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Trudeau Cool Down Polycarbonate Hydration 24-Ounce Bottle, Breast Cancer Awareness, Pink
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Product Description

Runners, hikers, or students on the go can put this 24-ounce water bottle with its built-in straw to good use. Made of unbreakable polycarbonate that won't absorb odors or taste, the double-wall construction eliminates condensation so that lunch bags and notebooks next to it in a backpack will stay dry. When the weather turns cold, the bottle may be used for hot drinks. A karabiner at the neck clips the bottle onto a backpack for easy access.

This particular hydration bottle comes in pink to let you show your concern for breast cancer awareness as well as contribute to the cause. Trudeau donates 5% of the net sale of each bottle to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. A highly rated charity, BCRF makes sure at least 85 cents of every donated dollar goes directly to breast cancer awareness and prevention programs. --Ann Bieri

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Trudeau has created a charming line of pink products that are both fun and functional- and all for an extremely worthy cause.Features of this 24-oz. Pink Cool Down Bottle include:DW insulated material, which eliminates "Sweating"Cold and hot liquid useUnbreakable polycarbonateRunner's straw lidLeak-proof, carbiner hookThe Breast Cancer Awareness logoTrudeau Corporation donates to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation 5% of its selling price for each BCRF thermal item it delivers to its customers.

  • 24-Ounce leak-proof water bottle for active sports enthusiasts
  • Made of unbreakable polycarbonate
  • Double-wall insulation eliminates condensation, won't dampen lunch bags or clothing
  • Includes built-in straw; karabiner clips bottle to backpack
  • Trudeau donates 5% of product's net sales to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Customer Reviews:

  • Thembree
    I love this bottle. It keeps my drinks cold without sweating on the outside. Light weight and looks good. I especially like that you can close the top for traveling and it doesn't leak....more info
  • Great water bottle to go
    This is a great bottle because it keeps your water cold and fits into the drink holders in the car. The only problem I've had is that it is said to be unbreakable. I dropped it once and it cracked, not to the point that I couldn't use it, but it's still cracked. Otherwise it's a great way to drink lots of water and move from meeting to meeting without worrying about spilling....more info
  • Love this water bottle
    We love these water bottles so much that we have about 4 around the house. Even our 20 month old son loves to drink water from them. They come apart fully and wash up well, though I don't leave the straw in for the drying cycle, otherwise it would warp. We bought them for use around the house as they are kind of big and don't fit well into most beverage openings. They keep your water cold for hours on end....more info
  • Not The Best For Running, But Still Useful
    I'm a guy, but I'll use a pink bottle in support of breast cancer. A baby blue or clear option would have been nice, though. But my wife bought it and it was at hand over the weekend, so...

    I used this on a recent strenuous hike, and found its advantages to be:

    1. Double layer avoids condensation, a true plus.

    2. Good capacity.

    3. Built-in covered straw, avoids getting Runner's Dust into your mouth.

    4. It survived a couple of drops onto rocky soil, and did not leak.

    5. Carabiner lets one carry it with one finger.


    1. Opening the straw seemed to require both hands, although this may get easier with time.

    2. The straw does not pop up, so one must use Runner's Fingers covered with Runner's Dirt to open it.

    3. Carabiner is a little small to latch onto a belt or nylon webbing. I was wearing a fanny pack but would up carrying it in my hand for three miles. This can probably be replaced with a larger one, and it's probably fine for backpacks.

    4. On a belt, it flops around when running, a nuisance. This may be OK for power walking, have not tried yet. I may break down and get a special belt.

    5. Not exactly worthless in the insulation department, but it could be better at keeping cold water cold.

    So, recommended with reservations. I'm probably not the ideal target market for this, but I appreciate the large-ish capacity and the double layer....more info
  • Good for family outings!
    I belong to a local mommies group and some of the other mothers raved about the Trudeau, so I had to find out for myself. The first one I bought (in blue) at a local drugstore, and then I got this one here... I'm the only one with a pink bottle! It's great for sharing with my daughter because she can drink it in the car while I'm driving and I don't have to worry about a hard straw hitting her in the face and since she has to suck to draw in the water, there is little backwash! I big HUGE plus in my book! I fill it up right as we're heading out the door from the fridge and add a couple of ice cubes, and we're good to go all day!...more info
  • Trudeau Hydration Bottle
    This is a great item. The double walled design keeps drinks hot or cold for over 2 hours. I love the way the straw is concealed in the top too. The 24 oz. size is large enough to hold the contents of a bottle of water or large coffee. It fits nicely in the Kuryakin passenger arm rest on the Honda GL1800 Goldwing motorcycle....more info
  • What about BPA
    It is a bit annoying that it doesn't fit in the cup holders at the gym, but I love the fact that this bottle keeps drinks cold--as long as you add ice. However, it is tricky to drink out of it without whistling, and if it tips over it does leak a bit. I can't shake it up to mix flavors into my water--again the leak issue. All pink or black and pink doesn't seem like a big deal. Although seeling the pictured product seems like a good idea. I am concerned about BPA and a bottle that you shouldn't wash in the dishwasher seems a little silly. I wish I could find a BPA free,truely leak proof, insulated bottle like this. ...more info
  • A no-sweat container
    First, the problems. (1) I believe this is a breast-cancer-awareness container which is produced using materials that may cause cancer. Probably not the best design decision. (2) It doesn't fit into the cup holder of my car. Now the things I love about it. (1) It never sweats. Filled with ice water, it will never drip on my good furniture -- no coasters needed -- so it is convenient to carry it with me from room to room. (2) It holds enough liquid that I feel I've done a good job of drinking water by the end of the day. (3) Cold drinks stay cold for many hours. I can put this on my nightstand when I go to bed and any remaining water is still cold when I get up in the morning. (4) It has a straw rather than a twist or pop-top, so it is easy to reach for it in the middle of the night without any spills. This allows me to remain half asleep. (5) Every purchase triggers a donation to prevent breast cancer....more info
  • Simply the Best
    I've used this bottle for approx. 3 yrs, (and bought a couple more as they are hard to find (try Target). - They are perfect for Air Travel, as you can bring the empty through security check, then fill it with ice at any of the kiosks in the airport, or once you're aboard the plane.then just order a whole can of soda or seltzer water to fill it up. - You can sip at will, then close it up for later, after a nap, or whatever without worry about spillage, or knocking those little plastic cups they give you, off of the tray. (also great for road travel for the same reasons, and Greener too!)...more info
  • Product description and picture not accurate
    The product I received is completely pink - including the top and the side panels. No black. Also the item is quite tall. If you fill it too high, it will fall out of cup holder when you go around turns....more info
  • No more spills!
    I grabbed this on a whim at Target one day. I had pretty much given up on a leak proof cup. I can even use this to mix the bottle size drink mixes. Close the lid, and shake - not even a drop of moisture leaks. I only have 2 reservations: there are no dishwasher instructions and it doesn't fit into the cup holder in my car. That said, I've run the straw portion through the dishwasher to sanitize with no problem. Cleaning the bottle itself is a breeze. The cup holders in some cars are expandable and do fit the bottle. But since it is leak proof, who cares if it tips? So my reservations do not affect my rating of 5 stars....more info
  • a terrific waterbottle
    I am completely satisfied with this water bottle. I fill it up with ice and water and take it to a class with me. The double sided walls prevent the usual pool of water on the table that used to bother me. The water stays cool the whole time I'm at the class--and that can be from 8:30am to 3pm. Lots of friends want them now but didn't want to get the pink. It would be great if Amazon carried them in blue as well. ...more info