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In Just Cause, you take on the role of the flamboyant Rico Rodriguez - a specialist in regime change. The island of San Esperito is suspected of stockpiling WMDs and it's your job to negate the threat to world peace. This little tropical paradise is about to implode as various factions vie for power. Play the island's factions off against one another; incite a rebellion among the masses; or build alliances with rebel forces and drug cartels. Explore over 250,000 acres of mountains, jungles, beaches, cities, and villages. The island can be explored by land, sea, and air -- at your disposal is one of the most varied and exciting array of vehicles ever seen in a Video game. Wealth of missions side-missions, bonus missions, and many more -- plenty of action throughout the islands Your support team, Sheldon and Kane, provide you with reconnaissance info, extraction and vehicle drops

  • Freeform gameplay - Approach missions in any way you like, or break off from the fight and enjoy exploring the islands
  • Huge environments with over 250 thousand acres of land to explore - The largest environment ever seen in a game
  • Over-the-top stunts - Jump from vehicle to vehicle, parasail, skydive, and base-jump
  • More than 100 of the most varied, exciting array of land, sea and air vehicles ever seen in a video game
  • Cutting-edge technology delivers a huge, beautiful, detailed world while eliminating loading times

Customer Reviews:

  • An okay Game
    Just Cause is a GTA-ish type game that is not as good as GTA. I found the game to be a little monotonous and frequently glitchy. There are some cool features in the game such as parachuting and flying a good variety of different planes, and the explorable area in this game is HUGE. To be honest though, I found myself playing it through just to finish it, even though I wasn't always having fun while doing it. If you can get it for under 15 dollars you may be satisfied with your purchase....more info
  • Glad I Waited To Buy It
    I've come to a conclusion about Just Cause-They decided that they're going to make everything so massive that people won't notice the little things. There is an array of tanks to choose from, not to mention a huge amount of cars, planes, helicopters, boats, spanning the spectrum of each type of vehicle. Yet when you crash these, with exceptions of mid-air collisions, it doesn't feel real at all. That's not to mention that the map may be huge, but it might as well be exactly the same. I read in a magazine that if the map for Just Cause were the size of your hand, the map of San Andreas would be the size of your thumbnail, but the map for San Andreas is loaded with so many more goodies than this map, which is a few large cities which are completely un-interactive, LOTS of forest and the occasional rural village which, unsurprisingly, looked just like the last one and the people are exactly the same! Coincidence? I think not.
    Now, there are some redeeming features to the game. First of all, something which I have seen no game do with the exception of racing games themselves, is that Just Cause shows a difference between torque and horsepower. The Vampire will go up a hill the Fukada Tournament can't but conversely cannot go as fast in a straight line. This would, of course, be more beneficial if I still wanted to play the game.
    Another bright spot was the ability to do stunts, though you'll quickly learn they aren't particularly exhilarating after a while and that they become more useful as a quicker means of transportation.
    Then there is something which really killed me about this game, which I think the developers were both conscious of and were aware of just how obnoxious it was, which was the Americanism-the way one suave Latino man dressed in all black, with the help of an army clad woman who's always in a bathing suit and his boss dressed in a Hawaiian shirt can topple a dictatorship. Not to mention, the United States took it upon themselves to do so. Oh, and they decided to destroy ANYTHING that stood in there way. But that's not enough, they had to cause a thermonuclear meltdown on one of the Islands. Great.
    So maybe its just me, and this game has its value in the area of cheap thrills, but call me stupid, I wouldn't buy this again given the opportunity to make that choice again. ...more info
  • Horrible
    This game is perhaps the worst video game i have ever played.

    yes the graphics are nice but the gameplay is horrific, boring, and just plain not fun, i rented this game and after 5 minutes i had enough and i gave it another 20 minutes and no improvement.

    The music is anoying, the controls suck, jumping off of car roofs is only fun the first 20 times, not realistic at all, environment is unplayable despite it being a huge map (you have to stick close to the roads).

    this game could have been amazing if they worked with rockstar but then again GTA 4 is coming out at the end of april.

    if you like GTA, this game will make you mad lol. Don't bother buying or renting....more info
  • Big. Really Big. Maybe even TOO big.
    This game has an extremely large, totally open world. The main problem I have with this game is that it is TOO big. Because they elected to have "Safe Houses" in which you could save your game and respawn after you die, the gameplay is a little bit frustrating. For example, you can drive to a mission point for a good ten minutes, get there, die, and then have to start back over driving another ten minutes. The safe houses themselves are too far away from each other, as there are only about forty or so on this island that has at least 100 settlements that need to be liberated. Which brings me to my second point: the settlement liberations, which are a main part of the game, are all TOTALLY IDENTICAL, except for minor details, like how much the road bends or how far the road blocks are from each other. Much more fun (and Frustration) can be had by liberating cities. Unfortunately, there are only maybe 6 cities in total. Totally the opposite of the liberations, the side missions and main missions are totally unique and, even though I have been playing this game for a good 4 months, I still occasionally stumble upon a new type of side mission.

    The story itself is pretty well done. You are Rico. You cause crap to happen. Bad crap. You are an expert in "regime-change", a term used a good fifteen times throughout this game. The other main characters you encounter along your journey are each unique, even though only maybe three character models were created for those you have to kill.

    This game is in no way realistic. For example, you can steal a car right in front of the police, and they won't care. However, if you bump into another car in the car you just stole, the fuzz will be on you like white on rice. Cliches aside, the physics are totally unrealistic. I went six kilometers into the air, then jumped out of my plane. I landed, without ever deploying my parachute, in the ocean. I was totally okay, not even hurt. Also, Rico has serious ups, as he can jump easily from a stationary car to a helicopter flying overhead.

    Minor gameplay tweaks were needed for this game to receive 5 stars in the fun column, but overall it is a very satisfying, free-roaming shooter with stuntman-like moves and lots of action....more info
  • Like a vacation...everything looks great, but I'm still bored.
    From a technical perspective, the 360 version of Just Cause stands out for a few reasons. The game engine is very capable and manages to render the huge areas on the fly with little loading times. Everything has a nice sheen and overall, the game looks awfully good. While the in-game models look fairly average, the island of San Espirito looks alive, bustling with activity. The sheer depth of it over the horizon is what grabs you from the initial parachute drop. This one-ups GTA...

    Unfortunately, like a lot of similar games, you'll end up playing some repetitive missions, and the game can bog down a bit here and there (I found myself not playing it for a while as a result). It's not that bad, but you start to feel like you're going from one end of the island to the other, over and over, for nearly the same objectives. There are some side-quests to add some variety, but they too aren't all that interesting. Fortunately, Just Cause adds the addition of the grappling gun and parachute, which make exploring the island a bit more enjoyable, in and of themselves. With the meat of the gameplay being a bit lackluster, at least they made getting around in the game more enjoyable. ...more info
  • Not what I was hoping for
    This game seemed like it would be awsome but I found it difficult to control, lacking in story and just kind of annoying to watch. I think that fans of the GTA format of games might like it but it has less story and activitys then even the first GTA for playstation. However I am not the best to judge this game since I am more a fan of KOTOR and Oblivion RPG style games then the GTA format...more info
  • Most underrated game on the 360.
    Just Cause is by far the most underrated and overlooked game on the 360. I've purchased this game, played it, and sold it to Gamestop, just as I always do with games. I have done this twice now with this title, and every time I can't help but buy it back again. The first time I popped in the disc I was just blown away by how visually beautiful the islands are. When you first start you are silently free-falling down over a deep blue ocean with mountainous tropical islands laid out before you. There is a dreamy wispy track playing in the background. Birds, planes, and helicopters all fly around in the distance as boats swish past down beneath you. You deploy your parachute and slowly float down to a white sandy beach where the shallower sky blue waters are lapping the shore. Its honestly just plain gorgeous. Within the first five minutes I really came to grasp with just how huge this sandbox is. You are asked to drive across the first island you are on. Now this alone takes about 5 minutes and you think "no big deal." But then once you bring up the menu and map you realize that this single island you just drove across is like only driving across the state of Rhode Island, with the whole United States still left to explore. There are a few bugs which I have encountered only on rare occasions, but that is to be said about pretty much any game that doesn't have a massive multi-million dollar budget. Overall, I am shocked that this game never got the respect it deserves. I'll definitely be keeping it this time....more info
  • Holy Crap This Game Sucks!!
    I understand that this game has really good graphics and a huge world, but this game just plain sucks. The storyline is not enticing...I found myself doing the same this over and over and over again. How friggin' boring!! The world is huge, but it all looks the friggin' same! The creators of this game really could have done a better job. I truly recommend that you do not buy this game....it sucks....more info
  • Completely Underrated
    What a complete sleeper-hit and underrated game. I own tons of consoles and tons of games, and I KNOW when a game is a 7.0 or a 9.5. I believe that Just Cause got lost in the sandbox-game chaos and was overlooked by both reviewers and customers. Here's why:

    The action in the game is intense and completely ridiculous. If you enjoy jumping a motorbike off a ramp, ditching the motorbike midair to grab onto a helicopter's tail, kicking the pilot out of the cockpit and using the helicopter to blow the government dogs to smithereens then you will love this game! This situation happens much more often than you would think and the action in this game can get ridiculous, insane, and absolutely FUN.

    The other touches of this game really bring it all together. It feels amazing to liberate villages while the guerrilla fighters scream "Libertad!!" and "viva la revolucion!" only to return to your safe house where sweet south american/mexican guitar tunes greet you. That reminds me; the music is excellent. You won't find some emo-kid band tracks in here; only local music that completely fits the context of the game. Rico's statements during parts of the game are hilarious too.

    Not to mention, the island in the game is HUGE. And I mean HUGE. You will never get tired flying a helicopter up high and looking around at all of the land that you have liberated.

    Not to mention the graphics.... I almost died when I saw the full 1080i-motion blurred-high dynamic range graphics showing me the gorgeous sunset on San esperito. The graphics alone on this game (from up high) should be reason to buy (much better than Far Cry or other island games).

    The reviewers got overly harsh on this game (it is NOT trying to be GTA, so don't compare it to GTA!!!) The animations are kinda stupid and obviously the missions are repetitive, but it doesn't matter when the action is so intense!

    Trust me; buy this game on the X360 and you will not be disappointed!!...more info
  • could have been great...
    ... I spent half an hour on this game before getting bored out of my mind then another painstaking half hour TRYING to enjoy it but it was a lost cause (Was that a pun?). This game could have simply been GTA with a little twist and it probably would have been a top seller but instead it fails miserably.
    The enviroment may be huge but it ALL LOOKS THE SAME! The gameplay is unchallenging and there appears to be no enemy AI at all. All in all the whole thing becomes repetitive to the point where you no longer care about the story line or the character, or what the hell you're supposed to be doing. I hate to be blowing a trumpet for GTA San Andreas, but at least I got to know my way around that game without a map because there was enviromental change between cities and an engrossing storyline. Oh and you could jump out of planes in that game too! ...more info
  • The perfect name for this game
    I'm playing this game, hanging from the tail of an airplane, and I jump to a helicopter and kick out the pilot. My son asks, "Why did you do that?" And my answer is, "Just cause."
    The whole game plays in this manner- do whatever you want- steal a car, steal another car, drive it off a cliff, swim to a boat, parachute off the back of it, etc etc. The fun factor in this game is a solid 4/5. It reminds me of the GTA series, only the terrain you cover is much larger. I'm used to massive game worlds, like in Morrowind and Oblivion, yet the size of this world is almost intimidating.
    I've played for about 15 hours; I've completed six of the main missions and forty of the side missions. Now, I'm putting the game down and starting something else. Seriously, the game may be TOO big.
    Overall, I'd rate the game a 3.5 out of 5. The world graphics are beautiful; I love how all the vehicles have loose handling, yet they all have unique traits. Some are great going over hills; others have superior top speed, and so on. And the side missions are fun- at first. Before long, they're all the same. I'd have liked more variety.
    I think that's the problem with this game- you end up doing too much of the same thing. After stealing hundreds of vehicles, and liberating so many enemy strongholds, it gets kind of old. Other complaints include horrible character models and animation, and uneven collision detection, especially when driving through jungle areas.
    Still, you can get this game at quite a discount now- I paid $15 for it, and it's well worth that price. Great casual game, but not much depth....more info
  • BLEH, Buy it only if it's onsale.
    I bought this game for 22 bucks plus tax and now I feel like I was ripped off. I played the game for maybe about an hour and have never picked it back up. I'm a little disappointed. It's like a crappy, blurry version of GTA, except in the bahamas.

    Lots of cool stuff to ride on. But it doesn't seem like you could ever die. It feels like the game is made for a little kid. The aiming is pretty much done for you, yet the ability to drive just plain sucks.

    Not even worth stealing. ...more info
  • Total replay value...worth the inexpensive price for sure!
    The map is huge, the stunts are rediculously impossible and make the game so fun. The graphics don't awe and even the colors seem overdone and corny. If you want a realistic, strategy sneak around and flip switches to solve the puzzles and then finally after dodging, ducking and hiding kill the 3 bad guys per level then this is not for you. This game requires almost no strategy and is probably easier than it should be, but it is just so fun. I highly recommend you get it. The story is completely cheesy but it is to be expected given the plot of the game. I am not a kid and I advise you to buy this game because the price is low for such a good game....more info
  • It's like taking a vacation to the Caribbean... only with guns!
    This game doesn't do a whole lot. It's mostly kill this and grab that. Most of the enemies are about as dangerous as a wet bag full of puppies. But what this game does do, it does VERY well!

    The freedom in this game is phenomenal, allowing you to rampage like a little Godzilla from one end of a lush tropical paradise, to the other. Jumping from vehicle from vehicle, once mastered, will allow you to zip around at maddening speed. And overthrowing government controlled towns and drug-lord HQ's is a real blast!

    The only downside to this game is that a vehicle stealing missions are painfully unbalanced. In these, you need to steal and bring back a speical vehicle in one piece. This is nearly impossible, as EVERYTHING damages your vehicle. This game is very much bent on allowing you to DESTROY everything, not keep anything in one piece. It's often easier to jump out of said vehicle, go back on foot, and take out the 20+ jeeps, helicopters, tanks, and generic soldiers with just a machine gun and some cheezy one-liners, then even bother trying to drive.

    The game is also a bit low on the challege side of things. The only things in this game that will even remotely threaten you are the occasional heat-sinking missile and slow drivers. The missiles tend to sneak up quietly and without warning, blowing up you and your aircraft instantly, without warning. The slow drivers, on the other hand, are just a game glitch. When you get hit by a vehicle, the game not only takes in account the speed of the vehicle, but also the amount of time you touch it. So if somebody runs into you VERY slowly, like a peasant in a truck, they can grind you to death faster then taking 20 speeding jeeps to the face! This makes stealing vehicles a bit more hazardous then it really should be.

    Other then these minor problems, the game is awash with amazing visuals and insane combat. It's like taking a vacation to the Caribbean, only with guns. If you like beautiful, free roaming, treasure hunting, and GTA-style F***ing with people type of games, you'll LOVE Just Cause! But if you like dirty, blood-soaked games that play on a rail, moving you from one game element to other, without the slightest bit of freedom or control, then go buy Gears of War instead....more info
  • Save your money, if it isn't on sale.
    I picked up Just Cause when it was on sale about two weeks ago, and while I can't say I'm disappointed, I'd be pretty upset if I paid anything more for it.

    I was hoping for something along the lines of Hitman with a Saint's Row twist, only to wind up with the most "ho-hum" game I've ever played on the Xbox 360.

    Sure, the graphics are nice, and you can explore the "world", but it takes forever to get from one mission to another, and the on-screen map is just about worthless. Bystanders in the game mill about like carbon copies from Capcom games, and rarely (if ever) react to anything you do.

    As others have pointed out, the physics make no sense at all. You can hang outside an unpiloted helicopter and shoot at things, or practically teleport from a parachute to a moving vehicle, but if you're driving a truck and go anywhere near a rock, you're stuck.

    Throughout the game, you get a nagging questions in your head, like "What am I supposed to be doing?" and "Why do I care about anything that's going on here?"

    Big kudos to Amazon, though. They had this game so cheap that I can sell it for more money and buy a decent game. ...more info