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Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Internet Security 6.0 is designed to protect your computer from online dangers. It offers unprecedented defense against viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, and adware. If the software encounters a previously undocumented threat, it's sent directly to Kaspersky Labs for immediate analysis - where it is disarmed within 20 minutes and made available during your next update cycle. Automatic quarantining of suspicious objects for manual inspection. E-mail base scanning for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, The Bat!, Netscape Messager, Opera, and more. Easy installation and configuration.

  • Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0 works under Microsoft Windows 98, Me, NT Workstation 4.0 (Service Pack 6a), 2000 Professional (Service Pack 2 or higher), XP Home Edition, XP Professional (Service Pack 1 or higher.
  • Exclusive hourly anti-virus database updating for the ultimate protection
  • iChecker and iStreams technology checks files up to three times faster than other popular anti-virus products
  • Two tiered e-mail protection with proprietary scanning technology to monitor all incoming and outgoing e-mails and mail databases
  • Automatic detection over 900 types of compressed and archived files and disinfection of ZIP, ARJ, CAB and RAR format files

Customer Reviews:

  • Hasn't Failed Me Yet
    Kapersky was a much needed replacement for my computer security.

    I switched from Norton to Kapersky Internet Security when my Norton Internet Security program began malfunctioning like the HAL 9000 computer. I ended up having a professional computer whiz uninstall the Norton program. At the time I was told that the challenges I experienced with the Norton program were not uncommon. What were the challenges? I'm glad you asked.

    Norton Internet Security began blocking access to any "https" sites. As such you could access sites, such as banking and on-line catalogue ordering, but you could not log-on. The security icon would show that my computer was at risk, but when I clicked to get more information I was greeted with a warning that I was not an administrator. The system would likewise not allow me to disable the firewall or uninstall the program as I was not an administrator.

    Since I replaced the security program with Kapersky I have had no problems with my system. ...more info
  • I had it installed about 3 hours
    I downloaded the trial version - and I can't be more thankful I did. On their website they state that the trial is exactly like the regular version. My computer started acting funny...I would click something and multiple items would highlight. In email this happened and even when I clicked and had 3 items highlighted and managed to open one - email wouldn't delete. I couldn't delete this fast enough. ...more info
  • Best I've had so far
    Being unfamiliar with Kaspersky, after reading reviews and using the free trial for a few days, I decided to purchase it. I don't regret it. My system runs much faster, has more available memory, and feels more stable. I previously had Panda Platinum Internet Security 2006 and it was a pretty decent program, but it was too intrusive and quite a power/memory hog. I'm glad I found this product. Don't make the same mistake as some of the other disgruntled reviewers on here by dishing out your cash first, buying a product that you feel warm and fuzzy about and getting a multiple year subscription on top of that....test your PC's compatibility with the trial software first. That's what the free trials are for! Good luck in finding the security suite right for you, but I don't think you can go wrong with this one. ...more info
  • Much better than Norton
    I have used a variety of security and antivirus programs over the years. I never liked any of the products other than Norton because they had so many gaps in features. But Norton in recent years has become a major computer resource hog such that th computer running it becomes very slow. This recently made me consider switching to Kaspersky. I am very happy I did. If you switch from Norton installation can be tough because Norton products always leave code behind that messes with new programs and this was no exception. But after a few days I sorted this all out with technical support and I can state that all the functionality of norton is there with much less of a reduction in computer speed. I will purchase this line of products from now on instead. One thing to note though, is that although AMazon encourages you to bundle the Anti-Virus and Internet Security products this is not necessary as the Internet Security product includes the Anti-virus suite. I went with Amazon'r recommendation and had to return the Antivirus program for that reason. Overall I am very pleased....more info
  • It has problems
    I wanted an Internet Security program that would not hog space...and it does not.

    It is easy to set up and does the job of blocking popups and protects from viruses.

    Automatic updates frequently throught the day.

    Tech support (in the USA) was not that great and I think they realized there are 'bugs'...but would not admit it.

    One web site in particular (Home Shopping) will load OK...but if you go to the various topics (Jewlery, electronics etc.) it will not open them at all...and a blank screen is all you get. The problem is NOT in the various individual 'Protection Settings'. With ALL of them diabled...the only way to get those things to open is to COMPLETELY disable the Kaspersky program. This happens on dial up and high speed connections.

    I am using broadband now...and on AOL if I go to read a story from one of their news items on the Welcome Page...they will not load until I once again COMPLETELY disable Kaspersky. This happened after I switched to broadband...but worked OK on dialup.

    The same things happen when opening some e-card links. The card will not load until Kaspersky is COMPLETELY disabled.

    The program made my brand new HP Laptop 'crawl'...and so I installed the pre-loaded Norton Internet Security 2006...which works fine...and NONE of the problems I experience on my Desktop (with Kaspersky) show up.

    As I said...disabling the individual 'Protection Levels' does NOT cure the problems. The WHOLE program has to be disabled which leaves me unprotected.

    I am disappointed in the program because of these conditions and am seriously considering going back to Norton...even though it is a memory 'hog' and gets some bad 'knocks'. ...more info
  • SIMPLY THE BEST! ( I Will NEVER use McAfee or NORTON AGAIN!!! )
    I used NORTON and McAfee for years, before I switched to KASPERSKY about 2 years ago! That was the best investment I have ever made! I now use KASPERSKY AntiVirus Sofware for my LAPTOP, and it is GREAT! Also, I just purchased a NEW Home Desktop (with WINDOWS VISTA), and purchased KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 6.0, AND it's even BETTER than the AntiVirus (on the laptop)!

    Unlike NORTON or McAfee, KASPERSKY does NOT slow down your computer. Also, IT DOES NOT MAKE NOISE! (It does NOT make your computer sound like an "airplane or a car" (that's my best description to the sound of the PC with other AntiVirus softwares). What I love MOST about this software is that, unlike most other softwares, this ONE has it ALL! (No need to spend your money in additional AntiVirus Softwares or Fire Walls, etc...)

    Here's is some of the "Protection & Features" it includes:
    First of all, it works with WINDOWS VISTA, and Second, VERY EASY TO USE!
    1) File AntiVirus
    2) Mail AntiVirus
    3) Web/INTERNET AntiVirus detection and REMOVAL
    4) Proactive Defense
    5) Anti-Spy
    6) Anti-Hacker
    7) Anti-Spam
    8) Pop-up Blocker
    10) Fire Wall, and MORE.................

    It costs just a little more expensive than some others, but it is worth it! BELEIVE AN INTERNET FREAK!

    Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0...more info
    I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security suite 6.0 for almost a month now and feel it has provided the best protection for me so far . I beleive the detection rate for viruses, trojans, is higher than Mcafee, Norton, AVG, which I have all used. When running a virus scan the first time with the trial version it detected an amazing 16 trojan horses. I can't help to think all of this went unpassed when using Mcafee at the time which I felt very confident using as my security suite. Kaspersky helped remove some of the trojans along with advice from the tech support that I feel have been helpful so far in replying to my e-mails in a timely manner concerning different issues. The firewall appears to be very strong and warns me of hacker attempts almost every day. Kaspersky also offers a website [...] that lists information on viruses, trojans, malware, hackers, and virus removal tools. A lot of useful information that can keep you glued to your computer if your interested in learning more about this stuff. The tech support is somewhat limited with the trial version and the pop-ups can be a little annoying to some people when granting permission to open a site or install a new program. Some programs do run slow when running the virus scan , but for anyone who downloads a lot of music, movies, and surfs the web a lot this is a strong suite to have....more info
  • Good luck if you need tech help
    After installing Internet Security 6.0 it created a corrupted file in my Outlook registry. OK, so when I went for tech help, the phone number listed is in RUSSIA. Or - I could email the question to the tech desk. Not so fast... First you have to have a customer ID and password. Never mind that after buying the software you had to enter the key which registers 1 user. So why can't the use that info? Anyway after going through the drill they send me my customer ID number but my password is sent separately in a zip file. What's up with that?!? I don't have a zip program so I can't open it. The catch 22 is there is no tech desk email address to contact them to tell them to just send me the damn password in a text message so I can contact them with my problem. I did find an email address for "info" so I emailed that address about my plight and of course have not heard back. Thank you, Comrad! ...more info
  • Not Recommended
    I was impressed by the rating at amazon, cnet and some other sites and wanted to buy this product. But I downloaded the trial version before buying it.My experience with this s/w is real bad one. May be this could be specific to my hardware+software combination. I have HP laptop Core 2 Duo with XP media center edition. After I installed with the default option ( I select advanced option but didnt change whatever is given there by default) and most of my programs started working weird. Almost all programs/utilities gave the windows load error. I have to close the error box and open the application again. After repeating this process for 4 or 5 time I wont get the error. I am not sure why this behavior.
    I was so annoyed that I uninstalled immediately. After that, my home page didnt load properly, windows media player didnt start, my web mail page did not load. I checked the FAQs in the Kaspersky site and they have stated these exact problems and asked to register the 2 dlls for javascript and vbscript. After that everything is normal. I should thank Kaspersky for having good FAQ page. Otherwise my experience with this product is real bad one and I am not sure if I come back to these guys again....more info
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0
    So far so very good. Didn't tie up my computer like trend micro did. Will update if I have a problem......more info
  • Norton never again
    After installing Norton 360 my computer started running much slower and the fan was constantly on. Even worse, my browser kept crashing and 360 kept denying my use of certain important sites because the "certificate has been revoked." On the recommendation of a friend I decided to replace 360 with Kaspersky.

    Stripping out all of the Norton components was a real chore, though with the helpful advice of the folks in the forums on Kaspersky's website I was able to do it. Be warned that it does take some time and downloads (including Norton's removal tool), so block out a few hours for installation if you are not starting with a pristine system. If you don't remove Norton (or whatever protection system you were using), chances are you will get the blue screen of death that a few commenters have cited.

    On the recommendation of those in the forum, rather than installing from the CD I received (version, I downloaded the most current version of Internet Security from the Kaspersky website ( and installed that instead, while using the product key I received with the CD. I would highly recommend this. It worked beautifully. My system is faster than it's been in a long while, my fan rarely runs, and I haven't had a single problem since. It even found a virus that Norton had failed to detect. Needless to say, I returned my Norton 360.

    Not having a live support person may be frustrating for some, but I found the Kaspersky online forums to be more helpful than the live help I received from Norton. It does help to know your way around the computer (though by no means must you be an expert) and to know how to follow directions. If you fall into that category (or have someone who does and can help with installation), I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Overhyped IS
    After reading reviews at,[...] I decided to switch to Kaspersky Internet Security from ZoneAlarm ISS (which was not performing well recently, update failure, etc). Awesome deal from Amazon, it was free after MIR! Installation was not that bad, after a full scan, it detected and deleted some fatal trojans and stabilized my system. My IE used to shut down for some unknown reason (probably because of those nasty worms) for some very popular sites including Sony, Blockbuster, Apple, Cnet, etc, now they all open in IE. Good job here.
    Now, the bad news! This IS is not good for non-technical people at all. I am not a software expert, but have handled and completely understood many softwares (the way it works), not this one. Configuring this software is very confusing. It does not know the difference between the good and the bad! Even for very popular programs/websites, it gives me warning until I add them to trusted zone. For instance, it detects YahooMessenger program as invader. I could tell you more examples, but it could be non-ending. I normally visit one website ( for the newspaper in my mother tongue (Bengali), but Kaspersky does not allow it to display its fonts and detects it as malicious object (adware). Even if I ask Kaspersky to allow the process, the fonts cannot be displayed either. Only after shutting down the IS, fonts can be displayed. After doing this, when I turn Kaspersky back on, it asks me to delete TDServer Control installed by the website. I don't find any problem with the above-mentioned website, but Kaspersky does not understand it.
    Bottomline: Kaspersky may be regarded as good IS, but not the best. Its limitations cover up its advantages. I have also used the following softwares:
    Mcafee anti-virus, Symantec anti-virus.
    And I must say all are good, but none of them gave me peace of mind.
    I am now planning to switch to Spysweeper anti-virus/antispyware security suite after reading pcmag review. Not to mention, I have used Spysweeper anti-spyware before and stopped using it as it failed to "sweep" (unable to connect). Hope that they have fixed the bugs in the new version. ...more info
  • Kaspersky Great Software....
    To let you know my history of virus software I started with Norton thinking it was the best because it was the biggest. That couldn't be farther from the truth. If you are a gamer or a multitasker it runs lots of little programs in the background that bog your system down. So last year I bought Trend Micro based on reviews. It was an awesome program that ran quietly and minimally in the background. Then they changed their product for this year, ouch. They went the way of Norton and that's when I found Kaspersky. It's a little more expensive, but easily worth the money. It runs in the background better than the aforementioned and is great at identifying threats. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants or needs to switch. My only issue, download updates after you install the program, not during. I received errors when I did it during. Good luck and happy computing....more info
  • Please be careful
    This product does not have user friendly installation. I spent hours trying to get my computer to accept and run Kaspersky and gave up. I have never before experienced this problem with any internet security system. If you buy this, its a crap shoot to see if it will work on your computer....more info
  • Great software
    Our computer had slowed to a crawl so i decided to try a new security package.Installation was a breeze and after running my first scan it was able to find a trojan backdoor program that had downloaded to my computer that my other security scanner could not find.It also tells you when worms are trying to attack your computer and is able to block those attacks.Start up time on my computer has dropped from two minutes to twenty seconds and all my programs load much faster.Our computer now works like i hoped it would when we got a broadband connection.Very satisfied kaspersky customer....more info
  • A complete protection for your PC
    This is a simple review and straight forward to the point. Comparing to well known brands like Norton and Macafee, Kasperksy offers great protection for your PC without draining it's resources and drain the juice from your brain trying to setup the program. It was great hassel for me to use Norton security package, the loading time is three times slower and the and configuring the program to suite your needs in such a pain. Macafee wasn't different from norton plus the virus protection suffers from detecting vicious worms. Kaspersky on the other hand is easy to install and use, offers wide variety of protection for your system, and the update keeps your PC well protected from current viruses and worms. I'm using Kaspersky on my Toshiba laptop with 1.7Ghz intel centrino processor and 512MB of ram and it's running smooth and not affecting the performance of the laptop.

    One piece of advice, if you buy Kaspersky SECURITY suite DONT'T BUY Kaspersky ANTIVIRUS package, basically the are the same except the security suite offers more internet brwosing and firewall safety solutions....more info
  • The best Internet Anti Virus and securitry around the world
    It's No. 1 as reviewed by professional companies. It's update it's Dbase every hour and makes my PC light and speed not like other programs. It has all what you need to make your PC secured. I recommend to move to this program and leave others....more info
  • Works Well
    This product is totally invisible while it's working. I haven't noticed any degradation in preformance on my computer like I did with Norton.

    My only issue with it is that it is a 3-user license. I installed it on 3 computers, thinking that the 1-year license clock starts independently for each machine. Wrong. Even though I installed it on the third machine a full 3 months after I installed it on the first, the expiration date was the same. All three licenses expire one year after it is installed on the first machine (even though I will only get 9 months of use from it on the thirs machine)....more info
  • Excellent.
    Having switched from Norton Internet Security because it was slowing down my system and was especially bothersome for this reason in addition to the cumbersome functioning of auto-upgrades and regular scans, I see that Kaspersky presents great improvements in these areas.

    In addition, it is much more transparent and interactive. In brief, while no security system may be perfect, this, from an end user standpoint, beats Norton and MacAffee hands down because it is smoother, faster, less cumbersome and more transparent. From this standpoint, it's a better made product and a breath of fresh air....more info
  • Kaspersky anti-virus
    This is typical Kaspersky. It does it's job, more thoroughly than the others. We've used them all, since we're in the business but prefer this....more info
  • Works for me!
    I like this anti-virus software. Pretty user friendly....more info
  • the best Anti-virus Software
    I've used several anti-virus software programs in the past and none are as good as Kaspersky. I used to use the worst software, Norton, so this is a great upgrade.

    Pros: does not slow down your computer like the other programs. It updates quickly and quietly. Easy to use and configure.

    ...more info