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100 ct Gridlock Puppy Training 24" x 24" Wee Wee pads
List Price: $42.99

Our Price: $25.99

You Save: $17.00 (40%)


Product Description

Due to our out of stock issue with the 100 pack Gridlock Pad, we have price the 55 pack the same price per pad as the 100 pack.

  • Gridlock housebreaking pads are the most absorbent on the market.
  • Gridlock pads uses the most advanced polymer technology to absorb like no other pad.
  • Gridlock pads are a full 24" x 24" pad using a leak-proof plastic backing.
  • Gridlock pads work like a baby diaper. Absorbs quickly to keep your pet dry.
  • Specially scented to attract your pet. Checkout our customer reviews....

Customer Reviews:

  • judigram
    the product is very good. Just make sure you put it on the right way or you will have lots of puddles. Also, make sure it is very tight or your puppy will chew it....more info
    This is the third brand I have tried. These are the best by far.Super absorbent. I have a small Yorkie (4 lbs) so don't know how well they work on larger dogs but for my dog it is far superior to the other brands I have tried. No leakage! I have one in several of my rooms since she has the run of the house and so far no accidents. Nice!! Ordering it via Amazon is super easy and convenient!!...more info
  • Best puppy pads!
    Excellent product. I have tried other brands but nothing compared to this pads. Excellent for puppies or toy breeds like my maltese. Great price too from this seller. Fast shipping as well....more info
  • Excellent product - as usual, excelent distributor
    I have been using these pads for over 1 year and they continue to bethe best out there. In addition, continues to be an excellent provider of this product. Ships fast, accurate.

    About the pads, they are the best out there. Unfortunate for me, my youngest Chihuahua was brought home in the winter and I could not properly potty train him, but he was trained to go on pads.

    I purchased a variety of pads and then found Gridlock pads and have not bought anything else in over 1 year. Quality product. Excellent absorption, does trap odors and overall an excellent. Very economical when compared to "cheaper" pads because you use less. ...more info
  • Gridlock Pads
    These are the best training pads I've found. If your dog scratches, these do not shred because they are one thin sheet, but they still have excellent absorption. I would never use another brand....more info
  • Definitely not Four Paws Wee Wee Pads
    I purchased these dog pads because I thought I could save some money on pee pads for my small dogs. The box is nice and the way they are packaged is great. But they do not compare to the Four Paws brand wee wee pads. These get soaked like a paper towel would, and the liquid spreads right off the sides. I will probably keep searching for a less expensive version of the wee wee pads, but won't spend money on these, they do not work well....more info
  • Excellent
    Does it's job. Draws the dog to it naturally. Other puppy pad brands leak some sort of absorbant powder when you cut them. but these allow you to cut them to any shape....more info
  • I love this product
  • Gridlock Pads
    This is a terrific product. I have used a number of dog pads in the past and this is far superior to anthing I have used previously....more info
  • Great product
    We are new to this product and it works much better than others. It lasts a long time and locks in the water.
    Keep up the good work....more info
  • Worth every penny!
    I have two toy indoor dogs. I have tried numerous other brands, very cheap as well as more costly brands.
    These pads are the best! They are thicker than the others, protect the floor better, and no odor can seep through.
    I know this may sound discusting, but I am always trying to be more frugal and so I tend to reuse these for a few days as long as there is only pee on them. I can't smell anything at all! There is no sense in throwing the whole pad away when it only has a silver dollar size tiny puddle of urine.
    These pads are the best I have ever bought! I will only buy this brand from now on!...more info
  • Ok product
    These wee wee pads were great price wise and not as bulky as the ones that I normally buy which made them great for storage. However, one or two "pees" and the pad is somewhat done as any liquid spreads far and wide. As ok as these pads are, I will be returning to my expensive Drs Foster & Smith the next time around. ...more info
    I purchased a shih tzu in December of 2008 and was advised to visit for pad suggestions. I must admit that prior to believing all the "hype" I was very skeptical due to the cost comparison with other major brands. I ordered one box of the gridlock puppy training with the sticky peels on the back. While awaiting the arrival of this shipment I visited Petsmart and purchased a box of Simple Solutions Pee Pads and Nature's Miracle. What I learned with that experience is absorbency is the main consideration factor. If you leave water out for your dog as you should throughout the day while utilzing this brand;be prepared to have a mop and Simple Soutions Odor and Stain Remover on hand when returning home. The outer layer is a plastic blue which allows leakage if your dog releases himself more than once.It may be a cheaper brand however you will use them at a faster rate because the absorbency is of poor quality. Again, you get what you pay for. It was very important for the pee pad to be "the best" due to utilizing this method for training my dog where to release outside when the time came. Believe me, you would not want to reference back to that product if using this method to teach your dog exactly where to go in the backyard to allow him freedom and avoid worrying over the location of his/her release. Now, the Gridlock Wee Wee Pads are by far the BEST BRAND of pads for samller breeds based on my experience with the smaller dogs only. The top layer has more of a cloth feel and not the white thin layer as other brands. It is more appealing to the eye and does not take away of the decor of any room it is placed in. I don't know what mechanism they used to lure the dog to the pad to release but whatever it is cannot be beat. My dog has never had an accident or questioned where he should go when using this brand. I even tested the theory of location training versus pad training by using the pads in other rooms of the house with hardwood floors and simply placed my dog on the pad to direct one time. He will go to this pad no matter where I put it in the house. The absorbency is "out of this world." You would have a hard time trying to figure out if your dog has released or not unless he "poops" of course. They must use a dry acting enzyme agent for both due to the feces drying up very quick and hard almost dissolving. In addition, he quicly absorbs ordors as well. My dog always barks to indicate he has released which gives me an awareness to the need of changing the pads. If my dog ever stopped barking to tell me he has used the potty I would have to use the glow light for pet urine to determine the usage of the wee wee pads. THESE PADS ARE BY FAR THE GREATEST PADS FOR SMALLER BREED DOGS YOU COULD EVER INVEST IN!!! YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY BY ANY MEANS!(I don't comment on the usage for larger breed dogs only because my sole experience has been with smaller breeds. But hey, what do you have to lose.If they have a pad large enough-go for it.) ...more info
  • Most economical and effective pads we've found!
    Why is it that so many low-cost puppy wee pads are so crappy? Our Maddie likes to rip most of them to shreds... not these! They are thin, but hold a lot. And seem to be a little harder to tear up than other low-cost pads we've tried. We will definitely be buying these again!...more info
  • Just absolutely the best product for dogs.
    I just love the Gridlock pads. Thier very sturdy and durable. My dog is very comfortable with them as well. I would reccommend them to anyone. ...more info
  • i wish the plastic underlayment was a little thicker
    These really are a great value. The pad is VERY absorbant, spreading the urine, but the plastic underlayment is a little thin. i really want to give this a 3 1/2 star...leaning toward the 4, because of the value of the product.

    Please try this product if you are looking for value....more info
  • The Best Wee Wee Pads Around!
    I had a real problem trying to house train my adult Yorkie, he refused all Wee Wee pads. I gave this one a last try and guess what? IT REALLY WORKS! My dog never has had mistakes any longer using this SUPER absorbant Wee Wee pad! This is truly a MUST for any puppydog owner! Try it and you will see! A MUST BUY!!!! ...more info
  • Fantastic!!!!
    These are the best pads I have tried! Large, thick enough not to leak and they hold a lot of urine without smelling bad. Next time I will buy the ones with the tape in back, that way I won't waste time taping them down myself. Will defenitely buy these again and again and again....more info
  • Best Training Pad on the Market
    This is the best doggie puddle/poo pad on the market. I haven't found a pad in a retail store that compares to the Gridlock pad. If your dog "widdles" next to the edge, you will get moisture under the pad, but if the dog hits inside the edge (as the pad is intended to be used) the pad will soak up all of the urine and the pad won't leak. I work full time outside the home and two pads held up well for one 9-hour stretch in an exercise pen. They are a bit more expensive because you pay for shipping, but they are worth every extra cent. I won't use any other pad. I hope this review helps with your decision. ...more info
  • Leaks!
    This product was cheaper, but not the cheapest. I found that they do not absorb fast enough and if your beloved pochie goes too close to the edge it leaks off onto the floor. Not good! I would not purchase again....more info
  • How Gridlock Puppy pads made me a better investigator
    Gridlock Wee Wee pads are the very best quality potty pads on the planet. As an investigator, I sometimes do night surveillance which can be very boring. I loved taking my two Bichon Frises on surveillaces because they kept me awake and entertained. But, they didn't like to use the potty pads I'd tried, & when they did, those leaked. I've tried every brand of potty pads available & initially purchased Gridlocks just to get a large supply, inexpensively. I cannot begin to say how much I appreciate the grade of this product and for being priced so reasonably. I thank you and so do my Bichon's Coco Chanel and Boomer Versace'. My dogs now travel with me on surveillance without having to worry about an accident in my car. I just place one of your pads on the floorboard and they gladly get out of their bed to use it. Such a deal!...more info
  • Gridlock
    These are the best of the best, your dogs feet will not slip (we found this was a reason our puppy did not go on the old pads) the PEE PEE will not run off the pad. We tried two other brands and NOTHING compares to the GRIDLOCKS!!!...more info