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Medium - The Complete Second Season
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 09/16/2008

Season Two of NBC-TV's hit series Medium finds the show gradually evolving, and while the changes aren't all for the better, the combination of star Patricia Arquette, creator-executive producer Glen Gordon Caron, and the other contributors still makes for entertaining viewing. As Allison DuBois, whose skills as both a medium and psychic make her indispensable to Phoenix district attorney Manuel Devalos (Miguel Sandoval), Arquette, a 2005 Emmy winner, is still at center stage. It is her visions of murderers, serial killers, child abductors, and such that help solve the show's various crimes; the fact that these visions (which usually arrive via some very unsettling nightmares) can be ambiguous and open to misinterpretation, resulting in bizarre, embarrassing behavior on Allison's part, remains an integral part of the show's appeal.

The 22 Season Two episodes (on six discs) contain plenty of genuinely gripping, even shocking moments, but Caron (who also wrote and directed some episodes) clearly wants to focus increasingly on Allison's personal and home life. That's a mixed blessing. Although Medium still has its share of violence and shocking moments, it has become a little more tame, as frequent scenes between squabbling daughters Ariel (Sofia Vassilieva) and Bridgette (Maria Lark), while mostly credible, tend to undermine its dramatic effect. On the other hand, the struggles of Joe DuBois (Jake Weber), Allison's husband, to hold it together when the demands of her gig or the sheer weirdness of what's in her head threaten to take over are very well done; he's become an increasingly important character, there to ground her when her emotions and her visions intertwine and conflict. Best of all are episodes in which Allison's family and work are both in play, like "Judge, Jury & Executioner," in which Joe serves as a juror on a case in which Allison is involved, or "Doctor's Orders," which finds Ariel pursued by the ghost of a serial killer from the previous season.

Of course, any TV show helmed by Caron (who created both the popular Moonlighting and the underrated Now and Again) will have its share of inspired ideas and eccentric touches (not to mention guest stars like David Carradine and co-executive producer Kelsey Grammer). Thus we have an "origin" episode ("Sweet Dreams"), a story in which Allison's dream sequence lasts for the entire first act ("Time Out of Mind"), and another ("Knowing Her") offering insight into Det. Scanlon's (David Cubitt) past. In "The Song Remains the Same" Allison is bedeviled by Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," which she literally can't get out of head; after five or six non-stop, high volume minutes, you'll never want to hear it again. And while "Still Life 3-D" is a pretty cool idea, let's face it: those cardboard 3-D glasses (two pairs come in the box set) are still hokey as all get out. Generous bonus features include commentary on select episodes, a mini-doc about the making of Season Two, and considerably more. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • Far above Medium
    Emmy winner Patricia Arquette returns in the second season of Medium. For everyone who enjoyed season 1 and has yet to see season 2, be prepared to love the show even more. This seasons blows the first out of the water.

    I thought I would give a detailed episode by episdoe score. 1-10 with 10 being the best, and while it doesn't look like I gave out high scores all that often, a high score from me is like a 8 because I'm pretty stingy. The eps that scored lower generally didn't involve Arquette as much.

    "When push comes to shove Part 2" 5
    "The song remains the same" 8
    "Time out of mind" 8.5
    "Light sleeper" 6
    "Sweet dreams" 7
    "Dead aim" 6.5
    "Judge, Jury and Executioner" 7
    "Too close to call" 7
    "Still life 3d" 7.5
    "The reckoning" 8
    "Method to his madness" 8.5
    "Doctors orders" 8
    "Raising Cain" 8
    "A changed man" 6
    "Sweet child of mine" 8.5
    "Allison Wonderland" 8
    "Lucky in love" 7
    "SOS" 8
    "Knowing her" 5.5
    "The darkness is light enough" 6.5
    "Death takes a policy" 8
    "Twice upon a time" 9

    I thought this was a fantastic season. I loved season one as well, but this was even better. Patricia Arquette is so underrated despite her controversial (I dont think it was) Emmy win last year. The show is nothing without her. The episodes I gave high scores to she gives great performances in.

    Every scene with Arquette and Jake Weber is a joy to watch, and I think her children are some of the best child actors I've ever seen. This season has a 3D episode and the box set comes with 3D glasses. They do a good job with it, and they also have the same episode in 2D.

    The highlights of the season are "The song remains the same" which has the best opening dream sequence this shows had IMO, "Method to his madness" which has Allison become the killer they are searching for, "Death takes a policy" which features Kelsey Grammar, and the best ep of the season, the season finale "Twice upon a time" where Allison dreams of her life had she not become a medium. ...more info
  • Second season even better than the first!!
    This show deserves even more than a 5 star rating!! Not long ago, Out of curiosity I rented the first disc of the first season because I had never watched this show. That was all it took.I WAS HOOKED!! I now OWN the first and second seasons on DVD and I am anxiously awaiting tomorrow night's new episode. This show is AWESOME. I LOVE Allison....more info
  • This is for Medium Fans!!!
    Great for your reality tv DVD collection. If you are a Medium fan you love this....more info
  • Love it!
    There are 6 discs (22 episodes) in this season. Good addition to your medium collection. ...more info
  • I've become a fan!
    I purchase Medium because I was curious. I fall asleep too early to see the series on TV. I started watching and I couldn't stop. While based on an actual Medium I am sure the writters have a great time with the subject but it has a hint of realism. My daughter a grandson agreed to watch the first disk and ended up staying up until the wee morning hours. Beware... it is very addictive....more info
  • love it love it love it!!!!
    I'm hooked and I've been turning my friends onto this little gem of a TV series.
    In the second season, Allison gets more confident in her predictions. I love watching the girls grow up and have their own psychic experiences. ...more info
  • Great Series
    I loved this second series as I did with the first heaps more of stuff going on in it. Keeps you watching attentively all the way through. I cannot wait until series 3 is out makes you want to watch more and more....more info
  • Groundbreaking
    Season 2 of "Medium" held up the high standard set in the shorter first season. Patricia Arquette, Jake Weber, Maria Lark, Sophia Vassilieva do excellent jobs involving us in the fairly commonplace dynamics of the family's home life. This is the center that grounds the series. Added to that is the psychic ability of Allison Du Bois to see the dead and see the future. The crime element as she works with Miguel Sandoval as District Attorney Devalos and David Cubitt as Detective Lee Scanlon make for a riveting series with amazing consistency. In Season 2, David Cubitt's contributions become more thoroughly impressive as his wit and humor come to the fore. Jake Weber also displays dry wit and exceptional comic timing. Maria Lark's delightful mugs continue to charm as the young Bridget. (I want to see Norah Jones' video of "Sunrise" in which Lark appears.)

    Episodes that I enjoy re-watching repeatedly include "Lucky In Love" where Allison's brother Michael falls in love with a ghost. "Judge, Jury & Executioner" is exceptionally well written as Allison tries to help the D.A. figure out how a ghost -- a man whose execution they witnessed -- could have committed a murder AFTER he died! Purely for its ambitiousness, "Still Life" that presents a 3-D format is groundbreaking, unlike anything else attempted on TV.

    The special features are interesting as we learn much of the backstage dynamics that go into producing the series. This is currently my favorite TV series. While I am riveted to Season 3, I am delighted to have Seasons 2 & 1 on DVD! Bravo!

    [Note: On my Disc 6, "The Darkness Is Light Enough" will not play. Instead it goes into the season closer "Twice Upon A Time," which also plays when I press the button for that selection. I don't know if anyone else has experienced anything similar. -- Maybe it's time for a new DVD player!]
    ...more info
  • Missing Something!!-Subtitles!!!!!
    The reason I am giving this DVD collection a low rating is, well because though I am fan of the series, being hearing impaired, it is quite annoying to repeat multiple times segments to 'hear' what is being said.

    You'd think with the amount of money they spend on making this a top notch show, would it kill them to remember not everyone has perfect hearing...or maybe we should be 'sensitive' enough to 'know what the characters are saying!!!'

    Maybe for season Four they'll put subtitles for the hearing impaired!!!!--or if the show ends and they decide to 'box-set' it with extra goodies and Easter Eggs...duh may they'll throw in the subtitles!!!
    ...more info
  • Medium 2nd Season
    It was really good and I will continue to watch it in the future....more info
  • Excellent!
    The second season is even better than the first, i bought the first season without ever having seen Medium before and was immediately hooked and started searching for the second season, can't wait for the third season to come out on DVD - this is a real must getter!!!...more info
  • Love It!
    I think this a great series, have enjoyed watching it, and look forward to watching it again in the future. Great addition to my DVD collection!...more info
    Just to let you know that Medium's got a lot of success in France too. Season 1 and season 2 have been broadcasted altogether from November 2005 to July 2006 with very good audience rate.
    The main reasons for this success are pretty much the same everywhere I guess: very good cast lead by the unique Patricia Arquette who can make you laugh and cry from one minute to the other, supernatural atmosphere, suspense and of course, this more than real family life that makes you feel like you're spying on your neighbors apart from the fact that this family is far better than your neighbors, they're funny, loving and moving just like we wish we could all be.
    Now I'm just looking forward to discover season 3!!! ...more info
  • Great Show, More Please
    This show has some great recurring characters. Captian Push is a favorite as well as a couple bad guys.

    SHow can be intense but leaves you with an acceptable resolution and occasionally a warm fuzzy. ...more info
  • Medium - Still going strong.
    Medium continues pouring out high quality episodes. Episodes start to bring out some of Allison's daughter's powers. Not one single episode sticks out, they are all well made. The final episode shows promises of things to happen in the third season. Some great special features are also available in this season box set....more info
    I just love this show and find it to be of the highest caliber all around. The writng is amazing. I find watching this show on dvd in order without commercials makes it like a continuous movie that never lacks quality.

    Season 1 was 5 stars and season 2 is even better. Of course most credit must be given to the amazing Patricia Arquette. The entire show is upon her shoulder and she carries it off as the Emmy winner she is. Her acting is so subtle and intense. She can convey so much by her mere looks and reactions. She has developed this character with true aplomb. And she makes all the drama very real and believable.

    There is not a single bad episode of this show and the supporting characters all hold their own as well. I highly recommend this show for high quality drama, acting and true at the edge of your seat suspense.

    ...more info
  • Medium - better than medium!!
    We've watched this TV show since the beginning. We still enjoyed seeing this season all over again (as we did with season one). We did find there was an episode we had missed and we enjoyed each program as much as the first time we saw it! We especially enjoy watching the interaction between Joe and Allison.They truly have a chemistry going and their characters act like real married people!...more info