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Logitech V10 USB Notebook Speakers (970194-0403)
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $35.17

You Save: $14.82 (30%)


Product Description

Upgrade the audio on your laptop with the ultra-portable Logitech V10 Notebook Speakers. The handy USB port provides power and digital quality audio with no other cables necessary and the matched quad micro-drivers deliver outstanding audio in a lightweight, portable design. The conveniently located controls provide quick and easy access for adjusting the volume level. An included protective travel bag helps organize your cables and speakers and is great for packing away when traveling.

  • USB provides power and digital quality audio. No other cables or power are necessary.
  • Lightweight, for maximum portability
  • Matched quad micro drivers deliver clear, smooth audio
  • Easily change the volume level with conveniently located controls
  • Protective travel bag organizes your cables and speakers

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice Notebook speakers
    Great little usb powered speakers for the "on the go" notebook users. The base sounds are lacking, but for the size they sound as expected. I use them mostly for skipe....more info
  • Great sound for USB powered speakers
    I'm a MAC user who works in FinalCutPro, Logic Studio, Soundtrack and all the freeby recording software bundles included with my recording interface devices. I use V10s off site with my MacBook and PowerBook and I'm very happy with them. USB speakers are primarily used for personal monitoring, not for a large room filling power drive that you would use an AC driven sound system for. But these are great (for what they are) and fill my 9x12 office recording and production space with rich sound. An important test of a small USB speaker system is to try out various EQ settings included with software apps. My V10s hold the bass boost, along with all the other EQ settings quite well. I'm including a photo to show the size in prospective. ...more info
  • Good value at low cost!
    I had read the reviews of many higher priced speakers with mixed results. The Logitech V10 on the other
    had was rated more positive than negative. This being said and priced at below 40.00, I made the purchase.
    I am totally satisfied with these speakers. I can't find one negative thing to say about them. Connected to a
    powerbook G4 they more than compensate for the shallow output of the G4s internal speakers and with just
    the right music separation of the speakers. I do not claim to be an audiophile, but I would highly recommend
    these speakers as replacements on your notebook....more info
  • Perfect to replace crappy default speakers.
    I bought these speakers to give me better sound with my work laptop. When I travel for work I like to take DVD's to watch during my downtime. My laptop speakers lacked good volume. Also I sometimes listen to online radio while working. These are great for the price. Also they fit inside my laptop bag nicely. They come with a great carrying case. They are slim and light. I didnt give them 5 stars due to no additional jack to plug in an iPod. That would of made them perfect. ...more info
  • Laptop user
    Unfortunately the speakers in my DELL laptop are limited in quality. These speakers have great sound quality and are small enough to fit in my laptop bag. They come with a travel bag that makes it easy to packup and put away.

    ...more info
  • Buy the Logitech V20 not the V10
    I looked at both the Logitech V10 and V20 which are the same price in Australia at the moment to hook up to an Acer notebook which has very low volume with it's speakers. I think they might have discounted the V20.

    When I got the V10s home I found the sound tinny and it had to be cranked up to the max 100 and even then playing a DVD it wasn't great. So quickly I was back at the shop I bought them from to get my money back. They didn't stock V20s.

    At another outlet the sales assistant offered to demonstrate the V20s on a notebook in the shop. The V20s are twice the depth of the V10s otherwise pretty much the same height and width. They have a lot more bass (perhaps a bit too much) but you can listen to a lot of stuff online without being at the full volume capability of the speakers.

    At the same price the V20s were a no brainer. LIke many here I needed a USB speaker for convenience when travelling. THe carry case for the V20 is far superior to the V10. The V20 case is the same size as the box it comes it. It's a black case with a zipper like a suitcase. Once unzipped the case has 3 partitions - 2 for the speakers and a space in the middle for the cables. The V10 carrycase is soft by comparision and more difficult to repack.

    At the moment in Australia both the V10 and V20 are $59.95 at Officeworks. That's about $USD55. The sales assistant told me a week ago that the V20s were $99.95 (about $USD92) so have been marked down here....more info
  • good little speakers
    These are perfect for travel and are very good to be so small (MUCH BETTER than the internal laptop speakers)....more info
  • not too bad .. not too good .. read on
    hello everyone ...

    i bought these two speakers coz i do presentations and training for company professionals ...

    i think for the price of these two speakers, the deal is about right ..

    the volume of the speakers is not good for big room ... however, for small room its enough

    one draw back on these speakers is that they do NOT stand up properly .. they easily flip or fall to the side .. i wish they can make the base a bit sturdier ... however, if you are ok to lay them down on the side, then you are good to go

    installing them is a piece of cake .. and you can be up and running in minutes...more info
  • Great portable speakers
    These speakers were exactly what I needed--something that could travel easily and deliver decent sound. I did find that they could not really handle being turned up all the way without distorting, particularly when the sound contained a lot of low frequencies. Don't expect them to be able to fill a room, but if portability is what you need, then these are great, down to the nifty little carrying case....more info
  • nice portable speakers
    A cinch to set up, easy to travel with. Adequate sound, certainly better than laptop built in speakers, but range isnt quite broad enough. Could use a little more volume. STill, very worth the money....more info
  • Nice speakers!
    I'm quite happy with my decision to buy these speakers. You can't beat the portability and convenience of USB power. For a person on the go, these are an excellent choice. Some have reviewed them with the scrutiny of the reviewers in Stereophile Magazine.....folks, they're small, inexpensive, portable speakers! They do a great job for their intended users. ...more info
  • They look pretty sweet
    I brought these speakers because the built in sound on my Apple Powerbook G4 (12") is so poor.
    While they are a significant improvement both in volume and overall sound quality, my main concern is that the speakers don't quite have the volume I was hoping for.
    This could have something to do with the fact that they play through the USB and I get the feeling apple has put some sort of sound limit on the computer or something....more info