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Sea-Band for Travel Sickness PLANES, TRAINS, BOATS, CARS, COACHES AND EVEN AT THE FUNFAIR! Try them - they really work! Travelling the world - for business or pleasure - is now easier than ever. But whether your journey is by air, road, rail or sea it can be a miserable experience if you suffer from travel sickness. The nausea, dizziness and vomiting caused by any form of transport are triggered by a confusion of messages received in the brain. Although you may be sitting motionless in a seat, your senses tell you that you are actually moving. Contrary to common belief, the resulting nausea is not "all in the mind" and is experienced by children and adults alike. Early signs of travel sickness include quietness, headaches and lethargy, often followed by uncontrollable vomiting. Drug-free remedies Anti-sickness drugs may have unwanted side-effects such as drowsiness and may not be suitable for children or for some adults. Yet there are other ways to help prevent nausea: In cars or buses, sit at the front and always face the direction in which you are travelling. Don't look out of side windows and focus on the horizon. Breathe in fresh air - open a window or stay outside on a ship's deck. Don't eat a heavy or greasy meal before travelling. Keep children occupied - play an "I spy" game for example. Most importantly, wear Sea-Bands during your journey.

Customer Reviews:

  • Many years of use - need replacements now
    I have had these bands for about 10 years now. The elastic is getting to look ratty so I am replacing them. They still fit the same as when I got them and really aren't worn out. I never go anywhere without them.

    Using these bands let's me sit in the back seat of a car without feeling like I'm going to pass out. I'm usually okay in the front passenger seat of the car, but when it's stop-and-go traffic I feel the nausea building up. I slip on these bands and IMMEDIATELY find relief.

    Works even on airplanes for me. Tried pills for air-sickness and they knocked me out. These band have no side-effect except for a small indentation on my inner arm. Small price to pay for such comfort.

    I even forget I have them on -- sometimes it's hours after the trip before I remember to take them off. ...more info
  • Just So-So
    I bought Sea Bands for a trip to Disney. I get terrible motion sickness on most amusement park rides. While I still got motion sickness I did recover from it faster than I did without the Sea Bands....more info
  • Works great!
    Keep these with me in my purse at all times. Came in handy during recent car trip when I started to feel car sick. Nausea went away within minutes and prevented it from coming back the rest of the trip....more info
  • Did not work at all, might have made it worse somehow....
    I have been suffering from motion sickness as far as I can remember. I'm also not a big believer in drugs, unless it's absolutely necessary. I've only taken Dramamine a few times, and though it does "work," it gets you drowsy. Which kinda defeats the point, because the whole point is to be able to have energy to enjoy your day after a long car ride. So I finally decided to look for a non-drug solution and so I decide to go cheap and get a pair of these from my local target. I got them for a ride to SF from Sac, about a 2 hour ride. I had gone a couple of weeks before and I got my usual car sick. This time, I wanted to have the energy to enjoy the entire trip. So I put these on about 30 mins before I get into a car and kept them on the entire trip. Initially I was very optimistic, but after an hour in the car, I got the usual car sickness. Then 30 more minutes later, it continued to get worse. It was one of the worse I've had in a while, and felt puke right at my throat. I can't help but associate this worsened state with this SeaBand. I finally got out the car, but still felt sick for the whole day. Usually after getting out of the car and getting fresh air will relieve my symptoms in a couple of hours. This time I felt the sickness the entire day. My nausea was present the entire time and I couldn't eat as much, let alone have energy. I have pretty much lost faith in any of these bands, except for maybe the $100+ one. Even then, I don't know, I might just be throwing away more of my money. ...more info
  • Sea Band moction sickness bands review
    I bought this product for my kids since this was there first time on a cruise and my wife and I weren't sure if they would get sea sick. Since my daughter also gets car sick and we had to drive from NY to Florida, we decided to try the bands on the way down. My daughter was reading and watching movies the whole trip to Florida. She has never been able to read or watch movies without getting car sick in the past.

    On the cruise we had a few days where the boat was rocking a little and I could see my daughter wasn't feeling well. I gave her the bands and 5 minutes later she was smiling and eating diner.

    So bottom line, the bands worked well and I would recomend them to eveyone who gets car sick or sea sick....more info
  • Wonder-workers; medicine-free!
    I have had motion-sickness problems all of my life, but years ago, on a flight, a friend offered me her sea-bands. I looked at them and thought to myself, "Yeah, right." But they worked! And I've been using them since...and giving them to others too. I've never had a person (adult or child) who used them in a plane, car, bus in high mountains, or feeling ill at home, tell me they didn't work. I'm so glad I have them!!!...more info
  • Warp speed delivery
    Wrist bands were delivered almost before I finished the order. Mint condiion. Fair price. Perfect transaction....more info
  • The true test is yet to come...
    So far they have seemed to work, but I haven't flown yet with them, so the real test is yet to come! They are a little tight on me (and leave a pretty good mark), but I have large wrists....more info
  • Anti nausea Bands
    These are super bands...used them in Bar Harbor, Maine on a fishing boat trip and I never even got queasy....have to be sure to get them put in the right spot with the bead sitting toward your skin for the accupressure points 2 1/2 to 3 fingers width away from wrist.....keep them in my purse at all times for even car sickness or dizziness. The captain on the boat knew what he was talking about. ...more info
  • it actually works
    My wife and I recenly took a 24-hour ferry trip across the North Sea. Both of us get motion sickness quite easily, so we were willing to try anything to prevent it. I am a natural skeptic, but since these are so inexpensive, I thought that it can't hurt to try them.

    I did experience some dizziness when the boat began to rock significantly (and it did so for hours!) but to my surprise there was *no nausea*. In fact, I was curious enough to learn whether these bands worked or not, so I did not take any anti-nausea medication such as Dramamine.

    For the most part, the bands were comfortable enough to leave on the entire trip (except that I took them off while sleeping). And for those worried about remaining stylish on the trip, just wear long sleeves I suppose. Also there was plenty of room on my wrist left to wear my watch.

    In conclusion, I do indeed recommend sea bands to avoid having your ocean trip ruined by seasickness....more info
  • flat-out stunning
    i am very sensitive to motion sickness (even in a car on the highway if i'm not driving!), and i was extremely skeptical about these bands. they just didn't make sense to me.

    first time i tried them, on a company "party boat" event, i used them under a long-sleeve shirt, but also took dramamine to cover my bases.

    i felt fine. but which one was it?

    second time i used them, on a ferry from naples to capri, i had no dramamine. i had no choice. it was an unexpected boat trip, but luckily (?) i had the bands. this would be their ultimate test.


    it was stunning. on the way back on the ferry, a fried get really sick, and i FELT PERFECT the entire time. it was like an out-of-world experience.

    and the moment i took of my bands to lend them to her (still on the ferry, but already docked), i already started to get that blurry gross feeling. yikes!

    i recommend these little guys like nothing else! five stars!!!

    ...more info
  • seaband works
    My husband suffers from meniers desease. He use to have dizzy spells and get real sick when ever we had high humidity or snow coming. The bands keep him from ending up sick all the time....more info
  • Sea Bands
    The product arrived on time in excellent condition. I can't wait to try it out on our upcoming cruise to see if it works on preventing sea sickness....more info
  • Sea Bands
    I recently learned about this aid for sea sickness. I was then told it could help with insomnia. I never felt queasy. Maybe it would have worked for that, but it did nothing for my inability to sleep. I can't tell you if it works for motion sickness? I did find it unconfortable to sleep in. It did leave rings on my wrists. They were too tight....more info
  • I can't believe these actually work!
    I'm pregnant, and this morning sickness stinks! I was willing to try anything to help!! I read all over that sea bands could actually work, but I was pretty skeptical about it. The package insert states that it could take 3-5 minutes to kick in, but for me it was about a whole day. Now I won't take them off. I even sent my husband out to the local CVS to pick up a spare pair to wear in the shower. Crazy? Maybe. Puking less? Definitely....more info
  • excellent
    i started to get nauseous on my cruise and i put the seabands on and the nausea went away! these things are great!! ...more info
  • Pregnancy
    These were great for my nausea when I was pregnant. They also help a lot with motion sickness. But really excited about the help with my pregnancy!...more info
  • Does not help for sleep problems
    Around January 2007, newspaper readers in the Houston area read an article claiming that the Sea Band was not only helpful for sea sickness, but also for sleep problems. It is not, doesn't make the slightest difference. I know, I tried it. I don't know about motion sickness, but don't buy it for help with sleep problems....more info
  • Seems to be working fine, but does not completely remove the symptoms
    I got this wrist band(comes as a pair) for my wife who was feeling very nauseous during the day with pregnancy. She said that she felt slightly better putting them on all day. We couldn't really make sure if it was the bands but when she took them off for a day she felt much worse. It seems like the bands are working to a degree however they do not completely remove the symptoms....more info
  • Product great -- cost a bit out of line
    My husband uses the Sea Band as a sleep aid and it works great. I purchased one, but found it did not help me with sleeping better. Guess it depends on the individual.

    The product was as advertised and it was shipped very timely, but after I purchased via Amazon and paid the shipping and handling, I could have purchased it less expensively from my local pharmacy store....more info
  • I am actually able to leave the house!
    I suffer from some pretty intense morning sickness. Only, it doesn't just occur in the morning-- it stays with me all day! Some days it is difficult for me to get out of bed even to do the necessary things like grocery shopping or taking out the trash. Sea Bands don't get rid of the nausea, but they make it so much more bearable. I was even able to make a trip to L.A. with my husband, taking the winding canyon roads no less!...more info
  • Extremely Helpful
    I can tell you that these saved my career while pregnant. I was very ill with morning sickness until i tried these. They are slightly uncomfortable to wear sometimes, but that is a small price to pay in exchange for being able to work again. Granted, I still have to watch my diet to help keep nausea down, but without the bands I would be throwing up nonstop even with the bland diet. Use the bands for morning sickness in conjunction with eating smaller meals several times a day and trying to stick to a somewhat more bland diet than you normally would, at least until your first trimester is over....more info
  • Unfortunate
    I tried the product once, and it seems to give me more nausea. They were slightly uncomfortable. I'm going to try again, but so far they don't seem to be working which is unfortunate since I dislike taking dramamine (which works but makes me feel loopy). ...more info
  • My mother loved this
    I don't get sea-sick but my mother did ... until she started using the wristband. We had some stormy seas one night going up to Alaska and while my aunt stayed in bed, my mother and I were just fine. Now I recommend it to anyone who worries about getting sea-sick....more info
  • They hurt at first
    I bought these to help with my morning sickness. I rated these a 4 because of the initial discomfort. The first day I wore them for about 5 hours. They were very uncomfortable (and I don't have big wrists). The next morning when I put them on, the spot on my wrist felt bruised. I didn't wear them very long that day. However, after that I guess my wrists got used to it. I can wear them all day now and I only sense discomfort when they get pressed upon (by my son when I'm holding him). So yes, give them time if they hurt at first (and of course, make sure you're wearing them right). It does seem to help with the morning sickness. I still have the small sensation of nauseousness but it is much better than if I'm not wearing the bands. ...more info
  • They Cured My Morning Sickness!
    This is my fourth pregnancy. I normally don't get morning sickness but I got it really bad this time around. Actually it was more like all day sickness because it would last from the time I woke up until I would go to bed! I was desperate to find some kind of cure for my nausea. My doctor wrote me a prescription for some anti-nausea pills but our insurance didn't cover them and they would have cost me $300 a bottle (no thanks)! I read about Sea Bands online and had to try them. I figured I had nothing to lose considering how cheap they were. I felt better 5 minutes after I put them on and I haven't taken them off since. I will continue to wear them everyday until I'm out of the first trimester. What a fantastic product! ...more info
  • If these don't work for you, you're not using them correctly.
    My company took about two hundred employees and guests on a cruise to Catalina Island. The sea was rough and most of us put on the Sea Bands. The few who didn't were soon turning very green. Some who did get sick were convinced to put the Sea Bands on and soon recovered. A small number of the women got sick even with the Sea Bands. We figured out that these women had very small wrists and the Sea Bands were not tight enough. We found that if they put one Sea Band on top of the other on just one wrist it cured the sea sickness. From the overwhelming success of Sea Bands with a large group of people, I think these can work for anyone as long as they are placed properly and are tight. They have no drugs, no side effects except a slight swelling in the hands. When I use them now, I just use one and switch from one wrist to the other when it starts to bother me. They look like sweat bands, so it's not the best look for formal occasions, but I've been able to enjoy my dinner when others were running for the exits due to sea sickness. I've had a motion sickness problem all my life, but now I can READ in the car, fly in small planes, and go out on the ocean with no fear of motion sickness. These things have changed my life for the better and I'm so thankfull! Sea Band AdultSeaband Wristband Adult SmallSea Band Child WristSea Band Motion Sickness Wrist Bands For Kids - 1 PairThe Original Sea Band Motion Sickness Band, Adult, Two per Package...more info