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Mobile Edge SecurePack 17" Backpack ( Black/Yellow )
List Price: $79.99

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Product Description

The Mobile Edge mission is to create truly cutting-edge carrying cases that will enhance your mobile lifestyle and positively reflect your personal sense of style.PRODUCT FEATURES:Ideal for computers with screens up to 17" (screen size measured diagonally);Exclusive security system, prevents access to interior while backpack is being worn;Roomy interior with pen holder and pockets for CDs, iPod, PDA, keys and accessories;Dedicated exterior media pocket for MP3 or CD player with pass-through port for headphone cable;Ergonomic ventilated back panel for superior comfort;EZ-Access cell phone pocket on shoulder strap;Two removable accessory pouches;Reflective safety trim material.

  • Mobile Edge SecurePack - Notebook carrying backpack

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome backpack!
    I was using a targus messenger bag before this lappy is a 17" so its hard to find a decent backpack under a $100 bucks to buy. This one does definitely not dissapoint! I am a college student with a 17" hp lappy and this backpack suits all my needs!! People complained about having little amounts of room, but the insert on the inside comes out so that you can have more room for books or supplies. My lappy is anything less of my eternal life here at school, so when I found out what a secure backpack this was...god was i happy. I go to school in boston and this is perfect when you're in the city or on the T. Its also very comfy and has tons of padding so you know nothing is flying around in ur pack when you walk. Also, i enjoy the mp3 pocket, convienent and nifty. There is a cup holder thing for the outside too, it just zips away in a pocket when not in use..for those who like to bring water to class like i do. I am a very short chick *5 feet tall* and its not overbearing at all.
    Overall, this pack gets an A++ from me...its totally awesome!!...more info
  • A brilliant idea, but...
    A colleague recommended the Mobile Edge SecurePack 17" Backpack to me to carry my new (huge) laptop, so I purchased it. I excitedly opened the box and started filling up the backpack with all the necessities of my mobile office: laptop, battery charger, extra disks, books, pencils, PDA, file folders, digital camera, flashlight, mouse, mouse pad, etc., etc. To my dismay, I was only able to fit a fraction of the things I needed to carry around into this backpack.

    The idea of making it impossible to get into the backpack unless it has been removed from your shoulder is brilliant, and the product is constructed of excellent materials. However, it was quite a bit short on storage space for my needs, so I regrettably had to return it. If the manufacturers could somehow make it larger while still keeping the overall design within proportion, I reckon they would have a winner of a product....more info
  • I really liked it, but it was too big
    This backpack was perfect for my needs. I was looking for a laptop backpack to use while riding my bicycle to work and back. This would have worked great, but it was just too big for me. I'm 5 ft. tall and the bottom part of the pack hung practically to the bottom of my rear end...with the straps as tight as I could have them. When I tried to saddle my bike with it on, it was really uncomfortable because it was so long. I'm actually sad about it because I really liked the pack. I had to go with the Mobile Edge Express Backpack instead....more info
  • Good, not great...
    I bought and used this backpack for a trip to Amsterdam. I bought it mainly because of the security features, and for that it is excellent. Having the zippers inaccessible puts your mind at ease in a big crowd or on the train or tram. The major con of this pack is that the dividers don't go all the way to the bottom, all small items fall directly to the bottom and are hard to access. Overall I would recommend this pack to travelers and motorcyclists.
    ...more info
  • Like It A lot BUT...
    This a great computer backpack if all you want to carry is your computer and its accessories and maybe a few folders. For that I love it. However, my 17" Gateway 7811FX will not fit unless I remove the battery. Drag. I am not really a shut the computer down every time person. I like to shut it and run so for me its a small drawback....more info
  • Huge, too huge
    The 17" laptop by it's self is big, but when you put it in the backpack there is still space to the sides and top of the computer. too much.
    The style really looks like a TMNT shell. Its good for tricker-treating.
    It's secure thats for sure and if you don't care about style than this is the one for you....more info
  • Very High Quality
    This bag is really high quality stuff. The fabric, material and especially protection of the laptop is very well-designed. Strongly recommended to the people who is seeking for "secure" protection for their 17" laptops....more info
  • Excellent backpack for up to 17" screen laptops! Best I've seen around so far...
    Excellent construction, nice looks, well-designed. It even holds my Sony 18.4" VAIO AW but it requires some strain to get the zippers to close so I wouldn't recommend it to carry computers larger than 17" screen size. It'll surely hold any other laptop quite well.

    The security feature of the zippers placed under the shoulder straps towards your back will prevent anyone from stealing anything while you're in a crowded place like a subway train. The case includes two well-sized zippered removable pouches for a power supply and other accessories, four small internal compartments (three stretch neoprene with velcro fasteners and one mesh), and a separate compartment for an MP3 player or whatever with a slit opening for your headphones cable.

    One small concern is that the computer compartment is located on the end that faces the wearer, hence your back is always pressing against the computer. Placing the computer with the bottom end (instead of the screen) facing your back will remove the strain from the screen, but depending on how much additional stuff you carry, the rest of the contents will be pressing against the screen, so...

    If you're a professional who wants to be able to carry your computer without the usual fuss of handling a shoulder strap to keep it from slipping, or if (like me) you usually carry your computer everywhere and want to be able to move your arms and hands freely, this bag's for you.

    If you're a student who --in addition to your computer-- needs to carry a lot of books, consider something else before you make your purchase as this backpack might not be the most spacious for your needs....more info
  • Finally found one...
    I myself have a Sony Vaio AR series laptop, 17" screen, and had the hardest time finding a backpack style bag that could hold my laptop. I had purchased other bags that said they would hold a 17" screen and ended up returning them as they could never close. After doing searching online, I found this bag on the manufacturer's website and finally found it. They even provided dimensions of the laptop compartment so I can best determine if this would work. I must say, it is a little tight of a fit, but its the best fit I've found and the bag actually can close without any issues or forcing it. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for this particular of bag that are having a hard time finding something to hold a 17" screen, especially a AR series Vaio. I use this solely for my laptop and accessories, and would be unable to judge its effectiveness for school to carry books with the laptop....more info
  • BIG bag
    This is a very well-put-together bag. As other reviewers have said, though, there's not a lot of room for contents other than a laptop and the power brick and cords. I have a laptop with an 18.4" screen, and it fits--very snugly, but I can close it up. There is room for a folder or two, but if you need to carry books AND a computer, this isn't the bag you want.

    The bag is extremely secure and there's even a little pocket for your iPod and a slit for the earphones. The straps are wide and very comfortable--it really feels very light and distributes the weight evenly. All in all, a great bag....more info
  • Best Laptop/BookBag out there.
    This is definitely one of the best laptop bags I have tried. I just purchased a 17.1" Gateway FX series laptop and it was hard to find a perfect bag for it. This was definitely it.

    My problem with most bags out there is the excess size of the bag hanging out when the bag is empty or even partially full. This bag however fixes that problem. It keeps the bag together and up against your back. The padding on your back side makes it comfortable to walk around without a hard surface (Laptop) against your back.

    One thing I would have changed on the bag is the file-like pockets inside the bag. There is no bottom to them, so if you are trying to put small items in them, they will likely find their way to the bottom of the bag. However if you are putting books or folders, then you have no problem :).

    5 Stars to a great bag :)...more info
  • Perfect backpack
    I purchased this item so that I could park a mile away from work and walk to and fro. I can carry personal items, homework and my laptop comfortably. The balance is wonderful and my back and shoulders feel no strain. The streamlined look is very professional and the reflective piping lets cars know I am there. I couldn't be more pleased....more info