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The Wizard
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Fred Savage stars in this warm-hearted family adventure that features the excitement and thrills of video game competition. Corey (Savage) refuses to let his emotionally disturbed younger brother Jimmy (Luke Edwards) be institutionalized, and the two run away together. They soon join forces with a resourceful girl (Jenny Lewis), who notices that Jimmy has a special talent: he is a "wizard" at video games and gets the high score on absolutely everything he plays. Evading their parents and a sinister bounty hunter, the trio head for a climactic showdown at the video game championships in California. Co-starring Beau Bridges and Christian Slater, it's an inside look at the world of video gamers that will have you cheering the whole way.

Less raunchy than Tommy and more conventional than Tron, The Wizard also revolves around gaming. There's even a Bridges on board. In Tron it was Jeff, in The Wizard it's Beau. As opposed to the rock opera¡¯s pinball-playing "deaf, dumb, and blind kid," however, quasi-catatonic Jimmy (Luke Edwards) is a video game wiz. While the nine-year-old lives with his mother, half-brothers Corey (Fred Savage, circa The Wonder Years) and Nick (Christian Slater, fresh from Heathers) live with their father, Sam (Bridges). When Jimmy, who recently lost his sister, is placed in a home, Corey busts him out for a trip to California. (Today, Jimmy's condition would be labeled post-traumatic stress disorder.) As they're leaving Utah, they join forces with gaming enthusiast Haley (Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis), who suggests LA's National Video Game Championships. So, off they go by foot, skateboard, and the kindness of strangers. Sam, Nick, and obnoxious bounty hunter Putnam (Will Seltzer) are close behind. The outcome may be a foregone conclusion--the fractured family makes their peace--but The Wizard still offers a nostalgic, Nintendo-laden look at 1980s gamer culture (Power Glove, Super Mario Bros. 3, etc.). Plus, sharp-eyed viewers will spot Toby Maguire milling around before the showdown at Universal Studios Theme Park. If not for the hitchhiking, gambling, and reckless automotive destruction--after Putnam takes a knife to Sam's tires, Sam smashes his headlights with a shovel--the movie would be appropriate for all ages. In other words, it earns its PG rating. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • This movie sums up my childhood quite nicely
    This movie made me smile almost throughout.... The days where NES was king.. All you needed was 2 buttons and a D-pad. No CD audio or FMVs. Mario 3 was a brand new game.
    Sure the story is kinda hokey, but I'm in it for the NES playing
    I sure hope they release it on DVD widescreen. At least so the fans can have a copy that will last....more info
  • One long Nintendo commercial
    Granted this movie is one long plug for Nintendo... but can you blame them. Fred Savage is hilarious and the fact that they were able to work the importance of Nintendo into a serious family drama is priceless....more info
  • Of course it gets 5 stars!
    I bought this movie because I love it. It's a great film! Easily gets 5 stars....more info
  • Nostalgia time!
    This movie tells the story of a quiet little boy who wants to go to California. His half brother played by Fred Savage decides that they are going to run away. The quiet kid is going to get sent to a mental institution or something, and Savage can't deal with it. Savage's older brother is played by Christian Slater, and Beau Bridges plays his dad. Christian Slater doesn't really have a huge role, but it's nice to see him among the cast, because he has always been one of my favorite actors because of movies like Pump up the Volume, Heathers and True Romance. I imagine the only reason he isn't one of the stars of the movie is because he hadn't become a star yet himself. Fred Savage is annoying at times, but he still gives a pretty good performance. and Beau Bridges is great. I always love seeing him. Ok, so back to the story. Fred Savage finds out his little brother is a great video game player, and when they meet a girl played by Jenny Lewis, they decide to go to a Nintendo tournament. The Nintendo tournament I thought was way too short, but it's still cool. As I remember it, this movie had exclusive footage of a new game, Super Mario Bros 3. Quite exciting for a 7 or 8 year old. I can't believe I remember this movie so well. There's just movies like that. And I was amazed at how much I liked it seeing it 18 years later. This was definitely on my list of top 5 favorite movies when I was little.


    I didn't even know this movie was on DVD, until I saw it at the store in a double feature with another kid type movie called Cloak and Dagger. I was so happy to find this DVD. ...more info
  • I love the Power Glove, its so bad.
    Great quote from Lucas Barton in this great 80's video game flick. I enjoyed this movie more than one might imagine when I was there opening day with my best friend, both barely 10. It still holds that nostalgic value today, especially for those with working NES' (where were the cans of air back then?) and who have a desire to relive the glory days of video games (ok maybe not the Power Glove...that thing kinda stinks).

    I recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen it and wants to see probably one of the better games based around the fad (at the time it was just thought to be a fad) of video games and their world back in the late 80's....more info
  • The Wizard
    This is a great family movie that everyone can watch and have fun watching. If you liked video games this is the movie for YOU:)...more info
  • The "8-Mile" of video game movies!
    This is one of those movies that will have you reminiscing to your childhood. Well, if you grew up in the 80's anyway. It is esentially a full-length Nintendo commercial but it's so much fun. Fresh-faced Fred Savage is Corey, the brother of Jimmy, a painfully-quiet kid who is secretly a Nintendo prodigy. When Corey learns that Jimmy may get taken to a home for kids with special needs, he kidnaps his brother and the two go on an adventure to California. Of course, they come across the evil goon that their mother has hired to bring them back and countless thugs who don't like losing their hard-earned money in a Nintendo hustle. But that's nothing compared to Jimmy's cocky arch nemesis, Lucas, the flamboyant Apollo Creed to Jimmy's Rocky Balboa who owns every Nintendo game in existence as well as the unstoppable Power Glove accessory that allows him to make short work of his opposition.

    "The Wizard" is about as shameless as commercial films get but it is entertaining. Having the top male TV heart throb in a movie that pretty much advertises every Nintendo game ever made at the time is sure to make a nice amount of bank. Throwing in Christian Slater wasn't a bad touch either. This ranks right up there with "True Romance" as his finest performance. The surprise cameo appearance by the never-before-seen "Super Mario Bros. 3" was impressive in its own right....more info

  • A very good store
    1st is an excellent place to purchase rare movies from. Shipping may take 2-3 weeks, but that's not a big deal at all. The people there are dedicated and nice to customers....more info
  • Fun movie
    Jenny Lewis is one of my favorite singers, so I really enjoy watching movies with her. It's a very popular 80s movie and it is fun. The funniest is when the video game people give the kids at the end an exclusive video game play and its Mario (I forget which version). Really makes you feel old when you remember having played that growing up......more info
  • One of the best kid's 80s movies
    Anyone who has seen this movie loves it. Definately aimed for the 10-14 year olds, but I still in my early 20's love watching this movie and remember when I first saw it. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Flick. One of my favs!
    This is the Nintendo movie as you people may already know. I've been a fan of Nintendo since 1987 and when this movie came out, I saw it with my dad. Just last week I bought a mint condition version of this movie and I got it and watched it today and I still love it. Fred Savage, Luke Edwards, Jenny Lewis, Beau Bridges, Christian Slater and even Will Seltzer all do a good job with their roles and the scenery out west is nice. Give it a rental!...more info
  • Three for the Road - Eighties Style!
    "The Wizard" is somewhat of a cult 80's movie that is fantastic to watch. Actually, I should qualify that. The movie is dated. I think even for '89 it was terribly dated. But if you were a child of the 80's then you could certainly relate to this movie and you will appreciate everything it stands for.

    "The Wizard" stars The Wonder Years star, Fred Savage as Corey Woods. Corey is trying to save his younger brother from being institutionalized. Luke Edwards plays The Wizard, aka Jimmy Woods; an emotionally crippled little boy who has trouble articulating his thoughts.

    The first 10 or 15 minutes of the movie are somewhat slow-moving. But it really picks up once Corey and Jimmy hit the road and meet Haley. Eighties tween-movie maven, Jenny Lewis plays the part of the very grown-up Haley extraordinarily. They all finally come up with a plan once they see Jimmy ace a video game at a bus station.

    So, Jimmy, Haley and Corey all set out to hitch across 3 states (UT and NV) to make it to the video game championships (in CA.) I know this is a little far-fetched and maybe even a little screw-ballish. But think of it from a kid's perspective (after all this is a kid's movie.) Along the way, they have a few adventures in Reno while Jimmy bones up on his gaming. They also have to dodge Tate. Vince Trankina plays Tate, a smarmy detective hired by Jimmy's parents to track him down. It was so funny when Haley screamed, "he touched my breasts" and the security men all carry him out of the casino before he could run off with Jimmy!

    They all finally make it to CA, with the help of a trucker that Haley has befriended. Once at the championships, Corey's father and brother also show up looking for them (Christian Slater played Nick & Beau Bridges played Sam Woods.) It gets a little confusing, Jimmy is Corey and Nick's half-brother from Sam's second marriage to Jimmy's mother. It's a shame Christian Slater's part wasn't any bigger because he played a really good tough older brother.

    As a kid, my favorite scenes were during the video game tournament. Because, it was the first time I ever saw Super Mario Bros. 3. Eighteen years later, compared to even the most basic games it's like watching an antiquated dinosaur; but it's still fun to watch because it brings back fond memories.

    Anyway, the rest of the movie is pretty much predictable. There was a cute moment at the end when it was explained why Jimmy really wanted to go to California in the first place. Also, it loosely made viewers think that Haley was going to live with Corey and his father; at least that was the impression that I got.

    "The Wizard" is a great picture for kids because there isn't any violence or profane language. I also recommend this movie to anyone that likes classic video games or to anyone that just likes corny 80's films. If you liked this movie, then you'd probably also like: Baby Boom, Heathers (THX Version), The Princess Bride (20th Anniversary Edition), Troop Beverly Hills, The Witches, Mermaids, Adventures in Babysitting, The Karate Kid (Special Edition), Who's That Girl? and The Best of the Wonder Years.

    Also known as "The Joystick King," "The Wizard" was just added to Comcast's on-demand menu. And for 100 minutes I got to forget about my everyday-problems and remember what it was like to be a kid again. ...more info
  • Great Movie!
    Ordered this for my brother's bday present. He loved this movie when he was little and loves it even more now! Great price!!...more info
  • fun movie, moving movie, all that stuff
    i remember when this movie came out, man, makes me feel old. okay, this is back when fred savage was cute and jenny lewis was just a little thing. it was also my first glemse of luke edwards.
    this is not a movie about video games though video games have so much to do with the film.
    3 kids embark on a cross country trip to a NES championship. 2 brothers are being separated. ones mentally ill but has a strong knack for video games.
    this movie will make you laugh and its also got its serious scenes.
    its a kids movie, an adults movie and its not corney. its definatly one of those "takes you back in time" movies. makes me miss those days. also made me want to go back and find a vintage NES player cause mines busted. back when video games were actually fun stradegy games. now the closest i get to my youth is playing old video games at the movie theatre because have you noticed, there arent even arcades anymore, there use to be arcades at every mall and now their all closing down....more info
  • Long Live Nintendo!
    I was a gamer in the 80's (and still am) and I liked every game I had for Nintendo. Unluckily, my old NES broke down in 1992 :( I still remember playing games for my NES.
    The Movie is pretty good, although it has a thin plot. Jimmy Woods (Luke Edwards) is mentally handicapped and Corey (Fred Savage) fears Jimmy will be put into a home. Corey and Jimmy run away via a Hostess truck. Haley (Jenny Lewis) soon joins the group and notices Jimmy has a knack for video games. With that said, all three head to a video game contest in Los Angeles. Super Mario Bros. 3 made its debut in this movie. I saw this movie in 1993 I think for the first time.
    This movie also stars Beau Bridges as Corey's father and Christian Slater....more info
  • Great Flick. One of my favs!
    This is the Nintendo movie as most of you probally know. I've been a fan of Nintendo since 1987 and when this movie came out I know I had to see it. I bought the movie last week and I still love it now. Great performances by Fred Savage, Luke Edwards, Jenny Lewis, Beau Bridges, Christian Slater and even Will Seltzer. Also good scenery out west. Give it a rental!...more info
  • Still Love This Movie
    All kids that love to play nintendo will absolutely fall in love with this movie. I don't even play well and I love it. I grew up watching this movie. I actually watched it a couple of times a day. It still amazes me how I will be looking for something to watch and I decide to pull out a movie I watched when I was 5.

    It's about a young boy with a troubled mind and a brother who is determined to keep him out of a "home" as they say in the movie. Parts of it are just hilarious. Some are sad and touching though as well. They meet a redheaded girl while they're on their way to L.A. to enter young Jimmy into the National Nintendo Championships.

    This is a great film that I would highly recommend. I'm 17 and I still watch it!...more info

  • Great movie for those who grew up in the 80's
    I looked all over town for this movie and was unable to find it. This is a great movie from the 80's. ...more info
  • Retro Gaming Goodness... In a Movie!
    'I love the power glove... it's so bad'. Classic line from this 90 minute Nintendo advert, I mean movie, from the early 90's. Chock full of star actors - Fred Savage, Christian Slater and Beau Bridges, this is a good family movie, but especially so if you are into retro gaming. See the NES played everywhere, video games galore, and the first look at Super Mario III. This was a box office flop, despite the star actors, but now it deserves to be placed in the retro computer and gaming hall of fame along side such other classics as Wargames and Tron....more info
  • Great Movie
    I love this movie. I use to watch it when I was younger, and have been looking for it for ever. I am glad that I found it and was able to purchase it from Amazon....Thanks......Great Movie...more info
  • Bring back the memories
    Ever had a scene of a movie stuck in your head for many years and you just can't pinpoint what it's from? I watched this movie when I was young and remembered only a few scenes from it. I loved watching this movie again- it brought all those memories back. This is a great 80s movie and though I wonder more about it now, I love the idea of 3 pre-teens taking off on a road trip with no parental supervision to go play video games. Gotta love it. Only drawback, as with most older movies put on dvd, is there are no special features or anything, just the feature....more info
  • Great Advertising. Autism Awareness. The Movie is pretty ok too.
    This might be the greatest Nintendo Commercial ever filmed. You've got the NES, Power Glove, Super Mario 3! Super Mario 3! You know how cool that was in 1989? It's like Call of Duty, Tetris, Doom II, and every Resident Evil combined. It was unbelievably cool. Raccoon Suit! What!?! This movie will make you want to plug the NES back in. The storyline is rather unbelievable, but who is paying any attention? Autistic runaway boy goes to crazy video game contest followed by his older brother and some girl. It's a lot like Karate Kid - Part 1 but without the crane kick. Buy it. ...more info