SVAT ISC302 Outdoor Imitation Dome Security Camera w/Blinking LED
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Product Description

Outdoor Imitation Dome Security Camera with Blinking LED compatible with CVQ1000. CV0204DVR, CV1010DVR, CLEARVU!, CLEARVU1A. Want to deter intruders or vandals without spending a lot of money on a security system? Then imitation security cameras are the solution for you. Even under close inspection, the authentic styling of the camera makes it impossible to tell apart from the real thing! The ISC302 is a realistic imitation dome security camera that is ceiling and wall mountable. The imitation camera was made to look identical to a real dome camera and can make your security system appear more robust. The ISC302 is a realistic and inexpensive solution. No wiring is required. The flashing LED indicates power and adds to the realism of th

  • Resembles a real dome camera and is ceiling and wall mountable
  • Blinking LED indicates power and makes it more realistic
  • Versatility in location
  • Battery operable (2 AA batteries not included)
  • Battery life can last up to three months
Customer Reviews:
  • Works for me!
    After reading the good reviews on this outdoor imitation dome security camera, I decided to try it and was not disappointed. It was easy to install, and does look like the real thing.

    Some reviewers installed it in their autos which I had considered too and then decided to use it on our front entrance patio.

    Shipment arrived a couple of days early and in good condition....more info
  • doesn't look real
    the shell itself is made up of plasticky material that looks somewhat frosted, lacks luster and easily scratched by its own package. in my opinion it looks like a $7 imitation dome instead of the 20bucks i spent (times 2). it can only fool an idiot....more info
  • Outdoor Imitation Dome Security Camera w/Blinking LED
    I have had a terrible time keeping the LED on this unit working. The first one that I received didn't work out of the box, I returned it and the new one worked for maybe a day....more info
  • High quality security deterent at a rock bottom price! A+++
    I mount these at all of my customers houses and apartments. Criminals do not want to be on video and they will never stare into what they think is a camera (so they will never spend enough time to see if this is real or fake!) I have many documented cases of these working as a criminal deterent, and at this price, it would be crazy not to mount one or two on your property. I'd also suggest printing out a little warning sign, sealing it in plastic and posting it under the like a charm. The batteries work for at least 4 months so it's not too much of a hassle to keep the LED blinking 24/7. Order one now...reduce your chance of being a victim!...more info
  • Imitation Dome Security Camera w Blinking LED
    I purchased this product to put in my car to be a deterient for possible vandals. It is great because it looks like a real camera and with the blinking red LED light, it make vandals think that they are being monitored. I really like this option as to spending tons of money on a real camera. Plus, you do not have to worry about privacy issues because it is not a real camera. Not only that, this imitation camera is portable so you can use it with any property....more info