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Kingston SD/2GBKR 2 GB SD Memory Card
List Price: $23.99

Our Price: $4.99

You Save: $19.00 (79%)


Product Description

Join the many schools, consumers, businesses and government groups that use Kingston's standard Secure Digital cards when using SD-enabled devices. With the built-in write-protection switch to prevent accidental data loss, Kingston's legendary quality assurance and affordable price - you'll get peace of mind and the best price-to-performance value.

The Kingston Secure Digital (SD) memory card combines massive storage capacity, blazing data transfer rates, and ironclad security in a memory card no bigger than a postage stamp. With an excellent price-to-performance value, this card is an ideal expansion option for the smallest of devices, including MP3 players, digital cameras, PDAs, smartphones, and more.

An SD memory card reader makes it easy to upload files from an SD memory card to a computer. With a 2 GB capacity, this memory card quickly and easily downloads and transfers digital files between a computer and the Internet, as well as other digital devices.

For added reliability and durability, the solid-state SD memory card is built of nonvolatile memory components and has no moving parts to wear out or break. The Kingston Retail SD card is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Built-in write-protect switch prevents accidental data loss
  • Low power consumption is easy on device's batteries
  • Data transfer rate up to 2 Mbps (average)
  • Compact card is about the size of a postage stamp
  • Lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Purchase
    I am very happy with my kingston SD/2GBKR 2GB SD Memory Card. It was a great buy @~ $10 and works fine!!!...more info
  • Big memory, good speed.
    I am very happy with this product. It has a very large storage space. I have 1800 photos on it so far. The speed was good too. The only draw back I found was that it was a bit slow when I turned on the flash. They are such a good deal I can just buy a new one when I use up this one....more info
  • Cheap SD
    This is a cheap solution for camera or small electronic needs. There is very little difference between SD cards. They all tend to work exactly as advertised. Any speed differences tend to be negligible. This device is no exception....more info
  • Kingston Memory Card
    What's there to say about a memory card? It works; it was delivered in a timely manner; we are satified...more info
    We take hundreds of pictures... For someone who has heard the words cancer... You want to capture every moment. (The DR's caught it very very early -- both times)... I want to ensure that my kids will have a life time of memories with their mother, if any thing should happen to me. And this card has now robbed some 400 images (1.5wks worth) from our family... Sadly, those images held the memories of my third child's first month in this world.

    There are dozens and dozens of review of this card becoming "dead" --
    From what we have read, researched and learned about this card there may be a small chance to salvage some of the images. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE ANY MORE PHOTOS. Call up a photo shop (or two, or two dozen)and find a tech who KNOWS how to salvage images from corupt cards. They may be able to save some of the images (more likely than not), even if only a small percent of the pictures......more info
  • Good memory card, good price
    Great product. Works great in camera or digital picture frame. Order on time with no shipping cost. Will buy more....more info
    I got this FREE with my purchase of a Fuji FinePix Digital S700 Camera. The card is fast and has performed flawlessly...holds LOT's of pictures....more info
  • Excellent for my use
    I use this on a digital picture frame I got from Amazon.
    For this purpose this is a great item. Frame doesn't need a very fast read card (and fast write speed is not needed really, dont mind waiting for upload to card)

    Got for great price....more info
  • Kingston is not inferior. Rather they are superior in pricing.
    Kingston has always made a quality product as far as I am concerned, even if it is a lower priced one. This is my third Kingston memory card and I have not had one fail me yet (knock on wood)....more info
  • :D
    Great price and works perfectilly. It is so easy to use!! just put it in and its ready... It works great with my camera and I can transfer pictures really fast. I prefer using the memory card than using all the cables to transfer pictures... :D I'm happy with this card and the memory is enough for me :)...more info
  • kingston memory card
    So far it works as it should.
    I haven't used it much yet, but it fits and works.
    ...more info
  • cameras
    I purchased 4 of these cameras for my company. They are the best deal for the money....more info
  • Great SD Card
    I've actually have had 2 of these cards for almost 2 years and never once had a problem. This review is to save you from doing a very stupid thing. Don't and I mean don't EVER buy anything from the Flash Memory Store!! Just google "Flash Memory Store Reviews" and you will know beyond a doubt that you will regret buying anything from them. The reason I know is because I tried to buy 2 Kingstone cards from them and they sent me 2 generic who knows who made them and it was a hassle to get my money back. Send me the money instead and at least you will make me happy!!!...more info
  • good so far
    i just took 40 minutes of video (LP) on a digital camera using this card and loaded it onto a laptop with no problem. no freezing, no sluggish transfer.
    ...more info
  • no problems
    The Kingston SD/2GBKR 2 GB SD Memory Card is a great value. I have used it over and over and never once has it failed me....more info
  • My daughter loves this 2GB SD card
    My daughter quickly started hogging this 2GB SD device. She loves the USB port. It was bought with my wife's camera and still gets used for that, but my daughter is constantly swiping it to move data around. It is well worth the few extra dollars....more info
  • Excellent
    Kingston SD/2GBKR 2 GB SD Memory Card
    Perfect quality for this price...more info
  • Works like a charm
    Had no issues with this SD card and price was good at the time of purchase.
    A memory card is a memory card. who cares what the label says....more info
  • Kingston 2 GB SD Memory Card
    This is a basic product. It has worked well in the Canon S3 IS camera and the PC card readers. It's speed was never an issue, so that cannot be further analyzed.

    Good product - good price (at the time)....more info
  • Great price.
    No complaints. I bought this for my digi cam and it has worked fine for almost 5 months now....more info
  • Great deal!
    Great deal for the price of 2. I use these 2 SD cards for my PDA to store podcast and videos so I can kill some time on my way to work. Works like a charm....more info
  • camera
    was told free 2 day shipping card was 6.85 shipping was 17.50 did not get for 7 days kelly...more info
  • Works in my treo / great for the price
    I paid 14 dollars for a 2gb card....awesome...more info
  • Good buy for a thrifty person like me.
    Seems that this item has the quality and benefits of higher priced products at less cost. Combined with $30 credit it was a no brainer!...more info
  • Lots of pictures!
    I love this card. I can shoot many pictures on several days without removing them from the camera. Great product. ...more info
  • Meets my expectations.
    I'm fully pleased with the Kingston 2GB SD card. There are no shortcomings that I can perceive. Good price for 2GB....more info
  • product good, shipping bad
    I ordered three items
    an SD card from amazon
    a camera from Ritz and
    a camera case from someone else, it doesn't matter.
    Amazon sold me a 2 day delivery shipping option
    I was under the belief that all parts of the order would be delivered
    in 2 days, but Ritz shipped in 7 days, the camera was late for a birthday.
    Amazon charged me $10 to ship a $10 SD chip and did not mention
    that other vendors could not live up to the 2 day delivery.
    Buyer beware.
    When ordering several items that come from different vendors
    amazon's shipping options do not work across the board and they apparently do not tell you that other vendors in the package deal
    can not live up to the shipping option.

    And yes the SD chip was what I ordered and it did work fine
    and it was delivered in 3 days not 2.

    Amazon needs to work closer with their business partners to agree on multi item, multi vendor shipping arrangements.
    ...more info