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Family Feud
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $7.83

You Save: $12.16 (61%)


Product Description

Family Feud is an interactive version of the classic game show. It has the great elements that made the game show a hit for over 3 decades. It's all here, from the quirky survey questions to the Fast Money rounds. It also features the voice and likeness of your favorite game show host!

  • Play against the computer, a friend or your entire family
  • Over 1,000 new survey questions
  • Customizable characters feature lets you create your own family

Customer Reviews:

  • Unable to Open
    The game would install, but not open. After several attempts to uninstall/reinstall/restart computer...the same error message continued to appear. We were unable to play, but have opted to exchange in hopes for better luck next time. Watch for review #2....more info
    The graphics are positively the worst I've ever seen in a game!! Additionally, the other negatives posted by others are all true - i.e. the game doesn't recognize right answers.
    But the graphics are just so awful (accompanied by a repetitive annoying noise) we've never played it again. Save your money!!...more info
  • Survey Says Again
    These days, with so much popularity on game shows like The Price Is Right, Jeopardy, Deal Or No deal, and Wheel Of Fortune, people just can't ever say no to watching and playing these great classics at home, and as board games. It seems like they are still everywere. Nevertheless, out of all the classic game shows, there are very few that have still remained as constant as Family Feud. This show has still remained as popular as it has been when it debuted back in 1976. Well, with the show celebating its 30th anniversary this year, the excitement still is fun on television, and with a new edition for the computers, it has done it again in fun.

    Family Feud for Windows XP brings out all the fun and wonderful excitement of the simple basic survey game. Unlike the survery says editions that have been a bit flawed for the DVD, this edition tries to go back to the basics, as you try to guess the most popular answers to the survey. With over 1,000 questions and a lot of hidden extras tht are just surprising and fun. The main stage of the game is reminent to Family Feud's 2005-2006 season, when Richard Karn hosted the show for his last time. The extras that you can unlock are also exciting, from alternateive sets, dating all the way back to when Richard Dawson hosted the show in the 1970's, to many different ways you can make your own family members. You can play by yourself, or with others, and have a whole lot of fun. Sadly, there are a couple of disadvantges to the game. One of them is that the computer M.C. isn't Richard Karn or John O' Hurley, the shows' current host, instead Todd Newton from GSN's Whammy: the All New Press Your Luck is the host. Also, another disadvantage is that if you own a widescreen monitor for your Windows XP, you honestly see the charaacters as they are a bit chubby.

    All in all, Family Feud hasn't been a computer game, since Louie Anderson hosted the show back in 2000, and it has long been overdue to come again to the computer. This classic game is stil a lot of fun to watch and play, and I really enjoy this great game for the home computer. If you haven't owned the game on computer before, you'll definitely want to get this, and that is what the survey says.

    Graphics: B+

    Sound: B

    Price: B-

    Fun & Enjoyment: B 1/2-

    Overall: B ...more info
  • Fun
    This game is quite fun. Earlier I thought that I would know most of the answers, but I was wrong so I lost. There are some tricky questions that you might need to think hard. Creating people is very funny - there is some choice and see what the reaction of people is when you try to "create" them. I don't know why all of you are having trouble installing. The only problem I have is that sometimes my games don't save, but I don't mind because now it doesn't happen. The only thing is that whenever I try the online gaming (play with other people) there is never anyone online. But otherwise, be prepared for a fun, competitive, and exciting game to play....more info
  • Couldn't play
    I was so excited to order this game!! I was so happy the day I received it in the mail. I installed the game and it said installation complete. Well, I was unable to open it. I kept getting an error message. So I installed it, and tried again. Didn't work. So I shut down my computer, still didn't work. Checked my computer for virus's...still didn't work. All of the other games I bought I had no problem with. Talk about being disappointed!!!!...more info
    I love playing Family Feud. It's a game you can enjoy alone or with others. I received the order in 2 days. The cd has a scratch on it so it may have been used although it was advertised as new. I'll still keep it because I ordered it for our office holiday party. I would order from them again....more info
  • Family Feud for Windows
    I ordered this game for my computer 2 times. After loading the game, it said it wa installed. However, when I went to play the game I got an error saying the game was not installed correctly?? I sent the error, but got no response.
    I thought the game was defective, so I sent it back and ordered another game. I had the same problem and sent the error, which again, I got no response from the manufacturer.
    I sent it back again and ordered the DVD version of the game. I have not received that yet, so hopefully will work for me.
    I do not know if my computer was not compatible for the game; however, I do not understand why the installation said complete & then I was unable to play the game because of an "error"?...more info
  • My son and I have fun with this!
    The game is fun, but the graphics are really bad. We still have trouble figuring out the teams. But we love to guess the answers!...more info
  • Surprisingly Fun
    Perhaps my expectations were low, but for $19.99 I found it to be a pretty good deal. There's a wide variety of survey questions and the customizable feature allows you to create some pretty ridiculous looking families. If you're a big fan of the show, you'll most likely be a fan of the game. ...more info
  • Never got the chance to play the game!!
    When I first purchased this game, I was very excited. As a fan of Family Feud for many years, I was very happy to purchase the game so I could play it at home. When I recieved the game, the set up directions were unclear and short. When I was unsuccesful installing the game, I asked one of my computer friends for help installing the game and they were unsuccessfull as well. After a few days of attempting to install (and numberous failures), I contacted the help department, who proved to be no help at all. First of all, there is no help phone number in the set-up instructions so you may not call and speak to anyone. Only an e-mail address was given. So I e-mailed the help and they e-mailed me back a set of troubleshooting tips to try, all of which were not relevant to the Family Feud game. They even told me to try things that I clearly explained in the original e-mail that I have tried and were unsuccessful .I emailed them again (after trying again myself other troubleshooting tips I found online). The second email I recieved was a cut and paste of the first email telling me to try again the troubleshooting ideas that have not been working all along. I wonder if the "help" department even read my email before responding to it. I would not recommend this game to anyone, especially if you are going to need help installing it. If so, don't rely on their help! Very Disappointed!...more info