Casio Men's Ana-Digi 10-Year Battery Bracelet Watch #AW80D-1AV
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Product Description

A great watch for globetrotters, this Casio men's stainless steel watch (model AW80D-1AV) enables you to easily track to time zones. It features an analog watch face that's supplemented by a digital window at the bottom, which can be set for a second time zone. It also offers a world time function with 29 time zones (30 cities), city code display, and daylight saving time on/off. Other timing features include a countdown timer (up to 24 hours), a 1/100-second digital stopwatch (with elapsed time, lap time, split time, and 1st/2nd place times), and three daily alarms (one with snooze).

Classically masculine, it has a round watch case with gray screw-down accents on the top of the case and a triple-link stainless steel bracelet band. The black dial is supplemented with luminous hands and hour markers, Arabic numerals around the outside of the dial, and small minute indexes. With the 30-page databank capability, you can store phone numbers and quick reminders (with up to 8 letters and 16 numerals per page). Other features include a 10-year battery life (CR2025 battery), auto calendar (programmed to the year 2099), LED light with Afterglow, and water resistance to 50 meters--suitable for swimming but not for diving.

  • Quartz movement
  • Protective Mineral crystal protects watch from scratches
  • Case diameter: 40 mm
  • Stainless-steel case; Black dial; Day-date-and-month functions
  • Water-resistant to 165 feet (50 M)

Customer Reviews:

  • a nice looking cheap watch, with issues
    I bought this watch over half year ago. Now I am replacing the watch with a timex.

    Well, First off, I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally think this watch looks good. Yes, it is not well balanced overall, but for $20? come on, looks great at that price.

    I think the watch had the potential to be great, but it missed a couple of important things.

    Durability: The face scratches easy. so be careful. The buttons, well, after this half year I owned it, the buttons started to stick. Now, once in a while the button stays pressed and beeps itself to death. Granted I have taken the watch ocean swimming and exercising. On hindsight, maybe that was not a good idea. But they shouldn't say it is a 50M waterproof watch.

    Design: The strap is not very flexible, I have small wrists and they can't quite wrap around my wrist. It works, but not very comfortable.

    Utility: Well, I like that it has both analog and digital, the reason why I bought it. But the Interface to change the analog and the usage of the digital part is poorly designed. It is confusing and not very intuitive. I owned a similar timex and I've never had to read the manual. On DST date I always have to search for the manual on this one. That may be my fault for not getting it, but found it counter-intuitive for me. Someone mentioned about the light being useless, well it's kinda true. It is a cheap looking light that is very limited.

    Overall, I think that the watch was a ok buy for a cheap watch. I have to say that I expected more from Casio. Considering how long it lasted, it is on the expensive side. But from the looks and features, it seemed cheap at first. I am giving it 3 starts because it may have been my fault. I wouldn't recommend it unless they really liked the design and can't afford something better....more info
  • Great function and form
    Wonderful design. Easy to read, easy to change functions, no distracting sweep second hand, no stem sticking out, nice light, great alarms, good stopwatch and countdown timer, world time functions, and telephone memos. Classy metal band, reasonable water resistance and a disposable price! ...more info
  • Casio watch
    Nice watch ... but no second hand. It would have been nice if the watch had a second hand but other than that the watch is great....more info
  • Casio Men's Ana-Digi
    Delivery was quick, product was well packed and looked exactly like the picture. The watch face itself is a little large, but not over bearing. The watch band is large, so I had a local department store watch department remove a link.. no charge. ...more info
  • Band broke in 6 days
    Casio wants $17 to fix a $20 watch. Who wants to order another one that may break in a week? We are telling them to keep the watch....more info
  • nice watch
    this is a great watch for under $20. looks good and keeps good time i only use the time and date features but it also has other features. only bad thing is get ready to go to the jewelers to shorten the band size. other than that its a great watch for the price....more info
  • Good but not the Best.
    If you have ever downed an Indiglo watch, then you will immediately feel the absence as a pinch on this watch. Yes the watch has the old style amber light which is entirely inefficient to check the Digital Time at night. You have to go with the Analog time.
    The DST Setting are not working properly, for example, I set up the current EST and also set the World time for New York, and then I go check the Indian Standard Time, it comes out to be One hour offset from what it should be. Apart from that, every thing else is Gem and I like the design of the dial very nice.
    Oh and one more thing, the Steel Belt is very nice but will need professional help if you need to remove a link to shorten the belt :).
    The alarm and other functions are very nice. I don't use the Telememo at all so can't write any thing about it.

    Overall a nice watch.
    Sam...more info
  • Watch
    Great watch! Delivery was very quick. I'd do business with this retailer again....more info
  • Great watch for the price
    I have worn this watch every-day for the past eighteen months. It is an exceedingly accurate time piece, and has held up through very rough use. I am about to order another one with different color faceing. Changing the digital and analog times is a challenge, follow instructions carefully.

    ...more info
  • Great watch
    This watch is fantastic. It has times for multiple countries, and I believe you can input time for other countries not on the watch two. The watch hands have a little bit of a green glow in the dark, and the upper right button turns on an orange light in case you can't see the watch. It's easy to get on and off, I've worn it everyday since it arrived....more info
  • I did not get bought watch still
    I greet
    I did not get bought watch still
    I do not know how I have to wait long
    I ask to send me this watch...more info
  • Too Thick, but good watch
    Only problem I have this watch is, that this is not a sports watch, as it said. Very thick, hence can not use for sports. It get damaged very easily. If you want a sports watch, buy any TIMEX product, they are great. I finally gave this one to my brother, as he likes it and now wears as his casual watch.
    Watch is great in appearance and worth for the money. Great functionality, different time brother love it.
    ...more info
  • Black dial is easy to read in all conditions
    I Like it. I bought the same model with the white face and it's harder for me to read. The black background works much better for me. Excellent price, battery life, features,ect.

    The wrist band is tough to take links out of. ...more info
  • Great product for the price
    This product is a bit lighter with a cheaper look than i expected.But all in all has great functinality I love it for the road... not for a date or function...more info
  • Photo very deceptive
    I immediately returned this watch when I saw it. The photo is very deceptive. The watch face is very small and the digital numbers are very tiny. The light does not help at all. The black background makes it very difficult to see the analog part of the watch. Overall a small watch that is really not very well designed.
    Amazon needs to include actual size photos of jewelry and watches. Until this happens I will no longer buy these items on Amazon. The current photos make these items look much larger then they are in real life....more info
  • strap adjustment
    On the newer model I received the only trick to removing a link was to: 1)pry up one of the links with an arrow on it to about 45 degrees
    2)slide out that undesired link (repeat to take out more then one)
    3)pry up another link with an arrow and reattach the strap.
    Overall really easy and much better then spending the $10-$20 the watch shops wanted for the adjustment

    Overall happy with the watch- a very solid 4 stars....more info
  • Brilliant
    the setting is a bit complicated probably because i never took the time to fiddle or read the manual it has an alarm, different world time, night light and a mini note holder which i find pretty kool ...more info
  • Great design - died in 14 months...
    I love this watch - unfortunately I've had it for 14 months and the 10 year battery only lasted 10 months and the watch recently has been malfunctioning. The analog time is losing about 5-10 minutes and a day and the timer has been blinking out sometimes - just stops.
    Warranty has expired so it's not worth a dime. Too bad. It's perfect for a cheap watch that has hands, an alarm and a timer.
    I may even buy another one assuming that I'm just renting this for a year or two for $20...
    ...more info
  • Excellent Watch
    It looks like a very expensive watch. It is well made. I have use it many times inside the ocean and still works like a champ....more info
  • Great watch for the money
    I bought this for $20 and I couldn't imagine a better deal. If the watch battery lasts 10 years as advertised, that's only $2/year! The pros and cons have been noted by the other reviews.

    One thing I didn't see in the reviews was how the watch hands can hide the digital display. The stock image has the hands in the upper half of the watch but if it's 6:30 and you need to see the date or use the stopwatch then the hands are a pain....more info
  • Casio AW-80
    It's a good timepiece for the money.
    A bit difficult to set; there are many features I will never use and had to scroll through....more info
  • Excelent value
    Excellent watch for the price. I bouhgt it for everyday use at work (shop) and for $20 is a great value. I don't have to worry abouth scratching it since it was really cheap. I still get chronograph, alarms, etc....more info
  • very good for the price.
    Works great.. looks good... i was not that satisfied with the belt as it kinda looks inferior when you wear it. watch is light in weight and heavy in functionality......more info
  • Good One
    Good one.
    All the features specified are good enough to make it a good watch.

    Should consider this , if thinking of this price range....more info
  • Nice watch, broken when I received it
    It is a nice watch, however the band was broken, and there was no way I could get it fixed with amazon. This is a major concern with me. It wasn't shipping damage, so I couldn't go to the shipper, is was broke from Amazon, and there are no known methodologies for returning it to Amazon. Now I am worried about the laptop I ordered....more info
  • A Great Watch
    I like to buy watches for gifts,they are a great gift.This watch,is great,
    easy to read,keeps great time.No complaints from anyone that I bought them
    for presents.They love this watch!...more info
  • Excellent watch for the price.
    This is a nice watch for the price you pay for it. And I'm expecting it to last me a while.
    Two things people should be aware of though:
    1)While the band is metal, the watch body is plastic.
    2)The "glass" of the watch is dome shaped not flat, so it may be easy to scratch. I have gotten it dirty several times by accidentally rubbing my hand against a wall. I was lucky that the was was painted and not concrete or the glass would have been badly scratched. ...more info
  • Not too heavy
    Besides price, the most important feature I was looking for when I bought this watch was weight. After many years of wearing macho, overweight, chunky men's watches which I think has left a permanent soreness in my wrist, i found this watch to be the perfect weight and thickness and still look very masculine.

    I bought this watch on clearance about 2 years ago from Walmart for about $20 plus tax, so after figuring in inflation, this price on Amazon is great, especially since you won't pay for tax and shipping.

    The electronic adjustment of the analog hands does take some getting used to, but most people will only do it twice a year for daylight savings. I definitely need my manual every time.

    The world time function is very cool. For the 2 or so times a year I vacation out of my time zone, I can leave the analog time set at my home city time and choose a different pre-set world city's time on the digital display.

    One thing that does take away from the beauty of this watch is the grey plastic accents around the bezel of this watch. Not quite ugly, but no one will mistake this for an expensive watch....more info
  • Nice watch, difficult band
    The band on this watch must be adjustable downward--it is too big for my wrist--but I can't find instructions for removing links and can't figure out how to do it on my own. Too bad, because the watch seems quite useful otherwise. I had to take it to a watch repair shop and spend at least as much as the purchase price to have the band adjusted. ...more info