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Crucial Technology Lexar JDFF2GB-431 2GB Firefly USB Jumpdrive - Retail Package
List Price: $29.99

Our Price: $9.91

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Product Description

Behind those cool colors lies the heart of all your information. The powerful, high-speed Lexar FireFly has a simple plug-and-play design that allows you to quickly and easily transfer and store digital documents, photos, MP3 files, and video clips. Specially marked packages of Lexar FireFly includes free Google Desktop, Google Toolbar, and Picasa software, so you can quickly and easily edit photos, find files, and search the Internet from wherever you are. The Lexar FireFly also has a tethered cap for security and a cool blue tail light LED that blinks during data transfer so you have the confidence in knowing when the job is done.

  • Includes popular Google Software, a keychain hole so it can be easily tethered onto a keyring, attached to a backpack, or hooked to a purse or briefcase
  • System Requirements - Windows XP (Home or Professional), Windows 2000 Professional, One available USB port (USB 2.0 recommended)

Customer Reviews:

  • Okay but not Great
    The Lexar firefly USB flash/thumb drive is a small and compact drive that does the job. If you need a tiny flash drive for work or for casual use... it should do fine. However, overall it leaves you with a feeling that the designers could have done better and could've spent a bit more time ....well, designing it. Here are some pros and cons that I've found with these fireflys. The one I have is the 4GB, however they come in an assortment of memory capacities including 256MB(red), 512MB(green), 1GB(blue), 2GB(black), and 4GB(white). Each memory comes in a unique color. For example, the 4GB seems to only come in white, and 2GB comes in black.

    Pros: Very small compact design (about as small as the Sandisk Micros), and clear protective case seems to clip and hold onto the drive pretty well. Cool blue LED at the end that flashes while reading and writing. Reads and Writes data pretty fast (though seemingly not as fast as Sandisk drives)

    Cons: Pre-loaded Software on drive automatically tries to install itself on computer(personally, I hate the fact that the drive comes with pre-loaded software, but you may not mind). Plastic protective case does not come with a string or key-ring to put on keychain(only a hole to slip a key ring or string through). The Flash drive itself does not have any holes to attach directly to keyring, so if you lose the protective case, there's no way to attach the drive to your keys.(they should've included some extra protective cases in different colors just in case) The build quality looks cheap and not very sturdy looking. Colors are plain and ordinary looking with very little choices. I don't like being stuck with one color choice per memory capacity. They should've just gone with black, silver, or metallic hues.

    Conclusion: If you're just looking for a nice, simple and compact portable drive with a variety of capacities, this should do the trick. Also, the price on these are dropping fast and therefore are a good value for the money. However, if your data is very important to you, you may want to go with a sturdier model (like the Sandisk Titanium)... but expect to spend more money. This flash-drive does what it claims... though it doesn't claim much. No many bells and whistles here... if you're a gadget freak, you may be left wanting more... like yours truly. However, if the price is right, it's hard to pass up a good deal. Thankfully I got a good deal (Psst ...not on Amazon)

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  • No problems. Just inexpensive portable memory.
    It's the same as any other keychain USB hard drive. A nifty LED lets you know when it's being accessed which is a nice touch. Can't really beat the price. I bought it on a whim just because it was dirt cheap and I have zero complaints. Pick this up if you want some cheap, portable storage....more info
  • It's true what people say; this is extremely slow!
    I really like the size of this drive, however, in general it does perform like a USB 1.1 device (or slower). Come'on some testing on your products first!...more info
  • awesome
    I am more satisfied with Firefly than with any other large-capicity USB flash drives that I've used. There's no annoying U3 garbage software to deal with. It's the most compact model in its class. It doesn't have the extra bulk or the annoyance of a slider. Its cap is removable so that your... Read More ...more info