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If the idea of basement tapes made by Billy Corgan and Doug Martsch appeals to you, say hello to your new favorite band. Silversun Pickups are fairly early adopters of the 1990s revival, but they're not grunge dorks or anything, and they're from L.A. so they dress nice. Their music updates the anthemic but gauzy heavy rock sound that Veruca Salt and the Smashing Pumpkins had down pat. Thankfully, they strip it down and add plenty of finely distorted guitar leads to the whole thing. It's nice. With a spacey, laid-back sound due in no small part to knob-twiddlers Tony Hoffer and Dave Cooley, repeated listens are mandatory. Just don't pass out on the couch. --Mike McGonigal

The wait is over. Silversun Pickups are about to unveil their debut full length on July 25. The Angelenos have been hard at work in the studio for months since the release of their EP 'Pikul', and are excited for the finished copy to hit the shelves. Singer/guitarist Brian Aubert offers, "We worked our asses off and we are very proud of the finished product." Using Pikul as the blueprint, the full-length seamlessly continues with Silversun's signature sound. Aubert continues, "We stayed very focused on a feeling for the full-length. It's colder, more mechanical, moodier - but at the end of it all, it's a rock record. And that's what we wanted to make." The album captures the moody nature of Silversun Pickups' sound: fuzzy guitars, driving bass grooves, ethereal keyboards, angular drums, all complemented by Aubert's unmistakable, raspy vocals. This duality is the quality that sets the Silversun Pickups apart.

Their debut full-length, following the EP "Pikul". Using "Pikul" as a blueprint, "Carnavas" seamlessly continues the moody nature of Silversun's signature sound: fuzzy guitars, driving bass grooves, ethereal keyboards, angular drums, and raspy vocals.

Customer Reviews:

  • nice!
    Very good record, artwork is beautiful, and the 7" bonus LP just adds another good reason to buy this one. I think this one is so much better then the follow up album 'swoon'. Raw, unpolished and fresh....more info
  • Fun and interesting
    I really enjoyed this albulm. I hadn't heard them but, decided to try them out. It was a fantastic choice. I love the fuzz and lo-fi sound. The lead singer has such an ominous sound to his slow build ups. The music is super passionate. ...more info
  • A Solid Album
    I find myself listening to this album all the way through without skipping around. I can't say I love every song but I like each enough not to skip past it. There are some definite gems on this album as well. Melatonin, Well Thought Out Twinkles, Little Lover's So Polite, Lazy Eye: All 5 stars in my book....more info
  • The Cali Indie rockers at thier best
    Well, this would be Silversun Pickups' 2nd published album. The sounds and lyrics of this album can be compared to those of the first one, except there wouldn't be much o f a difference. The guitar riffs are a little more to the alternative side than soft Indie Pop. However, if I do say so myself, this album brings forth the best of these Califonia Indie Poppers. If you like bands such as Rilo Kiley, Modest Mouse, Panic! at the DIsco, etc. I recommend it!...more info
  • stop comparing them to the smashing pumpkins!!!
    Totally different sound...I was around for the on start of the pumpkins there sound had their time and place...the Silver Sun Pick-up are not the Smashing Pumpkins. Stop Comparing...I took to this band at once...not all will. They are for the most critical of ears. If you like top 4o alternative...these guys are not for you...underground more your thing. You will love the Silver Sun Pickups ...more info
  • pumpkins - raw
    well thought out twinkles - - play it loud, A Billy Corgan early b-side phenomenon....more info
  • A Great "Pickup"
    One of the better albums I have picked up recently.Knew the song,"Lazyeye" and was ready see what else the album had to offer.Definitely a lot more.Yes ,Silversun does have Smashing Pumpkins likeness in their own way.But well worth buying this effort.Well Thought Out Twinkles,Little Lovers So Polite,Future Foe Scenarios(maybe my fave on album),Melatonin and Three Seed highlight this well crafted album. If you are a fan of Lazyeye and want to see what else this album has to offer,buy it now. You probably will find something better.As good a song Lazyeye is.A band you will hear a lot of in 2008 and well beyond....more info
  • Great CD
    Wow this cd was so good. They do remind me just a little bit of the Smashing Pumpkins, but they've got a prety distinct sound that's for the most part all their own. Pretty much every song on this cd is capable of being a single, there are no filler songs. The only other cd I've liked this much and listened to this many times in so short a period in recent memory was Hot Fuss by the killers. The sky's the limit for this band, and I hope they continue with their excellence....more info
  • Must have!
    This is what the smashing pumpkins would have sounded like if they didn't change for the worse in the 90's Amazing, catchy album....more info
  • put the headphones on.
    Heard the single "lazy eye" on the college station. luckily, something they rarely do, the dj anounced the name of the band. Coincidently, i was at Target with my sister, and they had the cd for 6.99! I figured, what the heck, i grabbed it. upon first listen, i said what everyone else said...pretty aweful smashing pumpkins/sonic youth rip off's. i was only 12 when grunge was tearing through mtv and the radio, and sp and sy being my long time favs of the era (i consider neither grunge, check melvins or mudhoney from truer grunge.)

    The one thing that makes or breaks an album for me is how it sounds with headphones on.
    i was walking to work and took this cd along with me, i listened to it on the way home, 2 oclock in the morning, with cars speeding by and gnarled trees above reaching down for me. and it hit me. the beauty of the music.
    now i love this album and the follow-up "swoon" is one of the albums i am most excited for in 2009!

    sometimes you just have to turn off all you senses and forget everything you know and just let it seep in.

    if you dont you are missing out on alot.

    i also recommend the new ...and you will know us by the trail of dead record. amazing. bliss....more info
  • An instant classic with no bad tracks
    I've never wanted to play the guitar as badly as when I listen to this CD. Take an immensely gifted guitarist/singer/songwriter, blend in a female bass player with an ear for tasty grooves and this CD absolutely nails it. A quantum leap over their previous album (Pikul), which sounds almost primitive by comparison. While in the same vein as Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine, the Pickups deliver consistent hooks and great melodies song after song. There's a reason why the Indie channels on XM and Yahoo Radio still play the Pickups almost 2 years after this CD came out!...more info
  • 2 Thumbs up for this group!
    I just discovered these guys and their music is great. I'm diggin' this album and hope to check out some of their other stuff. This one band that's worth checking out if you want to hear something good. ...more info
  • Interesting Good Modern Music
    So I was driving home from work at about 3:45 in the AM and my station was playing an hour of new music from unheard artists because as we all know they can do that then because no ones listening to the radio at that time... Anyway, I was listening and all of a sudden this song came on. I was instantly curious on finding out who it was. As it turns out it was the track "Well Thought Out Twinkles". I had to go out and buy the cd the next day because of it. Now it might not be the best thing to ever come to radio but it sure is really good. There are quite a few tracks that I really love on this cd alongside a few okay ones. None the less the cd is pretty good. My favorites from the cd are "Melatonin", "Well Thought Out Twinkles", "Lazy Eye", and "Third Seed". The cd itself is very relaxing as well as interesting because I havn't heard anything quite like this. Here's my album ratings...

    1. Melatonin - 10/10
    2. Well Thought Out Twinkles - 10/10
    3. Checkered Floor - 9.5/10
    4. Little Lover's So Polite - 8.5/10
    5. Future Foe Scenarios - 9/10
    6. Waste It On - 8.5/10
    7. Lazy Eye - 9.5/10
    8. Rusted Wheel - 9.5/10
    9. Dream At Tempo 119 - 8.5/10
    10. Three Seed - 10/10
    11. Common Reactor - 9.5/10

    Overall : 92% A-

    It's an overall pretty relaxing listen. There are a lot of good to great tracks and the cd was the complete opposite of a disappointment as I bought it on a whim. As it turns out I had heard the song "Lazy Eye" before without realizing it. Since I can't tell who they really sound like I couldn't tell you what types of people would like this so anyone into modern indie music should give this a shot.
    ...more info
  • Smashing Pumpkins comparison is fair but.....
    I understand some of the comparisons to the Smashing Pumpkins, but I don't necessarily like the comparison. The Pumpkins were a much more accomplished group with many more albums. Some of the distorted guitar and high-pitched vocals lend themselves to these comparisons but the Pumpkins kicked your butt from the get-go. Silversun Pickups are not going to appeal to as wide of an audience. "Lazy-Eye" is a great song, although I'm sad to see that they already sold it out for a commercial.

    Matt Zarnstorff...more info
  • This cd is amazing.
    It is a little different style of music than what I would normally listen to, but I was very happy with the whole album....more info
  • wow
    this is quite lovely. just let it play. if i put it on and listen it is just okay. if i put it on and let it play and don't focus so much i'm all of a sudden taken away, esp tracks 2 and 7. again, an acquired taste. but well worth the wait. ...more info
  • One of the Best
    I love this album. Hard driving beats and catchy hooks carried along by a jangling wall of guitars. The Smashing Pumpkins comparisons may be lazy, but they're right on. Of course there are other influences in the mix, including Sonic Youth, the Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, and The Jesus & Mary Chain, but this band stands on its own. Not a weak song among the bunch, and a couple of great ones in Lazy Eye and Common Reactor. Good stuff....more info
  • Fantastic
    I love this cd. There aren't many cd's out there that I can listen to over and over again, but this is one of them. I do agree that this does have a smashing pumpkins feel to it. These songs were well written and are all very enjoyable. They have another cd coming out soon and I hope it's just as good or even better than carnavas....more info
  • What did I just hear?
    The first time I heard "Lazy Eye" on satellite radio this Spring I thought maybe it was from the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins album and I loved it! I would find myself driving around waiting for it to come on and just zone out listening to it. Once I found out who this band was I was pleasantly surprised. But I didn't run out and buy the album, because I can't stand buying a album for just one good song. But once I heard "Future Foe Scenarios" I ran out to buy it. The entire album is solid and I play it straight thru without skipping around. I missed the real grunge music I grew up listening to in high school in the mid 90's, and this hits the spot everytime....more info
  • Wonderful Modern Dreamrock?
    I was driving along in my car one day viewing the desolate and empty Wisconsin countryside when an extremely interesting song came on the radio, it had great use of distortion and melody, and over the last few years thats become a rarity. I was instantly hooked on the overall sound and I needed to know who the band was. I prayed and prayed that they would name the song and artist after it played. Luckily, after the song eneded the announcer said it was a band named the Silversun Pickups and the title was "Lazy Eye". I tried to remember that name until I could find their cd somewhere, anywhere! I went on a trip to Chicago to chill out with some friends and felt compelled to run into the virgin records store downtown and look for it, when I found it I was impressed by the artwork and how it wasn't just a cheesy picture of something supposedly artsy or a horrible pic of the band posing and looking "hot" for the masses. I had no idea that after I walked out of the store it was the only cd I would listen to for the next two months.

    This cd has some of the catchiest melodies and vocal harmonies I have heard in a long time. The songs are excellent and keep you hooked for a long time if your a fan of songs like "1979" from Smashing Pumpkins. Just FYI for everyone, I'm not doing the whole band comparison thing in this review, everyone else has overdone it so much that its just annoying at this point. The only thing I will say is that if you like songs like "1979" then you will thoroughly enjoy this album. Its almost as if the band took a song like "1979" and said "hey! lets use it as a blueprint and then make an album full of songs even more melodic and catchy!" They succeed with flying colors by the way, they incorporate the sound of their elders while bringing in that new indie confidence and artful style.

    The album never becomes annoyingly catchy, it just sort of sits in your brain and hangs out, forcing you to comply and gently bob your head in that gentle agreement kind of way. I couldn't find a week track on the album, it keeps you in that trance like state for a good while and you never feel compelled to change the track because you don't like what your hearing. It is overall an extremely well done debut album from a talented new band that uses many different parts to form a new whole. They have obviously studied many bands from the last 25 years and learned everything they could to make a great album. Sure it is reminiscent of Smashing Pumpkins, but it also does it in such a way that you have to hand it to them, they made a truly compelling modern album that for once doesn't scream "I want to sound like every other popular band and become rich and famous too!", and for that reason alone I appreciate the Silversun Pickups. As slightly familiar as they sound, they remind you of bands that actually had a lot of credit and talent. I honestly believe that Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, and other influential bands feel slightly flattered that a new band is taking after them in such a talented and revitalized way. Hopefully other bands will come out that can learn how to creatively utilize the ideas of truly great bands without becoming blind advocates of blatant [...].

    I can't wait for their next album.

    ...more info
  • A Superb Record
    This is already one of the best records I've ever listened to. There is probably only one song, Waste It On, that I don't consider to be excellent, everything else is outstanding. My favorite tracks are Well Thought Out Twinkles, Little Lover's So Polite, Lazy Eye, Rusted Wheel, Dream Tempo At 119, and Common Reactor. I don't know why this band has gone under the radar compared to some other bigger names, but do yourself a favor and buy this record. ...more info
  • 3-1/2 stars -- Silver lining
    Silversun Pickups are yet another band that I was introduced to on the Tonight Show. I didn't hear their debut EP, but I still decided to check out their full-length album, Carnavas.

    Let me just say right away that this band is definitely not for everyone, as lead singer Brian Aubert's voice has a VERY acquired taste (and I really don't understand the Billy Corgan comparisons). Not only that, but he also has a habit of doing hard-rock-induced screaming at odd times during songs that aren't even loud, which ruins otherwise good tracks like "Future Foe Scenarios" and especially "Lazy Eye". But there are still good songs like "Three Seed", "Checkered Floor" and "Rusted Wheel".

    The rest of the songs are okay, but there are also small slip-ups in the production department with the first and last track ("Melatonin" and "Common Reactor", respectively). The former has some bizarre instrumentation, and the latter ends with one full minute of what sounds like the kind of feedback you hear when your dial is stuck between two AM radio stations. While I don't think that Silversun Pickups are worth ALL the hype, Carnavas is still worth picking up.

    Anthony Rupert...more info