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Belkin F5D7132 Wireless-G Universal Range Extender
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Product Description

The 802.11g Wireless Universal Range Extender/ access point (WURE) connects to your network switch and lets you join your wireless-equipped PCs to your wired network in Access Point Mode, or lets increase the coverage of your existing wireless network in Range Extender Mode. Once you've done the simple setup, you can share data and peripherals, as well as a single Internet account among all your computers. It is based on standard 802.11g technology for fast wireless file transfers and downloads.

  • Offers one-touch setup for wireless repeater mode
  • Adds wireless-enabled PCs to your wired network in access-point mode
  • Works seamlessly with the majority of routers and access points available
  • Ensures data and network security
  • Works with PCs and Macintosh computers

Customer Reviews:

  • We send it back!!!
    It wasn't working properly. We send it back, and now we are waiting for our refund (2 weeks already)...more info
  • WiFi range extender
    Worked exactly as advertised. Even better in the fact that it was advertised not to work with Vista and it did. Maybe software doesn't work with Vista but software isn't necessary for a simple range extension. Followed directions, plugged it in and immediately got reception where I hadn't been able to previously....more info
  • Great product, once you figure out how to set up
    Read other reviews regarding the setup of this product. While they were helpful I ended up having to call their support. After near 2 hours we got it working . . . That said once up it works like a champ. Would have given it 5 stars if not for the set up nightmare....more info
  • easy setup as an extender
    I found that (using it as an WiFi extender) the one-touch setup worked great. Powered it up, pressed the button 10 seconds, done. Signal is much improved on my second floor now. It could come with a longer antenna but it's replaceable so I am getting a better one soon....more info
  • just returned this; defective
    Setting this up is not an easy thing as most reviewers described. For me, the frustrating part was that the web management UI. It kept crashing every time I had to make changes such as changing SSID, WEP key, etc. After the crash, I had to reset the whole thing. This cycle continued without any success; finally I gave up and returned the piece of junk....more info
  • Review of Belkin Wireless Range extender
    This product appeared to be the perfect solution for my networking needs but it turned out to be a huge disappointment. First off, forget the instructions that came with the product-they are flat out wrong and inaccurate. You cannot set up the product as described in the instruction. I spent a long time trying to connect the range extender to my current network but failed after following the instructions. I called the costumer service number and spent about 1 hour with them-they were unable to set up the product. They promised me that they would call me with a more senior level technician to help me set up but I never received a call. Beware-do not buy this product. ...more info
  • Works well!
    This product does everything it needs to do to extend your 802.11g network. However, if you are a computer/network neophyte, it may offer some setup challenges as a result of the non-standard default address loaded into the device. There is plenty of online advice to help even a newbie get past that little hurdle, change the address, and complete the setup.

    The device does occasionally drop cryptographic sync, but I had the same problem with a different repeater and I believe the drops are due to signal attenuation in my challenging architecture.

    Use of a D-Link ANT24-0700 2.4GHz Omni-Directional 7dBi Indoor Antenna will give any user an additional range increase. I have them at both router and repeater, as well as at one remote terminal.

    This may be the only consumer-oriented repeater left on the market. Go for it!...more info
  • Descent range extender
    Worked well. One thing to note is that the device DOES work with Vista, but the setup CD does not. You'll have to set it up manually....more info
  • Belkin Universal Range Extender
    Useless product. Did not work, and after 3 hours of phone back and forth trying to fix it, (good effort) decided to replace. Then, appeared the gadget was discontinued, they don't have similar product, and are debating the way to refund. Do not buy....more info
  • True plug 'n play
    Setup was straight forward and works like a charm. Now have internet in the garage and train room. A little fiddling around to find the best spot without the wife complaining and now whole house and yard covered....more info
  • Good for an Open Network. Bad for secure networks.
    CD that comes with the access point doesn't work with Windows Vista. Also it is difficult to configure if you have network security enabled.
    If you have an open network or you are connecting to an open network it is very easy to use.

    The documentation that comes with the Range Extender is a joke.

    I sent mine back after spending an hour trying to get it to work. And another 45 minutes on with Belkin Tech support who could only get it to work with security disabled.
    ...more info
  • Easy to configure
    I read all the reviews about the difficulty to configure this device with security enabled and i disagree. I am a moderate computer user and i have a basic understanding of ipaddresses and networks. It took me 15 minutes to read the directions and link the product to my current wireless network using 128bit wep encryption. buy this it works....more info
  • It sort of works.....
    First of all, the range extender isn't as hard to set up as everyone says.
    1. connect LAN line from extender to your computer
    2. Change your manual LAN ip to
    3. Use any web browser to connect to the range extender by typing in
    4. Change all the basic setting to reflect that of your router except for the SSID, which you can change to anything you want.
    5. Change the security setting to reflect that of your router.
    6. hit apply and you are all done.

    BUT the extender doesn't extend the range of my wireless enough. If you have a weak wireless signal, the range extender only increases it about 3 times, which is not nearly enough. Also, the range of the extender isn't good either. If you use your laptop on the different floor of your house than the range extender is at, the signal drops to about 1/2.

    Overall: not good, find another range extender to buy. ...more info
  • Good product, good price, poor support
    I am using this to strengthen an unencoded WiFi signal within my home. I called Belkin support when the receiver, when relocated near the remote location, would not pick up the signal it locked on to originally. I called Belkin support, and was told I had to configure the unit, even though I explained I was not using encryption. I figured that would be a weekend project, and left it alone. After a day or so, the flashing red indicator went out, and my signal strength on my remote PC went from "Very Low" to "Very Good" or "Excellent." These reviews were more helpful than the instructions or Belkin support. Overall, though, it's doing what I wanted it to....more info
  • Does not work with Shared Key WEP, use Open!!
    I bought this to extend my wireless network, which is based on a Motorola SBG900 Cable Modem/Wireless Gateway. The Motorola was set up to use 64-bit WEP with Shared Key. I could NOT get the unit to work, as in the Red Search Light of Death continuously blinked. I called Belkin Tech support who ran me through their rote scripts, and advised me to return it. Ever the optimist, I opted for an exchange. The second unit arrived and behaved just like the first.

    However, I finally noticed that the Belkin does not give you an option to select Open vs. Shared WEP keys for 64-bit encryption. I switched my base unit to Open WEP (which is more secure anyway, it turns out) and the Belkin immediately latched on!!

    I now have coverage throughout my house and am a happy camper. 4 stars instead of 5 due to lousy documentation and customer support.

    WARNING ON BELKIN TECH SUPPORT: They are knuckleheads. They wanted me to hack the MAC addresses on my PC and Base unit. I'm an experienced networker, so I knew this was Not A Good Thing. They really don't know what they're doing, so do NOT follow their recommendations blindly, especially if they tell you to start reconfiguring the rest of your network....more info
  • it works. but think carefully!
    Hear my tale, and shudder!

    Okay, I have a SlimDevices SqueezeBox audio streaming device in my living room. It's about 50' from the wireless access point. I could only get it to work by putting it in one specific location, where it was unsightly, and I had to turn it on its side to receive wireless signals reliably. I've tried all sorts of things to get it to work better, even a direction antenna from Hawking. That helped, but still not up to the level I liked. Further, my laptop didn't work great in the living room, either. So, I decided, with trepidation after reading the reviews to try this Belkin thingy.

    Short summary: it works (if you ignore the power supply issue I had). documentation sucks.

    Longer tale:

    First off, the thing didn't power up when I plugged it in, according to the quick start instructions. I'm an electrical engineer, so I figured I ought to figure out why. Simple. The cheapo 'wall brick' power supply shipped with the unit was defective. I should have sent it back. But that's more hassle than fixing it. The supply said 4.5 V, 1.5A. I had an old DLink power supply I wasn't using, 5V, 2.5 A. I cut the plug off the Belkin supply, cut the plug off the DLink supply, spliced the Belkin plug onto the DLink, with proper polarity, and plugged it in. It powered up. Yay!

    Next onto configuration. I knew from reading Amazon reviews that the auto connect feature of the range-extender mode of operation wouldn't work simply, because I do have security encryption enabled on my wireless network. The quick start guide does mention this, but in the fine print. If you have to deal with this scenario, you'll be somewhat on your own. It doesn't really guide you simply through the process of what to do. You should be moderately tech-savvy.

    Anyway, I connected the thing up to my network temporarily with an Ethernet cable, installed the management program from the CD, and found the range extender on the network, but at a funny IP address. Read around long enough, and they tell you to change the IP address. So, I did. Then, I clicked the Web Management button on the utility, and I could connect to the device to configure it. This was truly a painful experience. Every 3rd time, or so, the web configuration thing would crash or something, and I had to power the Belkin down and back up. It often said it failed to save, but it actually did save the changes. The wireless "site survey" never worked at all. Took me about 15-20 minutes of fussing, but finally got the thing to take the security password of my network and it said it was connected to my wireless access point. I then took the Belkin to my living room. I powered it up there, and it actually connected. Green power light, and green WiFi light. Yay! again.

    Unfortunately, when I went to use my SqueezeBox in its new much less unsightly location, it acted like it was trying to connect up as usual, to the old access point, and the signal was extremely weak. Same deal with my laptop. It was as if the Belkin wasn't doing anything at all. I was fuming. I fussed around a little, and finally decided to look at the wireless utility on my laptop, and noticed my old wireless network showed up, and now a NEW one, named 'belkin54g', with a really hot signal (I had previously told the Belkin to hook up to my network, with its own name). Oh. It repeats the network, but with a new SSID, I guess. That way, devices can choose what to connect to, I guess. I don't think it mentions this anywhere in the manual. But, it makes some sense. I set the laptop to connect to 'belkin54g', with the same security password as my main network. Bingo! It connected up, and the signal was very strong. Same deal with my SlimDevices Squeezebox. It now streams more reliably than ever, and I can put it wherever I want in the living room.

    So, we're up and running, and the device seems to do its job pretty well, but WOW, that was a lot of work. Took me maybe 2 hours total, and put me in kind of a bad mood....more info
  • Better to just get N-draft
    I must admit, my purchase of this unit was "cheaping out" - I was trying to extend a wireless G unit, to avoid or defer a costlier upgrade to Wireless N.

    The unit worked, after the requisite hour or so on the phone to India. But ultimately it is no substitute for just biting the bullet and upgrading to Wireless 802.11N. I sent the unit back, bought a wireless N unit, and have lived happily ever after....more info
  • Wow, it works
    Works very well. This is a very rural area, hilly and reception can be somewhat sporadic with cell phones and internet. But this pulls the signal in....more info
  • Wireless Range Extender
    The product was not available after I ordered it so I have no opinion of it's performance. It was estimated to be available in March. I may try again to see if it is available then.

    Charles Kelly...more info
  • Just Call Belkin Technical Support
    Don't fool with the very limited printed instructions, or try to follow any of the setup suggestions the nice people have posted here--they didn't work for me. Just call Belkin Technical Support direct and spend an hour on the phone with the adviser. I'm using it as a Range Extender in the same room with my wireless computer with security encoded and turned "on" now, and have "Excellent" Signal Strength about 40 feet and 3 walls away from a Belkin F5D7230-4 Wireless Router. Used to be unreliable "Poor" to "Fair" signal strength....more info
  • Belkin Range Extender
    The product instruction are slim and do not guide you when encountering difficulty. The guide by users thru amazon web are helpful. Difficulty in getting the product to work when using a security & password....more info
  • Hardware does not work and the software does not run
    Similar to other comments, I had no luck getting this device to link with my router. After installing the software from the CD to try to communicate with the device via a wired connection, the software simply crashed. I downloaded the version on Belkin's web site and got the same result. I'm sending this thing back....more info
  • Easy solution for increasing range of wireless router
    This product worked exactly as advertised and is an easy solution for increasing the range of a wireless router another 200 feet or so. I did not need to put any security on it because of my house location, so the setup was really easy. Others have noted that it can be difficult to setup if security codes are required but in my case I am very satisfied with the way it works....more info
  • Frequent Signal Loss
    This works pretty well when it holds a signal, but it's inconsistent and inexplicably loses a signal far too often. I have it hooked up to connect to a specific network, and I can often connect (albeit weakly) to the source and not to the extender. Personally I wouldn't recommend it....more info
  • Antiquated technology - no WAP2
    Difficulty of setup, incompatibilities, and inconsistencies in performance aside, this product is not compatible with WAP2 encryption and is only good with WEP. This is old and insecure technology which should not be used by anyone at this point in time. As out of date as this unit is the price should be much lower.
    I know that some of the reviewers say they don't have secured networks, but even so, I wouldn't invest in something that wasn't more forward compatible. I'm pretty sure you will eventually want to secure your network, which is pretty easy to do, and there's always the unavoidable upgrades and since this unit lacks MIMO you won't get the full throughput from the 801.11n antennas (increases the maximum raw data rate from 54 Mbit/s to a maximum of 600 Mbit/s)in your new laptop or router.
    Just my opinion, of course, but it seems like a lot of work for something you're just going to want to replace relatively quickly.

    ...more info
  • Works well, not hard to install
    The other reviews on this site almost scared me off. But it wasn't so bad to install, with security. Here's what worked for me:
    1. disable security on my main router.
    2. autolink per instructions
    3. re-enable security on my main router (had to switch from WEP to WPA, but that might have been just an issue where I did something else wrong. Anyway, WPA is fine.
    4. plug the extender into a PC with a cable. I used my laptop, whilst it was connected wirelessly to my router. set the PC's wired connection to be hardcoded to something on the 192.168.2.x subnet (but not .254 since that's the extender).
    5. on the laptop, navigate to Login to extender (via wired connection). use the web config screen to set the security to the same as the wired router.
    6. unplug the wire (and clear your hardcoded ip settings for the wired connection if you wish)
    7. unplug/replug the extender (note I had to do this lots of times, anytime i changed anything.
    8. done. go reposition the extender where it needs to be.

    I did a bunch of trial and error stuff prior to the above, but I think these steps will work. note that I never installed anything onto my PC -- did it all via the web interface....more info
  • simple
    Plug it in. Push and hold the button for 15 seconds. Be patient, give it time to connect and your done....more info