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Kingston DTI/2GB Data Traveler 2 GB USB Flash Drive
List Price: $25.99

Our Price: $2.99

You Save: $23.00 (88%)


Product Description

Now you can store, carry and transfer files quickly in an affordable, convenient device. The DataTraveler USB Flash drive from Kingston is ideal for storing, carrying and transferring files in a device no bigger than a pocket knife. Its small size makes it handy to carry around, and it's simple to use, with USB 2.0 compatibility. As easy as click-and-drag, the DataTraveler can hold just about any file such as reports, pictures, spreadsheets or other important documents. It works with virtually any device with a USB port even cross-platform from Macintosh to PC and vice versa.

This 2 GB USB flash drive lightens your load without emptying your wallet. As easy as click and drag, the DataTraveler holds just about any file you can think of--from reports and pictures, to spreadsheets and other important documents. It works with virtually any device with a USB port--even cross-platform from Macintosh to PC and vice versa. Manufactured with the highest quality available, this Kingston Retail flash drive comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

  • can hold just about any file you can think of
  • Convenient – Pocket-sized for easy transportability
  • Guaranteed – Five-year warranty
  • Compliant – Designed to Hi-Speed USB 2.0 specifications
  • Simple – Just plug and play into a USB port

Customer Reviews:

    I need someone to contact the seller or remove him or her from ripping anyone else off!...more info
  • Convenience and Security
    A flash drive is a simple and convenient way to keep important files close at hand. 2GB has been plenty of capacity for this type of pocket storage. After adding a TrueCrypt encrypted volume to the device, I don't have to worry about the drive falling into the wrong hands.

    Good price, decent capacity, etc. Flash drives are a commodity. The price was right and Kingston is a name I trust....more info
  • Great value, great product
    The DTI version of the Kingston 2GB is great because it is backwards compatible with most if not all operating systems unlike the other regular version Kingston 2GB flash drive. I waited a while to give this review because i wanted to make sure it would not falter and have a passing grade from me but so far 2 months into my purchase its held up well and so i would definitely recommend it as a great value in the $12-$20 range...more info
  • Excellent purchase
    Excellent buy, I am satisfied with this product, the shipment was estimated at the time, I recommend to the store...more info
  • Effective and Economical
    I use several of these data sticks to hold pictures for my digital photoframe - can group pictures according to subject and plug into the frame for showing. The Kingston product is low cost and as good as any I have used. Also handy to carry key information for use on other computers when I am visiting out of town. Easy to password protect so I am not concerned about the possibility of losing the information....more info
  • Great portable flashdrive storage
    This was a great portable flashdrive for storage of data to be taken from my home computer to school for projects. Lots of storage space and a great price. I ordered two for my kids. Easier than burning CDs and much less fragile. Thanks!...more info
  • Great deal!
    This is probably one of the best deals I've seen. Two 2-gig flash drives at such a low price -- everybody could use this!...more info
  • excellent
    My daughter needed this for school and it works fine. It has a good amount of memory for her to store papers and information with no problems downloading information onto it. You can also retrieve quickly too....more info
  • More computer memory space
    Computer users can always use more space! We got our both our son and daughter in law the Kingston DTI/2GBKR Data Travel GB USB Flash Drive for Christmas. They both use their computers ALOT, especially for music, which we all know is greedy for space. When my son said the drive was "perfect" I knew this was a great little gizmo! I had the items shipped straight to the kids down south and the package arrived in record time. They were happy! That's all I needed to know to recommend this item....more info
  • Gets the job done
    I'm a college student. For me it gets the done. Whether I need to move important documents around or simply get music from a friend, it gets the job done. I love having it. I have had no problems....more info
  • Bargain
    At $3.99 this little thumb drive is a real bargain. It's amazing how much information this will hold. It also is compatible with both Macintoshes and PCs, which is important for me since I own/use both. From photos and music files to word documents, this holds it all and allows you to take it with you anywhere. For those with the need for more storage, the 4GB is a great deal too....more info
  • You could be better off with an 8GB
    It's a good product and it's what I bought 2 years ago but, since then, the 4GB model and Kingston 8GB DataTraveler USB flash drive - High Speed USB have been released. It would make more sense to go for the 8GB because you will get 4 times the storage capacity without paying 4 times as much (check the prices). And, of course, it's the convenience factor.

    However, if all you need is 2GB of storage then, by all means, get this one. The price is right and it works perfectly. I have a couple of these and I've been storing my tax records on them. The family album goes on the larger capacity model....more info
  • USB Flash Drive
    This is a great, easy to use product. I needed it to make transfering some of my pics to other computers easier. So far I have not maxed out the storage on it, which is surprising. All I had to do was plug it in, and it was ready to go. Although, when I went to plug it in I assumed the logo would be on top, but it is actually the bottom. That was the only thing that threw me off a bit. This has been a great product so far....more info
  • Flash Drive
    Kingston Data Traveler 2 GB USB Drive (DTI/2GB)

    I found this to be very easy to use and is very handy. It back ups your drives very quickly....more info
  • Kingston DTI/2GB Data Traveler 2 GB USB Flash Drive
    Great little gadget to hold important files that you don't need on a disk. Easy to transfer to another computer. I love it. ...more info
  • Kingston 2 GB Flash Drive Works Great
    I have been using this flash drive daily for several weeks, and it work great. A great value....more info
  • Good Stuff
    The Kingston traveler is a good product. It holds all of my electronic books for my college classes. Great cost value also....more info
  • The price is right
    This is not a fast stick by any standard, but the price I paid for it is beyond my expectation and so far it just works flawlessly....more info
  • very nice
    great product. never had problems. it sat in may car for a week exposed to extreme heat and cold fluxuations... not to mention slight rain water. it still works great. i love it...more info
  • Nice
    Cheap & reliable. What else can expect from a memory stick - and this one delivers it....more info
  • Great USB
    This is a very fast and sturdy USB drive. This is the only one that has not died on me 2 weeks after I got it. :P ...more info
  • USB Flash Drive
    This is a very handy flash drive, it also comes with a little (about 5cm) strap. The cap that comes off of the port can be placed at the end of the flash drive. I have not encountered any problems with this drive so far....more info