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Victorinox Deluxe Concealed Neck Pouch
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Product Description

Victorinox's Multi-Pocket Neck Pouch is a security neck pouch that hangs around your neck with a soft lanyard and tucks inside clothes to secure valuables.

  • Security neck pouch with soft lanyard tucks inside clothes to secure valuables
  • Large gusseted compartment and separate stash pocket store most sizes of currency, tickets, passports, traveler's checks, etc.
  • Two zippered pockets perfect for coins and other loose items
  • Soft, nylon fabric is comfortable against the skin and promotes airflow to keep you cool and dry
  • Rugged poly and cotton fabrics provide superior abrasion-resistance

Customer Reviews:

  • passport and secure money pouch
    This was a little bigger than I expected but will hold my money securely and hidden away while I am in Europe....more info
  • Lightweight
    This was very light and had plenty of room for passport, tickets, etc. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Well made, but airport security problem
    Stitched together well, but...the metal zipper heads (three of them) lit up airport security scanners. Wearing a long sleeved shirt, I looped it over my neck and under my arm. Big Mistake! Had to take my shirt off to remove the pouch for inspection, as the pouch cord cannot be untied. So much for secrecy. Also, cannot see a way to move the springed device, used to shorten the cord, from the middle of the strap support, causing it to push out at the back of my shirt collar. I assume this device has a metal spring, which may have contributed to the security alert. I'm also assuming here it wasn't the magnetic stripes on credit cards stored in the pouch that caused the problem. ...more info
  • Great Product But...
    Neck pouch seems to be very durable. The zippers, velcro & stiching are all high quality. Well worth the price. My only complaint is this neck pouch is rather large. Not really good for wearing underneath clothing. The Word Concealed is a little misleading unless you are going to wear it underneath a coat or a jacket. Otherwise a great product....more info
  • A few flaws but overall quite satisfactory
    Before I got this product I used another product, one of those concealed pouches that you attach to your belt and then stuff down the inside of your pants (behind one of the front pockets, next to your skin). But I always hated these because you have this odd-looking patch of cloth around your belt that usually doesn't match your trousers and thus advertises to the whole world that you are carrying valuables.

    The Victorinox neck pouch is much better, but it does have a few things I dislike. When you wear it, the cord goes around the back of your neck and it has a fairly hefty neck pad and a plastic cord lock, so if you wear it under a T-shirt (as I will do when I run in Europe) then it's pretty obvious to anyone that you're carrying something around your neck. However, I experimented with this neck pouch and saw that I can also wear it diagonally across my chest, like a gun holster or a tricorder from the original Star Trek series. That way it's completely concealed (and I feel nice like I'm packing a pistol or something). The pouch hangs low enough that you can insert it under your trousers on the side, so it feels even more secure.

    The other thing I didn't like was the innermost zippered storage pocket. The zipper runs top to bottom along the side of the pouch, and I'm concerned that running or lots of walking might cause the zipper tab to slide down, which might cause the contents to fall out on the ground. So to be doubly secure I just used a small safety pin to keep the slider absolutely locked at the top. Works great.

    Otherwise, terrific product. The outermost zipper pocket is shaped like a trapezoid and not a rectangle, so you can't put large rectangular things in it, but the other pockets are spacious and work just fine.

    Don't buy one of these in travel stores... the markup is hideous. The on-line prices were much better....more info
  • Neat product
    Works very well - hides under the shirt. Does not set of airport alarms. Very good to keep your passport in. ...more info
  • Perfect!
    My husband and two of his friends went to Costa Rica on a 10-day motorcycle tour of the country. They were on the move each day so they needed to wear these around their necks all the time. They were perfect! A perfect fit for a passport, money and room for a little extra. They are light weight and non-obtrusive. I would recommend these to anyone whose traveling overseas or just cruising around the good old U.S. of A. and need something light weight and durable. ...more info