Highgear AltiTech Computer Watch with Altimeter, Compass, and Thermometer (Moss Green)
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Highgear AltiTech Altimeter with handy "clip and flip" design! Just clip it on and flip it up to get all the vitals on your environment! The AltiTech is SO MUCH MORE than just an altimeter... it also includes a barometer, thermometer, compass, watch and a chrono with 1 / 100 second resolution to keep you on track! Everything you need to stay in tune with your surroundings and your training is displayed right on the monitor! Take a look at the details: Altimeter function: Digital altimeter with working range of -2,305 ft. to 30,045 ft.; Stores 15 altimeter data readings with altitude, time and date; Current, accumulated and max altitude in feet or meters; Graphic altitude trend display; 1 ft. altitude resolution; Barometer function: 1 mbar resolution... working range: 300bbar to 1100 mbar; Weather forecast; Bar chart with barometric pressure trend for the past 24 hours; Compass: 1 degree resolution with 16 cardinal points; Adjustable declination; Thermometer: User option for fahrenheit or celsius; Working range from 14 degrees F to 140 degrees F; Chrono: Resolution 1 / 100 second (24 hour max time range); Max 50 laps / 20 runs; Watch: Time, day, month; Dual time zone; Dual daily alarm; Even more cool features: EL backlight system; Water resistance up to 33 ft.; Stainless steel bezel; Anodized aluminum carabiner; Rubberized grip; Leveling bubble; Consumer replaceable battery; Order Now! Highgear AltiTech Altiware Altimeter

  • Altimeter watch . Great for many outdoor activities
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • 2 year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • A great gift or the man with it all.
    I bought it for my husband. He is in the military and he loves it. There are a lot of useful features on this watch and, it gives him something to fiddle with when he has down time. He always gets comments and compliments on it and has to pass on where he got it. It takes a little bit of time to set it all up, you must read the directions, but the end results are worth it. I highly recomend this watch, especially for that hard to buy for guy....more info
  • Not as rugged as it looks
    Highgear AltiTech Computer Watch with Altimeter, Compass, and Thermometer (Shadow)
    I have had this product for a year. Last week, it broke off of the carabiner and I lost it. I wasn't treating it roughly, it disappeared when I was riding on the train on the way home, and all I have left is the carabiner.

    Other than that, the face scratched easily. I work as a gardener, so it was often exposed to dirt. I tried keeping it protected, but that wasn't easy to do.

    Also, the buttons would get pressed when I was wearing it, and I'd have to reset it from time to time. I'd like a way to lock the settings, because I had trouble remembering all of the steps to get back to where I started.

    I liked the watch, and would have happily put up with its idiosyncrasies if I hadn't lost it. I'd like to find a similar watch that holds up better....more info
  • A great add for anyone on the mountain
    Although the Thermometer responds a bit slower, over all the AltiTech is just great. I use in on my ski jacket to keep track of factors in the lessons I conduct. It's small, light weight and easy to read. ...more info
  • Altitech
    The compass feature requires frequent calibration. The altimeter feature also requires daily calibration. I am very disappointed in this product and would not purchase it again if I had the choice. ...more info
  • Better than expected
    After reading other customer reviews I opted not to purchase the Altitech-2. Then I decided to give it a try and send it back if it didn't work. Mine has worked well--barometer, thermometer--everything! Glad I got it, especially at $97!...more info
  • Good idea, maybe not for big dogs
    I had high hopes for this product, but was frustrated when it didn't hold tight and fell repeatedly against the strength of my danes. ...more info
  • Really useful, but needs frequent tightening
    This is a great, cheap solution to keeping my 3 dogs in the back of my Blazer. It fits just any SUV/truck made and is easy to adjust. You can adjust it vertically and horizontally, and then tighten everything so that no heads can poke through.

    The problem is, however, that with car movement, the screws loosen and things start sliding around. I've had trouble keeping the horizontal bars in place. One bar moved so much that my dog got her head stuck and I had to pull over on the highway and help her back out!

    Others have also commented on the screws continually coming loose and needing to re-tighten them. That's the biggest problem with this particular barrier. Otherwise, it serves its purpose and has helped me immensely while driving with dogs!...more info
  • Low cost solution to controlling dogs in car, but with limitations
    The product itself works fine when it is newly tightened. By that I mean that you have to keep tightening it every week or so, as the regular car vibrations seem to make it slacken and rattle. Over time, with medium or large dogs involved, it begins to cave in to the pushing and shoving. However, regular tightening seems to work fine. On a long trip with the dogs, plan on doing a tightening routine after a few hours if you want it to stay up....more info
  • Needs some adjustments
    This product probably works well for smaller vehicles. I have a Toyota 4runner, which is pretty wide. The bars slide out to completely block the back, so my dog can't jump through, but there is nothing to lock the bars into place. My dog quickly learned that he could nudge the bars open to make room so he could jump through.

    Nothing a little duct tape didn't fix though. I just duct taped the bars into place and that seems to work. I also had to make sure that I tightened the uprights completely because my dog had also knocked down the barrier. ...more info
  • only buy if you are ready to re-engineer
    This product has screws that don't work, the bars move with ease, and only hold back a dog for a few moments. If you want to buy all new hardware, srtong glue, and springs to hold it in place, then you have another project to do with this "barrier". Too bad because it looks decent, but unfortunatly doesn't work well....more info