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ScanSoft PaperPort 11
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Product Description

PaperPort 11 makes it simple to connect your scanner and computer together, to work with PDF and JPEG images just like you'd work with paper documents. At work and at home you're inundated with paperwork - receipts, bills, letters, tax information, memos, investment statements, contracts - you name it. The paperwork keeps piling up on your desk and documents keep collecting in your PC. ScanSoft's patented one touch and ScanDirect technology simplifies the scanning process into a few mouse clicks from any device - flatbed, all-in-one or multi-function device. PaperPort even allows you to scan directly to the PDF format ensuring that you can share your files with anyone, anywhere, regardless of the program, platform or operating system. It's perfect for your home or small office -- once you start using PaperPort you'll wonder how you ever did without it. Unlock more information in scanned papers - 40% text recognition improvement

With PaperPort 11 scanned and electronic files can be easily viewed, accessed and arranged via large clear document and individual page thumbnails on the desktop. PaperPort enables you to quickly scan paper items such as receipts, registration forms, tax returns, pay stubs, mortgage records, warranties and more, so you can manage, archive and share them as PDF files. PaperPort makes it easy to view and enhance photos as JPEG or PDF files.

Sometimes scanned documents are skewed. Sometimes the contrast or color isn't right. And sometimes the document you are scanning might be not very clean in the first place. With PaperPort 11, one press of a button delivers fully corrected results directly to the PaperPort Desktop. PaperPort's four customizable Scanner Profiles will auto-straighten, autocrop, auto-rotate and auto-enhance your documents using the Scanner Enhancement Technology (SET).

PaperPort Professional 11 turns scanned documents into text files you can edit or copy and paste text into e-mails. If maintaining the document layout, colors and graphics is important to you then we have great news - ScanSoft OmniPage, the award winning document conversion program, integrates seamlessly with PaperPort for more accuracy, power and flexibility. View larger.

Millions of people use ScanSoft PaperPort to turn piles of paper into organized digital documents. At work and at home we are inundated with paperwork - receipts, bills, letters, tax information, memos, investment statements, contracts - you name it - the paperwork keeps piling up.

PaperPort simplifies things. It's the best tool available to make your all-in-one device or scanner easier and more efficient to use. It enhances Microsoft Windows with large clear thumbnails of over 150 document and photo formats you can print, organize and share.

End the frustration of looking for paper or digital documents by searching for words inside your files with the exclusive All-in-One Search. Save time and have the security of knowing that important documents and photos will never be lost. PaperPort is perfect for your home or small office. Once you start using PaperPort you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

Unlock the Information in Scanned Paper
PaperPort Professional 11 turns scanned documents into text files you can edit or copy and paste text into e-mails. If maintaining the document layout, colors and graphics is important to you then we have great news - ScanSoft OmniPage, the award winning document conversion program, integrates seamlessly with PaperPort for more accuracy, power and flexibility.

Stack and Unstack Documents
Want to combine two scanned documents into a single file? Simply click and drag one of the files and drop it on the other file. PaperPort will immediately create a single file — it's just like stacking and stapling paper in the real world. You can also add, delete or rearrange the pages within any PDF file.

Stop Filling Out Forms By Hand
PaperPort's FormTyper lets you scan in paper forms, and then automatically identify the fields on your scanned form - allowing you to fill-in the form on your computer and simply tab from field to field. Once you fill-in all the fields, you can then print a perfect, completed form or send it as a PDF file through email.

Send To E-Mail, Fax or Print
Save time by sending email, faxing or printing your documents directly from the PaperPort Desktop with a simple drag-and-drop to the PaperPort SendTo Links. You can also go directly from your scanner or All-in-One to any SendTo Link using the PaperPort ScanDirect Utility.

Find Everything - Fast
PaperPort's All-in-One Search quickly finds all matching documents - from standard word processing, spreadsheet and presentation files, to scanned paper, PDF files and photos. PaperPort provides the security of knowing that important information will never be lost. The perfect complement to the PaperPort All-in-One Search is our intelligent search agent: PaperPort Watson. PaperPort Watson expands your search universe far beyond the All-in- One Search. It searches the Web, e-mails, news sites, blogs, shopping sites, and works with other desktop search applications like MSN, Google, and X1. PaperPort Watson is special because it finds relevant information and automatically brings it to you in a flexible sidebar that docks to your PaperPort desktop. It's a revolutionary way to intelligently find what you are looking for no matter where or what it is!

Top 10 Reasons to Buy ScanSoft PaperPort:

  1. Improve Microsoft Windows
    PaperPort stores and organizes copies of your scanned documents and photos on your PC. Perfect for your home office, finances, school work, photos, hobbies, crafts and more!
  2. Stop Losing Important Documents
    Once a paper document is filed electronically in PaperPort, it will never be lost under a desk, damaged, or accidentally thrown away. Your digital documents will always be available and are easy to back-up digitally.
  3. Find Information Fast
    PaperPort helps you find any document or photo on your PC. Just type in a word or phrase and PaperPort will bring up the right document. PaperPort Watson expands your search to Websites, email and blogs.
  4. Clean-up and Share Digital Photos
    PaperPort has the right set of tools to make your digital photos look great. You can create PDF pages from your digital photos and add digital sticky notes to help tell the story behind the photos.
  5. Keep Financial Documents Orderly
    Quickly find your financial paperwork when you need it - tax returns, receipts, financial statements, mortgage papers, insurance forms and more. PaperPort makes it easy to collect documents to load into financial software or send them to your accountant, lawyer or bank.
  6. Email Documents Easily
    Native support for the standard PDF format brings you the power to scan, annotate and email documents and photos in a format that ensures everyone can view and print them on any computer.
  7. Save Money by Printing Less
    PaperPort can "print" web pages into PDF files. Great for saving online receipts, articles and other Web pages that you normally print for safe keeping.
  8. Easily Convert Paper Documents into Digital Documents You Can Edit
    Turn your scanned images into editable text through popular word processing or spreadsheet software using PaperPort OCR.
  9. Fill Out Forms Quickly, Neatly
    FormTyper converts scanned paper into electronic forms you can fill out on the computer.
  10. Simplify Your PC With Less Software
    With PaperPort you can use one program to manage your files, control your scanner and take files off of your digital camera.
  • Organize scanned copies of your documents on your PC: perfect for your home office, finances, school work, photos, hobbies, crafts and more
  • Stop losing important documents under a desk or by getting damaged or accidentally thrown away; your digital documents will always be available
  • Find any document or photo on your PC; just type in a word or phrase and PaperPort will bring up the right document
  • Clean-up and share digital photos; you can even create PDF pages from your digital photos and add digital sticky notes
  • Quickly find your financial paperwork when you need it--tax returns, receipts, financial statements, mortgage papers, insurance forms and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Nuance Garbage
    We have used PaperPort for years. I agree with the reviews that say this is the worst release yet. We have at least one crash a day. It crashes all the time when viewing and rearranging pages on PDF's. Half the time the TWAIN scanner interface locks up. This never happens with PhotoShop or even MS Word 2000. We have paid for tech support on three occasions and received foreign based extremely courteous and incompetent advice (seems all too common these days) The problems have never been solved. We upgraded to the Vista version of PP 11 Pro, No improvement. PLEASE Adobe buy PaperPort from Nuance and make it work....more info
  • Very, Very slooooowwwww
    The idea of the product is great, only if it worked as it is supposed to?
    It is extremely slow, it locks up my scanner most of the time and never remembers my settings; the worst problem is their Technical Support policy, you get one free one, that is usually used up during the installation, after that it is $10 per incident, regardless of if this is their products problem or something you're doing wrong. I don't think I'd ever by another product from these guys....more info
  • Wow. This product is terrible.
    Used the older version. Ran well. Upgraded for 200.00 and it made my system unstable. The program crashes constantly....and they make you pay for Tech support...even to email them. Don't touch this software with a 10 foot pole.
    ...more info
  • PaperPort 11 - Way Better than Version 10
    I have used PaperPort for a long time. It is a great tool to help organize office paper and digital clutter.

    I upgraded to 10 and was disappointed. I figured I would try 11 and if I wasn't happy I would just return it. I couldn't be more delighted. Its much faster than the previous version loading and displaying thumbnails. The Capture Assistant makes scanning adjustments a breeze. The Watson search tool is very neat. Its so much faster for me now to locate things on the web when doing research for my job. It looks like Nuance addressed all the issues with 10....more info
  • This PP11 Pro is a dog
    Horribly slow. Ver 10 was slow too so I rolled back to version 9. Bought ver 11 thinking that they corrected the slowness problem. Out of luck. My advice .....Stick with ver 9....more info
    I have had a number of Paperport versions and this is without a doubt, in my opinion, the worst. I installed on new Vista computer and find that papaerport is very unstable and locks up frequently causing you to reboot. One of the worst attributes is that sometimes it will not allow you to shut it down unless you do hard boot.The indexing feature is a joke. I have not been able to find anything using that feature. I personally will never again buy a Nuance product....more info
  • Doesn't work with network drives or scanners!
    By Nuance's own admission on their website this product will not work with networked scanners. I recently purchased a Canon MX860 (networked) and THEN found out that Paperport won't work with it. Unbelieveable. Their software and support on their website is the worst I've dealt with in a long time. They will NOT get anymore of my money (I purchased full copies of Omnipage Pro 16 and Paperport 11)....more info
  • Paperport 11: Still the slowest application I have found...
    I have used Paperport for the past 3 or 4 versions. Paperport 11 is improved but still the slowest application on my hard drive.

    In particular displaying thumbnails of files in a folder seems to take from a minute to several minutes to accomplish.

    Also scanning with my Epson 3170 scanner appears to be problematic; whenever I hit the scan button and do not wait until the scanner's light stops flashing, I will get an error. I then cancel out the scanning dialog and start over. Usually I will be granted a scan.

    Overall, I like the program to help organize all my important documents, but I do not like the fact that almost every operation is slow.

    By the way my computer should not be the problem; I'm running a new AMD 64 x 2 4400+ processor with 2 GB of RAM. Every other program I have is zippy except for Paperport 11....more info
  • Paperport from nuisance
    That should be the name of the company. I first started using Pagis Pro. When a new version of Windows came along Scansoft (nuisance). I bought PaperPort 9 and along comes Windows XP and the trouble started. I was able to use it as long as I did so as administrator. With Vista I can still use it but at times it locks up and I have to shut it down. it did not have print drivers and guess what? It isn't going to be supported either. A good way to make customers buy new software isn't it. After reading all of your posts on version 11 I'm thankful I didn't buy again. I think I'll stay with the free software CutePDF. Jim...more info
  • Paperport 11 Crashed on Every Computer
    Afer using Paperport 11 for 6 months, I really like the functionaility. But, the product is very unstable resulting in a lot of frustrations. I moved the application to several different computers hoping that the right combination of hardware, memory, disk space ..etc. may appease this temperamental beast. No luck. It's just a poorly QA'ed product. Paperport does not deserve your support - don't buy it. The company charges for support. They are making money on their mistakes or poor quality....more info
  • Decline and fall
    . I used PaperPort 8 for a while. It worked well enough, but it saved images in a proprietary file format and didn't do anything for my sheet feed scanner. PaperPort 11 used .pdf files and promised to work with my scanner. It also promised to merge scans of multi-sheet two-sided material.
    . PaperPort 11 is seriously ill. It can't perform even relatively simple page move operations without locking up, a failing that was not evident in version 8 and has nothing to do with my scanner. However, it does have problems with my scanner. Some of them are just plain weird. All are readily reproduced.
    . When a program hammers, Windows detects its demise and provides an opportunity to send debugging information to Microsoft. I believe that Microsoft makes this information available to application developers. Nuance must be buried daily beneath a fresh truckload of failures, so it can't claim ignorance of its program's shortcomings. If you are unwilling to believe the worst about this program, you will have in short order an opportunity to experience Nuance customer support.
    ...more info
  • Oh yes, it's a scam!!!
    Paperport 11 won't let you scan a document longer than 11 inches!!! I bought this thinking that I was going to scan all of those financial documents that clutter our lives. But things like credit card bills can be longer than 11 inches. They really should warn you up front, but no, they tell you its the greatest thing for organizing you documents. Too bad you can't see the bottom 20% of each credit card statement....more info
  • Not Recommneded
    I have used PaperPort 6 and 9 and decided to try version 11. This version is slow as molasses! If you have more than 30-40 scans in a folder it takes a long time to open the folder and if you switch between folders with a large number of scans you just wait and wait for the thumbnails to reload! A huge waste of time. Switching from a file in desktop view to thumbnail view also very slow. The current image stays, then fades away as all the thumbnails RELOAD.

    I am going back to version 9. I do not have time to sit and wait for version 11 to decide to respond....more info
  • Paper Port 11 won't work in Vista, even with upgrad download
    PaperPort 11 A WASTE OF TIME FOR VISTA: I found Paperport 11 ok in XP but installed on Vista, system, that came with my new computer, it had no print driver to use, like in XP. I somehow managed to download Scansoft's "Paper Port 11 Update for Vista" which annoyingly and amazingly had only one driver with hidden control preference for black and color so you do not know if you will get B&W or color output without a needless checking --- instead of old one black drive, another color driver.

    Worse yet, I tried to print a Word 2007 document with the their upgrade driver many times and the PaperPort screen went bezerk with all kinds of white space and little icons and an error notice something to the effect : Error, Error Bad Bad You should re-install Paper Port....or words to that effect. I reinstalled the whole process and got the same Error Error Reinstall Message.

    Thus I warn all people not to buy this product if you have Vista. I went back to the Symantic Web Site for contact them on this (like they don't know, right? ) and got an advertisement to upgrade Buy Paper Port Pro. (Right, you're goint to gamble that PP Pro will work in Vista after a distaster with Paper Port 11 and their support). I further slogged on to try to contact their technical support, and found a tortured mind boggling site with labrinthean trails to access feedback via an arcane blockages which make you tear out your hair: to give up, with a decision to save yourself further torment with ScanSoft.

    Warning given. ...more info
  • buyer beware!
    Be careful. You might like this software, but Scansoft offers little or no support for advances to your OS. A change like upgrading from Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 to IE8 might be all it takes to make this software obsolete. Then Scansoft will be very happy to sell you...drumroll...Paperport 12! I fell for this with Paperport 5-6, which I absolutely loved. However, due to the lack of adjustment to the flux of the modern computer OS, Scansoft will not be getting anymore of my money. Stay away if you like upgrades....more info
  • The worst commercial software I have ever purchased
    ScanSoft PaperPort 11

    I upgraded to this software. Previous versions were working OK. This is a disaster. It crashes every few minutes. It won't uninstall & trying to remove it is very difficult. It's like crab grass on you computer. Unless Nuance overhauls this product & sends previous users a free replacement I will never purchase from them again....more info
  • Former great program now almost ruined
    ScanSoft PaperPort 11

    Back in the mid-1990's, Visioneer marketed the PaperPort - a nice little scanner that sat in between the keyboard and the computer screen. It would scan documents one at a time, from receipts to letters to darn near anything. PaperPort software was incredible! Unfortunately, the nice little scanners are long gone, but the software is still around, this time in version 11.

    It is terrible. It does not work very well with my duplex scanner, Brother MFC-8860DN, because it doesn't recognize the duplex function of the machine. The older versions had no problem.

    It is also very buggy and very slow.

    It is waaay overpriced.

    It's too bad that Nuance ruined a great product. I've used almost every version of PaperPort and it has been in decline for at least the last two versions. It needs to be totally re-written. If it was updated and speedy and modern, it could be great again. But until that happens, just scan your documents into pdf files and forget thePaperPort interface. It's not worth the money or expense....more info
  • Don't Attempt to Use With Vista
    Piss poor tech support added to buggy software gives you the latest incarnation of PaperPort, PaperPort 11 Pro. It works fairly well in Windows XP, but don't waste time trying to use it in Vista; it flat out won't work. As other reviewers have found out, Nuance tech support is of no use. I have had a few issues open with them regarding other problems with other programs, and their answer is always the same: "Not our problem!" This may have been the pinnacle of their tools a while back, but no longer. I won't be buying Nuance software anymore....more info
  • You have to download the upgrade to 11.1
    I have been using this software since 2000. The older versions worked great up until version 9. The last two versions have been really bloated and slow. Unless you download the upgrade to 11.1 (which is free on the Nuance website) this is a miserable release. It does not come up in the automatic updates. You have to go to the website and download the Windows Vista version. It works perfectly for XP. This made a 100% difference in the software. Its much faster, doesn't crash, profiles work perfectly. I have had 11.1 since May and I really enjoy using version 11 now. If I put money on it, non of the people who gave it such bad reviews are using 11.1....more info
  • a scam in the making....
    First, let me be specific, I am reviewing Paperport 11, not Paperport Pro. Why do I think Paperport 11 is a scam? Because it's like a demo version of Paperport Pro (which is the full product). The use of this non-pro version is super limited.

    1) I can't create a new scanner profiles (I am limited to the 4 they supplied initially) for scanning.
    2) They claim to support most scanners, but unless yours is a popular scanner, it's treated just as a generic plain paperport scanner. Nothing special.
    3) I bought the product hoping it can create searchable PDF files so I can use my desktop search engine (like google desktop) to search my scanned documents. No such thing! To do it, you have to: a) buy Paperport 11 Pro, b) buy OmniPage (I presume). Which totals more than 300 bucks!!!
    4) Very very limited customer support. You have ONE free technical support call (which I used up during installation because the installer crashed my system). After that, it's 20 bucks per phone call. There is no free email support. The first and every message you send them will cost 10 bucks each. What a scam: crash the user's computer upon installation, force them to call you so they burn up their "free" support. After that, any questions you have will cost you $$$!

    I so want to return this product, but I already mailed in the UPC code for the rebate so I cannot return the product anymore. Another trap!!! Unbelievable!!!

    Final words: STAY AWAY!!! I will never buy anything from Nuance, EVER!...more info
  • They ruined an otherwise good program.
    We used PaperPort in our network since version 8.0, and we currently use PaperPort version 10.0 (Professional). Although speed has always been an issue, I would have previously recommended PaperPort as long as you had a computer with good processing speed (Note: we have a peer-to-peer Wundows XP Professional network)

    After installing version 11.0 (Professional) I would STRONGLY suggest that you look elsewhere if you plan to use this product in a networked workgroup (peer-to-peer). Although they did improve the speed of the program in some areas, it now takes two minutes to save a scanned PDF file to a network folder! In PaperPort 10, it happened almost instantly.

    I called PaperPort technical support and got some patch files, but they were of no help. When I called back the second time, technical support was out of ideas and my only alternative now is to return the product.

    Once again, avoid this product if you plan to save pdf files in network folders. I have no idea what they did, but it's a shame how they ruined this product.

    ...more info
  • Paper Port 11
    I have used Paper Port for years, starting with Paper Port 6, and really like how easy they are to use. Paper Port 11 is especially great....more info
  • Worst Support Ever
    Buy this product and pray is works flawlessly because the support is the worst I've ever had to work with. Our upgrade from version 10 to 11 caused the scanner to perform twenty times slower making it un-usable. I can't imagine why the upgrade would do this and trust that support never will either....more info