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There's never been a traitor in the United States Secret Service...until now. And the evidence points to Pete Garrison (Douglas), one of the most trusted agents on the force. Now on the run, with two relentless federal investigators (Sutherland and Longoria) hot on his heels, Garrison must fight to clear his name and thwart an attempt on the President's life before it's too late!

Clint Eastwood may be a little too old (plus he kind of already did his own version of this movie in 1993's In the Line of Fire), but Harrison Ford could have been The Sentinel's lead and lent the same kind of top-flight Hollywood superstar craft that Michael Douglas brings as a superstar secret service agent fighting a frame-up in a panicky countdown to peril. That the marquee name could have belonged to anyone with the same chops as Douglas is no slam to him, Ford, Eastwood, or anyone else of their ilk. The Sentinel is a crackling good thriller because everyone involved is working at the top of their game. Pete Garrison (Douglas) is on the presidential protection detail when another agent is murdered. A creepy informer tells Garrison about an elaborate assassination conspiracy that's related and well underway. Garrison also happens to be having an affair with the First Lady (Kim Basinger), the stress of which causes him to flunk a lie detector test when word of the plot to kill the president becomes more than just paranoia. Garrison is soon on the run, being hunted by his protege David Breckinridge (Kiefer Sutherland, whose 24 experience gives his performance an extra edge). But Garrison is the best, using all his secret service wiles (and there are plenty, the details of which give added tension and authenticity to the taut script) to evade his former comrades as the clock ticks. You can often see the plot thickening a mile away, and as much as the movie wants to keep us guessing, the real bad guy is an easy mark for the audience. But the energy and kinetic skill which propel the action are always spot on and enough to keep us from caring about the giveaways. Co-star Eva Longoria is miles away from her Desperate Housewives role and miles away from any real import of character in the movie. But the rest of the cast and the whooshing forward momentum of style and anxiety are plenty to keep The Sentinel in full-tilt suspense mode from beginning to end.--Ted Fry

Customer Reviews:

  • A flawed and predictable, but watchable 2 and 1/2 star film
    Actually, VERY predictable. Just from the trailers, I knew who the real mole was and a lot of the really big moments are revealed there too. I mean, how much more suspense would have been gained by not showing the shooting-down of Marine One in the trailer? It would have generated a did-they-get-him moment for at least a few minutes, but this is the problem with most recent film marketing. They show too much in the trailers. As far as the film is concerned, Clark Johnson does a good job of directing and the performances are good, but it's a little too flat as far as some of the key players. Of course Douglas and Sutherland are good, but Longoria doesn't really have much to do other than stand around looking hot, and pretty much the same thing with Basinger. Martin Donovan, who is a brilliant indie actor, and has shown such in films like AMATEUR and TRUST, just seems very out of his element here. However, the biggest problem with this film is its villains. It is never REALLY revealed who they are, and it is not revealed AT ALL why they want to assassinate the President. All in all this film is really THE FUGITIVE meets IN THE LINE OF FIRE, which are two much better films. At its best moments, it works, but they're too few and far between for me to truly recommend this film. ...more info
  • Jack at his best as usual
    Kiefer Sutherland does his usually excellent job and Michael Douglas was also very good. ...more info
  • Secret Service agent framed
    Michael Douglas plays a long-time Secret Service agent who took a bullet in place of Ronald Reagan during his [...] attempt. Word has it that there is a plot to kill the current President and Douglas is supposed to be the man working on the inside to see that the [...] is successful. Investigators don't have to look far to uncover a motive, as Douglas has been carrying on an affair with the First Lady. Douglas has a tough job in eluding the investigators who are after him and trying to find the real Secret Service mole. This is a slick, fast-paced movie with plenty of star power in Douglas and Eva Longoria. It will provide you a good evening's entertainment....more info
  • "Secret" Service
    a day in the life of an unrealistic Secret Service Agent and His protectee,Hillary Clinton needed this guy....more info
  • hot movie very intense
    i purchased this movie basically to see my favorite chick Eva longoria but i ended up loving the movie i would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Pedestrian White House thriller that offers little in the way of originality.
    A mediocre, instantly forgettable espionage American government crime thriller, The Sentinel plays out more like a trumped-up network television show than a fully-fledged motion picture crime thriller. This fractured, overly convoluted tale of a spy within the Secret Service who is trying to assassinate the President is so laughable and implausible that you'll end up being cynically amused at most of what goes on.

    The movie is totally dumb, and gets even dumber as it goes on. Michael Douglas - who indeed seems to be fighting the hands of time - plays Special Agent Pete Garrison. A few years back, he slept with the wife of his best friend and prot¨¦g¨¦, David Breckinridge (Kiefer Sutherland). Now he's having an affair with first lady Sarah Ballentine (Kim Basinger).

    When Pete receives incriminating photos of himself and Sarah he realizes he's being blackmailed. At the same time he also learns that there's a "mole" working in the secret service plotting to assassinate the president. Things go really haywire when he realizes that someone's trying to frame him as the perpetrator.

    Beaten into a corner and in danger of being charged with treason, Garrison goes on the run, partly in order to clear his name and also to hopefully uncover the real architects behind presidential assassination plot. But Breckinridge stays hot on his tale, chasing his former pal with the gorgeous rookie (Eva Longoria) who adds a bit of glamour to the chase. (Eva Longoria as a Secret Service Agent?).

    Unfortunately The Sentinel doesn't really work that well. Apart from that fact that you can figure out whom the mole is after about twenty minutes, director Clark Johnson allows his pursuit scenes to run on for far too long. Most of the action is made up of a lot of gratuitous running, crouching, skulking around corners, aiming guns and shooting them. This of course gets a bit boring when carried on for so long.

    Johnson uses jerky camera work to heighten suspense and to make the film look a little more prestigious that it really is, but this ends up being annoying instead. The same can be said about the film's overpowering background music as well as its choppy editing. And are the Secret Service really this efficient and on top of things in the real world? When you think of how the government has handled recent tragedies, something tells me they're not.

    The Sentinel becomes even more preposterous as it lurches along. The rationale behind the assassination plot is murky at best. And then there's the big, hugely far-fetched shoot-out at the close, which suggests that infiltrating a small army of gunmen into an international assembly that is supposed to be a G8 summit must be the easiest thing in the world to do. It's also never really made that clear whom the gunmen actually are, but at least the scenes are shot in Toronto so we get to see some of the City.

    The movie gradually sinks into a pit of conspiracy clich¨¦s, from the D.C. detective who talks like he's from a Manhattan borough to Pete's unkempt on-the-street informer who seems to know everything. Even worse, the characters lack in-depth development. It's also criminally sloppy writing when towards the end of the movie Sutherland's Breckinridge changes his attitude towards Garrison for the flimsiest of reasons.

    The performances are pretty much what you see is what you get. Douglas goes through his usual tight-lipped shtick - you would think after thirty years in the business he'd be stretching himself and taking on more interesting roles. Sutherland does his TV show spiel and Longoria - who is never going to the world's greatest actress - is wasted in a role anybody could have phoned in. And Basinger looks svelte and gorgeous but offers little beyond her appearance as a meek and decorous First Lady. Mike Leonard September 06.
    ...more info
    There aren't a lot of surprises in this tidily produced, if familiar, tale of deception in the Secret Service. Michael Douglas plays crack SS agent Jack, who took a bullet for Reagan and is still the president's top protector. (The president is played by Sledgehammer himself, David Rasche, looking a lot like William Devane). Jack is also having an affair with the first lady (the ever lovely Kim Basinger). A plot is revealed to Jack that someone within the SS is plotting on assassinating the president. When Jack flunks his lie detector test (because of his involvement with Kim), suspicion falls on him, and his former friend/partner Kiefer Sutherland is hot on his trail, especially since he believes Jack had an affair with his own wife which ended their friendship. DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES' Eva Longoria is the rookie agent working with Kiefer, and he role is hardly noticeable at all. Director Clark Johnson keeps things moving well but this was done much better in Clint Eastwood's earlier IN THE LINE OF FIRE. Discerning viewers who know which actors almost always play villains will recognize the mole right'd think casting directors would go for less obvious actors, guys who play good guys so you don't always spot the villain right away. But THE SENTINEL is entertaining, just not innovative....more info
  • Solid Suspense Story
    I had a good time with this one. There were no real surprises, but everyone connected with the movie delivered great performances that allowed the story to progress at a rapid, suspenseful pace that never broke.

    Michael Douglas stars as Pete Garrison, a seasoned Secret Service agent who took a bullet meant for Ronald Reagan. He's ageing comfortably well and spending his life in service to the office of the President as a personal protector to the First Lady. Unfortunately, Garrison has also fallen in love with Sarah Ballentine and he's been compromised for some time.

    In short order, a plot to kill the president is discovered. All indications are that the plot is coming from within the Secret Service. They go on a mole hunt at the same time one of Garrison's confidential informers tells him about the mole. Someone also knows about Garrison's affair with the first lady.

    After a few tense cat-and-mouse moments, Garrison is placed in the cross-hairs of the Secret Service investigation. His one-time best friend David Breckinridge (Keifer Sutherland) comes after him with a vengeance because he believes Garrison had an affair with his wife. Eva Longoria stars as new Secret Service recruit Jill Marin.

    The movie evolves into a series of chases and mystery-solving that runs tight and neat to the end, although it doesn't really break any new ground. The movie is a great rental for movie night for both sexes that enjoy suspense stories with well-choreographed action sequences.

    I watched the Blu-ray version. The audio and video formatting are excellent and are both uncompressed, giving the viewer the best experience possible if they have an HD monitor and surround sound system....more info
  • very good
    Very good ,bu not as good as the other films of Michael Douglas.I dont understand the price.Why full screen is higher price than widescreen?...more info
  • Nothing New
    If you took every spy/political thriller/action movie plot device and shook them up in a big hat and then made a movie out of the first 3 things you picked at random, you would get a movie like the Sentinel. It just feels like a movie you've seen before, and that's because you likely have: In the Line of Fire, 24, The Jackal, etc., each of which is more memorable than this amalgamation.

    Michael Douglas is back, having yet another affair (has he become a method actor for the adulterous husband?) this time around with the President's wife, which is some grade-A lunacy since he is employed by the Secret Service. Kiefer Sutherland plays the antagonist, sure that Douglas' character is guilty of more than 'sexual relations with that woman." That he actually is a mole trying to kill the President.

    This is a movie you will lose any memory of one you've shelved it in your DVD library. There is nothing at all compelling about the film, and nothing that will draw you back to it later, with the possible exception of Eva Longoria, who allegedly scored better than 90% of the agents in the Secret Service in her pre-filming hand gun school. Very impressive, even if the movie she appears in is not.

    2/5. Easy to skip, unless you just love Douglas or Sutherland, or fairly generic thrillers. ...more info
  • An Oft-Told Tale But Good Entertainment
    THE SENTINEL will not create any new ideas for movie plots for the viewer, but it is filled with some fine actors who manage to keep the pace of this rather predictable 'inside the White House' story of intrigue moving for all of its 108 minutes.

    The story revolves around the protection of the President of the US (David Rasche) from an assassination plot, a plot that is so tight that it appears to come from within the Security System of the White House. Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas) is a veteran member of the White House Security but has some problems: his ex-partner David (Kiefer Sutherland), convinced that Pete slept with his wife, is suspicious of Pete; Pete is having an affair with the President's wife (Kim Bassinger); Pete is pulled into dangerous territory trying to cover his secret and use a reliable old informer (Raynor Scheine) to give him clues; a new officer appears on the scene to accompany David and is a friend, Jill (Eva Longoria). Once the evidence points to Pete as the planner of the assassination he is the victim of a chase, a chase that eventually uncovers the true insider perpetrator of the plot.

    The action is well paced and the actors make their roles as credible as possible. One of the best parts of the film is the musical score by the very talented Christophe Beck who finally gets to demonstrate his skills as an orchestrator. The fault of the film lies in the seemingly ignored fact that when well known actors are placed in a suspense movie and given very little to do except in the beginning, then the fact that they are in the cast points a big finger that they are going to be the true culprit - and that is very much the case here. But for an evening's diversion the film provides some fine action work and the storyline is tense enough to hold your interest. Grady Harp, September 06

    ...more info
  • Movie
    I was very disappointed in the condition of the dvd box on arrival. Bent and broken. Box was not in the same condition. Don't know if it was caused by shipping or sent that way.
    However, the time frame it took to get the movie was very prompt....more info
  • One good movie
    The DVD arrived safely and I am enjoying watching it. I think it is one good movie....more info
  • Excellent!
    I watched this DVD twice in one week. It's fast moving and will really keep your attention....more info
  • review
    Good show. Worth the price. One of those movies I will watch again and again....more info
  • So-so
    With all the talent involved -Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Basinger and Eva Longoria-- The Sentinel should have been a better movie. The idea is not a bad one: for the first time in history, there's a traitor inside the Secret Service, who's planning to kill the President of the United States. But screenplay has a lot of holes and flaws that not even this talented cast can overcome....more info
  • As much as I like Clark Johnson, I can't get behind this one.
    The Sentinel (Clark Johnson, 2006)

    Back before this movie came out, I was a little confused-- it got very little marketing for a movie with a cast as respectable as this one has. Well, now I've seen it, and I think I know why-- I'm guessing Fox, once it saw the finished product, was a bit reluctant to release it. That, or embarrassed. Clark Johnson (probably best remembered for his acting-- he played Meldrick Lewis on the wonderful Homicide: Life on the Street) is very good at directing for the small screen-- he's done some great work on The Shield, including the pilot episode-- but as his big-screen adventures have shown, it's not translating well.

    The plot, for those of you who missed it in the trailers: Pete Garrison (Michael Douglas), a decorated Secret Service member, is accused of being a mole. His former best friend, David Breckinridge (Kiefer Sutherland), is pursuing the case with, shall we say, a good deal of overeagerness thanks to a fallout between the two some years before. Meanwhile, the real mole is planning something dastardly having to do with the President (United 93's David Rasche).

    Much of the movie's lackluster pace and overall silliness can be pinned on scriptwriter George Nolfi (whose previous claim to fame was Ocean's Twelve; need I say more?), but its disheveled appearance is all on Johnson. You'd think someone who can make The Shield almost palpably slimy would be able to work with this stuff. And I've never quite figured out why it's so tough for successful TV directors to make the switch to the big screen, but The Sentinel provides more evidence for the hypothesis that it's so. **...more info
  • Slick In the Line of Fire
    Here Michael Douglas plays the agent that took a bullet for the president and now as an aging Secret Service agent, he must uncover an assassination plot. Fans of "In the Line of Fire", "Enemy of the State", and the "24" TV series should enjoy this fast moving actioner. At first I thought this is another "In the Line of Fire", but the story was different and I actually enjoyed it more even if once again I thought this guys is to old to be secret service.

    Good cast, sets, directing, and story make this a good one for most the family. The rating suffices it to say there is some adult situations and language. Although you can't help thinking Clint Eastwood and Michael Douglas are to old to playing active agents, you have to give them credit for doing their best. I would be interested to know the mandatory retirement age of agents guarding the president. It unlike many jobs should not be handcuffed by age discrimination. I say that as a member of AARP....more info
  • The Sentinel; a review of
    Frankly, the idea of a Secret Service Agent having an affair with the President's wife is way out there in the first place. (Michael Douglas not withstanding). If you like Keefer Sutherland (as in TV's 24) you will probably like this movie (his name could have been Jack Bower in this flick too. I thought it had good action, writing, acting and directing. I would not mind seeing Keefer and Michael teamed up again on the same side. I bought the dvd, but then again I collect movies for the actors. ...more info
  • Movie
    Good movie, have always been a fan of michael douglas
    again he has done some fine work....more info