Honeywell 2072 1.00 Cubic Foot Anti-Theft Shelf Safe with Digital Lock
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* Dual Live Locking Door Bolts * Made of Heavy Gauge Steel * Interior Light * Interior Dimensions (H x W x D)12.13" x 14.56" x 9.75" * Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D)12.38" x 14.75" x 12.38" * Product Weight31.5 lbs

The Honeywell 2072 1.0-Cubic-Foot Anti-Theft Safe offers convenient protection for your valuables in case of burglary. It features an easy-to-operate digital keypad that can be programmed with the security code of your choice. This Anti-Theft Safe can save you money, protect priceless valuables, and help you avoid the hassle of replacing credit cards and important documents.

The Honeywell 2072 1.0-Cubic-Foot Anti-Theft Safe:
  • Protects against theft and minimal fire damage
  • Offers a dual digital and key lock for security
  • Features a reprogrammable passcode
  • Can be bolted to the wall or the floor

Honeywell Safes provide a wide range of protection options for your valuables.

The Honeywell 2072 provides 1.0-cubic-foot of secure storage space for cash, important papers, small electronics, and other valuables. View larger.

Secure, Trustworthy Theft Protection for Peace of Mind
Whether you use this safe to protect emergency cash, high-end electronics, or the deed to your house, you'll be able to rest easier at night and while you're away, knowing that an opportunistic thief won't have easy access to important or expensive possessions. The safe is also designed to provide minimal protection against fire damage. (It does not protect the contents from serious fire or water damage.)

Digital Keypad with Reprogrammable Combination
Featuring a dual digital and key lock, the Honeywell 2072 Safe is simple to set up and operate. Once you install the four included "AA" batteries, you'll be able to program the safe to open using any three-to-eight-digit passcode that you want. For added security after programming, opening the safe requires you to enter the code and insert one of the two traditional keys included with the safe. Red, yellow, and green LED lights guide you through the process.

The safe is designed to lock-out the keypad if the wrong passcode is entered multiple times. A single override key that will open the safe without use of the passcode is also included, and use of this key is not affected by lock-out, so you're ensured access to your valuables even if you forget your code or the batteries in the keypad run out.

Dependable Construction to Guard Your Valuables
Featuring solid steel construction, pry-resistant concealed hinges, and two live door bolts, the Honeywell 2072 Safe is crafted to provide years of dependable service.

Designed with the ability to be bolted easily to the wall or the floor using the included mounting screws, it comes with instructions for simple do-it-yourself installation.

This safe measures 12.13 x 14.56 x 9.75 inches (HxWxD) inside to deliver a capacity of 1.0 cubic feet. It measures 12.38 x 14.75 x 12.38 inches outside and weighs 36.1 pounds. The safe is backed by a five-year limited manufacturer warranty.

About Honeywell Safes
SISCO entered the home and office security safe market over 30 years ago with the vision of a better product at a better value. The company grew to become the exclusive worldwide manufacturer and distributor of Honeywell safes.

Backed by the security, comfort, and quality associated with the Honeywell name, these safes provide users with the best in-home and office security at a reasonable price. They provide customers with peace of mind associated with knowing that their valuables are well protected, thanks to the company's dedication to innovation, market research, and understanding of the needs of consumers.

What's in the Box
Honeywell 2072 1.0-Cubic-Foot Anti-Theft Safe, floor mat, removable shelf, mounting hardware, four "AA" batteries, two entry keys, and override key.

  • 1.00 Cubic Foot Capacity and Solid Steel Construction
  • Reprogrammable Digital Access with Entry and Override Keys
  • 2 Live Door Bolts and Pry-resistant Concealed Hinges
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Backed with 5 Year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Poor Quality = Product Return
    The saying you get what you pay for was written for this item. I was looking for an inexpensive safe and the Honeywell safe seemed to fit the bill. At less than $100 I knew it would not be the highest quality but I expected it to work. I managed to get the safe to work once and then the locking mechanism failed and it would not lock. I returned the product and am awaiting my refund....more info
  • What we wanted
    This safe is what we were looking for. It's the right size for us and has a shelf for a price I was willing to pay for an anti-theft safe. It is not a fire safe.

    Arrived safely with no damage. Keys were where they should be and we had absolutely no trouble getting it open, installing the batteries for the keypad or setting a digital combination.

    There is a master key that you can use to open the safe if you forget your key-code or if the keypad batteries die. So, it is very important that you put this master key in a place that is secure that you will remember. (Not in the safe! ha!)

    It also comes with 2 'regular' keys, one of which is to be used in conjunction with the key-code to open the safe.

    After setting the key-code the first time, thereafter to open the safe, you must enter the key-code, make sure the key-code is accepted (beep!) and use a 'regular' key to physically turn the bolts within a time limit.

    There are 4 holes on the back (and I can't remember now, but I think there are ones on the bottom) to allow you to bolt it to a wall or the floor.

    It is small enough that having it door-forward on the floor makes it tricky to get your head low enough to see what's inside. I plan to bolt it to a wall once I find a good spot in our house, mainly to get it off the ground so I can see into it.

    There is a tiny light on the edge of the door that you can turn on when the door is open to shine into the safe. Might be useful in a totally dark room, but I haven't used it.

    All-in-all, we've been happy with it. Have had it since 3/2007.

    Manufacturer web site it aka SISCOproducts.

    ...more info
  • Honeywell 1.06 Cubic Foot Anti Theft Safe
    Great for storing personal items, works great, the only thing I dislike is having to use a key in addition to the keypad in order to open the safe but I guess that makes it more secure....more info
  • safe works great, only a few flaws
    I bought this safe to go with another safe that i had purchased. This safe is strong and works well. It has plenty of room to store small range items. it is exceptionable in california as a gun safe, which you need in order to purchase one. The beeping noise that can be heard when you press one of the key pad buttons is loud and annoying. Im not sure if there is a way to turn it to silent. havent figured that out yet. Also the use of a key rather then a handle to open the safe is a horrible idea. there is no handle on the safe at all so you are forced to hold on to the key to open it. you are given 3 keys, two do not open it except when the correct number is inputted into the keypad, the third is used to override the keypad, incase you forget you password or the batteries die. it does not drain batteries very fast which is a plus. i use the safe quite frequently and have not had to replace the batteries yet, and ive had it for a year. my last complaint with the safe is that it comes with mounting bolts to attach it to a shelf or desk. i wanted it for a closet, so i was forced to go buy the right mounting bolts. over all a good safe for the price....more info
  • Honeywell Safe
    The product met my expectation and Amazon shipped very promptly. As a matter of fact, this was my second purchase, since the first was for a friend. That too arrived timely and the quality was as expected....more info
  • Great price/performance for a non-fireproof safe
    This is a fantastic value for the money -- as long as you're looking for a non-fire rate safe.

    After many episodes of watching "It takes a Thief" on television (which makes me now a high-trained security specialist [not]), I realize that most burglars are looking for a quick in-and-out. Most of the time, the thief is out within 15 minutes. I have a house burglar alarm and doubt that the Company would arrive within 15 minutes, so it makes sense that a thief would want to get in and out quickly.

    This safe will definitely slow someone down, especially when bolted down. The steel isn't particular thick but it would still take several minutes with a sledgehammer (if the thief brought one) or with a blow-torch to open it -- and it's unlikely that they'll take the time. They'd rather walk-off with the safe itself, so bolt it down well and hide your crowbars in your basement.

    This safe is large enough to store all my valuables such as my passports, etc. and even some of my cameras. It's convenient enough that I actually use it -- unlike other combination lock safes that I've had. And the master key means that even if I forget the combo or lose the regular key, I can still open it. The master key is kept in a safe place off-site.

    So, buy this, bolt it down as firmly as you can, and enjoy!
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    I found this safe easy to program the keypad and operate. It is very spacious and works well as a gun safe. I highly recommend this product.
    ( Take not this is a well constructed safe but it is not fireproof)...more info
  • less safe more a large lock box
    does what it sez it does. easy to open. takes up to 9 digit combo needs key also, comes with master key if digi lock runs out of batts....more info
  • Great Safe for a great price
    I needed a safe so if anyone ever came into my room, they could walk out with something. This safe is great for its decent space, toughness, and the ability to bolt it down. It is not that heavy to lug around, and the key combination is cool to use....more info
  • it serves a purpose
    This is an OK safe for small objects. Don't expect high security and don't expect fire safety for papers, etc. It is a good deterrent which is why we got it. The installation is easy if you want to bolt it into concrete (no real directions though), but no help fastening it to studs in an existing wall....more info
  • Does the job very well; two items to consider if you purchase:
    This safe works very well. I highly recommend this product given its size, quality and especially low cost. Here are the two attention points:

    1. The safe includes two types of keys. A master key that allows you to unlock the safe even without knowing the keypad code. Sure, this represents a security issue, however, simply put: hide this key! Security issue resolved.

    2. If placed on wood floors it will probably scratch them. I recommend you purchase felt or rubber bottom stick-its (the same ones for the legs of your furniture). This will solve the problem of scratching your floors.

    Aside from that, I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Substandar product. Fails to deliver.
    Product is substandard in everyway. Cheap material and poor assembly. You get what you pay for....more info
  • Honeywell safe
    This item is a great value for the money. It is not fire resistant, but is not supposed to be. It is used as a gun safe, and fits the bill better than many gun specific safes. It has plenty of room, and a solid feel. The only thing I don't really like is the key system. I'd rather have a digital only lock, like the hotel safe we used on holiday. The code was whatever you chose at the time, so it could be changed daily, if desired. With this safe, you have to use both the digital keypad, and a key. Also, you have to hide (and remember where), a master key.
    I would highly recomend this item....more info
  • Bargain
    I looked and looked for a safe that was reasonable as I hated to spend the money on it. I found this one and was sceptical about quality, durability, etc. but thought what the heck and went for it. The safe is great! I'm so happy to have spent what I did and got double the space, digital keypad, durable for nearly half of what the others run. Great safe....more info
  • Honeywell safe
    My first key broke in the lock the first time I opened the safe. Amazon replaced the safe immediately at no cost to me. I wish the keys were a little sturdier. Otherwise, I think this safe is a good deal....more info