Q-See QSW25C 2.5-Inch TFT Baby Monitoring System w/Wireless Camera
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Product Description


  • 2.4 GHz Technology, 300m Transmitting Distance
  • Motion Detection (PIR)
  • Sound Trigger and Audio
  • 8 IR LEDs for Night Vision
  • Supports up to 3 Wireless Cameras, Add-on Camera: QSWBMC
Customer Reviews:
    It's a good product, but it has some noising in audio of monitor. video is great....more info
  • OK monitor
    We've tried all the different baby video monitors and this one works ok. None of them are wonderful, but the monitor portion works well. We have a lot of interference in our house, so we cannot use the audio portion of the monitor, but we have not found it necessary: a picture is worth a thousand words. The sensor portion is great, so the monitor will turn on when the baby moves- the closer the camera, the better it works. The others I tried didn't have this option. But I would recommend a video monitor over a audio monitor any day....more info
  • Great video, not so great audio, and cumbersome design
    We have been using this unit for 11 months now and it works very well (all over our somewhat small house). We have had no range problems, but it does get interference with wifi and our cordless phone. The interference impacts the audio more than the video, so we use it with the sound turned down and use a different, more portable audio monitor to carry with us.

    After 11 months of tough use the screen protector is cracked, and AC plug is broken in some way (only works with batteries). But alot of others out there seem to have bad ratings and so we are going to buy another set, and this way have 2 cameras.

    ...more info
  • Among the best options available
    If you are considering a video monitor for your kids rather than a simple-audio monitor, you should absolutely go video (whether you buy this model or something else).

    Prior to buying this model, I owned a Mobi and would not recommend it. I did a fair amount of online research before buying this item and despite some flaws, I'm still a satisfied user.

    - It works. One room away, the picture is very very good. Gets worse farther away (no surprise)
    - Great features & flexibility. Have always been able to find ways to hang or position the cameras so they can view the kids - not always impossible with other models
    - Supports multiple cameras (great for covering several kids and/or multiple rooms)

    - Audio has a lot of static, even when the picture is clear
    - The power cord for the monitor plugs into the unit inside the battery compartment, so you can't leave batteries loaded. Dumb design
    - One of the three channels (#2) knocks out the wifi in our house, so we can only use two cameras. Fortunately the unit operates on two other channels, so we can still use those cameras without interfering with the Wifi
    - Cost of the base package plus extra cameras is too high

    Good luck! ...more info
  • Good camera, okay receiver. Excellent Amazon customer service!
    I recieved the camera very promptly but the reciever wasn't working and Amazon quickly shipped a replacement without any hassle!

    The camera works well and the picture is good in total darkness. I put a piece of electrical tape over the motion detector indicator light because it flashes when it detects movement. It would be nice if the indicator light could be turned off.

    The reciever's battery life isn't very good at all. I would say the 4 AAA batteries have a life around 6-8 hours total. The way it's designed, the AC adapter plug is located inside the battery housing so you have to remove the batteries while it's plugged into the wall.

    I've never used any other video camera systems, but I would recommend this one if the price was about $50 lower and the design was improved a little....more info
  • Good view, bad reception.
    Had a good view but bad reception throughout the house. Worked best when only one room apart, the camera and receptor....more info