Motorola BLT-04 Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case
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Motorola original brand headset case for Motorola Bluetooth Headsets such as Motorola HS810, HS850, H3, H300, H500, H700 and others. Also suitable for other small headsets including the Bluespoon AX, Bluetrek, and Cellpoint Flamingo. Inside of case has raised contours to better hold the headset in place. Small strap with velcro attachment provides for added security. Clip on back provides a firm hold to pants, belt, purse strap, etc., Black in color. Small, compact size when compared to other headset cases.

Protect your Bluetooth headphones with the Motorola BLT-04 Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case. Your cell phone is probably an essential part of your lifestyle today, and your most important cell phone accessory is probably your Bluetooth headset, which gives you hands-free use of your phone without the need to worry about wires getting tangled. The BLT-04 carrying case gives you the perfect pouch to store your headset when you turn your phone off. Constructed of lightweight hydrofoam and designed with a contoured interior that lets case hold your headset in place, the BLT-04 keeps your headset out of the way and out of mind until you want to use it. A velcro security strap keeps your headset from falling out, and a clip on the back of the pouch makes it easy to attach your headset to your belt, backpack, or purse.

The Motorola BLT-04 Carrying Case is designed especially to hold the following Motorola headsets: H350, H700, H500, HS850, HS810, HS820.

  • Compatible with Motorola H700, H500, H350, HS850, HS810, HS820 Headsets
  • Hydrofoam pouch
  • Security Strap
  • Belt Clip

Customer Reviews:

  • Motorola BLT-04 Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case
    Excellent product, wish the vendor had more, I would have bought them but I purchased the last two. Excellent price and service.

    Curt...more info
  • Bluetooth Case
    I LOVE this item!! I actually wasn't sure there was such a thing as a Bluetoth Carrying Case - I surfed the net and found this and it's PERFECT for the Jabra headset I have. Makes it much easier to carry the Bluetooth - THANKS!!...more info
  • Bluetooth carrying case
    Makes it easier to keep up with my bluetooth when I'm not wearing it. Attaches to my purse edging very easily....more info
  • good quality
    I carry my headset in my pocket and needed something to protect it. It comes with a belt clip which I removed. I haven't had any problems with my headset going into pairing mode even with it sharing space in my pocket with my wallet and sometimes my keys. The Velcro that holds the strap is a little weak but overall I am happy I bought this....more info
  • Great purchase and a great carrying case for my Headset.
    I had never seen a carrying case for my Motorola HS820 Headset until I saw it on Amazon. I have used it once or twice, but I am happy that I purchased it because it will be great when I travel. Since my Headset is in its own Travel Case, it will be easier for me to locate it in my handbag or carry-on tote.
    San Francisco...more info
  • Excellent product.
    Excellent product. It works great to keep in your purse. It also works well in the car in the heat for example if you don't want to take it with you in the gym. It's also great to keep on while charging so the light doesn't bother you at night. Quite reasonably priced....more info
  • Does The Job.
    This item was purchased in an effort to save battery life for my H700. When my headset was kept in my pocket too often I would take it out to find the battery was dead w/out any actual use (Which is due to the device going into pairing mode any time the multi-function key is pressed... which happens when the device is in standby due to the wing being closed). Hoped this would have resolved this issue. The carrying case does exactly what it was designed for, but it was not designed specificly for the H700. Overall it is a great buy. Would have given it a 5 star if not for the H700's pairing mode issue while using this....more info
  • Works well
    Motorola BLT-04 Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case
    This carrying case is compact and protects my headset from damage....more info
  • Case your headset
    This is a good case for your headset, but I wish they hadn't made it so bubbly (the case is too wide) I didn't know it would be so big when I received it. The belt clip is good, they should've had a removable clip so you can store it in your pocket....more info
  • Bye Bye Bluetooth
    Got this case as a gift from a friend who warned me about the possibility of "pants calls" (inadvertent calls due to the function button being pressed while in the case). I looked at the case for a while, though, and was pretty sure that it wouldn't be a problem if I clipped it to my belt. It worked fabulously for two days, and then I took a walk on my lunch break and discovered later that day that the headset was gone.

    The strap that keeps the headset in the case is fastened with velcro, and it seems this must have gotten snagged on my jacket and come open. I retraced my steps (the whole 2 miles) but found nothing.

    My analysis is that if you can put up with "pants calls" during a brief "break-in" period, the elastic sides will stretch enough that it will no longer be a problem. However, during this time the velcro closure starts to weaken and bend. Once this happens, anything moving over the case (a jacket, a shirt, even your arm) may cause the strap to come undone. With the now-stretched elastic, the case just doesn't hold the headset securely without the strap, so the headset tends to fall out easily.

    I would suggest another alternative, though I haven't yet found one that fits the H700.

    ***UPDATE*** I recently spoke with the friend who gave me this case and found that he had deliberately cut the elastic to make it looser (to avoid inadvertent calls). Due to this fact, I can only partially blame the design for the loss of my headset (the velcro closure was still weak). That said, I still stand by my one star rating. The case still seems like it would not hold the headset securely, and the pressure still causes it to make calls when you don't want it to....more info
  • Item not as it seems
    This item was not what i expected. The item shows a security strap on the case to keep the bluetooth from falling out. Well it didn't and when i contacted the seller they told me that theres don't have that security strap. I think that is a case of false advertisement! I wouldn't recommend this case unless you want to keep loosing your bluetooth like me!...more info
  • Wish I had read the reviews before purchase
    This is a good idea that needs tweaking.

    My Motorola H700 fits in - but like the other reviewers, it doesn't protect the button from being pushed.

    I also couldn't get it to stay in the pouch, until I slid the earpiece in first and twisted it to go through the bottom elastic and back up the outside of the case. it's the only thing to keep it from falling out.If that was the intent, instructions would have been helpful. I got such a good deal on it that it cost more to return it than it was worth....more info
  • disappointed
    I was disappointed with this item. I bought it b/c I lost my last bluetooth. It does have a clip, which is what I wanted. It does Not have a closure on the top so my new bluetooth kept falling out. I did get in touch with customer service and they said the new style will have a top closure...wait for the new style....more info
  • Practical
    Just a practical stuff. From time to time, depending of my body movement, the earphone drops, and I have a broken earphone, but I just learned to insert it right to the end, and I have no more problems....more info
  • Bluetooth carrying case
    I no longer loose or damage my headset. Fits nicely on your belt buckle. A great product !!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Not feasible
    I got this product so I wouldn't have to wear my bluetooth all the time. However, when you put the piece in the case and either bump it or bend over it activates the bluetooth and calls the last person dialed. After doing this several times I have taken the case off and not used it.

    This case will only work if you have a bluetooth that you can easily turn on/off. The Motorola H350 is not one of them....more info
  • Motorola BLT-04
    Lost my last Mot H700. Hoping this case will make it less prone to 'snags' and jumping out of my pocket. So far, so good. Fits well, tight clip!!...more info
  • Nice style and fits the Motorola bluetooth sets nicely. Has weak velcro
    Velcro on this product is sub-standard, although the headset fits nicely and secure in it otherwise so as long as you don't plan to be very active it is secure enough inside. ...more info
  • Bluetooth case
    Motorola BLT-04 Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case I like the case with one concern, the closure is not very secure. The velcro closure is so small that I'm concerned it will either not close or will come apart while on my belt. I've added some additional velcro to make it more secure....more info
  • motorola BLT-04 Bluetooth carrying case.
    I really do like the case for my Bluetooth. It fits my bluetooth like a glove and helps keep it really nice and safe also from misplacing my bluetooth if I remember to put it in the case. I keep it in my car or my front pocket in my purse. I need to have it close for on Post you will get a ticket if you do not have a hands free communication. ...more info
  • Great Case!
    If you are like me and lose things in the deep dark part of your purse or bag, this is a must. It also has a clip on the back so you can clip it to your visor in the car or to a pocket in your purse. Nice Touch! ...more info
  • Practically Useless
    Comment: I am disappointed with this case.

    Purchase Reason: I was looking for headset protection and prevention from scratch or marks. Was also looking for prevention of accidental calls (buttons protection). Was looking for a carrier that fits well.

    Pros: Fits my headset Motorola H500. Allows headset to be clipped onto a belt.

    Con: Call button on headset fits right onto the seam area where it protrudes so when in my pocket it makes random calls to the last person I spoke with. (really annoying). Like reviews said Velcro area is not large enough for proper closure. I don't think this case gives any protection, bluetooth can still be crushed with this as well as scratched. Price was not really cheap either. *I do not recommend this case for anyone unless you are ONLY expecting a bluetooth carrier for your belt*...more info
  • Motorola BLT-04 Bluetooth Headset Carrying Case
    I like the idea of protecting my new BT and the price was right. The strap connects to a tiny velcro dot that stopped working after the second day....more info
  • great bluetooth holder
    this little holder is great for your bluetooth. especially for the women out there who keep there bluetooth's in their purse when not in use. if your someone like me who is particular about how their items look. well this holder keeps it protect from scratchs and unnecessary phone calls. so i recommend to all....more info
  • Fantastic, Just Don't Wear It
    This is a handy-looking little product that I was looking forward to receiving, and the price is unbeatable. It arrived on time, packaged fine, and I was happy to see that it was manufactured in a solid and reliable fashion.

    The problem occurred when I clipped it on my belt and wore it to the supermarket. Within a span of 5 minutes it popped off my belt three times. If you rub against something, your jacket catches on it momentarily when you're removing the outergarment, or you run your fingers along your beltline, it simply pops off.

    When I looked at the clip, it appeared strong and up for the job. But once its clipped to your belt/pantline, it suddenly loses its will to fight if its disturbed in the slightest.

    I upgraded from 2 stars to 3, because the holster can still be used with great success on the sun visor of the car. I use my bluetooth primarily when driving, so having it readily available on the sun visor is extremely convenient. It's a perfect solution that transforms a fickle product into a solid performer.

    Just don't wear it......more info