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Logitech QuickCam Chat
List Price: $34.95

Our Price: $17.99

You Save: $16.96 (49%)


Product Description

Experience video and audio right out of the box with easy setup and included headset / Attractive Eyeball Design / Windows XP and Vista Compatible Live Video - Capture video at a size that's easy on anyone's eyes. Synchronized Audio - Have a lifelike conversation with friends near and far. Manual Focus - Adjust for the sharpest picture Package Contents - Logitech QuickCam Chat; QuickCam Software CD; Quick start Guide; Logitech 2 year limited warranty; Logitech QuickCam Applications - Free 30-day trial of Logitech VideoCall with online photo sharing functions - One-click video email, QuickCapture for photos; Bonus Software included - HP PhotoSmart Essential application for capturing, editing, and printing images; ArcSoft Collage Creator to create collages of images captured Works with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista; Pentium 4 orAMD Athlon processor

  • Easy to Set Up and Use - Install in just three steps, and make a call with just one click.
  • Adaptable Monitor Clip - Secure your webcam to any type of monitor.
  • Compatibility - Use it with all major instant messaging programs, as well as computers with USB 1.1. or 2.0 connections.
  • Still Shots - Capture, print and send pictures with the free image software
  • Included Headset - Get audio and video in one simple solution.

Customer Reviews:

  • Surprising video quality for the price!
    My brother and I have video chatted over the past few months, but his frame rates were very low and the video pixelated. He has a cable modem, so speed isn't an issue. So it was quite a shock when we video chatted yesterday evening...his video was not only clear, but streaming nicely with full motion and the built-in mic picked up his voice clearly. The performance was annoyingly close to my expensive camcorder doing double-duty as a webcam! He isn't using bleeding-edge equipment either: A Pentium III E-Machines, with USB 1.0 ports. If this camera can put some life back into that old goat, then this webcam is pretty darn good....more info
  • Just awful
    I would do a video review, except the microphone that comes with the damned thing doesn't work! Compound tht with the fact it has super low resolution and is ghosts horribly and this camera just isn't worth your time. The only thing preventing me from rating this one star is the ridiculously quick and easy installation....more info
  • simple and easy
    this web cam is good if you want a nice and easy one. some problems i have with it is it has a really dark picture so use it in a room with lots of light and you will be fine.
    if you have a short budget i would go for this cam but if u have 20$ more i would go for the more expensive ones. your not really paying for the name with webcams so the more you spend the better quality you will get...more info
  • Clear image
    the camera works so well
    gives clear and non fuzzy image. And has perfect light controls ...more info
  • you get what you pay for
    As with most things, this webcam proved to be worth what I payed for it, which was not very much. It is decent for using with a messenger, just to talk to someone with, but I would never rely on it as a camera for photos. It's an OK webcam, nothing special, but it works. ...more info
  • good product
    easy to setup
    easy to use
    i got what i expected
    *GET SKYPE*...more info
  • Decent
    Decent picture and sound for what I paid. There were some issues having our computer recognize the device. We eventually figured it out after looking online and downloading a fix. Overall happy with the purchase....more info
  • Works with Linux
    I use Ubuntu operating system and I found it really hard to find a webcam compatible with Linux both on the Logitech website and in retail stores. Then I found this webcam on Amazon. It is cheap and it worked with Ubuntu as soon as I plugged it in, without even the need to install any software. I would rate the quality of the video as medium as the clarity is low and there is no adjustment to external light intensity. The frame rate is good and the speed of my connection is 10Mbps. ...more info
  • disappointed, totally.....
    I bought this webcam about 7months ago..but rarely used it..initially it was working fine, but I don't know what happened,i din't even drop it or mishandle it..The picture quality is horrible..I don't even bother using it anymore...I paid $27 for this piece of waste of money.....more info