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Kensington PocketHub USB 7 Ports Portable USB Hub K33366
List Price: $33.99

Our Price: $28.78

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Product Description

The Kensington PocketHub 7-Port USB 2.0 Expansion Hub turns a single USB port from your notebook into 7 fast USB 2.0 certified ports so you can connect hard disks, media players, digital cameras, keyboards, mice, printers and more. Backward compatible with USB 1.1 ports. Designed for all operating systems supporting the USB 2.0 standard.

  • 7 High-Speed USB 2.0 Expansion Ports
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, MAC OS 10.1.5 or later
  • Ships with: PocketHub, USB cable, AC adapter and travel bag

Customer Reviews:

  • You can't go wrong with this thing
    This thing is awesome..
    I tell you what, do your self a favor and buy this USB Hub.
    The AC adapter provides enough power for my 2 printers, two external hard drives, one flash drive, charging my GPS navigator at the same time.
    With no fancy shape and no annoying light, I'll say this thing is unbeatable..
    The only thing is that, it's kind of light. I use a tape to stick it on my desk, so that I don't have to hold it everything I plug or unplug my flashdrive or a USB cable.

    I like the 3 USB ports on the back. I plug my two printers at the back,so that I don't have to deal with so many cables on the front. The 4 USB ports on the front are usually for frequently removed devices, such as flash drive and USB cable to charge your iPod or GPS.....more info
  • Not that great
    Not that great of an item. When I wanted two external harddrives hooked up, it would drop one, so I could not transfer files in between them, even though I had the external power connected. Before when I did not have it connected, it would not even pick up the external harddrive (I have seagate and western digital both 320 gb). I bought this so that I would not have to hog both of my ports and connect several harddrives, but I guess it takes up too much power for the hub to handle. A bit disappointed, but it's not that bad of a buy....more info
  • Quality fine; service poor
    I bought this PocketHub a couple of months ago and have really had no problems with it. It serves my purposes and is pretty durable. Sometimes I have to wiggle the USB plug a little harder than with other ports but usually it is not a problem. So, the quality of the hub itself is fine.

    However, when I purchased this hub there was a rebate offer. I followed the directions to a T and got an e-mail about a month later saying my rebate had been received and to check it online. I followed the link and was told my rebate was invalid because the "DomeHub" UPC was missing. Considering this is a POCKETHub and not a DOMEHub, I was annoyed but followed their directions for resubmitting an invalid rebate claim--only this time with a copy of the UPC since I had sent the original in to begin with. I have been waiting for over a month since the resubmission and my claim continues to be invalid. I probably would not have bought it without the rebate offer because I'm a poor college student. So, if the rebate snag is not an issue for you, then, by all means buy the hub!...more info
  • Works as it should
    Seems well built. I have 4 devices plugged into it and it's just like their plugged into the computer. I do use the power cord. If I needed another, I'd get this one again....more info
  • Totally Satisfied
    I've had this USB hub for ~2 months's worked perfectly for every item I've plugged in (camera, iPods, etc.). It's provided exactly what I wanted, convenience and USB support for all my stuff!...more info
  • Plug and play, works great!
    I connected several types of devices from iPod chargers to printers to backup drives, everything connects perfectly....more info
  • Very pleased with product.
    This product offers seven USB ports which is extremely helpful in a household with many Ipods, digital cameras, flash drives, etc., etc. The product works without the AC adapter but it cannot charge Ipods without having the AC adapter plugged in. I just leave the AC adapter plugged in all the time. Well worth the investment....more info
  • Kensington USB 7 port Hub
    Great product. Easy simple / setup. The USB ports are spaced far enough apart so you can use all 7 ports. ...more info
  • Possible Solution To iMac Trouble With This Hub
    For those Apple Macintosh iMac users who are having trouble with this hub:

    When I first got this USB hub (Kensington K33366) I had trouble. I have a flat-screen 800 MHz Power PC G4 iMac, the first one sold, with 15" screen. Am running Mac OS 10.4.11. This computer has 3 USB sockets on the back of it. I had my keyboard plugged into one, my printer plugged into another and a Belkin USB powered hub plugged into the third, with my Kensington Orbit Trackball plugged into that hub. This has always worked. Even after the AC power unit that ran the hub failed. I unplugged the AC power and the hub still worked, until I tried plugging in my digital camera to transfer pictures from the camera to my computer's hard drive. Then it did not work. I had to unplug the hub and plug the camera directly into the computer every time. Not wanting to have to do this every time I hooked up my digital camera to the computer, I ordered a Kensington 7-port K33366 powered-hub. I plugged this unit into my computer and my Kensington trackball into the unit. I do not keep my computer on all the time. I turn it off when not using it. I have my computer plugged into an AC extension outlet with surge protector that has an On/Off switch. I plug everything else involved with my computer that needs AC into the same AC extension outlet, such as my printer and high-speed cable Internet modem and the Kensington powered USB hub. Thus when I turn the AC extension outlet off, all units lose power. (This is also very handy during thunderstorms, for safety-of-computer-hardware purposes!)

    When I tried the new USB hub using this setup, every time I turned the AC extension outlet on and then turned the computer on, the cursor froze. It would not move! I would have to unplug the trackball from the hub and plug it back in for the cursor to move. Nothing I tried, other than unplugging and plugging-back-in the trackball USB cable, would unfreeze the cursor. Until I decided to plug my Kensington trackball directly into my computer and my printer into the Kensington hub. Then it worked! Now the cursor is always unfrozen! Not only that but the printer also works! I do not have to unplug the USB cable from the printer to the hub and plug it back in! I always turn my printer off (or it turns itself off) before turning the AC extension outlet off so the printer can cover up the printer ink-jet orifices so ink will not dry out. Hence, the computer is on and warmed up whenever I turn the printer on.

    What I think is happening with the K33366 hub is that it needs to be on and in communication with a working and warmed-up computer for the computer to recognize that the hub, and whatever is plugged into it, exists, whenever a device plugged into it is turned on. When I had the trackball plugged into the hub and turned the AC extension outlet on and then turned the computer on, the computer had not yet warmed up enough for the USB hub to be in communication with the computer when the hub was trying to communicate to the computer that a trackball was plugged into it. However, when I had the printer plugged into the hub, the computer was warmed up and could recognize the hub and the printer when the hub tried telling the computer about the printer!

    Hence, in order to use this particular USB hub correctly, you must use it in such a manner that whatever you have connected to the hub is turned on after the computer is up and running! Do not plug your keyboard or mouse or trackball into the hub. If you do this, it should work very well, indeed!

    It's a great hub, once one learns how to use it correctly!...more info
  • didn`t work for me
    I wanted this to use with a superdrive on MacBook Air, but it doesn`t have enough power to do so.
    Got in contact with Kesington, they answered once and never got back to me when I said it still did not work.
    I thought this would work as I had seen it on Apple`s website, but the fact is that the superdrive will only work connected directly on MacBook Air, apparently there is no hub on the market with enough power to feed it.
    I`m utterly disappointed....more info
  • Happy with the first so I bought another
    I had previously purchased one and was happy with it so I bought another and now have 14 ports available for my laptop. As a side note I had originally tried the belkin 7 port usb hub and was unhappy with it- It kept crashing/freezing my laptop....more info
    Perfect. High speed. Makes all my connections convenient and easy to get to....more info