2 Channel Digital Motion Detect Surveillance Video Recorder (DVR)
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Monitor your investments and anything valuable! This Digital Motion Detect Recorder is a digital motion pattern recognition surveillance system that takes pictures when motion is detected! This recorder supports CCD and CMOS cameras and features a 128 MB internal memory (112 MB used by OS) that records up to 230 images or 50 video clips. Photos or video clips can also be saved via the built-in Secure Digital (SD) slot! When the device detects motion, it records for ten seconds, then it stops. It starts to record when it detects any movement. To play it back, connect to a TV or monitor or remove the SD Card from the expansion slot and play it on your PC! Simply connect the surveillance camera(s) (not included) and capture everything that happens!

  • Starts recording when movement is detected
  • Digital video recorder (DVR) w / 128 MB built in Flash Memory
  • Memory is upgradable to 2 GB via the built-in SD card slot
  • 2 RCA video inputs for 2 channel recording
  • Supports NTSC and PAL output to a TV or monitor
Customer Reviews:
  • Modern marval
    Just recieved this unit. I was highly skeptical cuz of the low price and not much info offerd. It has on screen menu to set the quality of video or snap shots, U can adjust the sensitivity, duration, time and date stamp, I got it to do a picture in picture with both cameras, U can adjust the motion sensor to a small spot on ur screen or full screen all with the onscreen menu. You can view all ur snapshots on ur tv in a thumbnail view and switch to any shot and then go full screen. You can play back with the unit, and even record to a VCR or DVD recorder no computer needed. It has a button to switch between cameras, I love the fact I can monitor the screen and switch back an forth with the touch of a button, I plugged the SD card into my PC and the video and snapshots were really great. And so easy to save to ur hard drive or burn to a CD or DVD. The price of SD cards are dropping so fast. And to top it all off the unit is so small and just looks so damn cool and so easy to operate even though the instruction booklet was severly lacking. It is multi voltage which is great for me cuz I hav a home in the Philippine islands wer the voltage is 240 and the unit will easily fit in my carry on. Wat do I think? This is the future of recording, soon all video cameras and even hard drives on computers will be recorded on chips similar to the SD cards. If u want to monitor your property cheaply and effectivly, I say buy it...more info