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IOGEAR USB 2.0 Print Server, 1-Port (GPSU21)
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Product Description

IOGEAR's palm sized 1-port USB 2.0 Print Server allows any networked computer to share an USB printer. It complies with USB 2.0 specifications (backward compatible with USB 1.1 spec.), and provides users with an auto-sensing Ethernet port that works with either 10Base-T or 100Base-T networks. This unit also supports multiple protocols and multiple operating systems, and it integrates Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) in this print server to allow users to print from any computer over a LAN/WAN or the Internet by specifying the device's URL. The built-in web management feature provides more convenience by allowing the user to configure, monitor and even reset the print server via a web browser. This eliminates the need to place the printer right next to the computer. Print jobs can be sent to a printer in another country just as easily as to a printer in the same office. Why bother sending a degraded fax image while you can print an original at the destination?

  • IOGear USB 2.0 Print Server GPSU21 - Print server - Hi-Speed USB

Customer Reviews:

  • Had problems with HP P1006
    We purchased this to solve sharing issues with a HP P1006 printer. I'd used a Linksys PSUS4 PrintServer for USB with 4 Port Switch in the past with some success and wanted to see if this less expensive option might also work. The web interface for the server is quite a bit clunkier than that of the linksys and it lacks the extra external ports meaning I had to dig out a spare 5-port switch to plug in next to the print server. Ultimately it did not work - probably more of a function of the drivers and/or printer than this server....more info
  • Works as described
    I love the fact that I can print from anywhere - I can go to work and print reciepts to my home printer!...more info
  • Sharing equals one at a time
    I bought this product so that 4 computers could share one printer. Technically they can, you just have to logoff one computer before another can log on. Something as simple as printing takes 3 steps. 1) Disconnect another connected computer. 2) Connect your computer. 3) Then Print. This product is a waste of money....more info
    Be careful of this device, make sure your printer is on the list of devices that can be used with it. other then that the setup was easy and if my Canon MFP c555 was on the list i would have kept it, but i had to send it back.

    Best of Luck...more info
  • A stand-out among low-cost print servers
    I was weary of low-cost print servers after reading reviews about them here and elsewhere. I've even tried one for multi-function printers that just wouldn't work, requiring resets everyday. I decided to give a last chance at them by trying a plain print-only server that hadn't been poorly reviewed, or, in this case, one that was hardly reviewed yet.

    For starters, I echo the issue about the software installing the printer off-line, which took me a few minutes to realize. But I have to say that once that was out of the way, it would print from any of the computers I set up right off the bat.

    However, it'd do so painfully slowly. At first I thought that it was because the network is much slower than a direct USB 2.0 connection (400Mbps), but doing the math on the print jobs logged on the unit, it takes data at merely 200Kbps or 25x slower than the WiFi LAN at home. It's more likely that it has a tiny buffer instead.

    I don't mind plugging the printer to the computer when I need to scan something. I just don't bother to scan documents from the couch. :-) As a plain print-server, it doesn't require any special driver to be installed, which eliminates what's perhaps the Achilles' heel of the multi-function print-servers: low-quality drivers. Not to mention that no setup disk is needed once the configured IP address is known (and in order to avoid it from changing, configuring a static address is a must).

    I haven't tried to submit more than one print job at a time to see if it can keep one from stepping on another's toes yet.

    The bottom line is that this print-server does its job, but because it does so as slowly as molasses it lost a star from its rating.
    ...more info
  • Only one that works with my Printer
    This is the only Printserver that I have found that will work with my Konica/Minolta printer. I set it up using the directions and it works great! Be sure to double check that your printer is listed in the compatibility list (you may have to visit the manufacturer's website for this). You should check several different manufacturers and models, as they all seem to work with a different list of printers....more info
  • Pixma Multifunction Print Server
    I set this server up for a Cannon Pixma MP830 multiprinter. I went to Canon's site at and downloaded the driver. I hooked up this printer to my computer with the usb cable. Then I installed this print server. Set it up with the included driver. It immediately found my printer. LTP as per the instructions. I had to go into Control Panel, Printers, Refresh it to detect it as my LTP printer, and walla. I can print. Fax out has also been tested. I have not yet tried to scan thru this device, and I will attempt this and post my results. When looking for print servers multifunction printers are much harder to find a device that will actually support them. Most were around $200. This was $40. Highly recommend this product as a solution for moving this huge printer out of the way and sharing it. I still need to configure this device for use on Ubuntu and I will post how well that operates as well. I've already read that it will work...more info
    Ok.. If you have bought it... Too bad... But all is NOT lost... The web manual sure sucks.. BUT
    1) Install the product as suggested so that you get the web interface access first.
    2) Skip the ENTIRE Manual save the last part..
    3) The product ONLY works on IPP... So dont worry ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE.. Set up IPP only and get working...
    4) Dump your old printer, return this device and go for a 100$ Brother Network Printer... It comes with a BUILT in server and prints perfectly and it doesnt NEED USB.. Although it does have it....

    Have fun Guys !...more info
  • Great for the money
    Just installed this yesterday on my Epson RX595 printer. I had some trouble adding printers over the network after the initial install but it all works great now. Here are some tips: Install your printer software first. Install the print server software on a XP machine and set a static address on it (somewhere within the range of your router DHCP addresses). Write that address down. Now for all your other computers on the network - install the printer software on those computer then just add a network printer and specify the static address of the print server (don't browse for printer). This last part is similar to the iPPP portion of the manual with the exception of the connection to the external port, the http:// prefix, and the port number with lp after it....more info
  • Mixed Results
    Read all the reviews and decided to take the chance - now I'm paying for it. The print server installed very easily on my XP machine. No problems with the hardward, software or installation. Up and running in a matter of minutes. Couldn't be any easier. Thus I walked away from my XP machine very happy and with high hopes.

    That all ended when I started the installation on my Vista laptop. 2 hours into it and still no luck. It prints (HP LaserJet 1012) garbage, gives error messages and just plain won't work. I'm in the process of trying every which way to install the printer hoping that one method will eventually work.

    The website for IOGear support is ok. Very, very little documentation on the this model of print server. I did find one document regarding installing the server under Vista. Followed the directions line by line with no luck. Very few of the 1000 series laserjets are listed. It starts with the LJ 1500. Nothing below that is listed as being tested and approved. But I figure if it works with the 1500 it should work with the rest of the 1000 series printers. Maybe not...

    I'll post an update once I get or not get the printer attached under Vista.

    ...more info
  • Works flawlessly
    I plugged it into my network and my HP Photosmart 8150, set it up with a static IP address, and it has been working perfectly for weeks now.

    Printing works flawlessly from Windows XP, Vista, and Mac OS X systems. No software install needed!...more info
  • Expensive Paperweight
    Not intuitive to set up. It worked for about a month and then just quit on me. Tech support is useless. Save your money and look elsewhere....more info
  • Good solution - lousy support
    Finally got this working, after a very frustrating and unhelpful chat session with their online support. I was getting the error "The segment of the print server you select is different from your computer." Turned out all I needed to do was temporarily disable the Windows OneCare firewall (just during the installation process). Hope this is helpful to someone who runs into the same issue.

    It's now working great - aside from the lousy support, this seems to be a good solution for what I needed (allow shared network access to a Dymo LabelWriter that's not dependent on any one computer being around). ...more info
  • Check the Compatibility List First
    I made the mistake of taking the product description at face value. It does not work with all printers, so check the compatibility list from Iogear's website first!

    You may notice that the list has not been updated since 2007... so that tells you something. I have a HP Deskjet D4160 which a bought a few years ago (probably right after this list was created!)

    I was able to install the print server without any complication. I could ping it, I could log into the configuration page, but whenever I tried to print, the print queue would say "Printing" but nothing would ever print. After trying the IPP method and using a static IP, still no joy. Come to find out the compatibility list does not include any of the Deskjet D series and is two years old. Cutting my losses and not wasting another minute on it, I packed it up and sent it back to Amazon. My guess is that if I had a compatible printer it would work..but I'm not about to buy another printer in order to test that theory....more info
  • Good print server for home
    Bought it, loved it, works great. I read the other reviews, and took their advice. It sets up quick,( 10 minutes) no problems. I will offer this advice. Keep it within sight only because if you have a power outage, it needs to be reset to let your network know it's there. This is not hard. unplug it and plug it back in after 15 seconds and you are back to printing. It seems to have no delay, I have 3 computers using it (one wireless) and it is a champ. I will buy IO Gear again....more info
  • Does the job as advertised
    10 min installation time. Connect your USB printer to this device and let anyone on your network access it. It's very simple.

    My only regret is that I didn't get it earlier....more info
  • Works great
    This product does what is says it will do. Easy to setup and great price....more info