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Scholastic I Spy Mystery
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Product Description

I Spy Mystery challenges kids to solve 13 captivating mysteries. Choose a case file and earn mystery clues by solving I Spy riddles and searching for concealed objects. Gather clues and solve cases like the Locked Gate, Pirate's Map, Midnight Mouse and many more!

  • 12 fascinating mysteries
  • 54 I SPY riddles
  • 44 engaging picture screens
  • Fun scavenger hunts and games
  • Scenes personalized with child's name

Customer Reviews:

  • Top drawer medley of I Spy picture puzzles
    I am so glad that I bought this computer game for my kids before reading the reviews on this site!

    Look, we don't have a lot of computer games and we had just recently discovered the I Spy books about 1 year ago. We loved them so much that I do believe we'd read nearly all of them before I saw this game for sale. This excellent little collection of picture puzzles is not repeated from the books, so to us they're all new. It was like a breath of fresh air from a parent's point of view; games without that constant, annoying background music, the kids can play them quietly and actually learn something. The boys love it even more than I; they have been begging to play I Spy Mystery every day after their homework is done for the past week since they got it.

    The game is simple. You select one of 13 folders, each is its own mini mystery with a theme (Mystery Meal, Locked Gate, Skeleton Key, etc). You have 3-5 "pictures" in each folder to find the hidden objects, and when you have solved all of the pictures, you are given clues to solve the final mystery. this involves a sharp eye, but also logic, good recall for details, and problem solving skills. Kids will also learn to employ multiple meanings for a word in their search, such as "bat".

    I Spy Mystery, like all the books, is a fun and low pressure way to build the brain. I get caught up in it with them from time to time -- I've even added my name to the player file so I don't mess up their scores when I sneak a round. And now that we are intrigued by some of the folders, we will make an effort to find the other I Spy games. Thank God for Scholastic!
    -Andrea, aka Merribelle
    ...more info
  • I might be biased......
    Don't let someone else's opinion sway you from purchasing a great product for your child. There may be some overlap between titles, but there is plenty of new games, screens & puzzles to keep a young mind entertained.

    Not to mention if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase from, you may return it directly to the publisher for a full refund. ...more info
  • Regurgetated Graphics from old "I Spy" Games.
    All the screens in this "I spy" game are taken from "I Spy - Spooky Mansion", "I Spy - Treasure Hunt", and "I Spy - Fantasy". There are thirteen file folders on the main menu screen which represent thirteen 'mystery cases' containting anywhere from 3 to 6 screens each that you may choose at random. There are no original graphics in this one, so if you have these previous versions, which are all excellent, then this one may be a bit of a let down. However, If you are like me and loved all the other I Spy games and want a little more, then this will deliver. ...more info
  • Disappointing for Avid Fans :-(
    My five year old son finished this ENTIRE game in one day! We have nearly all of the I Spy books and all but one of the I Spy software titles, so my son was expecting a greater challenge with this new software. When the game ended--and he told me he had beat ALL of it without my help--I thought he just clicked the wrong button or something. But, yep, he finished it! This would be a good choice for someone who wants to 'sample' the I Spy software, but for the avid fan, this is going to be a big disappointment. This series is SO popular with my son's age group, it's unfortunate that Wick and Marzollo are not creating new photos instead of rehashing the old ones. New clues are okay, but I think I've memorized all of these pictures!...more info
  • Mom of I spy fans
    This is not as good as the other I Spy games. It does not let you return at harder levels as I Spy Fantasy and I Spy Treasure Hunt do. It uses many of the same pictures as the other games.

    However, the searching for clues to solve the mysteries is fun....more info
  • My thoughts on I Spy Mystery
    This was a very interesting game, even if it was a repeat of past games.
    I would rather have a new game that is all new, with new I Spy areas.
    Beings it was a repeat, it was fairly easy....more info
  • Terrific Product
    When I first received the product, I thought it was one that I had already purchased for my grandsons. However, when they began to play it, it was quickly apparent that while it used some of the same games as in other "I Spy" games, it was a totally revamped set of games to play with them. The boys (ages 6 and 3) love it! It is just as challenging as the originals were and gives them a good challenge all over again. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the "I Spy" series of games. Children have to use memory, as well as logic, to solve them and it increases vocabulary beautifully....more info