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Buffalo Technology LS-500GL 500GB LinkStation Pro Shared Network Storage (Black)
List Price: $371.70

Our Price: $183.99

You Save: $187.71 (51%)


Product Description

The LinkStation Pro Network Shared Storage device is the next generation NAS product designed for storage, sharing and backup needs of a home or office network. You can now instantly store, access, backup and share important documents, presentations, multimedia and other files from any computer on your home or office network! With two USB 2.0 ports, the LinkStation Pro can accommodate additional external USB hard drives for expanded networked storage or as backup targets.

  • LinkStation Pro; Setup CD-ROM; Quick Setup Guides; Ethernet Cable; Power Cord; Warranty Statement
  • Simplified File Sharing For Home or Small Office Network
  • Active Directory Support: Works as a client in an Active Directory domain allowing LinkStation Pro to utilize the domain users and groups.
  • High Speed Processor and SATA Hard Drive Provide Ultra Fast Transfer Rates.
  • Control Access With Group and User Level Security

Customer Reviews:

  • Good to share, but becareful for back ups
    I love my Buffalo, and it provides a great hub for files to be moved about in the office area, but without a RAID 0 system I wouldn't suggest it for back ups. Raid 0 copies files on a server to two drives so a back up is really there if one drive fails. (With these single drives when it's dead, you're dead.) SO, great to exchange files and store them short term. Just invest in more if you are looking at backing up your business or important files. Mine areactually used for lab user folders so they can move files from microscopes to the check-in terminal without seeing any difference. This cuts out USBs with viruses being pluged into lab equipment and save an enormous amount of trouble. Smaller drives would easily work for this, but occasioanly for servicing it's nice to be able to back up temporarily to these drives. In short it gives better flexiblilty. ...more info
  • Very poor reliability
    I installed this thing OK, but then it kept giving me these random alarm beeps, very loud and very annoying. And everytime it did so it would reset the static IP address I'd put in there to a dynamic one, forcing me to go in and change it back to make it useable. I called tech support, but all they could do was suggest I update the firmware -- the updater didn't work, and the firmware was the latest version anyway.


    JUNK JUNK JUNK...more info
  • Only useful for LAN backups, not internet backups
    Note that the FTP implementation for the LinkStation does not support proper preservation of file timestamps, so every file copied to the unit via FTP is given the current date and time of writing.

    This makes the unit useless for remote file backups, since the software I use (Beyond Compare and SyncBack SE) uses the timestamps to see what files have changed -- with the FTP copies and the flawed timestamp implementation (I believe it's the MDTM command at issue), ALL existing files copied to the LinkStation appear to be newer, so you would have to copy everything again, instead of just the changed files.

    (I had planned to place my unit at my brother's house 2000 miles away, and save the family photos on it -- had to evacuate last year due to a fire threat in Southern California, and so I'm making sure that we don't even have to bother grabbing shoe boxes of photos).

    It works fine, but not particularly fast, on my LAN, since FTP access isn't used in that case....more info
  • Excellent speed
    Quick and easy setup. Very fast. I just transferred 11GB of data in 13 minutes.
    Very quiet and cool....more info
  • Great PC/MAC NAS
    Works as advertised. I have had this unit installed for over a year now. I needed NAS storage that would work on my home network with both a MAC and a PC. The unit arrived quickly, installed easily and has been a solid addition of my home network. Since installation, I have even updated my network (new router and the addition of a giga-bit switch) with no issues. The LS500GL properly shares the network with a PC (XP), MACs (Tiger) a 10+ year old laser printer, router and switches. I have encountered no issues with this unit during installation or throughout my network upgrades.

    Six months ago, I attached a USB 500GB HDD to the LS500GL USB connections. The unit properly recognized the attachment and the internal backup was easy to setup and schedule. It now performs a backup automatically to it's attached USB 500GB HDD. It performs this backup even standalone with my computers and network turned off.

    I have been very pleased. The unit is quiet and just works.

    So why not 5 stars? - Over the past year, I have carefully distributed my databases on the NAS drive to allow my wife and I to access the NAS data from both the PC and MAC at the same time. Generally all is well. However, we have had two database sharing issues. No corrupt data. I have isolated these issues to one particular application that we use on both the PC and the MAC (Using a PC Window). These issues could be application related, but the application was not using the same database on the NAS drive when in use on the PC and MAC. Provided we do not utilize this one application at the same time, all is well....more info
  • Very Pleased so far.
    I never heard of Buffalo before but did some researching on Amazon and was pleased with the past reviews on it. I am not a techy person so a simple install was needed. Installation was simple. I have a PC and a Mac and it is working well with both. I have access to my work files on my laptop using the wi fi. It is great for storage and sharing files. The transfer rate is pretty fast as well. ...more info
  • Overall, it does the job, but beware... recovery from disk failure could be difficult.
    This is my second Linkstation unit I bought. The hard drive failed on the first one a little after a year (just out of warranty so Buffalo won't replace it) and the unit won't boot up as a result. I checked the USB drive I had connected to the Buffalo for data backup and found that the backups had been failing for a long time and I wasn't notified (you have to configure it to do so). I was on the phone with tech support multiple times for hours to no avail. They cannot get the unit to boot up. They said that the only way to see the data on the drive is to connect the drive to a Linux system becaise it's formatted in the Linux ext2 format. However, I am on my own on that because that is not something they support. So I had to take the unit apart, take the drive out and connect the drive to a Linux machine (download free Knoppix Linux and boot my desktop up with that). I was able to recover most, but not all, of the data. So if you want to buy this product, remember to make sure you have your data backed up regularly and check it regularly.
    Now I have to try to reformate the bad drive in Linux ext2 format and see if the Buffalo unit will recognize it and boot. I am not too optimistic...

    Overall, the Buffalo does it's job. they are quiet and access speed is acceptable for home use. The buffalo is also a bit pricy compared to other products. The only reason I bought a second unit is because I was hoping it's the unit (chips, firmware) itself that's broken and not the hard disk.
    ...more info
  • Buffalo. Best so far
    So far this has been the best Ext hard drive I've seen. I'm running wireless and the speed is great. It was so easy to hookup and install on my 4 computers I though I did something wrong. I just plugged it into my D-links N, put the CD in and it was done. Great unit. Would buy again....more info
  • Helpful hint during install.....
    I'm using a cisco BEFSR41v2. The Buffalo linkstation said it had a good lock (2nd light from top, solid). The cisco router showed a good solid connection light. But try as I might, when running the software
    I kept getting a 'failure' to install from my desktop computer.
    Guess what I needed to do...
    Turn off the damn windows xp firewall. This time when I ran the program, it installed like a charm. Then I simply turned the firewall back on. That was all that was needed. All the permissions to bypass the firewall were installed and
    everything works great.
    This is a great product, you won't be disappointed.
    ...more info
  • Don't believe the hype you read here.
    The reviews here largely influenced my decision to purchase this NAS, but I am very disappointed. Data transfer rates are so slow that it can't be used as a fileserver over a network. Transferring 5GB from a connected USB device to the NAS took almost an hour - and I was not accessing anything else at the time (not that I could have anyway). It is decent for the money but it appears that if you want anything close to usable performance then you'll need to pony up at least twice this for something from another manufacturer....more info
  • Phew, found one atlast !!!!
    After a long research on Network Adaptive Storage hard drives, I found this one. Why is this one not getting much publicity when compared to the crap equipments like Dlink,... and other guys. This one rocks in the sense, that I am able to use it as a NAS and also to plug in my Western Digital USB hard drive to it and use it backup downloaded movies to watch directly using my Oppo DVD.
    I am kind of guy who keeps downloading heavy tonnes of videos and data via torrents and I find this device suits all of my expectations.
    Of course, you won't get the transfer rate as good as a direct USB transfer (480 Mbps), but it is OK as you get a decent rate of approx 2.8 Mbps wirelessly using an old 50 Mbps router.
    Setup is so easy (took me 2-3 min to set it up) and plug and play USB does not require a restart of the entire link station.
    Guys like me, who download tonnes of data to watch it in your HDTV via Oppo DVD, go for this one co's other NAS are too too expensive!!!...more info
  • Buffalo LS500GL, Solid Performance
    Been using the Buffalo LS500GL after having bad experiences using the NetGear SC101. The Buffalo is a very solid performer. Does just what it advertizes. I use it for all MyDocuments between a wireless laptop and a wired PC. It plugs into one of the ethernet ports on the wireless router. Set-up was literally a 15 minute snap between the 2 machines both running XP. I just simply mapped the Buffalo drive to both machines and use its IP address to get into the user interface. You really dont need the install disk unless you want to use Memeo. Its very fast. Simultaneously I can have streaming music playing on the PC while uploading and downloading pictures from my camera on the laptop with no apparent degradation in performance. Highly recommend and would buy another without any hesitation.
    Oh and just in case anyone is tempted to buy a NetGear SC101 - dont. Aside from keeping your coffee or food warm, its useless. ...more info
  • Buyer beware
    I've had this unit (LS-500GL) for 1 year now and there have been consistent hardware problems. The unit would power off automatically or just stop communicating on the network without any notification. A hard reset was required every 2-3 weeks. I've called Buffalo Support a number of times and besides the customary 30 minute hold, they are less than helpful. The same answer applies that there's is nothing similar reported and just do a hardware reboot.

    Two days ago the fan went. Buffalo will NOT replace the device unless it's been purchased less than a year ago. If it's a few days older, as in my case, you're out of luck. There is NO repair service so the unit becomes an expensive doorstop.

    In short, the LinkStation has been working inconsistently for a year and there is no recourse or repair whatsoever after 365 days.

    Use caution when considering this device or even BuffaloTech as a vendor. Product and service are sub-par on many fronts....more info
  • Disappointed that it does not appear to work with Mac "Time Machine" software
    I purchased this NAS drive last week with hopes to use it to backup the four Mac's I have here on my home network. All the Macs are running Mac OS X Leopard. However, out of the box it does not appear to work. I have set up the drive via the default instructions - but it is not recognized by the Time Machine software as a valid backup disk. I have also done a quick check of support forum and there may be a way to do it - but sounds complex. Looks like I may have to box it back up and return it to Amazon. Darn it! If anybody has gotten this to work, I am open to try your workaround. Not in a habit of leaving bad reviews - just disappointed since I had the illusion this stuff would work out of the box....more info
  • does just about everything I expected
    this is the second 500GB linkstation pro i've purchased, i was happy enough with the first that a second was a no brainer. the best thing is the afp support, makes using it with my mac a lot simpler. i use the second one to backup the first, and the linkstation has a built in way to do this which i like. its fast and simple to set up....more info
  • Fast and Easy Setup
    I bought this external HD a few days ago and finally got around to installing it. The disk was easy to follow, just have to plug it in and run the disk, answer some questions and it is all setup and ready to go, without a reboot. It runs quiet and gets warm, but not hot when running all day. I have set it up so the wireless computers in my office can connect to it through our wireless router. It does have a small lag time while accessing the files, but that is normal.

    Comes with some nice backup software so you can keep everything safe and protected....more info
  • Fast and Easy Setup
    I bought this external HD a few days ago and finally got around to installing it. The disk was easy to follow, just have to plug it in and run the disk, answer some questions and it is all setup and ready to go, without a reboot. It runs quiet and gets warm, but not hot when running all day. I have set it up so the wireless computers in my office can connect to it through our wireless router. It does have a small lag time while accessing the files, but that is normal.

    Comes with some nice backup software so you can keep everything safe and protected....more info