The Wire - The Complete Third Season
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Studio: Hbo Home Video Release Date: 05/08/2007 Run time: 720 minutes Rating: Nr

With volatile issues of Baltimore city political reform as its narrative focus, the third season of The Wire superbly maintains the series' astonishingly consistent status as the greatest "novel for television" ever created. While the Baltimore police department's wire-tapping investigations continue to monitor the intricate and now legitimately fronted drug ring of Russell "Stringer" Bell (Idris Elba, smooth as ever), detective Jimmy McNulty (Dominic West) continues his loutish ways, navigating through a series of shallow sexual conquests while doing some of the best cop-work of his career. Stringer's ex-convict partner Avon Barksdale (Wood Harris) is back in the picture and bent on eliminating a drug-dealing competitor named Marlo (Jamie Hector), and Baltimore P.D. Major Howard "Bunny" Colvin (Robert Wisdom) tries his own defiantly independent brand of street justice by essentially legalizing drugs in "Hamsterdam," where isolated sections of the city are established as open drug-dealing zones, utterly without the knowledge or approval of Colvin's superiors. As city councilman Tommy Carcetti (Aiden Gillen) plots his own ruthlessly ambitious strategy for the mayor's seat, Baltimore officials, McNulty's wire unit, and the entire Baltimore P.D. stand poised for the inevitable fallout from street-level and executive-level manipulations of power.

Of course, this is just the tip of a very large iceberg, as The Wire continues its labyrinthine yet tightly controlled chronicle of over 50 characters, major and minor, who are all flawlessly woven into the fabric of these 12 remarkable episodes. For season 3, series creator David Simon continued to recruit a top-drawer lineup of reputable writers (including novelists Richard Price, Dennis Lehane, and George Pelecanos) and directors (including Ernest Dickerson, Tim Van Patten, and Agnieszka Holland), and by the time a major character is killed in the season's penultimate episode (arguably the series' finest yet), it's clear that The Wire has earned its crown as the most ambitious and intelligent crime drama in the history of American television. DVD extras are excellent, as usual, including five illuminating episode commentaries (an absolute must for devoted fans of the series), a Q&A session with cast & crew moderated by renowned TV critic and author Ken Tucker, and a classroom conversation with Simon that delves deeper into the creative process of the series. Having deservedly earned its renewal for a fourth season (out of a projected five, according to Simon), The Wire delivers surprises aplenty (keep a close watch for startling revelations) while proving, yet again, that cable-TV is the place to be for anyone seeking respite from the relative mediocrity of mainstream network programming. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • I'm Lovin' It
    When the Wire Series came on HBO, I wasn't a huge fan; then my husband and I made a deal to watch one of each others show and the Wire was his. The show is great. I'm now waiting on Season 4 to come out so I can also buy that. ...more info
  • The wire- The complete third season
    I can't wait for season four to come out on DVD. What an excellent series!...more info
  • Powerful conclusions
    Seasons 1, 2 and 4 lend themselves to solitary viewing one can do without having seen prior seasons and not getting the feeling you missed crucial plot elements.

    Seasons 3 and 5 of "The Wire" conclude cliffhanger endings that will only add up if you watched prior seasons.

    David Simon planned a five-part, five-season series here but by 2004, he wasn't completely sure if they'd be renewed yet (of course, they were), so he wrote this season powerful and complete enough to be a series end if necessary.

    What viewers get is a masterfully written adventure that documents the downfall of Season 1's West Baltimore drug empire and the rise of a new one, a careful examination of the community's War on Drugs while also detailing just how screwed up and ineffective some of the city's basic institutions (City Hall, The Police) are, bogged down by politics, bureaucracy and conflicting interests.

    Season 4 (Baltimore School System) is my personal favorite but Season Three is probably the most powerful of all five seasons because you see the great storylines at all levels -- the Streets, City Hall, the Police -- and get to see how clearly what effects/influences one directly effects and influences the others.

    Chalked full of social commentary, bitter endings for some of the series' most popular characters and poetic justice for others.

    A bonus to purchasing this Season's DVDs are the Special Features Q&A with the shows' writers, producers and cast members Idris Elba (Stringer Bell), Jamie Hector (Marlo Stanfield) and Seth Gilliam (Sgt. Carver).

    "The Wire" is so beloved for its presentation of complex moral issues, multi-dimensional character representations and realistic portrayals of the hypocritical world we live in. This Q&A gives you an idea just how passionate fans of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds were (and continue to be) of this great, great show....more info
  • The WIRE Third Season outstanding like the rest
    One of the best series on TV. Runs at least neck and neck, I think better then the Sopranos.

    The characters are fascinating and complex. Some of the best story telling and acting I've seen in a long time. The characters personalities are compelling and captivating. You just get hooked.

    I was a Soprano's snob. I just felt it was the best thing on TV and safely tucked away in Jersey so I didn't have to think about the crimes affecting my life.

    Before I viewed The Wire, I guess I didn't want to be bothered with the whole urban crime thing, especially so close to home. I felt like what on earth could these kids, with pants hanging down to there knees and rap music blasting have to say that's intelligent?

    I found that the crime hierarchy is so much like the Sopranos, organized to the point of being genius. I found just like the Sopranos there is a Family like element, but a brutality that is unbelievable.

    There are characters you will love but know they are paid to kill. Characters you find ultimately ruthless almost with animal cunning. Then you will find some characters eloquent in there lifestyle and speech.

    Among the characters in Season one, a young dealer who lives in a condemned building with about 6 little elementary school kids. He buys food for them and sends them off to school. He's lost with no parents like those kids. The show isn't preachy in any way. It just is.

    Also The Wire is about both sides of the coin. The police officers, politics, and lifestyles are just as riveting. Cops that drink too much, have an awful family life, fighting with ex's, or not giving a damn.
    The THIRD SEASON of THE WIRE is no exception. It's outstanding, a pot boiling over......

    I think it's not as popular as the Sopranos because there aren't a lot of big time stars in it although there are local actors and cameos by some well known artists.
    Please take a look at this outstanding series; you'll be glad you did.

    ...more info
  • The Wire - A better look at our streets
    The Wire should be watched by most people because it's a show talking about everyone. This is a show about cops, true cops who are dedicated to their job and to what it truly means. It's a show about people trying to make a living. People who try to live in a city called Baltimore where it seems everybody can end up being shot. A city where everyone seems to end up dealing with drugs. The Wire is, in a way, like Oz, a microcosm of how a city breaths and how people interact even though violence is always at the next corner, waiting to blow your life in a new direction. The Wire is a show about life on the killing streets of Baltimore, just like Homicide was, but where the city is the main character. If you've watched the first and second season, be prepared for an even better third season. If you've never tried this show, what are you waiting for ? ...more info
  • Honesty, one of HBO's highlights
    I appreciate the honesty of this show. It really demonstrates that many parts of our country are broken, however, even within the hardest and darkest parts, there is humanity. It's a show with so much to offer and so much to teach us, if we are willing. Definately one of HBO's highlights. An incredible show, if you like police/political/inner city shows with a great balance or drama, action and realism, you will love this show....more info
  • A Real Life Masterpiece....Flawless
    This Movie Tackles Topics From The Streets All The Way To The Law. And Deals With Everyday Issues That We All Face....Trying To Make Something Outta Nothing,Cheating Spouses,A Hard To Deal With Superior(Boss),And Just Flat Out Everyday Survival.It Is Very Graphic, But Thats Good Because Its Real,No Corners Cut....I Love It And I recomend It To Anybody Who's Real....more info
  • The Wire-review
    The service was great as always! The package was great, in perfect shape and made a terrific gift!...more info
  • The Wire the thrid season
    Item was sent in a very well timely fashion. Excellent services...more info
  • Duh!
    Only one of the best seasons I know the Wire can be. A superb display of Black acting talent that is sooo real you can touch it! A keeper indeed! ...more info
  • The Wire - Season 3
    Excellent show. The characters and plots are well developed. The stories are so engrossing. I can't get enough....more info
  • A must see!!
    The Wire is hands down the best cable TV drama ever created. If you haven't watched season three it is a must have for any fan of The Wire....more info
  • Best Drama on tv
    I can't say enough about this show. I only started watching the wire recently but instantly I became hooked. Once I bought the first season I had to see the next. If you are a fan of dramas such as oz which used to be my favorite. Then you will absolutely enjoy the wire. Season 3 is fantastic as it focuses on the decline of once dominant Barksdale organization on the west side of the Baltimore drug trade....more info
  • The 3rd Season of The Wire is just as good as Seasons 1 & 2
    Some TV series start to get old after the first season or two, but that's not the case with the third season of The Wire.

    The most interesting part of this season is what happens after Avon Barksdale gets out of prison. You just knew that after being #1 while Avon was in jail, Stringer Bell wasn't going to take kindly to being #2 again. But the ultimate "showdown" was not what I expected and was really interesting! (I won't give it away by saying what happened, but you've got to see this season!)

    The whole "Amsterdam" situation that carries throughout the season is interesting, too. You'll see how one man came up with a solution (albeit temporary) to drug-related murders.

    Anyway, this is another great season of The Wire that you won't want to miss!...more info
  • No fake actors
    This is real, second to none....CSI,24 all those types of shows are fake if you want a real show with real people as actors this is it trust me I've watched season one through five......more info
  • The Great American Epic
    The Wire - The Complete Third Season

    The creator of The Wire, David Simon, set out to create an epic account of the decline of an empire, and no one who has watched any of the four seasons can doubt the success of his project. Whether his prognosis is correct remains to be seen, but his diagnosis of the state of the various institutions is certainly convincing. I have evangelized for The Wire among my children, my extended family, and my friends; all are hooked. The humanity, the bleakness, and the corruption are presented convincingly and entertainingly. There isn't a good guy without feet of clay; there almost isn't a villain without a touch of sympathy....more info
  • An excellent viewing experience...
    ...if you keep your mind open. many people see this series as too slow moving and/or oblique to get into. their loss! it is an excellent, realistic-as-possible portrayal of the urban wastelands of the USA (though it takes place in Baltimore, the same issues exist the nation over.) i absolutely love the actors and characters in this show! McNulty continues his rebellious attempts to stir things up within CID, stepping on toes as usual and paving the way for a new, unprecedented witchhunt. Meanwhile, Stringer and Avon drift apart. Stringer's ambitions of leaving behind the war pitfalls of the game don't sit well with Avon, who embodies the warrior's code, especially given the threat from upstart rival Marlo. Colvin attempts a disastrous (politically) attempt at legalization of street narcotics amidst pressure from his superiors in the Dep't. Cutty, one of the feared street soldiers of the past, returns from prison to find that he isn't the man he once was. The political arena is also introduced here, with the sly, double-dealing would-be mayor Carcetti, and the Sleaze King Incumbent Mayor Royce (a friend of the odious Clay Davis from previous seasons). Oh, and Omar and Mouzone seem to have a Beretta named vendetta. All of these plotlines come to a head like never before at the end in an earth-shaking climax that has tremednous implications for the future of the show. This shows creators liken it to a greek tragedy-the comparison is apt in only the most positive of ways. Watch and be mesmerized by one of the finest creations in modern television.

    Defining Quotes:
    McNulty: "I caught him...on the wire...and he doesn't ****ing know it."
    Avon: "You don't do but two days, anyway: the day you go in, and the day you come out."
    Stringer: "There's games beyond the game."
    Marlo: "Point is, they wore the crown."
    Cutty: "...wasn't in me, I guess."
    Colvin: "There's never been a paper bag...for drugs."
    Slim Charles: "If we went to war on a lie, then we fight on that lie-but we got to fight."
    Rawls: "It's policing like this that makes it possible for us to catch FIVE ****ING HOMICIDES IN A SINGLE ****ING NIGHT, PEOPLE!!!"
    Burrell: "You will get us the numbers we require, or we'll find someone who will."
    Carcetti: "I don't wanna be just another back-bench warmer like Dominic DiPietro"
    Clay: "It takes money to make money, Strang!"
    Freamon: "A life, mcnulty, you know what that is? Its what happens while you're waiting for moments that never come."...more info
  • The BEST series on TV!!!
    HBO scored big time with this series. The Wire is the best series I've ever seen. There are so many characters that stand out and the writing is as real as it can get. The actors are great and real. They make this series a blockbuster. The Wire should get more credit than they do.

    I was hooked as soon as I saw the first episode from the first season. I hope there are many more seasons for the WIRE. I have the first three seasons on DVD and every single one leaves you wanting more. AWESOME SERIES... A MUST BUY!!!...more info
  • The best police-crime drama ever keeps getting better
    After a stellar second season that saw Baltimore's top investigations unit spending time down on Baltimore's byzantine, corrupt docks, the third season returns to the drug scene in the city's slums. This show continues to set new standards for writing and capturing the infuriating insanity that defines the American war on drugs.

    While the major players of "The Wire" are back for a third season, and they all get their fair share of screen time, Season Three is dominated by a new character, Major Howard "Bunny" Colvin (Robert Wisdom). Word has come down from the Mayor's office that Baltimore's crime stats need to drop - fast. Major Colvin is close to retirement at his full Major's pension after 30 years on the force, and he is sick of the hypocrisy and the wasted effort that causes the war on drugs to go nowhere.

    And so he proposes something drastic to restore sanity to Baltimore's streets. He creates three "free zones," called Amsterdam, where drugs can be bought, sold, and used without police enforcement. These zones are located in virtually empty blocks - Colvin's thought is that if all the drug trade is there and there is no worry of police, then the dealers and the users will leave the rest of the city alone, and the violent turf wars will stop.

    It's no secret that Colvin's efforts will ultimately fail - "The Wire" is too smart a show to allow for a simple effort to solve all problems. But what makes this season so compelling is that we get to see the good and the bad of Colvin's idea . . . as well as the train wreck it becomes when the story goes public.

    This season of "The Wire" focuses as much on Baltimore's corrupt politics as it does on the streets. Look for plenty of riveting scenes and lots of "inside baseball" as politicos jockey for headlines while protecting their behinds.

    But also look for lots of development of the long-time cast of "The Wire" as relationships grow and deepen. Also look for shocking developments with the Barksdale crew, including what happens when McNulty investigates D'Angelo Barksdale's "suicide." Audience favorites Omar, Bubbles, and Brother Mouzone also feature prominently, as does a newcomer, Dennis "Cutty" Wise, a former "soldier" who gets released from prison.

    There has never been a better-acted or better-written show on TV. Given what HBO has done recently, with "The Sopranos," "Rome," and "Deadwood," that's saying a lot. ...more info
  • Still riveting but a little off the standard
    The third season of "The Wire" takes aim at City Hall and the way politics subverts efforts to fight crime and put the bad guys away.
    Most of the familiar characters are back, both good and bad guys (if you can tell the difference) and a few new ones are added.
    The plot revolves around the decision by Police Major Colvin, who controls western Baltimore, to try a new experiment to cut the crime waves destroying his community. He designates three small areas as drug zones where police will not interfere in sales and trafficking as long as the hoodlums leave the rest of the neighborhood alone. As a result, crime drops and the neighborhood shows signs of renewal. Of course, when the police commissioner, the mayor and the media find out, all hell breaks lose.
    Though still vastly superior nearly anything else on TV, I found this series a little less riveting than the previous two. Perhaps it's because of the growing feeling anyone watching these dramas must get that in the end it's all fruitless. Drug dealers and gang leaders come and go but the drug trade remains. One gang is broken up and its leaders sent to prison: another instantly rises to fill the gap. The market is always there and as long as there's big money to be made and no alternatives, someone will fill it. As my own research showed in Gates of Injustice: The Crisis in America's Prisons (Prentice Hall Paperback) the "war on drugs" has been a disaster for our inner-cities and our society as a whole.
    In this series, we see that there's no honor among thieves. But there's no honor among politicians either. The one difference is that the thieves ultimately settle their differences with bullets.
    Well, I'm going to plow on and see the next two seasons. Perhaps the greatest strength of "The Wire" is its all-encompassing view. We see one aspect of the problem after another. Heroic individuals struggle to redeem the city and themselves but the task is too great without a change of heart by society as a whole and massive government intervention....more info
  • The Wire- season 3
    I received this item on the exact day promised. It perfect condition. Couldn't be more satisfied, especially since it is a Christmas gift. Will shop again....more info
  • absolutely the best
    I know that it's a phrase that is said often regarding The Wire-but it is or was the best show on television. In a world dominated by reality and competition shows-the art of good scripted television is falling by the wayside. Every time I fall in love with a series its yanked off the air. Being a big Dennis Lehane fan it's no surprise that I would like this series. Not only is the writing pitch perfect but the performances appears effortless while being spellbinding at the same time. Bravo for all involved in this masterpiece...more info
  • Great Series, Weakest Season
    This season for me was the weakest season even if it ends a great note. Too much of the beginning was confusing and boring and not as interesting as the two previous seasons. Even as the beginning of the season is slow, the story soon pulls together and goes out on a great bang. A very touching one. Idris Elba is an amazing actor and is a great asset to this show. ...more info
  • The Wire season #3 is the Best season for the best show
    Brings the focus back to the streets of baltimore, where season 2 was trapped between the waterfront, the street and prison and lacked focus. Season three starts strong and gets better....more info
    The Wire is without a doubt the best show in TV HISTORY!!!!!...more info