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V for Vendetta (Widescreen Edition)
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A shadowy freedom fighter known only as v uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society. Upon rescuing a girl from the secret police he also finds his best chance at having an ally. Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 11/11/2008 Starring: Natalie Portman Hugo Weaving Run time: 133 minutes Rating: R

"Remember, remember the fifth of November," for on this day, in 2020, the minds of the masses shall be set free. So says code-name V (Hugo Weaving), a man on a mission to shake society out of its blank complacent stares in the film V for Vendetta. His tactics, however, are a bit revolutionary, to say the least. The world in which V lives is very similar to Orwell's totalitarian dystopia in 1984: after years of various wars, England is now under "big brother" Chancellor Adam Sutler (played by John Hurt, who played Winston Smith in the movie 1984), whose party uses force and fear to run the nation. After they gained power, minorities and political dissenters were rounded up and removed; artistic and unacceptable religious works were confiscated. Cameras and microphones are littered throughout the land, and the people are perpetually sedated through the governmentally controlled media. Taking inspiration from Guy Fawkes, the 17th century co-conspirator of a failed attempt to blow up Parliament on November 5, 1605, V dons a Fawkes mask and costume and sets off to wake the masses by destroying the symbols of their oppressors, literally and figuratively. At the beginning of his vendetta, V rescues Evey (Natalie Portman) from a group of police officers and has her live with him in his underworld lair. It is through their relationship where we learn how V became V, the extremities of the party's corruption, the problems of an oppressive government, V's revenge plot, and his philosophy on how to induce change.

Based on the popular graphic novel by Alan Moore, V for Vendetta's screenplay was written by the Wachowski brothers (of The Matrix fame) and directed by their prot¨¦g¨¦, James McTeigue. Controversy and criticism followed the film since its inception, from the hyper-stylized use of anarchistic terrorism to overthrow a corrupt government and the blatant jabs at the current U.S. political arena, to graphic novel fans complaining about the reconstruction of Alan Moore's original vision (Moore himself has dismissed the film). Many are valid critiques and opinions, but there's no hiding the message the film is trying to express: Radical and drastic events often need to occur in order to shake people out of their state of indifference in order to bring about real change. Unfortunately, the movie only offers a means with no ends, and those looking for answers may find the film stylish, but a bit empty. --Rob Bracco

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Customer Reviews:

  • It's Bad
    An all-around dreadful film. Terrible dialogue, subpar acting, wrapped in a story filled with absurd, juvenile politics with obvious and obligatory nods to the present-day "War on Terror" for easily amused critics to fawn over. Provoked no emotional or visceral reaction from me, other than laughter at its banality, and when it ended, astonishment at how such garbage could be so widely praised. If you're out of high school, and like good films, pass on this. ...more info
  • Great movie on how to be an educated paranoid
    If you think George W. just may be the Antichrist, that your phone could be tapped, or you just don't trust the government all that much then this is the movie for you!

    Seriously, it is a really good movie in the same social commentary view as The Matrix. Basically, it boils down to free yourself and rid the world of oppressive controls.

    If that does not sound like your cup of tea, well then you can see some of the other reviewers opinions on it.

    best line: "The people should not fear its government, the government should fear its people."...more info
  • Remarkable.
    This is a remarkably good movie and looks fantastic in high quality. In fact, writing about it now makes me want to go pop it into my HD player. Although a little preachy at times, the story is great, SFX are impressive, and the dialogue is something that cannot be missed. I was not captivated by the additional features, which was disappointing, but only a fraction of the overall experience.

    This is one of the best HDDVD action movies out there and one that should not be missed in high definition....more info
  • Unforgettable in a good way!
    I never thought I would watch a movie of this nature but I am so glad That I did. I can watch this movie over and over and not get bored. Storyline, actors, director, all get a A+ in my book. You have to be somewhat of an intellectual to understand this story completely but even if you are a casual viewer You will appreciate the craftiness and excellent action of Code Name V....more info
    Hugo Weaving is absolutely brilliant in this extremely compelling twist on Alan Moore's terrorist-hero ( despite the fact that Moore did not like the film version ), and I personally loved the not-so-veiled correlations between the evil Chancellor Sutler's ( played with meglomaniacal glee by John Hurt ) administration, and that of a certain former president. I can understand how the 'religious' right might be a tad offended by this film, but I was fascinated by James McTiegue's, and the Wachowski Brother's provocative political criticism, and the relevance their movie achieve's because of it.

    Natalie Portman demonstrated some real acting talent as Evey, and Stephen Rea was wonderful ( as usual ). This is a movie that will definitely be hated by some, adored by others ( myself included ), and misunderstood by more.

    There is plenty of satire, derring-do, mystery, pathos, and mayhem in V FOR VENDETTA, and not just a little social commentary. ...more info
  • good movie
    I saw this a few years ago, and it is really thought provoking, which is rare in movies nowdays. It makes you wonder how easy it could be to create a dictatorship in which the few own the powerful, especially since nowdays the media will participate because they care more about ratings than reporting. my only complaint was the length, although that is due to my short attention span...more info
  • Read the graphic novel, skip this rubbish
    Want to know what Alan Moore, writer and creator of the V for Vendetta thinks of this movie? He thinks its crap. Want to know what Alan Moore, writer and creator of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen thinks of that film adaptation? Also rubish. Constantine? More rubish. Want to know why Alan Moore has sworn off Hollywood? Because they have taken his masterpieces of writing in the graphic medium and have turned it into basura. Its with extreme trepidation that I await the much anticipated Watchmen. Despite the fact that Moore has told Terry Gilliam, who initially was tapped to direct it, that its unfilmable. We'll see.

    What I do know is that movie is does not deserve to have Moore's talent attached to it. If you watch this movie and you wonder, "why is Moore's original graphic novel so widely praised?" then you wont see it in this travesty of his work. Do yourself a big favor, go find the original graphic novel, read it, compare it, then see for yourself.

    The only possibly redeeming outcome of this poor adaptation is that anyone with any half a brain will want to go to the source and read the graphic novel directly. 'Nuff said. ...more info
  • The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain
    V for Vendetta'' would be worth seeing just as an anomaly, a big-budget Hollywood release that could be interpreted as sticking it to the American and British governments by showing the catastrophic fates these countries meet in the not-too-distant future, precipitated by disastrous policymaking. But "Vendetta'' is also richly satisfying entertainment the way movies are at their best, when they prod you to think.

    Making his first feature, James McTeigue, the Wachowski brothers' longtime assistant director, finds a tone and pacing that are appropriate to bring a portentous comic book to the screen. He takes it seriously without pretending that it's Shakespeare. British graphic novelist Alan Moore wrote it in the 1980s as a harsh criticism of the political right. That the story has such resonance today indicates that Moore (who has disowned the movie) was on to something.

    The opening scene offers a quick lesson in English history. London in the 17th century is re-created to show infamous saboteur Guy Fawkes foiled in his attempt to blow up Parliament, an act for which he is hanged in front of a mob of thousands. They're almost certainly computer generated, but the special effects aren't obvious. The film is almost old-fashioned in relying on solid storytelling instead of trickery to engage the audience.

    Flash forward, way forward, to London in 2020 or so. A totalitarian regime has taken control, terrorizing citizens and routinely lying to them via a government-controlled TV station. It's unclear whether the news readers are telling the truth when they dryly report that the former United States is in a state of chaos brought on by a civil war.

    The British people's self-appointed savior (Hugo Weaving) goes only by the letter V. But we know what that stands for. Sure enough, he's hell-bent on bringing down the government by carrying out Fawkes' failed mission. Keep the mental image of Weaving as the "The Matrix's" ubiquitous Mr. Smith, because he's little more than a disembodied voice, albeit one with majestic resonance perfect for intoning the long-forgotten principles of democracy. V is never seen without an eerie Fawkes mask covering his entire face -- the heavy lines of the eyebrows and mustache form semicircles around squinty eyes, with the mouth glued shut. To hear his words coming from some other place takes some getting used to.

    Natalie Portman gives her strongest performance yet as Evey, an orphan who slowly comes to understand the truth behind the deaths of her family. Even after Evey's hair is shaved off by torturers, Portman keeps you focused on her words and actions instead of her bald head.

    ...more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Even after multiple viewings I cannot deny that V for Vendetta has serious flaws--the scenes with Natalie Portman and V don't really click--but the film has scenes of such power and skill that it lingers in the memory far more than more accomplished but less ambitious movies....more info
  • Thanks for the recommendation
    Never would I have thought to watch this movie on my own. Comic books/graphic novels have never interested me. Fortunately, a friend recommended it to me, so I broke out of my usual selections and gave it a shot. This is both an entertaining and thought provoking film, one which shines a revealing light on our own recent and current political climate.

    If more people would, as I did, take a chance and view this film, they might find themselves having a better appreciation for freedom and see the dangers we succumb to when we willingly sacrifice our liberty for security. This film offers a vision of what occurs when a paternalist government seises ever more power "for your protection." We should look at our own politicians skeptically, whether they promise to protect us from the danger of "terrorists" or "greedy capitalists." Yes, this review is political, as so in the movie. ...more info
  • The Revolution
    This is an awesome movie, based on a true story, only the original outcome for Guy Faux wasn't quite so spectacular, It COULD have been, but they found the expolosives back then. Keep in mind whats happening worldwide, and remember,,,,,,,,,...more info
  • Chapter 11: Valhalla
    "V for Vendetta" is more than just a masked terrorist running amuck in a futuristic Britain; it is more than just the quick wits of an anti-hero challenging the government; and it is far more than just the follow-up film from the Wachowski brothers. This is a philosophical cinematic entry disguised as a blockbuster. While most will argue that it is a poor excuse for the graphic novel (and slightly I agree) because it doesn't follow the story frame by frame, the themes are still pulled through. Looking back into the graphic novel, the changes made from page to screen were dramatic, yet bold. The "happy" ending in the film gives way to the more dismal, slightly uplifting ending in the graphic novel. The main difference between the two is the lack of grittiness, one could call it realism, found within the story and missing in the film. "V for Vendetta" the film is beautiful, watched in full HD, the sound, visuals, and colors are exactly the opposite from the graphic novel, and while comparing the two is not the extent of this review, it is an element that needs to be considered. Alan Moore took his name off this film, reading the graphic novel will explain why.

    With that said, what worked and was miscalculated in the film? To begin, the Wachowskis coupled with the direction of director James McTeigue captured the visual of "V" perfectly. The mask was chilling, and the darkened question of his origins remained open-ended. Their depiction of this masked vigilante was brilliant. The way the shadows fell, the camera angles on his face instilled both fear and excitement for this character. "V", with this film, became iconic. Alas, the visual alone couldn't counter what preceded "V". The use of Hugo Weaving's voice was, like Natalie Portman's accent, weak. "V" was a bold character, but when he spoke, he seemed weaker and in less control. Weaving's voice-work didn't capture the intensity that surrounds this character - and then there was Portman. While she brought some innocence to the character of Eve (a name symbolic as well as poignant), the fading British accent continued the idea that she was merely Natalie Portman playing a character, not just Eve incarnate. Stephen Rae was superb in his role, as always, as the tamed cop hunting for a belief he struggles with, and John Hurt was completely over the top, applauding his role as evil as outstanding. These secondary characters, proving their might stronger than the primary ones, added much needed relief to this film, but it didn't make it perfect.

    "V for Vendetta" is a great film to sit down and enjoy two hours of crisp visuals, amazing music (look for a beautiful cover by "Cat Power"), and intense ideals. It is a thinking film. It camouflages itself as a big-budget action/adventure film, but all the while it is asking to you see the modern news and question our governments. It will keep your mind occupied for hours. McTeigue did a great job of bringing modern relevance (still tragic today) into this film to create a timeless sensation, but it still doesn't counter the disappointing acting. As mentioned before, what makes "V for Vendetta" the graphic novel work is our characters, and as they lacked in the film - it moved it in a different direction. Without the graphic novel, this film still works as entertainment, and slight thought - but it isn't a complete masterpiece. I enjoyed this film when it was first released on the big screen, but watching it today - the small nuances with the characters just don't hold up well over time. Its message is in tact, but lacks the body.

    Grade: *** out of *****
    ...more info
  • "People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people"
    In one word....BRILLIANT!!! This movie is incredible. Hugo Weaving did an excellent job, he is the only one that could have pulled it off like that, with his voice especially. I loved this movie, his words are inspiring. Love love love it...more info
  • V for Vacuous politics
    Let me say two things about this before I get started. First, I have never read the comics, so nothing about them biased my view towards this film in any way. Second, while my rating may be low, I didn't totally see this movie as worthless, let me explain.

    First the somewhat good...

    This movie is as entertaining to me as simiar movies in the same genre. For example, Equilibrium, a very simillar film in almost every way possible, gave me about the same entertainment level as this film. The fight scenes were nothing great but they weren't a drudgery either. The acting was only standard in my opinion, they only exception being John Hurt's portrayl of Adam Sutler. Basically as far as most of the surface things go with this film, I have no real problem with it, but on the same token I don't really see it as great, just average.

    The real problem I have with this movie and the simillar Equilibrium is the overall message. Characters like V and Cleric Preston, underline a general misconception and problem I have with contemporary political thought. They idea that in any governed body all it takes is some political messiah to come in and save everyone and inform them about what is wrong with said governing body, is both stupid and complacentcy causing. Not to mention the fact, that it blatantly insults the very people watching by assuming most of them would be herd like and complacent in such a dystopia in order for the need to be saved to come about. They answer isn't magically strong characters like V or any type of political leader at all, its regular people and personal responsibility. Whether the world be fact or fiction, waiting for a savior while you could be taking actions on your own is just stupid.

    That is why I cant support this movie with anything other than one star because its message is both tired and more importantly wrong....more info
  • Pretty suspenseful
    It was a unique mix of suspense and action. I really enjoyed the mystery of V!...more info
  • Absolutely Wonderful
    I saw the movie atleast 5 times. It is a must see. I enjoyed watching the movie each and every time. I always learned something more whever I watched the movie...more info
  • Just Great!!!
    Well, I just can say the sound is the best, the video is so cool. u got to buy this HD movie....more info
  • Great movie, garbage propoganda
    Wonderful entertaining movie. Simple political analogies weigh the movie down. I believe in tolerance not forced recognition. Problem is the downtrodden thrive to turn the tables rather then line then up evenly. Fire for fire. Violence for violence. Revenge is the function of vendetta. Ultimately this movie fails in its noble cause but works as a source of entertainment. ...more info
  • Blueray is the Bomb
    Great movie that was spectacular re-watching on a bluray player in HD 1080P. Highly recommend this seller they were fantastic. Product reached me quickly...more info
  • Exceptional Filmmaking
    Every once in a while a film comes along that provokes your way of thinking. Fight Club did that in the 90's and this movie does that for this decade. The story follows Evy Hammond (Natalie Portman), who meets a radical who calls himself V, and dressed in the likeness of Guy Fawkes. V exposes the tyranny and treason behind the futuristic government of Norsefire, which rules England with an iron fist. V teaches Evy how to not live in fear of the government, and all the while his plan unfolds to bring a revolution and freedom to the country. There's not a bunch of violence, but when there is you are at full attention to the beautiful directing and cinematography. Oh, and did I mention Hugo Weaving is V? The man known as Agent Smith from The Matrix Trilogy and Elrond from LOTR, is at the top of his game. I love everything about this movie and I highly recommend it to everyone....more info
  • Lame, boring and politically confused
    Even though this movie had some good libertarian sentiments ("People should not fear their government, their government should fear the people") and it was delightful to me to see one of the Western world's greatest centers of tyranny get blown up (when will they do a movie about the War of 1812?), this movie's left-wing slant and political incoherence was just too much to bear. Apparently, when Fascism finally comes to Britain its main policy goals will be to outlaw homosexuality and Korans. Naturally, considering this script was written by the perverted Wachowski brothers and based on a comic book by the snake-worshipping degenerate Alan Moore, the guiding philosophies behind their fictional dictatorship is Christianity and conservatism. How utterly asinine. Everyone knows that the road to serfdom is paved with liberal intentions. Tyrannies usually come to power promising Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood, not limited government and an ethos of "Do Unto Others."

    I'd like to see a movie about the thousands of Western European and Canadian men in prison for thought crimes against the Left, such as questioning the official version of the so-called Holocaust, for writing or speaking out against the homosexual agenda or opposing the immigration invasion of their countries. Who knows where such left-wing oppression will end? A Reign of Terror, a Gulag? I look forward to the day when government will start to fear the people, but by diverting attention from the real enemies of freedom, this movie only makes that day more unlikely. ...more info
  • Great picture/great sound
    'V' is awesome on Blu-ray, the True-HD audio is great. (I accidentally started watching in normal Dolby Digital 5.1 and sensed something wrong) After switching the audio I was wowed.

    The image is top rate as well.

    The story line is enjoyably complex and makes you think hard about political and moral implications of decisions of government and how the general populous might be manipulated. It's a movie I can watch over and over.
    ...more info