's no question Ann Coulter has liberals running to the hills. She sites (and yes, I counted) 344 magazine, newspaper, and television news reports to back her case in example after example of how liberals are hurting the country, our bank accounts, and our children. I had a smile on my face reading every page. I couldn't have a higher recommendation for this book. I love seeing people give this book one star, because they obviously either didn't read it or subscribe to the hateful views that Ann Coulter outlines in page after page of the book. Great job, Ann! Keep 'em coming! ...more info
  • Ann Knocks Another One Out Of The Park
    The Bane of liberals everywhere, the vivacious Miss Coulter again unleashes her rapier wit and cunning sense of humor on American Culture and Politics.

    Previously, Ann dedicated herself to exquisitely researched and referenced books on one narrow topic, yet her stunning insightfulness and sly absurdities made for a tremendous read. In Godless, she covers the liberals' duplicity on evolution, crime, punishment, education and other issues.

    It's rare that an author can combine such insight with humor and still produce an incredibly readable book.

    If you're a fan of Treason, Slander, and High Crimes and Misdemeanors, you can rest assured that Ann at least equals those texts, and probably quite exceeds it.

    If, on the other hand, you're a liberal, wanting to know what Ms. Coulter is all about, then you should be commended, but be warned, this will be an extremely unpleasant read.
    ...more info
  • Great Read
    This book is filled with terrific information and it's all given in a very humorous manner. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Ann Coulter Tells it Like it is!
    I loved the audio book so much, I plan to get the hard back version as soon as I can get to the book store. I wished all authors were as entertaining and informative....more info
  • One of the funniest books I've ever read
    I read Ann Coulter's "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," and I just about laughed myself silly. I can't believe that anyone can be as stupid as she appears to be in this book.

    My favorite part of the book was when she said that all liberals are Druids. As a Presbyterian, this was news to me.

    But I hope she writes more. The more she writes, the more she makes a fool of herself. And the more people will hate her. Personally, I can think of better ways to make a living....more info