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Belkin N1 Wireless Router
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Product Description

Intelligent MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) spatial multiplexing techniques build upon the widely deployed 802.11g standard by greatly increasing speed, range, and faster speeds of up to 300 Mbps. Using this smart-antenna technology, N1 Wireless from Belkin delivers greater range and faster speeds, for a quick and efficient way to distribute video, music, photos, and files among the networked computers in your home. The built-in Network Status Display lets you see your connections working. Each icon represents a network component, so you can easily monitor for fast troubleshooting. Shop online and surf the Web Email and chat Handle multiple VoIP phone calls

  • Stream HD Video
  • Listen to digital music
  • Play online games
  • Transfer photos and home videos
  • Shop online and surf the web

Customer Reviews:

  • Should be Number 1 on Your List
    This is one great router! I spent four days and nights trying to get it set up with no success, but that was due to my ISP insisting that I had a "Dynamic" connection when I really had "PPPoE". Belkin's tech help was patient and courteous though those hours on the phone. I had suspected that we did not have a Dynamic connection, and once I changed that setting the router was running within three minutes. My advice to you is this. If your router has not connected you to the Internet within ten minutes of taking out of the box, you'd better start doubting either your wiring setup or your ISP. Now we have fast connections throughout the house, no dropped connections as with our previous router. My son commented that it is amazing to unplug the cable and see no loss in speed. The CD makes setup easy, and it was a snap to make a connection from our two laptops. My only negative comments regard the lack of a printed owner's manual in the box, and the current dreadful trend of outsourcing tech help to India. They tried and were patient, but it remains very difficult to understand them. I'd buy another Belkin N1 Router all over again, and I've already pitched it to friends and relatives. You won't regret it....more info
  • Excellent Router!
    This is an excellent router! If you are into online gaming,perfect. If you want streaming downloads,perfect! It has excellent range. It is extremely easy to set up. I highly recommend the router!...more info
  • Disappointed
    This is the first Wireless router i've tried. At first I was impressed because the directions and setup were a breeze. However, like all the other negative reviews here, the problem with this router is that it will drop/hang your connection after you get it to work. I've even updated the firmware, which I thought helped at first but the connection only lasted a few minutes longer. After using it for about 5-10 minutes, both Wired and Wireless connections freeze and stop working. I'm so disappointed; it's such a nice looking router and was at a decent price. I'll be returning this tomorrow and shopping for a new one....more info
  • Worst Router Yet
    This is the most horrible experience I have ever had with a router. I loved the original Orinoco routers, so easy and so reliable. I also loved the Belkin Pre-N router. This N1 however is horrible. It started with booting off the system every 15 minutes. After TWO DAYS on the phone with technical support, I got the router replaced. The new router booted me off the net after 30-40 minutes. After TWO MORE DAYS on the phone with technical support, we finally got the router to stay on for 4 hours. But then you have to go through a whole system reboot. If you don't believe this is a systemic problem, call their customer support at 877-736-5771 and you'll see that they have put in a hot line for people who can't keep this thing online. There are two things I recommend -- the Belkin Pre-N and the very nice customer support at Belkin. They really did try everything and replaced my product with a different product in the end. Thank goodness for the lifetime warranty on these. Don't buy it. Go with this one instead. Belkin F5D8230-4 Wireless 802.11x Pre-N Router...more info
    I replaced my four year old wireless router, that had trouble connecting from the second floor to my first floor computer, with the Belkin N1 Wireless Router. NOW, I connect to the immediate neighborhood!! Make sure you secure your connection with a password. No more dropped connections with the N1. Mike Barrett....more info
  • Just don't do it..
    As a networking professional, I have supported / troubleshooted many types of servers and networking products in both residential and commercial settings. I have to say that this particular router has to be the worst that I have seen for reliability and vendor support. I purchased this router along with the N1 wireless card. The card consistently froze with the Belkin wireless utility and speed tests were no better than the 56G wireless card it replaced. Belkin support could not resolve the issues with the card or the router from day 1 and they refused to replace the equipment. After 3 months the router has now failed completely. Having spent many hours on the phone and conversing online with their web support, I have decided to throw this $300 paperweight in the trash and go back to Linksys now Cisco. I have made the mistake once and I will never recommend a Belkin to another one of my customers. As a final note, I am not opposed to considering that this equipment was a lemon but in my opinion, support after the sale is key in my book and Belkin support did not get the job done to try to keep me as a customer....more info
  • Belkin - Says it All
    I previously had a Belkin Router and I had no doubt about which would my next buy be ... This is a real good router - only and only if - the setup process was good ... There were hitches in the initial setup of the router ... If only the Manual and the Autostart were in sync about the process ! ... Otherwise - a recommended router ... Happy to have it!...more info
  • Highly Recommended
    Platform: iMac running OS X, v10.5.2
    Printer: Xerox Phaser 6120 color laser printer

    It worked good right out of the box. I did have a problem getting my printer configured properly to work with the router but the Belkin help desk was able to help me out.

    My next problem was, I could see the printer, I could talk to the printer, but I could not get a print out from the printer. this time the Apple Mac help desk came through. It ended up being another printer problem. Somehow the printer configuration was mixed up. I could see all the proper settings but, I don't think the Mac was. Final solution - a cold boot.

    The printer was retaining old information. After shutting it down and, PULLING THE PLUG and letting it set for a couple of minutes then starting the Belkin router then the printer, all was well.

    All of the above are hard wired.

    I had a visitor with a new WinTel running Vista come over. I followed the setup menu, established the wireless connection and it was up and running without a hitch.

    My next step is to get a wireless card for my old WinTel computer at the other end of the house and link it up wirelessly. A lot easier than running an ethernet cable between the two. Much more flexibility when it comes time to move the computer at some later time.

    A side note. My cable modem went bonkers on me. I could not access the internet but I could access the printer so I knew it was a cable or cable modem problem. Called the cable company and they verified the modem link was gone so they reset the modem and I was on line again.

    Another side note. After the router is set up and working, make a Favorite or Bookmark for the printer and router and any other devices that will reside on your network. It makes it much easier to find later.

    I highly recommend this router....more info
  • umm this is the best!
    any person who downs this router must be insane. Ive gone through three different brands of router and the Belkin N1 is the best yet. its easy to use and very goood lookin!not to mention the most use full....more info
  • Not what I expected
    I thought the new "N" protocol would give me improved reception for my wireless computers but when I set security on it I could not get connection. Other wireless routers have been no problem....more info
  • very bad customer service
    I got this router and it just worked for 1 day. After I spoke with the tech support, they have decided it was a defect product then transfer me to the customer service. Unfortunately, the customer rep told me that it is their policy to have me pay for the return postage. I found it shocking that belkin asks the customer to pay for their defect item. Very bad customer experience. For that, I won't buy any more Belkin products.

    "Please Note: This is not a pre-paid label. You will need to apply postage when shipping your defective item to Belkin." Is it fair?...more info
  • A worthless upgrade from old D-Link wireless router
    After extensive trials on the unit I purchased from Amazon and a replacement from Belkin, I am now requesting a full refund from Amazon for this worthless router. It proved to be much slower than the 3-yr old D-Link it was to replace, with weaker signal strength. This was after several calls to Belkin tech support to make sure their unit was tweaked to perform at it's peak.

    We eventually determined that what I had purchased from Amazon was a year old, without the latest Belkin firmware. Belkin replaced that unit with a new one, which performed at an even lower level, finally giving out altogether: delivering no signal at all.

    So, I'm pleased to be back with my old D-Link router....more info
  • Great Router, as long as there is no interference
    I have found this unit to provide an always solid connection, it's range isn't as good as others, but it isn't bad. This unit however, does not work well in area of interference. When I first got the unit it would drop signal periodically, as soon as I bought a dect 6 phone to replace my 5.4g phone it was solid and fast.

    Recently I moved into a condo from my house. Now I have 4 or 5 wireless neighbors interfering with my signal. The connection stays solid as a rock, but the through put has slowed to a crawl and is bursty. Even in the same room four feet from the device. I've tried many settings and frequencies, but even going to a lower used frequency group (1 in my environment) it doesn't help much.

    Overall it's a great AP, but functions poorly in environments with any rf interference. If you have a high interference environment (apartments or condos), I would advise trying something else....more info
  • It does what is says.
    The router has a very strong signal and the hardware was very easy to install. My only complain is that it took me some time to set up my laptop for connecting with the configured secured signal. The CD & manual should have more information about this. ...more info
  • just bought it. great product. much better than netgear!
    i bought this a week ago and its great. i had 3 netgear routers before this and 2 of them have failed on me. in addition this belkin router was easier to install, and has much better wifi range then the negear's i have had. definitely good product. the N1 vision might even be a better version than this one....more info
  • Belkin N1 Router
    When I first bought this router it would have trouble staying connected to the internet for more than 2 hours at a time. It turned out that my RCA cable modem was having some kind of issue with the router. I exchanged my cable modem and everything has worked flawlessly ever since.

    Once nice feature with the router is the lighted icons on the front of the router. The wireless icon will light up whenever a wireless connection is made to the router. If you are concerned about outsiders getting on your network, its pretty easy to tell if someone is accessing the router wirelessly.

    Belkins customer support was very helpful getting the router / modem problem identified....more info
  • Security Setup & Support Need Improvement
    Router works great with very good range and the setup to get it working on my desktop machine(Windows2000) & my notebook(XP) couldn't be easier. However, enabling security is almost impossible without calling support. And I had to go through 4 different support techs to get it worked out. With the desktop running Windows2000 an important step was left out of the security setup instructions. On the notebook, it appears to be necessary to use the utility built into XP instead of the Belkin utility. Poor security setup instructions and support people that didn't know much translated into an afternoon wasted in order to enable security. ...more info
  • Painful & annoying
    I bought this Belkin N1 wireless router because it was supposed to be relatively top-of-the-line, new, and it looked like it would be relatively easy to install. And like so many things in my life, "it seemed like a good idea at the time". This router has turned into a very painful & annoying experience in futility.

    At first, I tried for a couple hours to get this wireless network working. First it would work for five minutes amazingly fast, but then die. Then I would disconnect and reconnect, and it would work another five minutes. Then die. Repeat this over and over for both the desktop and the laptop. I tried 90+ minutes with technical, but to no avail.

    Then my friend, and then his friend (who owns his own computer-support-service business) tried to get it up and running. Again, a couple hours on technical support to India with no such luck. Frustrating for all of us.

    So we've spent a good, solid five or six hours on this with zero luck (we're sadistic I guess - we should've given up after one). I feel like taking this out to the desert and shooting it! Please save your money for some other company's product. Believe the 1-star reviews....more info
  • good product - great for non-techies
    It does as advertised. Compared to my previous d-link b/g wireless router: Consistently up, I can make wireless connections with my existing components much faster, and it seems to be more compatible. For a rather technical home electronics component, it has a ridiculously simple setup and troubleshooting process - far better than anything I've seen in this class before - so if you aren't a techie, then this is a good wireless router for you. I'm not using the "N" band, however the range for "G" is fairy good as well (better than my previous router). Though mercifully I haven't had to test it out yet, Belkin is one of the few (perhaps the ONLY) companies offering a lifetime warranty for a wireless router, so this bodes well too. Though it doesn't have the maximum amount of configurable options (such as assigning static IP's within DHCP - only directly) I have been quite happy with this product after a few months. When it becomes outdated, it even has a "access point mode" where it can simply be used to boost the range of another existing wireless network....more info
  • Piece of junk
    I highly dis-recommend this router. It is a pain. It does not stay connected to the internet continuously. Working from home quite frequently I need to have an application running that connects me to the relevant server(s) at work. As soon as the internet connection gets interrupted that application has to re-start again (I often have to re-start my laptop). I have lost a significant amount of time. The solution, of course, is to connect directly to the cable modem or buy a splitter to connect my work laptop and the router. But that reduces the router to its wireless feature. Wired features become useless....more info
  • Excellent range and signal - but possibly a bit difficult to set up
    After spending a few hours trying to get the setup wizard to work (the one included on the CD didn't work right so I had to download a fresh copy from the Belkin site), upgrading the firmware, and then tweaking the system for performance, this wireless router is working perfectly. I am on a 7 acre property with a lot of trees, and from where the router is installed on one side of the property, I get a decent signal virtually everywhere. To be honest, I didn't think this router would do such a good job - but I am very pleasantly surprised.

    A couple of notes to new users. You should upgrade the firmware - but be aware that the upgrade process isn't as worry free as it could be. There is a stern warning that you shouldn't disconnect or reset the router while the firmware upgrade is taking place (while it is re-booting) because it might cause the router to be permanently unusable. When upgrading the firmware, I found that the 'booting up' indicator on the router would not stop - and while it says that it is booting up, you are not supposed to disconnect or reset the router. After waiting for it for a long time (about a half hour), I decided to just bite the bullet, go against the warning, and reset the router by unplugging it. Fortunately, it worked out fine and the new firmware took and then the router worked perfectly when it booted up again. But, I was pretty worried about resetting the router in what looked like mid-stream of the firmware update process. A word of advice - before beginning your install of this router, go to the Belkin site and download all the latest quick-install software and firmware upgrades to a directory on your computer. That way, if things don't work perfectly at first, they will be right there and you won't have to disconnect the router and change a bunch of settings in your network connections just to get back onto the internet to get them.

    All in all, for the price this router is a very good value and I would highly recommend it. As with anything in the high-tech marketplace, there will be some people that run into an install snag and make blanket negative comments about the product, but from what I've seen so far, the technology and quality is top notch....more info
  • Ok router, but very fussy
    I did my research as to what router to buy because I was looking to upgrade from a wireless B. Obviously wanted to be ahead of the game so I found this to be the best reviewed wireless router for Draft N out there. Set up was easy and I loved the idea of the indicators on the front. However, as I used it, found it to be very fussy. It seemed to run very slow and the connection breaks often. I ended up replacing our cable modem but that wasn't the issue either. I also found out that it has some issues concerning xbox live. It will work, but I found that trying to party up with some friends wasn't possible. In the last 3 months I've had to restart it and the modem at least 20 times because the connection slows. Now I am researching to buy a different one because there are just too many little things that give me problems....more info
  • The thing is great, but it has some problems
    The Belkin N1 is an excellent router for hardcore users using the internet in any way, shape, or form. I use the router with my Xbox 360, my laptop, and my desktop, and the Belkin N1 handles them all with ease. I use the Wireless N feature of the router with my laptop, and my Xbox 360 and desktop are hooked up via ethernet.

    I received the router in late October, and thing've been great. Initial setup has been hard, however. I'm very technology oriented, and it was very difficult for me to hook my laptop up to the router. Hours of tinkering and messing around with the router and the software, and I finally was able to access the internet.

    My laptop was the "host computer"; I ran all the software and stuff with it.

    This router is excellent for downloading and/or streaming media content online. With Optimum Online, I have a solid 900 KB/Second wireless download rate, which is very good in my opinion. Movies and TV Shows from Amazon Unbox, and music from iTunes download in a snap no matter where I am in the house. I even got a good wireless signal in the farthest corner of my backyard!

    As for my desktop computer, downloads go very well, too. Movies, TV Shows, and music download even snappier than on my laptop; I have a 1500 KB/Second download rate via an CAT5 Ethernet patch cord. Outstanding.

    My Xbox 360 receives no lag during online gaming, and downloads demos and other stuff from Xbox Live Marketplace very well. I haven't really kept track of the download rate, though.

    The one very frustrating thing, however, is hooking up another laptop to the network wirelessly. I tried hooking up a friend's laptop and my old laptop, but it just wouldn't connect. It gets stuck at Acquiring IP Address. I've called Belkin, and the representative could not fix the problem, as he suggested restarting, running software, and other tricks. Unfortunately, all has failed, however I've found that laptops can connect to the internet with an Ethernet cord.

    I'd give Belkin's router four stars if I could connect other laptops to the network, and I'd give the router five stars if the set up was easier. If one cannot connect using the host computer (upon buying the router), I suggest calling Belkin, as they should be able to help you with that. The router is great, but it's way to complicated for the average person....more info
  • Unreliable Junk
    I purchased this particular product about a year ago because of its features and ease of setup, and it also replaced my pre-N which had sporadic connection problems. From day one, my internet connection would simply reset itself at least once nearly every day. My bandwidth usage is pretty high because I download and evaluate a lot of open-source software, and I also administer Linux machines remotely. So, I thought my ISP was trying to limit my bandwidth by throttling my connection. Turns out, that wasn't the case. Then, I thought since the router is N technology and my clients were G, then changing the router to G should help. Nope, same problem. I've made other kinds of adjustments to all of the settings in the router and even went on the message boards to get help in putting together the "perfect settings." I had the latest firmware installed. And still, my internet connection kept resetting. This went on for a year.

    Finally, I decided to buy a different brand router (Netgear model WGR614). This router is just a regular wireless-G router. After using it for about four months, it never went down once, and I didn't have to make any changes to some of the low-level settings! Yup, the problem was Belkin.

    I'll never buy any Belkin product again. [...]...more info
  • Belkin N1 is a excellent router
    Bought this to replace a Linksys g router. Strong signal, easy to set up, very good customer service support if needed (my one question was promptly answered). If you need to boost signal strength in your home, I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Belkin N1 wireless router: easy install but undependable
    The Belkin N1 Wireless Router is by far the easiest to install of the 6 or so different systems I've set up. It's also the only router I've had to send in for warranty...TWICE. Each time the router worked flawlessly for about a month. Then it quit broadcasting SSID despite Setup reconfigurations, reboots, etc. Tried different channels, wireless modes, even turned the protected mode and security features off. Called support both times (outsourced to India) and they couldn't fix it either. Now I don't even want a replacement unit, I'm going back to my old faithful Linksys WRT54GL which has performed well since day one (besides the need to reboot it once or twice a year). ...more info
  • Not a good choice for MAC or PS3 users
    These are my personal opinions and experiences with this product. We purchased this exact model and paid $105.00 at Micro Center. After following all directions and even having my brother (a certified tech and programmer) come out to help work out the bugs, we still had issues! I bought this router in hopes of using it with my new Mac and PS3. We wanted to be able to get online with the PS3. However we came across many issues with the router.

    Issue #1: Even though I have one of the fastest satellite connections available, there was too much lag to allow my Mac and the PS3 system to be online at the same time. The PS3 would time out trying to connect to a server if anyone was online using the Mac.

    Issue #2: This router likes to interfere with other electrical devices! No matter where i went in my 2,300 square foot home with my cell phone, the router would cause dropped calls. Yes, it was shutting my phone completely off in the middle of a conversation. Then the phone wouldn't come back on till the router was fully unplugged and no longer in use. It made our florescent lighting make this god awful humming and vibrational noises that no one could live with.

    Issue #3: Regardless of what this router says it doesn't work the best with a MAC. We had to bypass cords, go in and change a million setting in my mac and still had issues to where it wasn't working properly.

    There were several reasons I purchased this item. The main reason was so one person could be online with the computer doing their internet or web browsing thing and another family member could be online with the Play Station 3 either playing games, or just simply being online. NOT gonna happen! The lag was so large that this was impossible! Neither the person on the computer nor the person on the PS3 could get anywhere nd again I have a government satellite connection... it doesn't get any faster than that folks!

    The weirdest part yet that both my brother and the techs from Micro Center can't figure out is why the router totally drained my $500 batter back up/generator for my entire system. This gives me approx. 20 minutes of power in the event of a power outage. This router drained the batter back up on a permanent basis. The battery backup can not recharge its self now because of the electrical interference this route caused.

    If you have a PC and not a MAC this router may be fine for you. If you have a MAC like I do and expect to use this router with a gaming system or other multi user set up.. FORGET ABOUT IT! It was a waste of money on our half and we have yet to find a good wireless router that does the proper job....more info