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Richell One-Touch Pet Gate - White Finish
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $79.99

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Product Description

Gate fits doorway/hallway opening from 28.3-35.8 inch Wide x 2 inch x 34.6 inch High. Includes latched gate handle for extra security. Gate door opens in both directions. Tall enough to keep large pets confined but not you! Rubber stoppers protect wall surfaces.

  • Latched gate handle for extra security
  • Gate door opens to allow ease of movement
  • Tall enough to keep large pets confined by not you!

Customer Reviews:

    This gate is a pleasure. I was so sick of falling over the stupid ones that you have to climb over.
    Highly recommended. Just wish it wasn't made of wood....more info
  • Attractive, quick install, nice alternative to ugly/low-quality baby gates
    Looks really nice in our newly-remodeled house with hardwood floors and was pretty simple to install. While only the door itself is made of wood, the metal bar sections are painted to match exactly. The door is easy to open and latch closed.

    The cliche of "You get what you pay for" definitely applies here: any cheaper gate is sure to be far less aesthetically pleasing and likely to be much more poorly constructed and less sturdy.

    ...more info
  • Very useful gate
    I now own two of these gates. They have become very handy in accessing other rooms while containing my dog. Putting them up for the first time can be a little confusing. The directions are not the easiest to follow but if your handy you should have no problems. The gate door is wood while the side rails are metal. I think that was because pressure is applied at the ends when installing and this helps give it better support. Wood at the ends would just break in half and render the gate useless. The appearance is very nice compared to those big ugly dog gates you have to step over. I ended up only having to use one of those extra single rails instead of two. This made it a lot easier to install and still contained my golden puppy. The gates door can be open both ways which is a nice feature. The only catch is getting use to stepping over the wood piece at the bottom. You will learn real quick to step over it once you stub your toe the first time on it. ...more info
  • Richell products
    Very well thought out and well built. Everything I expected and more. I would definitely recommend this product. Lisa...more info
  • Puppies chewed through the gate in less than 6 hrs!!!
    Although I love the gate functionality and one touch feature, my 9week old puppies chewed through the gate poles within 6 hrs of installing the gate! Wood was not the best choice of material.

    ...more info
  • One button dog door
    This door is the best, it's easy to use and installs in minutes. This is the second one I've purchased and very pleased. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!
    This is the best pet gate I've ever used. I've had all of the plastic varieties--pressure, pressure with gate, half mount with pressure close. All of those were either difficult to use, broke when they fell, didn't stay up, fell off the hinges when opened, didn't look great, etc. But this gate looks GREAT, stays put, opens easily with one hand, closes easily. You do have to be careful not to trip on the lower bar, but since it is squared off that's much less of an issue than with other gates. I did have trouble figuring out the directions for the extended pieces--there are diagrams but not much description. Now that it's up I love it. It's secure (we have 2 full size collies) and is more like furniture than a gate....more info
  • I love this gate!
    My husband and I bought 2 of these gates for our new puppy and I love them!! I relish not having to take down a gate or try to step over them (which isn't fun for someone short ;). And this gate is stylish (is that possible? ;). I would recommend this gate to anyone. Yes, it's pricey (I had my doubts), but after a couple of weeks, I love it!!!! Buy it! You can't go wrong!...more info
  • Perfect Gate
    This gate is well built and you do not have to drill any holes as it has rubber bumpers that screw tightly against the wall. I would highly recommend. ...more info
  • pet gate returned
    Overall I liked the look of the product. We needed a gate between the kitchen and dining room and the look of this gate would fit in very nicely with our home decor. It would also fit our smaller than usual door frame. The only reason we returned this item was due to the bottem of the gate's frame. When the gate is opened there is a lip on the bottem that you will always need to remember to step OVER in order to get through. Between the two of us and aging parents, one of us would forget and trip. It wasn't worth the risk of the injury....more info
  • Great gate
    We have 2 basenjis which, as is their nature, will dart out the front door at the first opportunity. This gate blocks their access to the foyer allowing us to open the front door without fear. The gate is well constructed and blends well with our decor. One-handed operation to open gate is convenient, especially when toting bags of groceries. My husband's only complaint was with how poorly the instructions were written! Fortunately, he's mechanically inclined and was able to assemble the gate without reliance on the instructions. Other than that, we are quite pleased with our purchase....more info
  • great dog/child gate
    This gate looks great when put together and in place. Assembly was fairly easy and is so easy to use. Watch your step however, you will end up at some point stubbing your toe on the base. Holds up well with my 3 Australian shepherds. Great investment....more info
  • Looks good, works smoothly
    I like this gate for a variety of reasons. It looks lovely, works smoothly and is tall enough to discourage my dog from standing on it with her front legs.
    My main complaint--I found the installation instructions difficult to decipher. I'm pretty handy and it took me quite a while to figure out how to set this up.
    Only had it for a week so far so can't comment on the durability....more info
  • great gate!
    Great looking gate! Easy to use. The latch works very smoothly. Would highly recommend this gate....more info
  • Great Pet Gate
    The Richell 94118 Pet Gate is an attractive gate which installs easily and is very easy to use. Gates blocking a door that you use often can be very inconvenient, but this one is the most convenientand easiest to use that I have found over the years. the latch is easy to manipulate with one hand. It is more attractive than most and blends in with our decor very well. I have found no problems with it....more info
  • no match for puppy teeth
    I actually love the gate, both in its aesthetics and functionality, but my 3 month old Vizsla puppy is putting its durability to the test. I bought this gate because it was made of wood, but the wooden spindles seem to be a bit of a magnet for my puppy's teeth.... and the puppy is winning. Besides that I'm completely happy with the gate. ...more info
  • Love it, love it, love it!!!
    Richell 94139 One-Touch Pet Gate - White Finish
    Can't say enough about this gate. Easy to put together (after calling company for help) I actually spoke to a "real live person" who was kind and very helpful, and actually knew about the product. I had made it hard for myself by trying to make it more difficult than was. We have two miniature Dashshunds and for being small they are all muscle. No problem holding them in. And the gate looks nice too. I highly recommend this gate....more info
  • Nice gate
    I purchased two gates to keep my three cocker spaniels on the tiled area. I agree with many of the other reviews, they are nice looking, wood & metal, limited in size, easy to get get through, the bottom bracket can be a tripping hazard, etc. I am actually purchasing another gate today because of the ease of use. It takes some adjustments to get the gate staight. If it is not centered properly the door will not latch. You may want to have it raised just slightly to sweep under. I installed one gate in a hallway. Be sure to align the pressure pads with the wall studs. We tightened them to much (because we have a jumper)and they created an indentation in the drywall. ...more info