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Clubhouse Games
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Product Description

Clubhouse Games is a great new collection of casual entertainment titles for the DS. Challenge up to seven friends with one game card via Multi-Card Play or DS Download Play. Can't play checkers without shouting "KING ME!" across the table? The in-game (PictoChat-like) feature takes table talk to a new level. Games include: Pig Hearts President Rummy Seven Bridge Black Jack Five Card Draw Texas Hold 'Em Nap Spades Contract Bridge Solitaire Mahjong Solitaire Escape Grid Attack Hasami Shogi Connect Five Dots and Boxes Turncoat Checkers Chinese Checkers Backgammon Chess Shogi Field Tactics Ludo Dominoes Word Balloon Soda Shake Koi-Koi Bowling Darts Billiards Balance Takeover

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Customer Reviews:

  • Club House Games is worth having
    This is a nice easy game to have, and especially nice to play games with others without getting out all the cards and boards. Think of the storage space you can free up! I agree with all the other reviews, and do wonder why some games are locked. It is forcing me to play them all, but then again, why?

    ...more info
  • The best DS game I own
    This one is a winner. There are a bunch of games to pick from. There are so many challenges, you never get bored. I was pretty ignorant about card games. I mean, i new how to play Crazy Eights and War. The directions on how to play all the card games are easy to read, and if I didn't understand, I just played along till I "got it". Then I was able to play them in real life with family and friends. I love games that you can learn from and apply in real life. Also, the bowling game is so fun. To watch the ball go from one screen to the other and knock the pins was just a great idea. If this game isn't in your collection, then you're missing out...big time....more info
  • I need DS rehab
    My girls each have their own DS and I have pretty much taken them over since buying this game. Dishes piled up in sink, laundry basket overflowing, not sure the last time I fixed anyone dinner. No really, it is very addicting and impossible to put down. Love my favorite games (backgammon, dominoes, memory) but have caught on to a few games I didnt know how to play ( spades, hearts, koi-koi) If you're a game lover you will love this game! ...more info
  • I Love Card Games!
    If you love card games this is the game for you. This has lots to choose from plus many other types of games. There are several ways to play games and I found the best way to get started is "Stamp," where you earn stamps for games you play then go on to other games and different levels. If you get stuck on a game, you can save your place in "Stamp" and try the game a few times in "Free Play." I've had it for a month and can't put it down! Great fun for all ages - I'm over 60!...more info
  • Welcome to hours of fun
    Club House games is a great little DS game. In the one game there are plenty of games to keep you occupied and playing for hours. Play locally with one game card or go online and play with friends or strangers. Really the single player experience here will work whether you're commuting on the bus or just lying on your couch at home bored. There are 42 games in this purchase, you can't go wrong and you'll be playing it over and over with plenty of replay value. Great for those nights that you can't sleep!...more info
  • OK games but visuals not so great...
    Just got this game in the mail and I was suprised when I turned it on. The graphics could be wayyyyy better than they are. They look just like a PC game or something that you can play for free on the internet. It's also got cheesy wording like "Battle" during black jack. What? Overall I'd say this is fun for passing the time but not as visually stimulating as I had hoped. Definately not worth $30 bucks but more like $20. If you plan on buying this try and get it when it goes on sale. Seems to be good for kids and adults who like card games and such. I'm going to keep playing it to see if it grows on me... : )...more info
  • Clubhouse Games
    I've had the Club House game for 1 year now and I haven't bought another game, because this one is so much fun. My husband bought it for me and because "we" love it so much, I decided to buy him his own....more info
  • Tons of games, really fun, download play, but lacks small touches
    So basically we were looking for a good DS party game. That is one that has nice download play without being too crippled for DS parties and things like that. This game foots the bill perfectly. It has TONS of games, all of which can be played via download-play to up to 8 people (though not all games can have 8 people in them).

    The games are fun and there are a wide variety, and I really liked how they integrated PictoChat into the game itself. So if you loose first, or are playing online, you can chat while playing. I thought that was a real nice touch.

    Really, the only big negative I have about the game is that there are not enough rule variations for some of the games. For instance, Hold 'Em lacks tournament style play (it uses a somewhat restrictive cash game style play from what I can tell). Rummy also does not allow you to pick up multiple cards from the discard pile. Things like that keep the game from being a 5 star game, but I still think it is worth the purchase.

    If for nothing else than the dots and lines game. Sweet!...more info
  • Lots and lots of variety, but weak AI and no-one playing wifi
    I didn't buy this game for quite a while after it came out, as I had read a lot of negative reviews of it. Finally I couldn't resist the urge, as there are really no other card games for the DS. I was fairly pleasantly surprised. The variety here is unbeatable---SO many games, many I've never tried or heard of, but do enjoy. Lots of ways to play---alone, with a friend, or by wifi. I'm learning new games and enjoying the old ones MOSTLY.

    The main problem here is the AI. The game is DUMB. I love to play bridge, but the computer here seems to just barely know how to play the game. It constantly makes crazy bids like 6 hearts when it have 5 fairly weak heart cards. The chess was so easy as to be laughable---I queened 3 pawns in a game, and I am no chess expert. I can beat the system at pretty much all the games set on hard, and it's annoying. I tried the wifi to find a bridge opponant. I've waited for hours, and there is no-one else out there wanting to play, it seems. I tried finding someone for many other games just for fun, and only could find someone for Texas Hold 'Em, which is not really my game.

    But I don't mean to be overly critical. For the price, this is a great value, and if you find people to play face to face with, or you don't mind usually winning, or if you just like to learn new games and always have someone to play them with, this is a super product....more info
  • Clubhouse Games Review
    Club House Games is an excellent value for casual gaming fans. There are several categories of games ranging from Old Maid to President to Chess.

    There are so many games included in this collection that there were bound to be a few that are less than fun. Sodapop shake (I cannot remember the exact name) is worthless as a game.

    The majority of games included, however, make this well worth buying. "President" is a very fun title that I had not heard of until purchasing Club House Games.

    The multiplayer option is superb. I have played 3-player local (only one game card required) multiplayer and 2-player wifi modes. Both performed great.

    The bottom line is this is one title that any casual gaming fan should have in their collection....more info
  • If you like old school games, this is for you.
    If you like old school games, you'll like this.
    A lot to play, a big variety from Word Ballons to Dominoes and card games galore....more info
  • Games
    This collection of games includes some great ones with lots of variation. Well worth the purchase price....more info
  • Addicting
    Bowling and darts are very addicting. I'd buy a pack of screen protecters as well since you will be using the stylus a lot on this game....more info
  • THE Best DS Game, Hands Down
    I can't say enough about this game. This game taught me how to play backgammon, dominoes, bridge, chinese checkers, koi koi, about twenty other card games and many other things. And it is all great fun. And you can play via wifi against live players. You will NOT be disappointed with this one....more info
  • Great Variety!
    I think this game is by far the best card/board game out there on Nintedo DS. Alot of fun and a large variety of games that you won't get bored after a week. I prefer it much better to Touchmaster. If you're into card games, board games, bowling, so on, this is a great game to get to entertain you for hours....more info
  • Good variety of games - thinking, not eye-hand coordination
    I'm a "Senior" adult (old?). The games in Club House Games span games for the very young (like my grandchildren) to the "Seniors" among us. Old Maid to poker and chess and every level in between. You can even play dominoes, darts, and go bowling. Easy for those of us who reached adulthood before the "computer age" to learn and play on the DS system. Really appreciated using the stylus rather than buttons....more info
    This game is great! So may games to choose from you will never get bored! You can also play with a friend with just one game card by using the download feature. =)...more info
  • Decent games, poor design
    Some of these games are a good deal of fun, there are simple bowling, darts, and other games, and a good number of card games. Forty games will give you some things you like. Clubhouse Games will definitely kill many hours for you. However, the AI for the card games is nothing to write home about, and some games cannot be played at all until you get to them in "Stamp" mode.

    Ah, Stamp Mode. Stamp is a sort of career mode, in which you must play pre-selected games in order. Winning gets you past a game, lose and you have to play two or three times. You start with games you played as a three year old, and move on to the ones which can kill hours for you all by yourself. Old Maid is merely pointless, the skill in real life of deducing where your friend is holding the Maid can't be recreated on a DS. But these can be got through if you just play for a while. Then there is "I Doubt It". The game is not only pointless, it goes on forever. It's like War, only more annoying. Plus, eventually, War ends! I Doubt It isn't the War and Peace of card games, it's the In Search of the Remembrance of Lost Time of card games.

    So odds are you won't be playing the games you access through Stamp Mode. Career mode is is usually a good game extender, here it's pointless. A Pogo-like career (with game choices) would have made the lesser games interesting. Maybe you will enjoy "Stamp".

    I Doubt It....more info
  • club house games
    I find this game lots of fun. There are so many different games to play you don't get bored. My husband really enjoys playing the card games and billiards. I would definitely reccommend this game to someone who likes playing card games and board games. I also like that you can play against other people online. I haven't gotten to try it yet, but I am eager....more info
  • Just what I needed
    I work for a security company, and I often find myself in the middle of nowhere with nothing to look at and nobody to talk to. This makes falling asleep a serious risk, as in a risk to my employment and potentially a risk to the people and property I'm protecting. How do I avoid this problem? Playing games like this.

    Clubhouse Games has over card games, board games, puzzle games, bowling , billiards, darts, and my personal favorite, shake the bottle, which I'm going to play against my niece the next time I see her. I can and have played this game for hours on end. You can change the look of each game, the rules of each game, and how many players you play against in each game. As you play, you unlock new surprises.

    It was worth every penny to buy this game....more info
  • clubhouse game review
    This game is espically good for all family members. We have a six year old great grand son who loves the memory game and several others. Great grandma (myself) loves to play solitaire and several other games. An exellant game for everybody....more info
  • takes too long
    I like the games, but I hate that it takes so long to get through a round because you have to wait for the other players (computer players) to take their turn. I wish I would to be able to just play by myself or with one computer player. I also have touchmaster and that is similar (in that it has a lot of games) and I LOVE THAT and cannot put it down. I do like the variety of games in the CLUB HOUSE....more info