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Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB
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Product Description

Digital audio has taken hold but what do you do with your old vinyl records. There are some recordings that are just priceless! The Numark TT-USB is a turntable that plays records but can also connect to your computer to transfer the sounds for recording to your hard-drive or disc recorder. Even directly to your MP3 player or iPod. The TTUSB is a complete solution for transferring one's vinyl record collection to a computer using the included software, you can then remove the clicks, pops, and other noises inherent in vinyl records. The TTUSB even provides a 1/8-inch stereo minijack input to facilitate the transfer of cassette tapes. For the music enthusiast with an aging record collection, Numark's TTUSB is the ideal tool for breathing new life into recordings of a bygone era. breeze. Equipped with an adjustable anti-skating control for increased stereo balance, support for 33.33 and 45 RPM playback speeds, +- 10% adjustable pitch control, the turntable has all the features inherent of a fine component. It has a USB port that allows transfer to your Macintosh or PC system. Plug and Play USB compatibility with both PC and Mac Audacity supports high-speed recording, then returns music to original playback speed Audacity software includes ability to export to WAV and MP3

  • USB computer connectivity for PC and MAC
  • 33 1/3 and 45 RPM
  • Pitch control +/- 8%
  • Line level RCA outputs with built-in pre-amp
  • Adjustable anti skating control

Customer Reviews:

  • gets the job done
    This usb turntable is a good buy, The free software for the Macintosh
    computers is not as good as the version supplied for the wintel machines.
    However it does a reasonably good job. It would be a plus if the turntable
    had cueing so one did not need to lower the arm by hand. Also a pitch control
    is on the unit but there is no strobe light or strobe markings,
    For the price and for converting my vynal record collection to compact disks
    it it was a good deal....more info
  • Great buy! Perfect for non-computer savvy people.
    I got this turntable for my parents for Christmas to convert their 100+ albums into MP3s. My parents don't even know what an MP3 is, but they successfully learned to use the turntable in less than a day and easily converted all their LPs and put them into iTunes in a little over a week. The tutorial was very simple and now they're listening to all their favorite songs on their IPods. I highly reccommend this product, especially for the price....more info
  • Almost perfect
    An almost perfect method to transfer your old records to CD. I did experience two problems though. Like some of the other reviewers, I also had a pronounced humm during recording. I also believe it's from the RCA cables that are attached to the unit. If only they were detachable. Unfortunately this makes the "EZ" transfer software useless (unless you don't mind the humm). You have to use Audacity to get rid of the hum. There's a learning curve and it will take a little time to get used to it, but it's not impossible. Just more time consuming. The Numark website has a pdf Audacity instruction download (just print out only the first 27 pages, pages 28-114 are in other languages).
    Also, I didn't use the supplied cartridge/headshell. I have two high quality cartridge/headshell units from my "regular" turntable. A top of the line Stanton, and a Grado. I used the Stanton (with an Audio-Technica headshell), I it turned out to be too heavy for the TTUSB. For me to get a "0" balance reading on the tonearm counterweight, I had to rotate it almost all the way off! The counterweight should be heavier! So I had to estimate the recommended "1 gm" of weight.
    Still, all in all, I'm very satisfied. I figured out Audacity, transferred the music into iTunes, and have already burned 2 CDs! WOW, not bad for an old fart like me! I paid about $80 with shipping on eBay and I'm very satisfied. I couldn't justify the significant price jump for the Stanton T90 even if my two issues would have been taken care of.
    By the way, there seems to be a lot of questions on the difference between this unit and the ION. I'm not 100% positive, but I believe the ION has a plastic platter, while this unit has an aluminum platter. It's not as heavy as my "regular" turntable's platter, but much better than a plastic one.
    Also, I'll never use this as my "regular" turntable hooked up into my stereo system, so I know I'll never need those RCA cables. Has anyone tried cutting them off? And wrapping the ends with electrical tape? Maybe that will cure the humming?...more info
  • Numark Turntable
    This product was delivered promptly with notifications to keep me informed of its whereabouts. Great service and product....more info
  • numark usb turntable
    works great. sounds great. once I understood how to use the software. everything went smooth transfering the songs to mp3 format....more info
  • Noisy, but okay if you're not too picky about the sound
    Here's what I've found, having had one of these for about a week now.

    1. Audio from the built-in ADC, via the USB, has low-level, but very annoying "whine" in it. It was sensitive to the position of the RCA cable (non-detachable), so it's probably just 60Hz hum. I finally gave up trying to get rid of the whine. It's a lot quieter just to use the RCA jacks, with the switch set to "line" level, and set the recording level manually.

    2. When the stylus (needle) is sitting on the record, there's a noticeable hum transmitted through. When I lift the tone arm off the record the hum goes away. I can hear the hum whether the platter is rotating or not, so it's probably not the motor. I can even hear it if I put my ear to the turntable base. I tried listening with the turntable lifted off the shelf, and the power on but the motor off, just to make sure it wasn't a vibration from my own floor getting in. It wasn't. It must be hum from a cheap power supply transformer inside the unit.

    3. The speed seems pretty accurate, and it has that pitch control, if you need that sort of thing.

    4. If you're on a Mac, you might need to look elsewhere for software. The Audacity program will capture, but it won't auto-parse tracks unless you're on Windows, and it apparently won't do mp3 (it's an extra cost add-on, apparently). I am using Roxio's CD Spin Doctor, which will do all that, USB or line-in, then export MP3s directly to iTunes for use on my iPod.

    I don't know how this machine rates compared with others in this price range. I think most of the problems are due to cost-cutting and/or poor design. You definitely should look elsewhere if you are planning to record music with lots of quiet parts (such as classical), and you're even a little bit an "audiophile". It IS convenient, however, to not have to lug your computer and records to the living room....more info
  • TTUSB Table Good But Could Be Better
    First off, out of the box I had trouble finding the cheap drive belt. They wrap it around the underside of the turntable. There is no cue lever so if you have nervous fingers like me you'll hear zip! However the machine comes with two large start stop buttons to stop the record while you enter track info into your ipod.

    Here is the trick. You have to go into your computer and reset the hardware and sound settings to use the thing. Then you have to reset the computer back to its original settings when you are through. In my case restarting the computer resets everything if I get in trouble.

    The good part is it goes right to the ipod screen and makes a file of what you have recorded, saving your precious records.

    There is no dust cover so dont throw away the plastic bag it comes in.
    The tone arm clip has come loose on my table twice and I found the needle on the cheap platter cover so I guess that is not of the best quality. Order a spare needle.

    However I purchased the blaze audio ( lp transfer software a year ao. I had all sorts of problems with that. Recordings were too loud, and the auto track feature would record pops and clicks as part of a song so you would get a whole side instead of individual cuts. However that works differently and the sound was better. You plug your turntable into a preamp. From the preamp there is a little round box that a USB cable comes out of. This plugs into your computer.

    Whatever way you choose it requires time to learn the procedure and more time to convert the records.

    sax...more info
  • Greatest gift ever!
    I bought this turntable as a gift....and it was perfect!

    He loved it, and it works amazingly!...more info
  • Love it
    Just read the rest of the reviews on this product. I think it is great and I am still playing with new stuff with it....more info
  • Some warnings ...
    I haven't written an Amazon review in years, but after my experiences with this product, I wanted to share some thoughts with anyone considering buying this turntable.

    1. The sound quality is POOR. This turntable comes with RCA cables attached, and since you buy this thing wanting it for its USB capabilities, the RCA cables just dangle there, and they make a buzzing noise. There is no way I have found of turning this noise off. If you don't really care about sound, maybe you won't be bothered by this point, but I use my record collection and my turntable mainly for sampling, and you can't sample a piano sound if it has an annoying buzz in the background. It just won't work.

    2. There will be many times when you are listening to an album and it just starts to blast nothing but static sound at you, like you are watching TV and you lost your signal. This happens once a day some times ... other times, its once a song!

    3. The needle is terrible. If you are serious about your records, you'll want to buy a replacement.

    ... I hope this is helpful. I hate to just be nothing but negative, but I would love to have the money spent on this thing instead of the product. I wish I had listened to some of the other one- and two-star reviews on this site and not bought it....more info
  • Records to MP3 the easy way
    Easy to install, easy to use. Not a lot of "frills" but does what it says and is relatively inexpensive....more info
  • Very Happy
    I bought this for my parents for Christmas and we have been playing with it since then. We have been using it equally to record old records and to record things through the aux port. My only complaint about it is that the gain knob is on the bottom of the player so it is very hard to get to. But you don't need to use it much so that is fine.
    The one problem that we did come across but were able to fix was this: On playing a record we would start recording in audacity and after a random period of time audacity would randomly stop recording. After a bunch of playing around with it we concluded that the player needed to be grounded, we hadn't grounded it before because there was no ground cable, so we just plugged the RCA jacks into the back of our amp and it works fine now. So if you are having this problem just plug the RCA jacks in somewhere for them to be grounded and it should fix the problem. ...more info
  • Turntable
    It was exactly what my husband wanted and expected. it's easy to use, and we've had no problem using it or playing old records that we upload onto the computer with the included software....more info
  • This product is HORRIBLE
    There were electrical feedback and static noted during recording despite making multiple corrections in the gain and other attempts at corrections. Will not even record 15 min. without static problems. At first I thought it might be my record. I cleaned and then spent 5 hours attempting to record one side. Tracks that didn't have problems at first had them when recording the second or third time. It seemed so simple at first. I wish I could give this one ZERO stars. I returned it and am now looking for something better.
    I can't believe that my experience was so bad and others can rave about this piece of poop! I really want to warn everyone about this product....more info
  • A tale of two records
    This is an AWESOME product.

    I have many wonderful jazz recordings in my collection. I will focus on two of these recordings featuring Julian Cannonball Adderley for the purpose of this review.

    In 1955 Cannonball was featured on two recordings for the Savoy label. One was "Presenting Cannonball" with Adderley as leader. The other was "Bohemia After Dark" featuring Kenny Clarke as leader.

    The records were both recorded for the Savoy label; one week apart. Same studio.

    Now, I am fortunate to own "Presenting Cannonball" in the form of a mint original LP. Nice heavy vinyl. Scratch free.

    The other recording I own on CD. It has been professionally "remastered;" one assumes from the original master tapes, or a mint record just like mine.

    I recently purchased this turntable because with three small children running around the house, the good vinyl has been sitting in bins in a dry and cool corner of my basement. I listen to most of my music on the computer these days, and I wanted to get some of the great music sitting on my vinyl records into my ears where it belongs.

    One of the first records I brought into the digital realm (I use an old eMac) was "Presenting Cannonball." I used the free "Audacity" software included with this turntable.

    I then listened to the record in MP3 format and was really impressed. Through my Bose computer speakers, only a small audible difference between the vinyl and the MP3 made from it (of course, it doesn't sound as good as when it is hooked up to a great turntable and amp, but I sold THAT system years ago..). Then I decided to give "Bohemia After Dark" a listen through the same Bose computer speakers.

    WOW. The record that I digitized myself using this turntable and audacity sounded SO MUCH better than the CD from Nippon that I couldn't believe my ears. Bohemia After Dark sounded like it had been recorded under water, or across the hall. There were no pops of course, but, aside from the brilliant performances, the recording sounded... DEAD.

    The MP3 made from the record with this turntable on the other hand sounded WARM and WONDERFUL and very present by comparison. Of course, I didn't remove any of the few "pops" that were there because I didn't want to deaden the sound... like that CD. YUCK.

    I was surprised to say the least. This is an AWESOME product.

    I deduct one star because the "easy" software they included is horrible. The sound quality stinks, and it is so dumbed down as to be unusable. Audacity on the other hand works GREAT, and if you are at all capable you can figure it out without reading the instructions.

    My recommendation is to bring in the records using audacity and export to MP3 format using the downloadable plug-in that they recommend. Export to at least 256 kpbs using 48.000 khz. The results are OUTSTANDING.

    I will add here a personal request. This technology is wonderful, and we want to keep it around. So DON'T abuse it. Use it to back up your records so you can enjoy them from the convenience of your computer. Don't make copies for your friends. DON'T go sharing your stuff with illegal file sharing sites. If you sell your record, delete your digital copies. You will feel better about yourself in the long run. Trust me.

    Enjoy the music. From now one I am planning on spending the extra money and going back to buying vinyl recordings. There is a whole Vinyl store here at Amazon now! When I want digital copies, I will buy legal downloads from here as well. I don't think I will buy another CD ever again. I will enjoy the same music on my iTunes, imported there using this EXCELLENT product. ...more info
  • Newmark TTUSB turntable
    The USB turntable works very well, however it could use a dustcover. The "EZ vinyl Converter" converts audio from records and loads them into ITUNES automatically, the software is easy to use but really needs a pause button so the user could skip a selection or to go to the flip-side of a record without ending the current recording session....more info
  • Once you learn how to use it correctly, it's great.
    Bought this for my husband for Christmas and he says that he gives it 4 stars. Says you have to take a little time to learn how to use it correctly with the software but he is pleased with it. The only thing is he says he wished it had a dust cover....more info
  • Damn Fine Turntable
    Have been without a turntable for over 4 years prior to purchasing this unit, since the options that had been available were shoddy with no thought given to the end user's experience with vinyl.
    This turntable is quite solid overall. Would I like to have had auto return and a tone arm lift? Yes. But, considering how generous and forgiving this turntable is with my old albums, it is minor. (NOTE TO COLLECTORS: I am in it for the music, not trying to sell people an over-inflated price on music that should be heard, not hoarded.)
    I use a Mac (of course), and the software is seamless. I jack this into my home Philips home theatre system for the most part, and the sound is amazing. I often play "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse and Anita Baker's "Rapture" for guests lately, and they cannot believe the sound and warmth.
    I used the pitch control seldomly, and it works like a charm (Black Sabbath's "Mob Rules" and the self titled debut from Wolfmother have greatly benefitted from this.)
    Spend a little extra, and get something that will make the music shine like it was meant to be heard. ...more info
  • Records to cd with ease
    A great buy for the money. Unless the record is in awful condition, a lot of sound problem issues are dealt with well in the mp3 process. Gracenote, which comes with the product download, does a good job of locating old albums and tracks. The program download was easy, and I will start on my old cassettes soon on a similar device....more info
  • Excellent Choice for the price
    In an attempt to integrate my old music with my new, I bought this turntable expecting to not lose much over iTunes mp3's - and though there was some clipping on older albums (a solveable problem thankfully) and it took a good bit of tweaking to work computer-side, it did just that. But instead of encoding my old 33s, I have discovered the urge to hear them again straight from the vinyl. For the price, it is quite a good quality turntable, and a purchase that I do not regret. Though it would have been nice to have a dust cover with it.

    In case anyone's curious, this product will work under linux-based Operating Systems, and with JACKd it will allow the turntable to play through your computer speakers while plugged in via USB without latency....more info
  • So far so good
    I have had the product for a month and no problems so far. The assembly instructions are a bit of a pain. Assembling the arm is easy enough, but getting it balanced takes some effort - about 10 minutes. The rest assembles in minutes and can be done by a five year old. Great to listen to my old albums again!...more info
  • Very good option for converting vinyl
    The Numark TTUSB is a very good option for converting vinyl to MP3 format audio. I have had great success with it, combined with Audacity and iTunes. Audacity helps to remove noise and long silence at the beginning of an album or long silence at the end of an album. iTunes can insure that all recordings on you iPod play at the same audio level if your albums records louder or softer than most. The turntable itself has a way to set its speed to a faster or slower rate to account for distortions in the playback. I have found this to be excellent for one older album, specifically.

    I would have given this product five stars but for two small issues: 1)It's impossible for me to change the sound level from my HP multimedia keyboard if I forget to set it before I start the converter software. To correct it I have to stop recording, exit the converter software, go to the control panel to set the default audio back to the computer speakers, reset the audio sound level, go back to the control panel to change the default audio back to the USB device (TTUSB), restart the converter software and begin recording again (whew!), and 2)the converter software goes to Gracenote MusicID software to try to recognize the album/artist/track of the recording -- which is seldom successful -- before it comes back to you to let you enter the information manually. It would be better to let you decide whether to allow the attempt or not.

    For the most part this is a very good product. I plan to convert my large vinyl and cassette collection (via the 1/8" stereo connector input) to mp3 with it. Without it you can spend a lot of money on vinyl/cassette conversion services....more info
  • Great Product!
    I love music! The Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB is a great product and at a great price. I have a lot of vinyl records that I used to have to play on a regular stereo or record player, but now I can download them to my computer and IPOD. It was also easy to put together and hook up to my computer. I wish I had known about it sooner....more info
  • Satisfied User
    Free shipping and it arrived the next day-- unbelievable. Getting it ready to record was a breeze and the recording quality, to these unsophisticated ears, was very good. It will adequately fill the purpose of transferring our extensive vinyl collection to CDs over the coming months....more info
  • Easy to convert LPs to MP3s
    I am converting my old LPs to MP3 and found this product very easy to use! Start the software, start the recording, start the turntable, and the rest just happens!

    The turntable itself is great. The start/stop button is almost instantaneous, and the anti-skate control helped with some scratched records I have.

    Couple of notes on the software, though. You have to listen for the end of each track to click the "next track" button, so don't get distracted. It automatically imports the song into iTunes, but I use Windows Media Player, so I had to copy the songs into the WMP library. It automatically searches for the track title online with GraceNotes, even though it would be faster if I just typed them in myself. So the automation is easy, but you have to follow each of their steps even if you don't want to.

    The MP3s come out sounding just like what I hear when playing the record, so you get what you hear! The Audacity software can help with the pops & clicks, but it's a time-consuming process.

    All in all, great product! I get to listen to my old LPs on my MP3 player, which is what I wanted.
    ...more info
  • Outstanding Value
    Previous reviews of this product (and others like it) really influenced my purchase. They really helped a lot. I've found the Numark turntable to be pretty easy to set up and use. It did take a while to figure out how to adjust the volume of the input into my computer (make sure to properly adjust the gain knob on the bottom of the turntable!) and discern which software to use (EZ Vinyl II was the easiest & best option for me). But I was recording my old record albums into my PC within an hour of opening the box...and I am no computer whiz. ...more info
  • Very Good
    I had been searching for a product to rip my old vinyl records and the TTUSB Turntable is the most affordable quality turntable I have found. I only wish it had a cuing lever to place the stylus....more info
  • Great purchase and fun too!
    Just got the Numark yesterday afternoon. Probably the hardest part was understanding the free software. Seems there are a lot of folks having trouble with the counterweight. It took me all of 2 min to install and adjust the tone arm. It's all a matter of knowing how far to spin the counterweight. Just play around with it. As for everything else, it was a snap. The toughest part was getting my arms around the software. Took about 20 min to figure out I didn't need to change any of the settings.......been playing with it for a few hours and I'm on my fourth album.....remember Goodbye Yellow Brick Road?...more info
  • not for dummies
    Every thing works just fine except the program needs easier to follow instructions for someone that don't know there way with the computer.[like me!]...more info
  • The Warmth of Vinyl
    First off: This is my first turntable, and I bought it STRICTLY to play vinyl. The USB connection to my computer to transfer vinyl to MP3 is an added bonus for me. I simply wanted a turntable to play through my stereo, and that is EXACTLY what I got.

    Secondly: To all of the people who complained that the directions were unclear, or hard to follow: I'm a 23 year old music buff. I'm not that great at setting things up ( I know my fair share) but I found these directions (as blunt, short, and unclear as they might be) easy to follow. My turntable was set up in about 10 minutes.

    The sound quality is amazing. Its warm, full, and full of bass. I couldn't ask for anything more. the RC cables plugged in easily and it was just as easy to find what setting my stereo had to be on for the turntable to play through it. I have not tried to convert anything to MP3 yet, and when I do, Ill be sure to update this review, so that you all can hear how much or little trouble I had following those directions, and using that software.

    All in all I am very pleased this this product, and I will SURELY be buying WAY more vinyl to add to my collection. Lets hope this product lasts....more info
  • Not the professional best but the easiest for an amateure
    I have had TTUSB turtable for over two weeks and worked with it. It is a good and so far reliable machine. Its stallation is simple and works fine with Windows XP (SP3).
    Of the two softwares that comes with the machine, the EZ Vynil Convertor is very easy and simple to work with however it does not offer even the simplest editing. This is required as there is a hum associated with the machine. I guess it is associated with the fact that it is connected to the computer that is recieving an AC 110 volt current. It would be good to find a way to deal with this annoyig factor. The fact that the software acquires some info about the music from the internet is an added good quality.
    The second software the accompanies the machine is the Audacity program. It is quite comprehensive and has a shallow learning curve. So far that I have worked with it ( and I am not a complete novice ) the result after a simple editing of trying to get rid of the pops and clicks and additional hum mentioned above, is a distorted sound. Probably I have to work with this for a while.
    On the whole for somebody who expects a more that average listening enjoyment from the old vynil recored and a simple transfer of analogue to digital sound, this machine is a good buy....more info
  • Worked for two LPs, then no sound!!!
    It worked real good on the first two LP records! But after that cannot get any sound, I guess you get what you pay for! I wouldn't recommend anyone else to buy!!!...more info
  • Just what I've been wanting!
    This is just what I've been wanting to convert my old LPs, 45s and Cassettes to CDs. I studied the reviews while waiting and downloaded all the documentation I could from Numark. As a result, I was able to see that most of the negative reviews seemed to be a result of not reading and following all the instructions clearly. A few were from faulty equipment which should be corrected by a return/new turntable. Those that complain about no sound? - Read the notes on Control Panel. Just reset your Playback default device!

    The most common negative comment given has been the lack of a dust cover. To me, this is minor. I had some old burgundy velvet fabric that (when trimmed to a rectangle) was just about the right size. I just cover the entire turntable with this fabric when I'm not using it.

    For me, everything boiled down to -

    Does exactly what it says it does. I'm not a audiophile. I just wanted my old recording in a more easily used format.

    Easy to use - I had no problem with Audacity. I did not use the CD. I downloaded the newest version prior to my turntable being delivered and just waited to install it. The assembly was simple and easily done.

    Split larger recording - Splitting a longer recording (in my test case, 6 songs) into the separate tracks AND naming them was very very nice!

    Stereo Input Jack - I did purchase the extra cable to be able to convert my cassettes and that adds to my enjoyment by being able to convert those to CDs as well. Of all the turntables I studied prior to purchase, this was the only one that that that feature.

    Cons - All minor (non serious enough to cost a star):

    No Dust Cover - Make your own with a piece of heavy cloth.

    Audacity missing one "preference" - It's a minor pain to have to specify "monitor input" every time!

    No clear information as to what setting the Phono/line switch on the back should be for use in USB mode. I left it in "Phono" (default) because the Line setting had warnings. I figured if it didn't work, it was easy to change.

    Non-removable RCA cables - Since this is NAMED "USB", it's kind of silly that these cables are not removable!

    Over all - I would give this 6 stars but 5 was as high as it went. I was very very happy with my first attempt....more info
  • Convert LPs to mp3 files!
    Assembly instructions for the turntable were not clear and setting up Audacity software to function properly on my Mac took some time, but overall once set up was completed, the Numark TTUSB Turntable does exactly what it should. The Audacity software was tricky to learn, but the instruction booklet that comes with the turntable is very helpful. Overall a great product, durable construction and excellent recording results....more info
  • Read instructions completely
    I purchased the Numark TTUSB Turntable, it came when promised and was just what I had hoped for, a quick and easy way to cull and save the best songs on my LP's. The hookup was easy but I scanned the instructions and should have read them line by line. When I went back and did, the installation was a breeze. I would recommend this product to my friends....more info
  • Great gift!
    I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas. I was a little nervous because he tends to be particular about his electronics. He seems more than satisfied with it. It works great with the Mac, and he's had a blast rediscovering all the old albums he's hasn't been able to listen to for years....more info
  • usb turntable.

    I am not very mechanically inclined and it would have been better if it had been assembled. It is together now and is fine. The price is reasonable and does what it is advertised to be doing. I would recommend it to others....more info