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Munchkin Baby Bath Turtles
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Product Description

Bring your baby out of his shell at bath time with 4 floating turtles that connect with magnets. Each colorful turtle is its own interactive toy - a mirror for sight, rattle for sound, and balls for rolling and spinning fun. The captivating colors and sounds stimulate little senses and keep your baby busy while you get them squeaky clean.

These four colorful, floating, magnetic Munchkin Baby Bath Turtles make bath time more fun for baby and easier for mom and dad. Ideal for babies 12 months or older, each colorful turtle is its own interactive toy--a mirror for sight, rattle for sound, and balls for rolling and spinning fun. The captivating colors and sounds stimulate little senses and keep your baby busy while you get them squeaky clean.

The turtles are just the right size for little hands to grasp, which makes them perfect for dry land as well as for floating fun. Magnets are strong enough to stay together in the water but easy enough to pull apart. This toy won the Creative Child Magazine 2007 Seal of Excellence Award.

About Munchkin
Munchkin makes the world a better place for babies and moms. Munchkin, Inc. develops clever, innovative products that excite and delight parents, children, and pets. The company was founded in 1991 on the premise that it could anticipate and serve modern parents' needs by developing uncomplicated baby products that make parenting--and life--easier and more enjoyable.

  • Four easy-to-grip turtles entertain baby to make bath time happier--for baby and mom
  • Floating turtles stack magnets or come apart for individual play with mirror, rattle, rolling/spinning balls
  • Magnets stay together, even in water, yet easy to pull apart
  • Winner of Creative Child Magazine 2007 Seal of Excellence Award
  • 12 months and older

Customer Reviews:

  • Bath Time Entertainment!!!
    My son has a great time with his bath turtles. He's learned the colors and play features on each turtle, so that's an educational plus that I did not expect at all! Somehow, the turtles end up floating upside down during bath time--splash factor, maybe? But that's half the fun--making him turn them over again for more play. They are easy to clean and dry so that's a plus. The one bath turtle I don't completely understand is the one with the mirror inside. Because of the temperature of the water, it causes condensation in the protective plastic bubble, so he can't see the mirror anyway, so what's the point in that one? Nevertheless, he kinda looks at it in the middle of his bath and probably thinks, "Hey, I was there a minute ago..." He picks that one up, holds it up to his eye level, struggles to find himself for a second, laughs, and puts it back in the water and picks up another turtle. Go figure. It's still good fun for him, and the turtles keep him occupied during the shampooing and what not, therefore, they're okay by me! Totally safe and drain proof....more info
  • Fun in the tub
    We own these, they are durable, easy to clean (don't get mildewy) and link together as they float in the tub. My 1 yr old enjoys them. I like them because they scoop up and dry off easily between baths, as well as stay bright and colorful after a year of bathing. I have even run them through the washing machine. ...more info
  • Cute but not worth it
    These are just as they seem - cute! We paid less for them at Target but they are still not worth it. The spinning ball part on one of them doesn't spin easily. The others are just not fun....more info
  • Cute & Dry Quickly!
    these toys don't hold water. they're colorful and cute. they are also pretty durable when dropped....more info
  • Turtle Variety
    My husband and I bought these turtles for our daughter. She is now 6 months and loves to watch them float. They are easy for her to pick up and suck on. They dry off and clean up easily. Yes, they flip over fairly easily so you can't always see the fun turtle backs, but their tummies have images that are raised and texturally interesting that will help with counting as she gets older. We like them a lot. Right now the mirrored turtle is her favorite, then the rattle....more info