Desperate Housewives
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Product Description

In Desperate Housewives: The Game, you'll live out the lifestyle you've seen & loved on the hit ABC show. You're a new housewife on Wisteria Lane, and as you explore your new neighbrohood you'll discover all-new stories and secrets. The storyline is divided into episodes, each with new points and secrets waiting to be uncovered. Get the truth behind some delicious scandals -- and reveal some shocking secrets of your own. Mini-activities include cooking, gardening, and Texas Hold'em poker with the other wives Features original script from Desperate Housewives writer Scott Sanford Tobis Brenda Strong reprises her role as narrator Mary Alice Young

  • Interact with characters from the show - Bree, Gabrielle, Lynette, Susan, Edie and more
  • Solve mysteries - sneak through homes, flirt, entertain, charm, and spy your way to the truth
  • Gossip with your favorite characters from Wisteria Lane
  • Customize your appearance, decorate your house, shop for clothing and more
  • Uncover secrets while still running your household - Looking after your family, home and garden

Customer Reviews:

  • Good
    I am a major Sims fan and a Desperate Housewives fan, so when I saw this game, I wanted it badly! I got it as a gift and was so excited to finally play it. Overall, the game was pretty fun. In some aspects, I found it to be more fun than The Sims; in others, I did not. The minigames keep you entertained for a little bit, but the thing I found most entertaining was the fact that you can go in and steal items from your neighbors while they are asleep/at work. This game could have been better, but it was worth it. It kept me entertained for a while, and it gave me some good laughs. Overall, I liked it....more info
  • Perfect for a Long Day
    I loved this game! It was filled entertainment and value! My computer downloaded it in less then a half an hour and the game started up beautifuly especially after I was sick! The game became addicting and everyday I started playing with it it was so enjoying I HIGHLY recommend it!...more info
  • Would be fun if I could ever play it...
    I received this game as a Christmas gift and couldn't wait to play it. Unfortunately, neither my desktop nor my NEW laptop (less than 1 year old) met the requirements for this game. This is not my first bad experience with Buena Vista - buyer beware!...more info
  • Slow, but addictive.
    This game does run pretty slow. It takes a few minutes for each scene to load. Sometimes the outdoor trees seem to appear inside my house. Fiddling with the settings fixes the tree problem during the current game, but once I restart it goes back to being a problem. Robbing your neighbor's houses can get you caught easily if your game starts to freeze up while your trying to make your escape. You DO get to seduce all the men on the block (including the female maid!) and no one finds out. The cooking, gardening, and poker mini-games are pretty fun. The storyline definitely keeps you interested. Overall, if you have a little patience while the game loads and lags, it's a pretty good game....more info
  • be careful
    Don't buy this game until you check the requirements for the av driver. If you don't have it EXACTLY, it won't install!...more info
  • COOL game but....
    I loved the game but it only has 12 episodes and was over tooooo quick!! Then there were problems with the game had to contact Buena Vista games to fix the problem! And had to upgrade video card to play to begin with!! ...more info
  • unable to use it
    I was very happy to receive my order in a very timely manner but tried to install it in all 4 of our computers (2 desk top 2 lap top) and none of the computers are able to run the game. The newest of the laptops is only 1 year old and there is something lacking in all the computers to download the game into the computers....more info
  • Great game.....very addictive
    I'm half way through this game. It's just like the TV show except you are the main character. My character just seduced Mike and Paul. I can't believe she had sex with Paul Young. I have had little trouble with the game. It make take a few minutes to load, but this is like other have to have a gaming computer for it to run great. Most people don't. If a character or something gets stuck, you may have to restart that episode over. It will only take a matter of minutes because you wont' need to listen to the dialouge again. I definately suggest this game to anyone who loves the show or loves soap operas. ...more info
  • poorly written software
    Product was shoved out on shelves for xmas and was not ready for release.
    I will make your pc crash.
    ...more info
  • this thing sucks!!
    this game had loading issues and I was never able to play. There is something wrong with the game software, which was confirmed to me by several others who also bought this game. It was a complete waste of money and I could have just thrown it out the window!...more info
  • Unbelievably boring!!
    Didn't have any problems with freezing or anything, as mentioned by a previous reviewer. However, this game is not in any way entertaining. I love the show and couldn't wait to play the game, but it was a big let down. I played this game for about 2 hours and got completely bored with it. There isn't any real challenge to this game. You follow their goals and cannot proceed until you do what they want. Completely disappointed....more info
  • Bugs,Bugs,Bugs
    I have enjoyed playing this game, but it is so full of bugs that it has been difficult to get as far in the game as I have. I am almost through with the game, but it keeps freezing up and crashing my computer. I give up!!! I really wouldn't waste my time on this game at all, unless you like mediocre graphics and wasting your time rebooting the game because it has frozen up or crashed your computer. Make sure you save your game frequently if you must play this game. They should have never released this game in this condition. ...more info
  • halirious entertainment
    The desperate house wife game was bought for a friend who enjoys it so much that she plays it every afternoon she is addicted its funny and has a lot of mini skits and games its definetly a enjoyable game. ...more info
  • A lot of fun, very addicting
    This game played fine on my HP Laptop. It has a flaw in it, that makes it error, so I had to play it from the disc the whole time. However, it isn't that much more work to do that, so it wasn't a big issue. Once I realized I had to play it from the disc, I had no more problems.
    The game was fun. I really liked the mystery element. Gardening was pretty easy. The cooking was pretty easy until I got to the last level. The mystery was really fun. I was surprised when it ended. It was so addictive. I loved the game. I had no problems with characters freezing. Although sometimes it took a minute to catch up to me when I was in conversation with someone. The best part is I slept with Mike Delfino a few times ;).. How could I not?!?! ...more info
  • Beware!
    I'm sure this game is loads of fun...unfortunately, like 80% of the people who bought this game, I cannot play it because my computer's video card is not up to the game's standard. Do not buy this game unless you know for a fact you video card meets the requirements! Though Buena Vista claims it is, this is not clearly stated on the box and it is very misleading. This game should be pulled from the shelves and reprogrammed because there are many, many complaints of it not working! It was a great idea, but some great ideas fail. You will most likely get scammed if you buy this game so I do not recommend purchasing it. It's not worth wasting $20 for a game that won't even load onto most computers....more info
  • Don't purchase this game unless...
    I bought this today in hopes I would enjoy a lazy Friday in front of the PC, but I haven't been able to play it because my computer doesn't have the proper video/sound card, which apparently from what I've read from others, nobody else seems to have this technology on their PC either. Too bad for me, I didn't read these reviews until after the fact. I found a bypass code online and actually installed the DH software, but then when I went to click play, nothing happened. So, I've basically spent an afternoon frustrated, and now I need to go buy a new video driver if I want to play this game, which I guess I will since I can't return the game since it's been opened already...Don't you just love it???...more info
  • Desperae Housewives
    The game is pretty good, I purchased it as a gift, be careful and be sure your computer has thhe appropriate video graphic card when purchasing, the person I purchased it for theirs did not. ...more info
  • It refuses to play on my computers! Is that wierd?
    The title pretty much sums it up. Both my laptop and desktop as well as my sister's laptop do not recognize the game as it is put in. I'm currently trying to figure out what the issue is. I cannot wait to play....more info
  • Cool Game............
    Loved the game but found out when I went to install it on my computer that the manufacturer had some issues with the game working and had to have a computer tech install a patch for it otherwise it is an awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Bug Zone
    This game is full of bugs, In order to play this game, I had to buy another video card. So this game got really expensive quick. I still haven't been able to get very far in the game because it freezes up. I wouldn't waste my money again for this game or anything like it til the bugs are gone. ...more info
  • Probably a fun game, but won't work on my brand new Sony Vaio laptop!
    Two days ago I purchased a brand new Sony Vaio along with this game. It won't work. After trying to unsuccessfully locate a driver update on the Sony website, I visited the game website support only to find out that there is no driver update for my computer, nor is Intel making any plans to create one. My husband also got a brand new Sony Vaio laptop on the same day as me (only a different model) and it won't work on his. I also have an IBM 500X Thinkpad laptop (doesn't work) and a 2 year old eMachine desktop computer (doesn't work). I am so dissappointed with Buena Vista Games for creating a program that will not work on most computers....more info
  • Watch out for the Poker Playing
    I have not finished the game yet and at the rate I am going I may never. After unlocking the "Online Poker" that is what I end up playing everytime I start a new day. It is so much fun playing with the Desparate Housewives.

    Laura...more info
  • What they don't tell you
    You are not told that if you are missing just one thing on your computer that can't handle this game-guess what you can't play it without upgrading your computer-...more info
  • Desperate Housewives PC game
    A detailed, walk-through version of the popular television version of Desperate Housewives. Lots of different scenerios available. The images are similar to "sims" figures, only pretty good visuals of Bree, Susan, Gabrielle, Linette and Edie. ...more info
  • This Game is Fantastic
    Sorry for most of you who couldn't get this game installed on your computers. The graphics are wonderful, I had no problem with slow loading, bugs, or freezing...JUST FULL OF FUN!!!!!! My character is a thief and sleeps with everyones Husband, even down to the mailman. She also will seduce and sleep with the women. LOL.... I give each of you all advice who could not install this game...BUY A NEW COMPUTER.....

    DP-New Jersey...more info