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The unit is a covert special forces team operating outside the usual military chain of command. Whether stateside or abroad these heroes are on the frontlines protecting u.S. Citizens & foreigners alike slipping in under the radar & risking their lives to save the day. Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 11/11/2008 Starring: Dennis Haysbert Scott Foley Run time: 572 minutes

Full of action, intrigue, and espionage, The Unit offers a dramatic, fictionalized look inside the military while also giving viewers a peek inside the private lives of the elite squad. Conceived by the critically acclaimed David Mamet (Glengarry Glen Ross, House of Games), The Unit is an elite, covert Special Forces team that operates outside the military chain of command. The first season's 13 episodes offer insight into the characters without revealing too much about the men who make up the operation. Are they extremely patriotic, or are they adrenalin junkies who have to be in danger to feel validated? The answer probably falls somewhere in between, and the viewer gets the feeling that as much as the men love their wives and children, it's their jobs that give them their true reason for living. Led by veteran Jonas Blane (Dennis Haysbert, 24), the Unit deals with terrorism, rescue missions, and assassinations quickly, discreetly, and efficiently. If all goes well, someone else gets the credit. If things go awry, it's their necks on the line. In the first season of The Unit--which aired from March to May 2006 as a mid-season replacement--the action is fast, the plot is succinct, and the acting is well done (when dealing with the deadly missions). It's the secondary storyline involving the wives that's less successful. The newest member of the Unit, Bob Brown (Scott Foley, Felicity), apparently didn't fill his wife Kim (Audrey Marie Anderson) in on what their new life would be like. From the beginning, she resists the hoo rah attitude that the other wives exhibit. But rather than coming across as an independent free thinker, she is presented as a whining drip of a woman who has no clue about the definition of a secret. Of course, when faced with the military's version of The Stepford Wives, who could blame her? As Jonas' supportive wife Molly, Regina Taylor (I'll Fly Away, Courage Under Fire) is less sympathetic than usual. In the early episodes, she comes across as an almost stalkerish busybody who is always there when Kim is trying to cope with a life she never wanted. Throw in an affair between commanding officer Colonel Tom Ryan (Robert Patrick, Terminator 2: Judgment Day) and one of the wives and you've got the makings of a military soap opera. The show is at its best when it concentrates on the men and their missions. We may not understand why they do what they do, but we're grateful that someone is doing the dangerous job for us. --Jae-Ha Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • Ladies fast...
    Fastforward all the episodes with wives. It is painfully obvious that David Mamet's great talent is not in writing family scenes or chic flics (and thank God for that!). While the show follows the men - either in the field or on the base - it is taught, fast and interesting. The moment it switches to ladies, it becomes utterly predictable, boring, cheaply sentimental and etc ad nauseam. But if you skip most of that, it is a very good show with believable characters and interesting plot situations. ...more info
  • Unit Season One: Giving It a Try
    Just received and hopefully will live up to the expectations I have heard regarding the series....more info
  • One of the best military series
    The unit is just one of the best action series i have watched and i strongly recommend it to everyone. ...more info
  • The Unit
    This show is one of the best shows they have on television, and one of the best shows they've had on t.v. in a LONG time. Well worth buying the CD's....more info
  • addictive
    the whole series is fantastic! I love the characters, the stories, the twists and how it can keep me up all night watching episode after episode! Addictive series. ...more info
  • This is INSULTINGLY bad. AWFUL!
    Figured with a cast like this, and such an amazingly flexible premise, that this would be impossible to screw up. Well, they did. This is simply the most terrible depiction of counter-terrorism units I have EVER seen. As someone who is close to the clandestine community of operators, this is just SO FAR OFF TARGET that I was driven to hand-write a letter of repulsion. Everything from the unrealistic dialogue to the inclusion of over-fictionalized "heroes" with the judgment of retarded monkeys... This is INSULTINGLY bad, and I was very discouraged to see not just a SINGLE good amazon review, but multiple. Sad. Anyone who likes REALISM, DO NOT BUY/WATCH/CONSIDER this DVD. Worst.... show... EVER....more info
  • El presi toma el relevo de Jack Bauer
    El ex-presidente de 24, Davis Palmer, toma el relevo de Jack Bauer. Y entra en el cuerpo de ¨¦lite. Jack le ense?o algunos truquillos que pondr¨¢ en pr¨¢ctica en esta serie. Si te gusta la acci¨®n, ¨¦sta es tu serie. Trae subtitulos en espa?ol. S¨®lo te falta comprarla, lo tiene todo! ...more info
  • Fabulous
    My schedule does not allow me to watch the unit every week so my wife got me season 3 for christmas. That got me interested in how it all began so I bought season 1. It is nothing short of incredible. THis show keeps glued to it!...more info
  • Let the real action drama begin!
    The Unit is the kind of drama that you've never seen before. An elite US special force that perform covert missions around the world. Yes, 'around the world'. You'd see plenty of overseas missions in the show. While the team undergoing their missions abroad, their spouses in the army base have their own lives to live with. Absence of husbands, raising their children single handed, insufficient fund for their family, doubts about their future...

    Every episode there's a new mission, new struggle. The story of the army base flow continuously. Most recognizable one is the triangle between Tom, Mack and Tiffy. There're just many things going on with the wives.

    Season one sets its tone. A great short season to start things with. I personally have about 5 all time favorite episodes in season one.

    Trust me this show is fun and exciting, give it a try!...more info
  • A Realistic Portrayal Of True Soldiers
    This show is superb! The Unit is a very realistic military action/drama/thriller, that dives deep into the lives of the individuals involved in "THE UNIT". Which is a secret covert task force that handles a multitude of missions. That can range from assassination,kidnapping,rescue,security, heck they're even called in one time to defuse a bomb. These men are often put into an array of conflicting situations, and I must say it's a pleasure to see soldiers use their brains just as much as their brawn. A couple of episodes you don't even see a gun, and it's just as entertaining as the action-packed episodes. this show will leave you enthralled to see what the life of real soldiers is like, and what this country truly demands of them, as well as their families. ...more info
  • The Unit Marathon
    I highly recommend. If you liked the show, you will want to own this set. I could not leave the tv until I watched the entire season. I can't wait for season two to be released. Lone......more info
  • A sleeping jem
    I saw this DVD when I was at Best buy and thought I'd give it a try. I couldn't stop watching it. From start to finish it was great. The story line is believable and the actors are intriging. If your a fan of 24, you'll like The Unit. I just pre ordered season 2 and watch the show when it comes on television....more info
  • The Unit is almost perfect
    The editorial review hit it on the head. I am a woman, and I love this show. It is exciting, interesting, and thought-provoking; but the wives' storyline is just painful.
    I believe that it's due to a combination of poor writing for the women's characters and bad acting. Most notably bad is the one having an affair with the colonel (can't think of her name, that's how forgettable she is). The actress playing Molly Blane, who is normally good, is horrible in this role. The best acting performance is for Mrs. Brown, but she needs to have better scripts.
    The most interesting parts are those when the men are on their missions. The male performers are all very good actors. If I were the writers, I would get rid of the colonel's mistress and Molly Blane characters; and replace them with better actresses. And give Mrs. Brown better material to work with. If they do this, it can become a 5-star classic.
    ...more info
  • Disappointing
    I have to say I regret buying this series. I have watched the first 4 episodes, and will watch the rest, but only because I paid for it.

    Poorly acted, poorly directed, poorly written. Characters are weak and only once so far have I even got close to feeling a sense of connection with any of them. Storylines have an underlying interesting element but are very poorly developed in each episode. Some of the actors are capable of far better work, but I get the sense that poor direction and writing is not allowing their talents to shine.

    Action scenes are far from enthralling, and lack realism. It doesn't even have amazing special effects to make up for its other deficiencies. The effects are simple and would be good in this context, given a better overall quality to the show. Given the poor quality of the overall show all I think is "damn I wish there was some amazing explosion to counter at least part of the boredom".

    Only positive is that it doesn't seem to wave the American "we are morally superior" flag too heavily.

    Overall, disappointing sums it up. Could have been good, but isn't....more info
  • Pretty decent show
    I must admit, i'm a fan of dennis haysbert and wanted to watch this new series in which he played one of the main characters. Well...i wasn't disspointed! This could be the beginning of a great series! Lot's of action (both on and off the battlefield). I would like to see some further character development in season 2. ...more info
  • Best Military Series Ever
    'The Unit' Season 1 is a fantastic intro to a wonderful series from CBS TV and creator David Mamet. The series features the Mamet-esque super-sharp dialogue enabling a solid actor like Dennis Haysbert to add some great depth and interesting personality traits that most shows just don't feature.

    In addition to the terrific acting and quirky conversation, the show also kicks some serious posterior! 'The Unit' which is based on the book, 'Inside Delta Force' by Eric Haney also displays some of the daring techniques and special forces muscle that the US Army's elite divisions are (or prior to 'The Unit' were not) known for. In short, the show features all the action you'd expect in a military series with the extra punch of smart story lines and unexpected twists.

    Don't miss it!...more info
  • Gotta watch if you're an Action/Adventure fan.
    I Love this show! The videos are high quality, and the show itself is well written and very entertaining. If you recently became a watcher, you need to catch up on the early episodes. Besides, who can wait a whole week for the next episode?...more info
  • Finally a not Anti American Military series!
    I really like this series about US Delta Force. Of course it is not like the real thing, these kind of productions are made for distraction. If you want the real thing buy a book or join the army. When you watch these war stories they are quite convincing and realistic. Full of excellent action and suspense. To add to the realism, it also shows the home front. But best of all: this is one of those rare media productions that is not loaded with anti Americanism! The only strange thing is, that these Delta Force soldiers don't very often seem to fight our current Islamic enemy. But for the rest: Excellent!...more info
  • The Unit
    The Unit is great television, although nothing flashy or deep, it is an exceptional drama in which the actors really carry well within their respective roles. The Unit is based upon a book about Delta Force, the United States Army's top fighting unit that is so discreet nobody, not even the members of the unit's very wives, ever know where they are or what they are doing. The special features were excellent in providing some brief history about Delta Force and it should also be noted that every mission that is shown is one that actually happened, with little truth taken out or "hollywood" added in.

    The show has a nice 50/50 balance to it, with scenes from the life on base with the Army wives and their family, friend and career issues mending nicely with the actual operations of "The Unit", which take place all over the world. The themes the show touches on run pretty deep, as you realize the strict regimen these elite soldiers face while supporting a family with a career that could take them away and put them in harm's way, at a moments notice. Robert Patrick is the most reconizable star, but by no means should it take away from the effort of the other actors of this series, who really do a great job to make their personalities different while still showing an extreme bond with the other members of the unit. Nothing over the top, just great action mixed with some good, down to earth drama.
    ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    I love the "Unit".... I can watch it over and over again. I never get tired of it. I can't wait for the next season. I usually don't have time to watch it during the regular season so watching the Season 1 DVDs is a perfect solution!!! Plus no commercials.......more info
  • The Unit
    Covert operations have been a way of life ever since the CIA and other "secret" government agencies have been called to life. I suppose Homeland Security has a few pots on the fire as well. Being prior-military this series has appealed to me from the beginning. It rocks!...more info
  • Soapy At Times, But A Very Good TV Show
    Basically, I enjoyed this first season which I saw in its entirety over a six-day span, watching the DVD of the first season. Thus, I got to know all these characters pretty quickly! I got annoyed at a few of them but overall was pleased because almost every episode was entertaining, and, hey, that's the name of the game. I would have preferred they had stuck to the military action stories each week and skipped the soap operas, but I understand they want more than just a male audience. Also, lulls were needed to break up the intense action here and there.

    All the characters, male and female, were interesting. Of the males, I had no problem with Dennis Haysbert ("Jonas Blane") in the lead role. His character dominated the action stories. His deep voice and authoritative manner made him a very believable person as the leader of these missions The other, younger guys are fine, too. Their spouses run the gamut from experienced military wives to very young newlywed-rookies. Two of the three major female characters, however, had serious flaws: "Tiffy" as an adulterer, and "Molly" as a frequent liar. Speaking of moral issues, what turned me off more than anything was the commander "Col. Tom Ryan" (Robert Patrick) of this elite unit being the one having the affair with"Tiffy!" Hey, I know everyone is human and subject to many daily sins but this seemed out of place and out of character with most everything else presented here.

    Oh, well, for the most part, the characters in this military show are honorable, brave and, hopefully by the second season a little better people, morally-speaking. Kudos to the show's director and producer for making the action scenes very realistic. I am not surprised this show was successful and hope it has many years of entertaining us.
    ...more info
  • The "Unit" is a good Delta Force account
    Very pleased with the nature and pace of the series. As with all series, some episodes are better than others; but a strong recommendation is still accurate and fair....more info
  • Great action and story:
    I can't wait for the next season! This was a great story. It's about a secret group of Army special forces that carry out extremely important and dangerous missions. There is also a subplot throughout the entire season concentrating on the wives of these soldiers, so your wife/girlfriend also has something to keep her interested. Very good TV!...more info