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Hogan's Heroes - The Complete Fourth Season
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The inmates of a German World War II Prisoners of War camp conduct espionage and sabotage campaign right under the noses of their warders. While the enemy is often gullible easily fooled or downright incompetent the real strength of Hogan s men are the elaborate ruses and sometimes dangerous lengths they will go to complete their mission.System Requirements:Runtime: 672 min.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: COMEDY UPC: 097368899049 Manufacturer No: 889904

Probably the most successful bad idea in television history, Hogan's Heroes took an appalling premise--the suffering of World War II prisoners-of-war played for laughs--and turned it into a hugely popular series that ran for six seasons. Wily Colonel Hogan (Bob Crane, previously a regular on The Donna Reed Show) and his merry multicultural band of P.O.W.s--including cocky cockney Newkirk (Richard Dawson, pre-Family Feud), softhearted Frenchman LeBeau (Robert Clary, later to appear on Days of Our Lives), clumsy explosives expert Carter (Larry Hovis), and steadfast radio operator Kinch (Ivan Dixon), one of the first black characters on television to be treated as an equal by his peers without any self-congratulatory comment--carried out spying and sabotage against the Third Reich, always back in the cozy confines of Stalag 13 by the end of the episode. But the good guys were not the show's real draw; Hogan (charming to some, smarmy to others) may have been the titular hero, but audiences loved high-strung Nazi commandant Col. Klink (Werner Klemperer, who won two Emmys for the role) and the adorably bumbling Sgt. Schultz (John Banner), whose cries of "I see nozzink, I know nozzink!" became the show's biggest catchphrase.

The fourth season finds the snappy one-liners, preposterous plots, oversexed atmosphere, and Nazi buffoonery all firmly entrenched. Brief bits of suspense help to balance the clownish antics. The missions change a little from episode to episode (instead of a bridge, they have to blow up an ammo dump; instead of a beautiful lady spy, they have to, it's always a beautiful lady spy), but a reassuring sameness is what guarantees the success of any sitcom. It's interesting to speculate about why audiences embraced these goofball Nazis only a couple of decades after the revelation of the decidedly unfunny concentration camps. Perhaps, as the Cold War wore on and the threat of atomic annihilation felt increasingly likely, mocking the previous threat to the world made the Soviet Union less terrifying; or maybe Klink and Schultz are hapless 1950s parent figures, outwitted by their more worldly hipster children. Regardless, even contemporary viewers with a taste for daffy pranks may find Hogan's Heroes a bit of sweet comfort food. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • There is no escape....from the laughs
    Col. Hogan and his group from Stalag 13 outwit Col. Klink and Sgt. Schultz (which isn't too hard) ...more info
  • Hogan's Heroes
    I had never seen Hogan's Heroes before I met my husband. I knew he loved it so I bought season 1. After watching it I became hooked too. As soon as each new season comes out, I buy it. It has become a good time for the family to get together. Even my 14 year old daughter gets a good clean laugh out of it....more info
  • War camp can be fun, apparently!!
    I was living in the States as a kid, and remember these shows like Hogan's Heroes, was allowed to watch them. Thanks to Paramount they are available for collectors. My American friends are enjoying them with me.
    This show has never been aired on any German speaking TV channel until 1992. For 2005 they gave it a new translation and show on one of the commercial channels. That is what made me want to order the DVDs, so I could enjoy the original dialogue. Great fun....more info
  • Best Television Comedy Series
    Our family has decided that this series is by far the best television comedy EVER! Yes, the subject is controversial, but our appreciation for the comedic acting talent and writing just increases with each episode. Really! The stage presence of the main actors is so good! We would have loved to see any of them on the live theater stage! This season's episodes are a big edgier than the earlier seasons. The characters have been developed, and yet as WW II grew darker, so must the attitude of Hogan and his men. But the hilarity of the zany capers they pull off is still in fine form. We endorse this comedy series to any family for fun television "togetherness". In fact, our son says this is his favorite season of all of them. ...more info
  • Another great present!
    My brother enjoyed the first three seasons so much that I bought him the fourth season too!!...more info
  • Hogan's Hero, Fourth Season
    Am in the process of viewing. So far, everything is great! Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. ...more info
  • Another quality serve of comedy from Hogan's Heroes
    What can one say about an iconic American comedy show like Hogan's. The fourth season is as good as the previous three. One of the funniest episodes - 'The Gonculator' marks a high point in the season.

    Hogan's Heroes is classic American comedy from the 60s, and is a must be for fans of this genre. What makes the show even more special is that, not only Robert Clary as LeBeau was in the French Resistance in WWII, but the actors who played the Germans - Klink, Schultz, Hofstaeder, and Burkhalter - all sought to play their roles as an demonstration of opposition to Nazism in Germany's past, and they and their families all either fled Nazi Germany or were opposed to it in some way. The show thus does not degrade the experience of real PoWs in WWII as some critics would argue.

    My only criticism is the absence of special features. Hogan's Heroes is a show crying out for lots of interviews with surviving cast and creators. The first season box set had some special features, though mainly focused on Bob Crane's on-set wedding to Sigrid Valdis (Hilda). There should be more 'behind the scenes'/background info on the show for special features in future box sets. Hence the reason for four stars, and not five.

    The visual and audio quality is consistently good throughout the box set, unlike some releases of shows of this era.

    Well worth the money. ...more info
  • Love It
    This is a good family friendly comedy. My four year old enjoys the shows. We have all four seasons and I am looking forward to getting the next ones. Can't go wrong with H and H as we call it....more info
  • Hogan's Heroes---A gem indeed
    I grew up watching Hogan's Heroes and I always loved it! Watching Colonel Hogan con the dimwitted Colonel Klink into doing what was best for the Allied Forces and not for the Germans was always fun. And, let's not forgot about Hogan's group of men who did everything they could to undermine the German's war efforts during World War 2. I alway's liked the secret doors and passageways in and out of Stalag 13. Is this show somewhat based on a secret underground that existed during the war? Who knows? But, the show did well then and is still loved by many today....more info
  • Hogan's Heroes at its best
    Greatest series of all times. Laughs are continuous. Recommend this for anyone ...more info
  • It just never gets old.
    I have been eagerly awaiting the release of season four as I am sure many other have been. I do own all previous seasons on DVD and am thrilled with the audio/video transfer. But has anyone else noticed a weak mastering of the audio on season 4? I have to turn up my TV louder to hear it which produces that "white noise" sound in the background. Oh well, I can deal with it. Can't wait for season 5!!!!...more info
  • it is still fun !!
    Even after all the years, the show is entertaining -- not rocket science stuff but just plain fun & entertaining. The cast stay to character show to show (& season to season). While the plots aren't complicated, they allow the viewer to escape for about 25 minutes into enjoyment, & KNOWING that the good guys will triumph & live to fight another day....more info
  • Season 4-Hogan's Heroes
    Season 4 is just as good as any. If you like Hogan's heroes, you should get season 4....more info
  • High Quality Entertainment
    Although there are many so-called "sitcoms" today, it is a pleasure to find that we still have true humor available. Without sex and loose morals, Hogan's Heroes is still able to provide us with great entertainment. Once you begin to enjoy this show, for a moment the fast paced world is forgotten, and the antics of Hogan and his crew will continue to please the entire family....more info
  • Great Show
    I don't normally buy TV series DVDS, but I couldn't pass up this one. I grew up with the show and loved it. The packaging and DVD quality is real good. I appreciate that the next and previous works as expected. I could then skip the song at the beginning and the credits at the end....more info