SVAT GX515B Rechargeable Battery for GX5150 & GX5201 Cameras
List Price: $23.99

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Product Description

Rechargeable battery for GX5201 Camera - compatible with GX515, GX5201

  • Battery for the GX515 camera
  • Provides portability and complete wireless function
  • Recharges using the existing GX515 power adapter
  • Slides on to base of GX515 camera
Customer Reviews:
  • rechargeable battery for SVAT GX515 camera
    Batteries were shipped quickly and received them within a week. One battery was bad and SVAT replaced it. Very satisfied with product....more info
    Nice how they don't mention that on the product page.

    The cameras are good and the battery pack works well...but only with a MAX of four hours. Seriously...there's not a whole lot of applications that you can use a wireless camera for that it's cool to change the battery out every couple of hours. It's like having to pull over an airplane to refuel every few clouds. It just doesn't work.

    If there was a heavy duty battery that could last eight hours and cost three times as much, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but for only a few hours of battery life? Not a chance. ...more info
  • Worth it
    Love this addon. I bought both the battery for the camera and for the base station. They do not have enough umph to go all night via battery, but having the ability to unplug either unit and move them around for play sessions in the yard, or activites in other rooms without having to move plugs is invaluable. Highly recommended....more info