Allsop Redmond Monitor Stand - Black
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Product Description

Ergonomics, convenience and good looks, the Redmond Monitor Stand is designed to look like it came with your computer. The look of the Redmond Monitor Stand follows suit. The chrome-like base gives a high-tech look. The dark santoprene-coated shelf has a little grip to keep your flat-screen monitor or laptop secure. There are benefits like a grate design that dissipates heat and favorites like the pen tray.

  • Grip surface provides great storage for a monitor or notebook
  • Clean and modern look, great for any office
  • Raises monitor to reduce neck strain
  • Holds up to forty pounds
  • Work space dimensions of 20.25 wide by 11.5 deep

Customer Reviews:

  • Pretty Good
    I needed to elevate a 22" LCD above my PS2 so I bought this stand because it looked as if it matched my other components and didn't look flimsy. It worked great and isn't flimsy although it does sag just a little with the screen sitting on top. Otherwise a great product for a reasonable price. ...more info
  • Good quality monitor stand...but...
    My only complaint...any movement of your desk, even as small as leaning against it, will cause the stand to bounce up and down. Not enough that the monitor is in jeopardy...but noticeable nonetheless. Not sure what they gained by not putting support in the back of the stand as well as the front....more info
  • Not sure what others experience, but mine is NOT wobbly.
    I have this and have been using it for about a day now. It's nice looking, appears very well made, and is pretty good looking for something to perform this task. What I'm perplexed about is the reviews that say it's wobbly or shakes or moves. Mine doesn't. I have to really pound on the desk to make it move. Certainly, with monitor on it and typing vigorously on keyboard below and to the front causes no movement at all in mine. Maybe manufacturer improved it or the type of metal use? Anyway, mine is just right. ...more info
  • Not bad, but bounces a lot
    Turns out my wife didn't want to use it for a monitor stand because it's too high, and not adjustable. We still used it to clear up some desk space by putting a printer on it. I don't think I'd like it as a monitor stand much. If you bump the desk a little, it will bounce and shake for a minute which would make me sick....more info
  • Excellent Laptop Stand
    I use this to stack two laptops and it works great for that use. I would have to argue that this stand seems a little wobbly if I was to use it to hold a monitor. Hopefully this isn't intended for a big CRT monitor as it would shake all the time. An LCD screen might be acceptable but there is the potential for any vibrations to ripple through the stand. I wouldn't recommend this for a monitor stand, but I highly recommend it for a great laptop stand to house either one or two laptops stacked....more info
  • Flimsy
    While this stand looks good - it's a clear case of form over function. Unfortuntely - the stand will wobble as you type if your work surface has any give to it... which can become distracting as you are trying to work. We ended up returning this stand....more info
  • Perfect TV/Converter Stand
    I bought a 19 inch HDTV for my bedroom and didn't have any room for it and my cable converter on my dresser. This monitor stand is perfect. The TV is on the top and my converter is under it. It is a real space saver! The price was reasonable. I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • Perfect for what I needed
    I purchased this item based on someone else's review - that it would be a good dresser-top space saver for a 19" HDTV and Cable box. It's perfect for that. THe wobble people describe is very brief and my TV does not move on the stand, so I'm not concerned. My only complaint is that the width dimension is for the top of the stand - my cable box has to rest on the legs of the stand. I though the cable box would be able to sit on my dresser, but it doesn't. Not a big issue, though....more info
  • Nicely designed, but wobbly
    I'd recently received a 22" LCD TV during our company's Christmas party to replace an aging Apex TV I had. I had a Sony DVD player I wanted to fit on the bookshelf where we have the TV, but it just wouldn't work out without some sort of stand. I happened across this from Allsop and was quite impressed with the design. I'm not quite sure why they call it "Redmond" as it reminds me more of an Apple product versus one from Microsoft. Nonetheless, I purchased it and was ready for setup once it arrived.

    Like many others, upon setting the stand up and then placing my LCD TV on top and my DVD player below, I really noticed how much it wobbles. The base for the LCD TV covers pretty much the entire stand, so I doubt it would topple over, but my wife was especially concerned when she saw how much it wobbled. I conducted a few tests by casually hitting the bookshelf to see if the TV or anything else was in danger. While the Allsop stand wobbled, nothing got even close to being to the point where I felt concerned.

    In the end, we'll be keeping the stand. It works well for our needs, looks nice with our setup, and looks like a solid product from Allsop. If you have a monitor or LCD TV with a smaller base I might be concerned, but, overall, I think Allsop knew what they were doing and, for the most part, put out a decent product....more info
  • Nice... but...
    These stands are nice, they put the displays I use more at eye level and are helping me reduce strain, but they are a little flimsier than I personally expected, you'll need to get a heftier product if you have relatively large or heaver displays....more info