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My Weigh Ultraship 55 Lb Electronic Digital Shipping Postal Kitchen Scale
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $17.19

You Save: $62.80 (79%)


Product Description

With a HUGE 55 lb weighing capacity, a hold button, and a large easily read display, the ULTRASHIP postal scale is perfect for shipping via UPS, FedEx, DHL, First Class, Priority or Parcel Post mail! Reads in grams, ounces, pounds, or kilograms --- you choose! 30 Year Limited Warranty Included. Operates on 4 C Batteries (not included) or optional AC Adaptor (not included).

  • Huge 55 lb / 25 kg capacity
  • Tare, Hold, and auto-off feature
  • Removable flex face display for weighing oversized boxes
  • Letter Tube Holder and Mail/Envelope Holder - Even weigh Kitchen Food Items!
  • Lifetime / 30 year International Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Works well, kills batteries - even when off
    My main use of this product is as a kitchen scale. In this role, it works fairly well (the auto-power-off is a bit faster than I would like). I only use the scale for a few minutes, then it gets put away for days or weeks - until next needed.

    The only disappointment is battery life. After a week unused the batteries are dead. I've taken to reversing half the batteries between uses - which works, but is not overly convenient.

    Electronic devices that power-off when unused are pretty routine at this point. That this device burns up batteries when not in use is less than I would expect for this sort of product.
    ...more info
  • Ultra Ship is Ultra Good for my Purpose!
    Ultraship 75 Lb Electronic Digital Shipping Postal Kitchen Scale
    This works well and I am completely satisifed. It's small footprint makes it ideal for my small home office. I have also checked its accuracy against the scales in the Post Office and found it to be very accurate....more info
  • Ultrahip Digital Scale
    The Ultraship 55 lb Electronic Scale was purchased to be used as a postal scale. The scale is so accurate it can also be used in the kitchen. We found that this digital scale is more accurate than our Peluse 100 lb. shipping scale that we have used for years. The scale also weighs in grams and ounces.

    The Ultraship 55 can work with batteries but we opted to get the power supply and they work well together.

    We did not consider the possibility of weighing large packages but by switching to pounds we can weigh our boxes that ship via UPS or Fex Ex. This was a nice surprise and made it easier to process packages without pricing up the Peluze scale from under the shipping bench..

    It is a simple matter to zero out the scale so you can use a container to hold items that could fall off the plate that holds the box.

    We highly recommend this scale....more info
  • Amazingly Accurate!
    I purchased the UltraShip 55 lb. Digital Postal Scale recently because I started selling some things on eBay. I was tired of having to guess the weight and then go to the Post Office to make sure I was right. After weighing a few things on it, I checked the weight against a scale at work as well as at the Post Office. It was right on the money! I am very pleased with it. It is easy to setup and use. It also doesn't take up a lot of space - which is a huge plus for me!

    I highly recommend this product if you will be needing to weigh many things for mailing purposes. It also comes with a nice LONG warranty! ...more info
  • Excellent buy!
    Works great. Makes life easy when printing my UPS, Fedex or USPS shipping tickets. I've even used it to weigh my sick cat to monitor her health.....
    Very easy to use.
    ...more info
    I'm posting to warn all potential buyers: This device requires C batteries or a particular type of AC adapter, neither of which are included. So be sure you can get a hold of some C batteries before purchase!

    That aside: it seems to be a very reliable and easy-to-use scale. Very easy to put together....more info
  • Easy and practical scale.
    This scale is very nice. I had priced postal scales in our local office supply store and was shocked at the prices...and some had limits to 10 lbs. This scale is substantial, very sleek, nice looking and works! It weighs in grams, kilos, lb.oz. increments, and I have found the readings quite accurate. It has a Hold button which allows you to remove your package and retain the weight. The front area would also extend out for readings on a very large package. Nice product. Saved driving to the post office, or guessing....more info
  • perfect
    This thing works perfectly and easily. That's it; it does easily what a scale should do....more info
  • Digital postal & food scale
    My husband has been using this scale to weigh all the items we'll be carrying on a trek this summer and has been very pleased with it. Easy to use, reliable and has a range that is good for figuring out all the small & larger items. Definitely recommend this. Good price, too!...more info
  • Great Kitchen Scale!
    Perfect size for a kitchen countertop and I love the ease of switching from ounce to pound increments and the tare feature. Very accurate! Vendor provides excellent customer service....more info
  • This Scal Is Not Accurate Or Dependable! Don't Waste Your $$$
    I purchased this scale and it never did weigh accurately,as much as 6 ounces off. When you need exact weights, this is not the one for you. How embarrassing to go to the Post office and them weigh your prepaid pkg and show you it is not accurate, or even worse it comes back due to insufficent postage. It's Cheap in Price and quality. Back here looking for a good scale today. Only rating a 1 star because something is required. Hope the trash diggers at the dump dont find it and think it is worth something....more info
  • affordable, super fast shipping too!
    i ordered this scale to replace my tiny royal scale 3lb capacity. i used my old scale to sell some of my stuffs that i dont use on ebay. afte ra year of using it to weigh just small items, i recently received a meesage from a member that she had been charged an additional $$$ due to lack of postage, this is the first time it happened to me. i tried to weigh a few stuffs sold and i directly went to the post office to weigh it, and OMG 3 of the were 3 ounces less and the 2 of them are 3-4 ounces over. i think this is a good step for me that i ordered a new one so i wont overpay / underpay for the usps service. the only con i can say is that they should include the power adaptor in the box so you can use it immediately than buying it separately. OVERALL, thanks for the affordable scale and fast shipping!...more info
  • Unbeatable price, good quality
    I bought the scale for shipping. The price of the product was one of the lowest. I was worried about the performance of it, but when it arrived, it turned out great! ...more info
  • Correct Scale at the Correct Price
    Finally found an accurate scale at a very affordable price that suits both my postal and food prep needs....more info
  • Great Scale For Value
    I bought this because I am a student and I sell my used textbooks online and I was tired of waiting in line at the Post Office when I could be weighing my own stuff and printing out shipping online. I purchased this scale about 2 months ago and so far it has been fantastic. It is easy to use and set up. I recommend this to people who have light-medium usage needs for a quality scale. ...more info
  • my scale
    i really love my scale , very happy with my purchase , its much more accurate than silly litle kitchen scales , and i noticed that my vet has the same scale in his examining rooms !! i highly reccomend this item : ) sue...more info
  • Impressed
    It's incredible the precision electronics twenty bucks will buy these days. Testing with very precise standard weights show that for the range over a pound the scale I received is as accurate as the official countertop scales that the US Post Office uses. It's actually slightly more accurate from 0-16 oz.

    The tare and hold work well and the full range of alternate unit displays (decimal pounds, decimal oz, pounds plus decimal ounces, grams or kilograms) is something you don't always see on scales costing ten times as much. The large lighted display is easy to read and the automatic powerdown kicks in after a couple of minutes to spare your batteries if you aren't using it with the optional plug-in adapter (apparently this was not true on previous versions).

    A few reviews mention that it seems flimsy but for the price I found the construction surprisingly solid. I'm not suggesting it would last more than a week on a loading dock, but around the office I'd bet it would survive being bumped off the counter occasionally.

    Many of the negative reviews are apparently due to lemons-scales that basically never work right out of the box-and problems returning them to unresponsive third party vendors. It's probably worth buying direct from Amazon or through Amazon fulfillment so you can do a no-hassle no-cost return if you happen to get stuck with the occasional defect.
    ...more info
    This scale would never work. This company told me to return it by USPS insured mail for a replacement. I did so. This company then issued me a partial refund instead of sending me a replacement scale. Now, they refuse to issue me a refund to cover their shipping instructions and poor mdse. I will never do business with them again....more info
  • RIPOFF! Never worked properly / wanted me to pay shipping!
    If I could, I would give this scale (and this entire experience) ZERO stars. This scale never worked from Day 1. First, it wouldn't even turn on. I had to keep playing around with the batteries in order for it to do so. Finally, when it decided to turn on, the numbers were jumping around all over the place. I had to keep turning it on, then off, then taking the batteries out, and putting them back in....and even then - the weight was off by a number of ounces each time! What a waste of money, time, and energy. There's no way I could actually USE this scale for my business!Worst of all, the supplier (QUICK SUPPLY) wanted me to pay return shipping for their DEFECTIVE PRODUCT, and I refused. WILL NEVER BUY THIS CHEAP PIECE OF JUNK AGAIN, and will never buy from this supplier again!...more info
  • Great! large display;
    Replaced two other scales with just this one; very happy with unit. Wish it did have back light on the display, though, because bigger packages hang over the display making it a little hard to see. Good value for maximum weight that scale measures....more info
  • Ultraship 55 lb Electronic Scale
    DO NOT BUY unless you want to ship the unit back at your own expense to the vendor for replacement when yours doesn't work. Our unit was dead on arrival. The displayed values varied widely, would not maintain a stable value, and the backlight display flickered randomly. The vendor refuses to refund shipping charges even though their product was dead on arrival. Their quality control is what you might expect of a fly-by-night operation from an unnamed far eastern country. Our replacement unit shipped was a different color and the backlight still flickers randomly. At least the weight indications seem to be stable for now. We can't justify the cost to ship this one back yet again for who-knows-what in return so we'll live with it. The replacement unit took several weeks to arrive after they received the dead unit. ...more info
  • Versitle scale
    I was looking for a scale that I could use in the kitchen and weigh mail. This is a very easy to use scale for kitchen and office. Easy to use in the kitchen. To weigh food, first weigh the container, zero the scale then add food. It is constantly surprising how much the 'usual' food portion weighs! Helps keep us on our eating plan.

    For postage use, you can weigh envelopes easily with the envelop attachment. If packages are too large to see the read out, you can detach the face of the scale and read it easily.

    I shopped around and did not find another scale that offered so many features for the price. Highly recommend....more info
  • Good price
    I have had this scale for only about three months but so far it has been very good. I use it for E-bay mailing and has been accurate. The shipping from Quick Supply was messed up but other than the scale seems to be a good buy at the price I paid, which was under $30.00....more info
  • Scales work great
    Product worked as expected, already have one just like it. The face detaches for large items to be weighed. Has a tare reset, and display is in 4 different output e.g. oz, grams, etc....more info
  • Great Scale
    This is one of the best scales I have ever used. accurate, easy to use, built well. i highly recommend it! And the price is great!...more info
  • Awesome! Wish I had bought it sooner.
    This item is absolutely the best scale ever! It's so lightweight and easy to use. I wish I had bought it years ago. So affordable too! ...more info
  • Dead already
    One day I got it out of the closet to ship a bunch of books, and it was completely dead. It simply didn't come on with wall power or batteries. When I opened it up, I smelled burnt electronics -- the controller board was fried. Not surprising, since it looks like a very cheap board...the capacitors and transistors were bent every which way. I don't ship much, so I got maybe 3 uses out of the thing total.

    Unsurprisingly, I'm unsatisfied with this item....more info