DeLonghi TRN0812T Oil-Filled Radiator
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Product Description

Whether in the bedroom, living room or office, this electric oil-filled radiator provides fast and flexible heating for the entire room. Plus, the unit is equipped with a GFI PLUG so its safe to use in the bathroom. 24 Hour Programmable Timer Anti-Freeze Setting Adjustable Thermostat Variable Heat Settings Permanently Sealed and never needs refilling

  • 24 Hour Programmable Timer
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Variable Heat Settings
  • Anti-Freeze Setting
  • Permanently Sealed , never needs refilling

Customer Reviews:

  • Great compact heater
    Great heater, comes with built in timer, easy to use and set up, the size is perfect for under the desk. ...more info
  • Small, but very strong!
    I read the customer review for this item, Nnnn very good, but still was not confident. So, I decided to buy and try it. That because of the deal at, was really good in every perspective, plus is returnable. Okay, click, click, click....I received the shipment in a couple of day later and started using it. OMG~~! I love this item! Small, but it is very strong!! My bed room gets super warm in a short time. A review from KY, got a heavy ice storm in 2009, and my central heating was broken from the beginning of this winter before the ice storm arrival. I was really lucky that I found this pretty heater, right before the ice storm. ...more info
  • Fantastic Heater and Money Saver
    DeLonghi TRN0812T Oil-Filled Radiator This is a fantastic heater, especially for the money. It does not blow hot air with a noisy fan (there is no fan) but rather heats an entire room and then some. It never had any smell as some reviewers have stated, but just quietly sits there making a 15 x 19 bedroom and ajoining master bath very warm while only using a maximum of 1200 watts. I have quartz heaters, regular fan type heaters, but this is my first oil heater and I will be replacing the others with this same heater. When temperatures do not go below 30 degrees, you can use the maximum 500 or 700 watt setting to keep the area around 75 degrees. Amazing how something can be so efficient, quiet, and not smelly. Very easy to program for on and off times and safe to use in a bathroom. I have other quartz DeLonghi heaters that are great too, but they only heat a specific area and they are a little noisy and use a whole lot more energy to produce heat. It is very nice to walk anywhere in a room and be warm in every part, whereas you do not get that with other types of space heaters....more info
  • works okay.... for small spaces
    I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment and was hoping this would keep my 11 ft x 14.5 ft living room/kitchen warm on really cold days. I can't feel any heat at all unless I sit directly next to it. This only works in a small tight space like an office...or if you live in a closet. I used it in the bathroom and it worked fine. This product boasts "for larger heating capacity" for 144 sq. ft. My space is slightly larger than the recommended size but I still think this wouldn't work so well if my room was the correct size. I really expected this heater to keep the rooms cozy and toasty but I guess my expectations were too high. It only heats the room a couple degrees more, but on a bitter cold day this thing won't help.

    I still tried it in my small bedroom and I could barely feel anything. I plan on returning it and investing in an electric stove/fireplace.

    The timer on this though, is very convenient and can be set to turn on/off repeatedly at any hour of the day. So wherever you plan on using it you can set it so it starts warming the room before you go in like in the bathroom in the morning....more info
  • Heat output just isn't that much
    This heater works fine and is compact, but it just doesn't do the job heating. I have it in a small room (10 X 12), and if I close it off and leave it on high for several hours, it will warm the room up some, but maybe only to about 67-68F according to the indoor thermometer I have on the wall. It is warm right over it, but how much time do you spend over a heater in your home like you would over a campfire in the woods? I will say it is quiet compared to a heater fan of course, so if you want to be cold and in peace and quiet, it will work. I would say this is product is only for a small, enclosed space such as a bathroom or small bedroom that is closed off, well insulated and has no windows. ...more info
  • For the price, get a bigger heater
    This small radiator heats as well as the honeywell's bigger radiator. Howeer, for the price, you're better off getting a bionare. Heats faster than oil filled. Anyway, this radiator died on me about a month ago(bought it in january) and had to send it to a hard-to-find representative....more info
  • Too noisy for baby's room
    This heater makes rather loud clicks at seemingly random times. Not sure if it has or will wake up baby, but I'm not about to take any chances, he is not a good sleeper as it is. Plus, the clicks get amplified over our monitor and wake us up. I think I will try the "eco-heater" next.

    Addendum: Well, we kept this heater for the baby's room. The loud clicking has subsided for the most part, and it does work well, and is compact. When it does click or creak, it does not seem to wake him up. Also, it seems to be more stable than the taller versions....more info
  • Great Heater for Diabetics
    I bought this oil-filled heater to place under my desk, to keep my lower body warm this winter. As a diabetic with no real feeling in my feet anymore, this heater is ideal, because the fins are encased in a plastic polymer that doesn't allow my toes to come in direct contact, so I don't worry about accidental burns. The ground-interrupt plug is another plus, although the cord would benefit from a stout flex-lead at the plug.
    The timer feature is great--it allows programming for the requisite warm-up time common to oil-filled heaters. This heater will keep a 20' by 20' room warm. I recommend it, unless your need is instantaneous heating. Also ideal and safe for a warm bathroom in the winter mornings....more info
  • DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator
    Product is sturdy, medium-weight but very stable. It is easy to move to various locations. I like the fact it can be programmed to come on at a time of your choosing. We use it to warm the bathroom prior to a shower and it works great. It is not instant heat; it takes a few minutes to come to temperature. It looks nice and does the job. We would buy this heater again....more info
  • So Disappointed!!
    This product worked well for the first few days and then would not turn on at all. Tried the reset buttons, checked the outlets - nothing! It has been returned to Amazon and am awaiting my refund. I will not be purchasing this product again. ...more info
  • Works well for its size
    I got this because it has the timer feature, which means it warms up the bedroom while I'm downstairs and goes off in the morning. However, I wish it had an overide switch on the timer because if you want it on at a different time you have to resent all these tiny pins that look like they might break. Better bet is to find a non-digital heater with no timer and get a separate appliance-grade timer ($10 or so) which has a switch you can move independent of the time. However, this puts out a lot of heat for its tiny size and unlike some heaters has three settings - I use just 500 wats most night snad it works great. ...more info
  • Small unit, big heat
    It gets cold in Los Angeles. Not like New England winter cold, but when the temps dip into the low 40s and your apartment has very drafty windows, you might as well be sleeping outside. I needed a small heating unit which would run on minimum wattage and take the chill out of the bedroom. I was concerned that it wouldn't be enough considering my apartment has tall, cathedral ceilings, but this heater did the trick. I haven't had to use the unit on full blast, but on minimum set to 3-4 (and placed underneath my drafty windows), I can now tolerate being in my bedroom and sleep in comfort....more info
    I've got so many good things to say about this heater. First of all, we have 2 Delonghi heaters. The first one we've had for 8 years now and is still in good working condition,and we just bought the second recently and they both work great! It heats up in as little as 1/2 hour to 1 hour on medium-high setting and dosen't run up my electric bill.Then I turn it down to low for the rest of the day and night. It heats up a medium room of 12X14 nicely. My family loves it alot. It takes the chill off the air and it's not too warm either. ...more info
  • Defective and no help from Delonghi
    It's a great looking heater. The size is right too. And, it gets good and hot fairly rapidly. However, within one week of opening the box the thermostat stopped working. I had the heater in my kids' room set to warm to about 66 degrees. When I came into the room the next morning it was in the 80s and the heater was hot as a pistol. I soon figured out the thermostat was not working. I tried numerous times to get Delonghi to at least talk to me about the problem without success. So now I have a heater I have to watch very carefully and rarely use. I would have returned but by the time I opened the box I was well out of the return period....more info
  • Good price & Good function !
    Good price & Good function !
    I am satisfied it! I purchased it one and purchased it one more again!
    I would like to recommend it for One bedroom ! not for living room.......more info
  • Love it
    I bought this heater last winter to use in my son's room at night and in the living room during the day. On it's low setting, it keeps my son's room toasty warm. Medium is too hot. During the day in the living room, I turn it to high. We have a somewhat open floorplan and our old house is a bit drafty, but we can definitely feel the difference when it's in the living room. If it gave off more heat, it would be perfect. It's small, lightweight compared to similar products and portable. The unit doesn't get ridiculously hot. I can move it using the handles immediately after turning off....more info
  • Exactly what I bought
    I live in the cold, shady part of our apartment building, and our room was very old with little to none insulation. Trying to get out of the bed in the morning is hard enough already, but with a biting chill in the air made it next to impossible. Once I got through the day of an odd smell, which it's supposed to, this radiator worked like a charm, with an easy to figure out timer that made it all worthwhile.

    I will say the manual is a little hard to read, with a few "lost-in-translations", and it's tough to figure out exactly the effect of the "Power Economizer", but it was never an issue. Plus the heating levels are arbitrarily labeled "1-6", instead of degrees. After a week, I found out I like 4.

    Other than a few issues on the manual and thermostat use, this comes highly recommended....more info
  • Great!
    Easy to use, very mobile, clean and works like a charm. Warms a room in minutes....more info
  • I'm Happy....
    I didn't know what to expect based on the reviews but this works fine for me. I set the timer to go off about 2 hours before I wake up so the room isn't so cold when I get out of bed. The room isn't warm and toasty after 2 hours but it takes the chill off so that I don't have that shock of getting out of bed into a freezing room and I can move around comfortably without having to bundle up or having my teeth chatter. The room I have it in is large and has high ceilings. ...more info
  • great little heater.
    These heaters are the BEST things I've tried yet. They are VERY efficient, and convenient. They are economical, too. I bought this one for my sister and she loves it as well. This one has a timer on it which is a nice feature. It can warm up a room for you without having to stay on all day/night when you don't need the warmth.

    I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Oil-filled radiator does the job
    This is as good as space heater gets. It's noiseless, very safe, and doesn't run up your electric bill. It's unobtrusive, very efficient considering its size which is actually smaller than you would think. It's perfect for a cold or chilly room in a big house when you don't want to heat the whole house if you're just in one room. I find it works best when I can predict when I will be in the room, in my case, my bedroom before going to sleep. I set the timer for 2 hours before I will be in the room so it has a chance to heat up nicely. It heats a rather large room quite well and the heat feels "natural" not "spacey" like a space heater. I have the timer to turn it off about the time I go to bed. Highly recommend this excellent product....more info
  • Works great and saves money
    We've had this heater for almost 2 months and so far it has worked as advertised. Our apartment gas heater was out of order until today, but we haven't really missed it with this heater and our older > 20 year old DeLonghi heater. The ability to use it in the bathroom is a real plus. It's lightweight and easy to carry around if necessary.

    Some of the problems mentioned by other reviewers included: turns off by itself (fix is to change the timer settings) and smell when turned off in highest setting (we didn't turn it to the highest for over a month but when we did we didn't notice a strong smell).

    Overall, very happy with this little heater. ...more info
  • has potential
    Great design, had hoped it would work better than it does. Gives off noxious odor even after putting in garage for 2 weeks. Electric bill jumped up $50 during those two weeks. The one I bought could be a defective fluke but Amazon won't refund because it contains a flammable liquid(oil).Have to go through manufacturer which has been a pain also. Please keep this in mind when buying something like this. I have other DeLonghi heaters bought elsewhere and they work great....more info
  • Everything that I expected
    I needed a small heater that could go near combustible surfaces in a bathroom. So far, this heater has worked flawlessly. People who have complained about this thing being noisy need to get a life. No noise, other than a faint clicking sound when it cools ( you really have to be listening for it), no fans, just pleasant radiant heat. The intuitive, built in 24 hr timer is a nice plus and saves me from having to buy a stand-alone timer. Nice durable powder coat finish too.

    DeLonghi will no doubt have a liability cow over this, but being able to drape a towel over it for a luxurious warm towel on getting out of the shower makes for a very happy wife. ...more info
  • Stopped working after under warranty repair
    I liked the product to heat up the bathroom in the morning. It also kept the bathroom dry and the towels warm. It stopped working at 11 months, was sent for repair under warranty and then worked again for 3 months. Not worth sending in for another repair even if covered. Will look for another heater....more info