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Las Vegas - Season 3
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Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 09/12/2006

Equal parts drama, slapstick comedy, and soap opera, this third season of Las Vegas is all fun. Welcome to the Montecito, a casino and hotel that's so desirable that the only thing more attractive than its clientele is its smoking-hot staff. Each episode contains some kind of crime--a victim whose kidney was stolen, a woman pretending to be a deceased man's fianc¨¦e, an employee who chops off his own finger and serves it up in a shrimp cocktail. That kind of thing. It's up to Ed (James Caan) and his surveillance experts Danny (Josh Duhamel) and Mike (James Lesure) to make sure everyone plays nice. Also included in every episode is a bit of Love Boat-style shenanigans. Everyone has slept with each other but is too cool to admit to the object of their affection how they really feel. And the season ends with the double cliffhanger of a wedding and, possibly, a funeral for two of the principal characters.

Caan is a joy to watch as he chews up the scenery. Interviewing a prospective new employee, he admonishes the recruit to never again refer to him as "Mr. Ed" if he wants to be seriously considered for the position. In a sly nod to his work in The Godfather films, Ed also says he has no idea who Sonny Corleone is. While Duhamel and Lesure exude charm and charisma, as does Vanessa Marcil as the Montecito's feisty casino hostess, some of the other actors don't fare as well. Supermodel Molly Sims, who portrays Ed's daughter Delinda, is a beauty but her acting is still a little stiff. The same goes for Nikki Cox, who plays good girl Mary, as well as Cheryl Ladd (who's saddled with a thankless role as Ed's somewhat annoying wife). Airing during the 2005-2006 television season, Las Vegas attracted its share of celebrity guest stars, including Dean Cain, Rachael Leigh Cook, and a charming Jerry O'Connell, who reprises his Crossing Jordan character here. But leave it to Lara Flynn Boyle to add some umph to the show. Her final episode is one of the series' most unrealistic ever--but also one of the funniest and most memorable. Let's just say she gives the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz a run for her money. --Jae-Ha Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • Great DVD...
    I have to say when you order the seasons of LAS VEGAS on DVD it is great because they are all uncut and uncensored so you get to see the real TV show as it is supposed to be. Not like the TV version. This is so much better!!!!...more info
  • This is when it got goofy
    In season 3 the new owner is revealed and it's Monica (Lara Flynn Boyle) who's a sexy but mean control freak. Her on the show was some of it's more entertaining points. That is if you ignore her horrible exit from the show. She blows right of the roof and flies right through a shoe store window. Some how the show still had some life left in it after though and it still survived for a year and a half later. If it was gonna get canceled though that was the best time to do it and not by leaving us on the edge of ours seats with a To Be Continued!

    Anyway, after Monice died tragically stupid, she's replaced as the new owner by Dean Cain who plays Sam's ex-husband. He's some-what annoying and no where near as entertaining as Lara Flynn Boyle was. While it also bugged me that there's no mention of Nessa after awhile. After she leaves to go see her sister along with Delinda in the 2nd season finale, it's left off with someone after her. They never got into what happened next. In the beginning of season 3, Ed's just seen looking at a picture of her and Mike's talking about how he had a chance with her. So I had a problem with that but it was still an entertaining show with a lot of energy, despite it's flaws. Hell, I wish it was never canceled! ...more info
  • Fabulous show!
    It's funny and exciting and always entertaining. You love some characters and despise others but you'd be sad to see any of them go....more info
  • i love las vegas & josh duhamel!
    i love this show, the place, the cast, the different stories, the energy that the whole cast brings to the show: action, drama, romance, comedy and their friendship with each other.

    really an enjoyable show to watch.

    when is season 4 coming to DVD? im excited to know what happened with the wedding.
    (here in Japan, season 2 has wrapped up and season 3 is just about done, i want to know about season 4!)

    its been great to have all seasons on DVD.
    i only wish that for the future DVDs that the actors would be included in the commentary special feature as they were included in season 1 DVD.
    its always great to hear about their personal experiences of the making of LAS VEGAS and to hear of their own inside jokes of what happened during that particular scene....more info
  • Living Las Vegas
    Las Vegas is the perfect show for anyone who wants to "live" and "breathe" the everyday life of the most famous gambling city in the world...more info
  • BEST SERIES EVER !!!!!....When is the movie coming out ?????
    This series should run forever !!!!....Great cast, great writing and awesome acting and directing !!!!...Congratulations to all !!!!!

    Make a movie and lots of sequels !!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Las Vegas: Season 3
    This DVD is great to watch anytime. It's a serious, yet silly, but very funny television series. The casting director did a fabulous job fitting the characters together, because they work so well as a team, and they look great together. They seem so real, and sincere. Their characters appear to be true and caring friends and partners. It's definitely worth buying!...more info