Fenix L2T 3 Watt 2 AA Luxeon LED High Output Mini Flashlight - 55 Lumens
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Product Description

Two levels of output, selected by turning the bezel (patented). Toughened ultra clear glass lens. Fenix L2 achieves its perfection by design, being high-brightness, power-saving, compact, tough and pleasant in look. It can serve as your reliable pal in life, as well as your best choice for collection purposes or as a gift. Unlike traditional flashlights which dim considerably as the batteries wears down, a fully regulated circuit enables the Fenix L2 to maintain near maximum brightness as its battery's voltage decreases. Note: The input voltage of Fenix L2T is 0.9V to 4.0V.

  • Uses a 3-watt T-binned Luxeon LED with a life of 100,000 hours. Current regulation.
  • High Output: Constant 55 Lumens, 3 hours (Ni-MH). Low Output: Constant 10 Lumens, 22 hours (Ni-MH).
  • Uses two 1.5V AA (Alkaline, Ni-MH, Lithium) batteries - inexpensive and widely available.
  • Made of aircraft grade aluminum. Hard anodized finish. Waterproof. Push-button tail cap switch.
  • Rated 4 1/2 stars by Flashlight Reviews: http://www.flashlightreviews.com/reviews/fenix_l1t-l2t.htm
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Product
    I received this product promptly and I am very impressed. I have bought many different flashlights and spent as much as $110 for one. This is the best by far. At under $50 and it doesn't require the very expensive lithium batteries. I work in the maritime industry and use this at work also....more info
  • Great light.
    Fantastic light. Absolutely fantastic. I want more. Don't need more. Want more. It's as bright as my Surefire G2, and it runs off AA's to boot. ...more info
  • Fenix L2T comments
    This flashlight has been in almost daily operation for about a month. On high power, it is VERY good. However, like a previous reviewer, I have the flickering problem. This occurred a few weeks after usage. Blowing out the "head" with compressed air partially cleared this flickering - it appears that aluminum filings from rotating the head (full power to low power) are causing intermittent shorts, thus causing the flicker from full to low power. This is shoddy manufacturing by Fenix. Amazon is willing to refund the cost the light, but I really like the light so I'm keeping it....more info
  • Awesome light
    I bought the shorter tube from the original dealer, so basically have two tube size lights. The smaller one is part of my EDC (every day carry). Haven't found a better light yet (thank God)....more info
  • the only flashlight I use now
    I have all kinds of flashlights and have bought several types of LED flashlights. This is the brightest of any of them, even those powered by D batteries! Not sure how long the batteries will last, but I am still using first set....more info
  • Luxeon surpassed by Cree
    Four stars only because this Luxeon model is not as bright as the newer Cree model.

    Get this instead:
    Fenix L2D-CE (Cree Edition LED) Digital LED Flashlight (6 Output levels) - 135 Lumens uses 2x AA batteries

    Much brighter. Adds strobe, SOS, additional output levels. Better battery life too....more info
  • warning: Fenix does not stand behind their product
    FYI: Originally, I gave this model 5 stars for its powerful beam. Then, the shine came off the relationship as the switch started to fail and the beam started flickering between "low" and "high" modes, a common point of failure on flashlights. That is what warranties are for, yes? Ah, but here's the problem. When I contacted the manufacturer for warranty service, they said they were very sorry but that I would need to send it back to the reseller rather than handle it themselves. Just thought you prospective buyers would like to know. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't allow me to deduct four stars from my inaccurate initial review. Try Gerber for a company with comparable products and a reputation for treating their customers better....more info
  • FENIX does it again
    Fenix has quietly made a reputation for designing powerful, well-made lights, and this is slightly more powerful than their previous 2LP - regarded as a classic in the field of AA-powered lights. Reliable and sturdy, this provides a a clear, well-defined beam with a fairly intense center. Twist it slightly, and the beam is designed to dim by about 25%. And while I've always been impressed by the feel of the MagLlite, the Fenix lighth has considerably greater strength - and keeps that power while the MagLite quickly dims. Some studies have been performed showing the 2LT's remarkably steady stream, even as it loses power, and even with rechargeable batteries.

    For about $[...] more, you can purchase the Fenix P1D-CE, which is a little more than half the size and has 50% more power with normal use - and a high-power beam nearly doubling that (albeit with a non-recyclable 123A cell. No matter your choice, Fenix has overtaken competitors like Inova in the quest for powerful lights that are also extremely versatile. ...more info
  • Feels good to handle, very bright
    Superb torch, mine is now six months old. Blindingly bright (better than a 2D maglite) in high brightness mode very useful in the (so called) low brightness mode. Better made than a 2AA Maglite but doesn't come in such intersting colours. As batteries fade, the high brightness mode will drop down to the low brightness level and then seems to last forever. This may be the only torch you'll ever need....more info
  • Excellent light
    Excellent build quality, good design, and extremely bright. I prefer lights that run on AA batteries because they're cheaper and easier to find than cr123a batteries, but that often comes at the price of lower light output. With high capacity NiMH batteries, this light lasts a very long time and suffers little in brightness. If you don't mind dealing with cr123a's, then you might think of getting the Fenix P1D CE instead. It's shorter but slightly fatter, has 17 more lumens of brightness at medium level and lasts about as long, and has several more brightness (including a whopping 135 lumens) and safety modes (but costs about twice as much, and can't be easily turned on with just one hand). I have both for different purposes and can't recommend either highly enough. ...more info
  • Looking for just one good flashlight? This is it.
    The Fenix L2T is a true 5 star product. Not just because I say so, but a flashlight review site said it.

    I'll just break it down in terms of features.
    * 100,000 hour LED bulb lasts for over 11 years continuous use!
    * Gives regulated light output on Alkalines, or Lithiums.
    * Sleek and stylish.
    * Two brighness levels by twisting the head. 3w and 1w.
    * Push button clickie.
    * Waterproof
    * Includes a belt sheath and wrist lanyard.
    * Type III coating. Not the cheaper Type II, like a Maglite.
    * Polished metal reflector, not chromed plastic.
    * Anti-reflective coated lens lets all the light out.
    * Last and not least, aircraft grade aluminum body.

    It's bold, it's beautiful, and it is bright. Doesn't matter if you leave it on high or low, just click on and off.

    At 3w it gives 55 lumens of regulated light. Compare that to the 24 lumens of an ugly, unregulated, 3 D-cell Maglite. Twist the head to low light for hours more use.

    Not to mention it has the nicest beam you saw on a flashlight, if you never owned an LED one. Nice bright spot, and good spill beam. The light is pretty white with just a hint of blue if you look for it.

    When the batteries have significantly weakened, you will no longer be able to switch from high and low mode. While the difference may not seem significant to the eye, it makes a difference to battery life. Remember, your eye is always adjusting to light it receives to keep you in a regulated light source, so it's not the best measure to gage a flashlight.

    Seriously, looking for just one good flashlight? Look no further....more info