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Panasonic BL-PA100KTA Ethernet Adaptor Starter Pack Includes two HD-PLC (High Definition Power Communication)
List Price: $149.00

Our Price: $69.99

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Product Description

A groundbreaking option in no-new-wires connections, the new BL-PA100 is a product that makes it extremely easy to set up a robust network for connecting devices. A reliable network capable of carrying high-definition video content required running dedicated cabling between devices, a possibly expensive and time-consuming venture. With a Wireless LAN, wireless interference and network collisions are a significant problem for many users, in some cases causing the network to drop out or suffer extremely poor bandwidth capacity, and it might be difficult for the average person to properly set the security code (WEP), thereby risking online security. The BL-PA100 adaptor eliminates these, and other, hassles associated with this process. Simply plug the adaptor into an electric power outlet, plug your PC or other peripheral, such as a Panasonic IP network camera, into the adaptor's Ethernet port and you're ready to go. To add a second HD-PLC adaptor, plug the Master and Terminal units into the same power outlet, and push the Setup button on each unit. Then, wait for the adaptors' LED lights to turn on to confirm that setup is complete. To re-locate the Internet connection, simply take the adaptor out of the current power outlet and move it to another outlet in the desired location. The HD-PLC (High Definition Power Line Communication) ethernet adaptor makes it possible for your home electrical wiring to serve as a link between your PC and modem. Getting online access is as easy as plugging into a power outlet. You can move your PC and connect to the internet anywhere there is a power outlet in your home.

  • HD-PLC as the Core of a Home Network
  • Easy Setup - No PC Required
  • Connect Through Any AC Outlet in Your Home
  • Use up to 16 adapters per network

Customer Reviews:

  • So Easy!
    I was so easy to setup...I umpacked the kit, plugged in the master unit next to my cable modem/router (power and ethernet cable), then I plugged in the slave unit next to my dvr and presto! So simple!

    This is a great product, transfer speeds are just as advertised.
    ...more info
  • Very Good Product
    The product worked as advertised. There were warning about how best to connect. I had a bit of trouble when I added a third to the network but the process was documented and worked. It is so much better than wireless for longer distances. I wish it were just a little faster, however. ...more info
  • Finally a simple plug and play power line networking solution.
    I have a Two Story House and determined that adding CAT 5 wire would be prohibitively expensive. My old HomePlug 1.1 Network could not keep up with the download speed of Comcast Powerboost. I investigated HomePlug Turbo and AV200 and found that the management software from most manufactures was not compatible with Windows Vista. Fortunately I found that the Panasonic PA100KTA was available. The main advantage is that the device provides a secure Ethernet connection at a touch of a button without requiring a computer to set it up. I learned from the manufactures technical support department that it would only take a few seconds to program any adapter to connect to a master. I purchased several kits, leaving leaving the master in one of the kits as the master for the whole system. I reprogrammed the other adapters as terminals. The adapter has a feature that allows the person installing same to determine the approximate connection speed at the touch of a button without connecting it to a computer. This gives the person installing the network a quick way to determine if the adapter is connected to the outlet that provides best performance in a particular room. I did learn that certain types of surge strips can degrade the performance of the system even though the adapter is plugged into a different outlet. I found that I was able to improve performance of both my old HomePlug 1.1 and new Panasonic BL-PA100KTA network by installing a Corinex Power Phase Coupler at my Dryer Outlet. The Corinex Power Phase Coupler is available from I would recommend the Panasonic BL-PA100KTA to anyone that wants to extend their network without the cost and inconvenience of installing CAT 5 wire....more info
  • Impressive
    I managed to snag 3 refurbished starter kits (6 adapters in total) for about the same price as discounted 1st generation 14 Mb adapters and I feel pretty smug about it. These things work great, provide AV level speed, have 128 bit AES security built in, have a no brainer configuration procedure, and are much easier to work with than the ones that plug directly into the wall. These are corded and are much more convenient as a result. If you want to move a node, you just unplug it and take it to another room. It configures back into the network in a few seconds. ...more info
  • Panasonic PA100 Ethernet Adaptor
    I have photo electric panels on my roof with an AC converter and I wanted to be able to monitor the output without having to install extensive cable to make connections. Instead I used ethernet adaptors that use household wiring by simply plugging into a socket nearby. Setup was simple and worked the first time, no wireless nonsense to deal with....more info
  • Great for extending wired connections
    Panasonic BL-PA100KTA Ethernet Adaptor Starter Pack Includes two HD-PLC (High Definition Power Communication)

    This device worked perfectly to extend my network two floors up from my basement. The run is about 40-50 feet. Haven't had any problems in the 2 or 3 weeks since I installed it. Highly recommended....more info
  • No Cable, No Problem
    I didn't have cable in the room where I wanted to set up my office in my new house. Running cable would not have been an easy task. A good wireless router and card would have run me $140ish. Then I discovered this panasonic ethernet adaptor pack (on special for $42ish). Set up needs a full read of the manual! (not just the quick start page). But after setting up, it's been reliable and fast. Good product!...more info
  • Great product
    We had Locus Logic ( install the products in a deli for our POS system. It is in the middle of our building so it was hard to install a network cable. We tried wireless for a while, but with all the other equipment installed, the wireless connection was not reliable. These have been installed for about three weeks, and we have not had any network interruptions. The speed is as good as the wireless connection. I would recommend these to anyone who needs a similar setup.
    ...more info
  • Great networking alternative
    Although I did not get the top advertised connection speed, the 30 Mbps I got was plenty to share my cable modem with my husband's two PC's and PS3 in his study. The setup is a breeze, the units work out of the box without any software or configuration. It's a truly plug-n-play system that has worked flawlessly since we got it. The fact that they use a power cable instead of hanging off the electrical outlet is an added bonus since it's possible to hide them away. Not that it's necessary - they are rather attractive, silver color and shape. As an alternative to hard wiring our new home with CAT5 cable or using a wireless router, this has been the best option for us and a portable one - we can connect our computers from any point of the house with an electrical outlet. The perfect, and still wired, option for networking a home....more info
  • low expectations, great results
    My garage is about 300' away from my house. The wireless I've been using for connectivity has always been flaky, and I don't care to trench any fiber between the house and garage. I found these, and for the price, decided to give them a try. Despite the distance, they give full speed and don't drop their connection when I run my machine tools (2HP and 3HP motors). Setup was very simple, just plug them in and they're ready to use. Just make sure to plug them directly into a wall outlet. When I reconfigured this weekend and put the master on my isobar outlets, it stopped working -- the noise suppression is apparently effective enough to stop these guys from working. Works fine on the wall outlet.

    All-in-all, I'm very happy with these adapters....more info
  • amazingly simple
    I wanted this so I could connect an HD DVD player (RIP) to the internet for updates and movie link-up, set up on certain DVDs. I followed the instructions step-by-step and it worked like a charm. I took great care not to plug either the master unit or the slave unit into surge protectors since the instructions warn you against this. I was up and running in a matter of minutes. Great price from Amazon, too. It is certainly faster that my WiFI system, so I may add on other slave units later and move away from the wireless option all together. Great product!...more info
  • Works with one computer...what good is that?
    After trial and error, I was able to get it to work from my study to my living room. But then, the computer in the study couldn't recognize the cable modem. Then, after unplugging the living room adapter, the study would work after resetting the modem. Yes, all the lights showed connections and the speed was at the highest level. So, I shelved the Netgear switch and added a remote adapter to the study...feeding the master from the modem and networking both the study and the living room as remote locations. The study worked fine, but although the living room showed it had LAN connectivity, the living room computer's network card couldn't access the Internet. Apparently, the cable modem syncs with one of these...period. No such limitation with wireless. Secure your wireless network and avoid these pieces of junk like the plague. I wasted about $150 on four of these and they're not even heavy enough for doorstops. Absolute garbage; absolute waste of time, effort and money....more info
  • Works as stated
    This is a great product. I opened the box, plugged them in and they worked. What more can be said? I would absolutely buy them again if needed....more info
  • Performance Too Variable
    When this product is working well, it is very fast. However, it frequently slows down greatly and sometimes fails to communicate at all. If you had a house with nothing else plugged in, I am guessing that it would work great. If you have things like air conditioning, battery chargers, etc., it might not work so well for you. I returned this product using a label printed from Amazon and received a full refund. Amazon has great customer service!...more info
  • Aaaaamazing!!!!
    I waited for 2 months to see if I could vouch for this product. I couldn't believe that it was working so flawlessly. It is just a plug and "get on with it" kinda device. What amazed me was the speed. I have 7MBps download and 3 MBps upload speed at my modem, and with this product, I got the same speed at all power points in my house. Its Ideal for people who haven't got CAT5 cable laid in their houses and want a flxibility to work from anywhere in their house. It was totally worth it for the price I paid....more info
  • Worked great & easy to use
    I was somewhat skeptical about these; it seemed too good to be true. But after struggling with the wireless in my house providing spotty performance I figured it was worth a try.

    The units themselves are well made, just what you would expect from Panasonic. The instructions were downright "stupid proof" to follow (ie: EASY!!). Set one unit to "Terminal" (default) and the other to "Master". Plug both into the same wall receptacle at the same time and press the "Setup" buttons on each unit at the same time. 30 seconds later, it is done. Move them to their final installment location, plug them into the wall and run a standard Ethernet cable to your PC. That's it - you are up and running.

    There are only 2 stipulations to be aware of 1- Do not run the device through a power strip as these often have noise filters in them. Plug the unit directly into the wall outlet. 2 - do not share the wall receptacle with a power transformer; the buzz could interfere with the unit.

    I went from 2 sporadic bars over a wireless G to 4 continuous bars with these units. Up & download times are a lot faster than they were over wireless.

    Simple, easy to use and effective.

    Elegant!...more info
  • internet
    Works great. It have 6 units and using them on a computer (instead of wirelesss) 2 blue ray payers, and 2 directv boxes. I have had these for 8 months with no problems...more info