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Graco Baby iMonitor Multi Child Multi Room Baby Monitor
List Price: $129.99

Our Price: $114.99

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Product Description

Until you grow eyes in the back of your head, the innovative Multi-Child Digital Baby Monitor is the best way to help keep tabs on 2 kids or 2 rooms at once. Designed with dual color sound lights, you can "see" which child you're hearing as this multi-tasking monitor switches between rooms-?you can even adjust the volume and listen time. Or, keep 1 child unit in the bedroom and another near your playard for convenient, around-the-house surveillance.

100% digital technology gives you crystal clear clarity, an extended range of up 2000 ft. and complete privacy, so you can stay on top of multiple children's needs from anywhere in your home without interference or worries. The Multi-Child Digital Baby Monitor turns you into the all-knowing superhero your children already think you are.


  • Monitor 2 children OR 2 rooms at the same time with only 1 parent unit
  • Dual Color sound lights let you "see" which child you are listening to as it switches between rooms
  • Adjust the volume level and length of time you want to listen to each room
  • 100% digital technology guarantees no interference from home wireless networks, microwave ovens or cordless 2.4GHz or 5.8 GHz phones
  • Hear even the tiniest whimper with crystal clear clarity
  • Complete privacy so you can't hear your neighbors and they can't hear you
  • Extended Range up to 2000 ft. to hear your baby all around your home
  • Compact parent unit with belt clip lets you monitor Baby while moving throughout your home
  • Rechargeable batteries & docking station make it easy and inexpensive to recharge parent unit
  • Includes 2 parent units, 2 nursery units and 4 a/c adaptors
  • Out-of-range alarm on parent unit alerts you when you're too far to monitor your baby
  • Low battery and charging indicator lights alert you when it's time to recharge
  • Child unit battery back-up for peace of
  • Monitor 2 children or 2 rooms at the same time
  • Two color sound lights let you see which child you are listening to as it switches between rooms
  • Adjust volume and length of time to listen for each room
  • Includes 2 child units and 2 parent units
  • Three AAA batteries are required

Customer Reviews:

  • Decent range and sound quality, horrible horrible horrible user interface
    We liked this unit because of the dual transmitters and dual receivers; even if not using both, it allows us to leave the transmitters and receivers in different locations around the house. The receivers come with built-in rechargeable batteries and a charging cradle to we don't need to replace the batteries all the time. Add to that the digital transmission and we thought we had a winner.

    Nope. Avoid this unit.

    The sound quality and range is decent, about all one can expect from a cheap home unit. The trick to getting a good signal is to use the "pick channel" button on the side of the transmitter. Press this, and it seems to pick the best channel for where the receiver is located. The only downside is that if you move the receiver, you might need to get a new channel, which is a bit of a pain.

    The problem is the user interface, in particular how to select on the receiver which of the two transmitters to use, or both. This interface was obviously designed by an Engineer. Big Mistake. Now I have nothing against engineers, being one myself, but we should not be allowed to design user interfaces, and this unit shows why.

    To select between the transmitters, on the receiver you select how many seconds you want it to listen to each transmitter, and then it uses a simple TDM algorithm to switch between the two. If that made sense to you, congrats, you're an engineer, you'll like this unit.

    For everyone else, what that means is that to switch from listening to transmitter A to transmitter B you need to hold down a button to indicate that you want to change how long to listen to transmitter A, while holding down that button you use the volume control to decrease the "listen time" for transmitter A to zero, then release the button, move a switch to indicate that you want to select transmitter B, hold down the button, and use the volume control to increase the listen time for transmitter B.


    Why oh why did Graco design it that way? Someone failed their job. Big time.

    Until Graco changes their design, or you and your spouse are both engineers, avoid this unit.

    Also, and this wasn't clear to me until I bought it, two points. You can't listen to both transmitters at the same time. You can set it to switch between the two every ten seconds (or less often), but you can't listen to both at once. The little LEDs light up to show you how loud the sound it. This is actually quite a useful feature, as it allows you to "see" if there is any sound from across the room without needing the volume on high.
    ...more info
  • Great, when they aren't crackling, popping or just plain beeping.
    These monitors have a clean signal range of about 2 feet, line-of-sight. Anything more than that and you get random static, popping noises and, my personal favorite, lost signal beeping.

    Mind you, sometimes the monitor will work fine for 2 days non-stop... then you'll get up 6 times in one night to move the receiver around to try to get it to stop making noise. Nothing obvious changes.. maybe its sunspots, maybe tides, maybe its psychic interference from alien brain scans... one thing is for certain, its REALLY annoying at 3am.

    Do yourself a favor, buy a 2.4ghz or DECT system, this one will **** you off....more info
  • Lost connection
    This monitor lost connection frequently over a range of approximately 25 feet. I presume this is due to our wireless network, which works on the same frequency. Still, given the popularity of wireless networks, I expect these monitors to handle the interference.
    ...more info
  • confusion in the beginning, but it finally works well for us
    We've had this product almost a year and, until recently, it has not worked well for us. We've hardly used it because we've had to endure frequent and annoying beeping every 1 to 2 minutes. It seemed that the parent units just could not maintain connection with the nursery units. Now that my son is moving into a new bedroom that is beyond earshot of the master bedroom, we need a baby monitor we can use at night (i.e. no beeping!). I decided to check into this problem one more time before breaking down and buying a new monitor.

    After reading the reviews on this website and re-reading the owners manual (more carefully this time), I was able to eliminate the "out of range" beeping. Basically, we didn't realize that the parent unit alternates between the two nursery units, so you only listen to one room at a time (instead of listening to them simultaneously). So, the parent unit was losing signal every 1 or 2 minutes because it was searching for the nursery unit we had never turned on (since we didn't need it yet).

    It would be great if the wording on the packaging and the owner's manual were clearer about this feature. Now that we've figured it out, it's not a problem. The monitor works great by my bedside at night. It alternates between my son's room and the nursery with no beeping. No crackling. No interference.

    The battery life is a bit short, it seems. But, we leave them in the cradle most of the time anyway.

    The belt clip on this product is not designed well. It's so short that, if you clip it to the waste of your pants, the slightest bend at the waist will cause the parent unit to pop off. I just hold it in my hand or put it in my pocket instead. It's less than ideal but it works.

    One positive thing about this monitor--a few months ago, one of the parent units popped off the waist line of my shorts when I bent over and it fell into the swimming pool. I quickly grabbed it up and put it in a RubberMaid bowl full of rice with the lid askew. After a couple of days, I turned it on and it seems to work just fine.

    Bottom line, it took almost a year and a little research into a problem, but this product is finally working well for us. I hope Graco can clear up the wording on the package and in the owner's manual so that the method of "simultaneous" monitoring is clear. This would have saved us 9 months of stress over money wasted on this product. Maybe I should have read the instructions more carefully, but the wording should also be more explicit. ...more info
  • like it better now than at first
    We bought this item about a year ago. I had written a review back then, but it seems to have disappeared. Anyway, I did not like this baby monitor at first, mainly because it had an extremely short reach. I had to have it in line of sight in order to work, which made it almost useless, as I could hear the baby cry through the window at that point. We moved into a new house, but this didn't improve anything. Then all of a sudden things improved for some reason. It works now in any part of the house. I don't know what changed, it can't be interference. If anything we have now more interference then we used to have (wifi, BT devices, more celltowers were put up in the area). But anyway, here is my updated review:

    - very good sound quality
    - durable design
    - LEDs (very useful when the volume is turned down)
    - two sender/transmitter with automatic switching
    - docking stations
    - great toy

    - short battery life (after one year it lasts maybe 10-15 minutes when out of the cradle - both units. However they are in the cradle almost always).
    - limited range (works throughout most of the house now, but there are still some spots where it does not work, but the old analog baby monitor works fine.
    - user interface not intuitive

    About the user interface I need to mention that I am a very technical person and as a male of course didn't read the manual at first. I did not figure it out without reading the manual later on. My wife, who is not as technical, read the manual and had no problem at all using the system.

    My son is now 18 months old, when he wakes up, one of his first routines is to walk to our bedroom and get the baby monitor. He has always been fascinated with it, since it makes sounds when you push buttons, and has lights. And the way it looks, it could be any of his toys. Several times it happend that when he was done playing with it, he drowned it in a glass of water. After disconnecting the battery and letting everything dry for a while it works still perfectly fine. It had no impact on the battery life, as it is the same as the other unit (which was never exposed to water).

    So after using this product for over a year, I have to say, I am quite happy with it. The negative points are a little annoying but the positive points by far outweigh them.

    ...more info
  • Has a few quirks but overall I'm incredibly satisfied
    Fantastic product...I couldn't be happier. We splurged for this dual monitor after a nightmarish experience with another, cheaper (in every aspect) product.

    + Great range. I have it set up in bedrooms on opposite sides of a 2300sqft house and it monitors fine. I can even take a monitor into my backyard without losing signal.
    + Monitors are portable! They come with internal rechargeable batteries, which last at least 3 hours before they need a charge. When the battery is low it warns with a chime. Child units can also run on (non-supplied) batteries so the system will function even with a power loss.
    + There are 11 volume settings (including mute), which is enough to fine-tune your volume comfort level.
    + The LED lights are bright but they don't blink persistently. They're no brighter than an average alarm clock when everything's quiet. They're also color-coded so you instantly know who's making noise.
    + The monitors beep when you make adjustments, but it's a quiet beep that won't wake up your sleeping spouse.
    + Buttons are easy to find and manipulate even in the middle of the night. Unlike a prior reviewer I found the buttons and their combinations to be intuitive and easy to learn (and I'm not an engineer).
    + Something like 30 digital channels to ensure your neighbor's monitor won't interfere.
    + Monitoring intervals are adjustable - for example we can set it to monitor our older child's room for just 20 seconds at a time while devoting a longer 2 minutes to the baby. This might be one of the most attractive features for me.
    + Receivers are sensitive enough to hear any baby cries, but unless you have the volume up pretty loud you won't hear breathing or any other background white noise (humidifier, fan, etc).

    Cons (there aren't many):
    + If you accidentally turn off the child unit you must turn the receiver off and back on before it will pick up the signal again.
    + Whenever we have a power loss or a thunderstorm, one (not both, just one...?) of the child units tends to get finicky with its signal and we have to try different channels.
    + Child unit's power and channel buttons are too close together and too hard to distinguish in the dark.
    + Okay, yeah, it's pricy. But well worth it in my opinion.

    I was not put off by the cycling between units versus simultaneous monitoring. If you think a 10 or 20 second "blackout" is too long, this unit is not for you; but I have never found it to be a problem. I'd highly recommend this unit to anyone--it's well worth the cost....more info
  • Great Product
    Great product. Exceeds my expectations. Been using it for a couple of weeks and wondering why stores don't carry this product. It's so quiet, when compared to our old monitor, that we were questioning if the unit was working. Picks up all the sounds but not the static. A must buy if you need to monitor two rooms....more info
  • Awesome Product
    We purchased this item after having our second child. It was great. It allows you to monitor two rooms at once. All you need to do is read the directions! We set it on the lowest setting (12 seconds per room). It switches back and you can always know which room its monitoring at. We love it and it has been a great product. We wish it was a little cheaper, but still worth the money....more info
  • Loses connection constantly
    We have an average 2200 sq. ft. house and wanted to monitor both babies rooms. The furthest room loses connection OFTEN and it just beeps at you until you adjust it or move it to find connection. I never had this problem with my single monitor no matter how far we took it. Sometimes it just looses connection for no is so annoying especially considering we paid a good amount for it. Just buy two seperate ones if you need two. ...more info
  • Great monitor!
    Before I had this one, i used a Summer Video monitor, which was good, though tended to have a lot of white noise.

    So far this one is great! I can monitor the kids in two rooms, playing or sleeping. I have been very impressed with the clarity and complete lack of static. We have had problems with the summer in this house, and so far i'm not seeing the same issues....more info
  • Great monitor for 2 kids
    I just had my 2nd child in December, so a monitor with the ability to oversee 2 rooms was a must! I have been using my imonitor for 4 days and am very happy with it. I live in a 1500 sq ft condominium with 2 concrete walls, and so I was worried about the reception that some of the other respondants found problematic, but I really haven't had much problem with this. On the 2nd night, the parent unit made clicking sounds all night, and I was worried the monitor wouldn't work out. But after playing with the settings the next morning, I found that by pressing the channel button on the nursery unit, the clicking sounds went away and I haven't had a problem since. The reception has been very clear without the static background noise I had with my old First Years monitor.

    Many respondants also complained about the inability to "turn off" one of the nursery units, e.g. if only one child was napping and the other playing. But there is a way to effectively "turn off" one of the nursery units, as described in the "Changing the Monitoring Time" section of the directions. Looking at the diagram, you will notice that if you set the monitoring time to the lowest setting (1 light) this effectively "turns off" that unit, and the parent unit will exclusively monitor only the other nursery unit.

    At first I was unsure about the fact that the monitors don't allow you to hear both children simultaneously. But in reality, if one of my children really needs me they will cry or call out for more than 10 seconds, so I don't think this will really end up being a problem.

    The lights are somewhat bright, but I found if I turn the monitor slightly away from my bed, I could still hear any crying without being bothered too much by the lights. I suppose if it really bothers me, I will just place a piece of dark cloth over the moitor. My children are 2 1/2 years and 2 months, making their crying very distinct, so I don't need the light indicator to tell me which child is crying.

    I haven't tried to keep the parent unit out of the cradle for more than 30 mins, so I can't comment on the cordless feature....more info
  • Great for two rooms!
    I searched for a long time to find a monitor for two rooms. I have been very pleased with this monitor. We have been using it for 2 months. It is easy to change the volume and the length of monitoring between rooms. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was sometimes it goes out of range and the beeping can be annoying. All in all - we are very happy with the purchase. ...more info