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Grex P635 23-gauge 1-3/8-inch Length Headless Pinner
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Product Description

It's no wonder this tool was hailed the "Lexus of pinners" by a leading consumer magazine. Ideal for nailing finish and trim, light wood assemblies, paneling and more, this supremely versatile pinner is the only nail gun on the market equipped with a magazine that adjusts itself for easy loading of a variety of nail sizes. In fact, the tool accepts nine different nail sizes from 3/8 up to 1-3/8 inches to take on a wide array of nailing tasks, making it the go-to gun for do-it-yourselfers and pros alike.

The tool also features an extended narrow nose for accessing corners and tight areas. Perfect for working with softwood trim, rattan furniture, and crafts, this pinner ensures precision fastening of delicate materials with no splitting. Though, its powerful motor drives pins into the hardest materials like oak trim and maple. A compact and lightweight design (less than 8 inches long and just over 2 pounds) means better maneuverability for working in corners and high overhead. A double trigger safety prevents accidental firing--a key feature for conserving compressor air, pins, and for preventing injuries. And, this side-loading unit is equipped with a mechanism that prevents fasteners from tumbling for fewer jams. The unit's removable nose cover provides easy access for clearing jams should they occur. A removable no-mar tip prevents marring of work surface. A rear exhaust with built-in silencer reduces exhaust sound, and a handy indicator lets you see when it's time to reload. Versatility, smooth operation, and even a convenient belt hook for easy transport and safe ladder work--you can't go wrong here. --Brian D. Olson

Light wood assembly, finish and trim work, molding and decorative trim, dowel and joint pinning, mirror and picture frame assembly, lightweight paneling, external softwood trim, rattan furniture, glazing strips, craft work, window beading, display and sign work.

What's in the Box
Tool, carrying case, 2 no- mar rubber tips, four Allen wrenches, oil.

  • Powerful motor penetrates fasteners through the hardest materials
  • Shoots fasteners up to 1-3/8-inch length easily, even-inch hardwoods
  • Patented design eliminates need to adjust for different fastener lengths
  • Double trigger safety prevents accidental firing of tool
  • Narrow nose reaches tight areas and corners for detailed trim work

Customer Reviews:

  • GREX 23 Gauge Pinner
    You may not 'need' one of these pinners to do trim work. But, if you are looking for a tool to help you do quality work in an efficient fashion, you really should have one of these tools. When working with stained trim, you can pin outside miters together and then fasten the trim to the wall quickly without a split or having to fill holes. Painted trim does require touch up, however smaller holes means less work to conceal and the 23 gauge pinner still has the advantage of being able to pin the actual corners without having to pre-drill holes....more info
  • Very nice tool, if you know what to use it for.
    This is an excellent product, comes ready to use, and works perfectly. Quiet, light, and well made. Feels better than the Porter Cable I tried out, and extremely accurate. I used it at 90 psi with the 1 3/8" pins, and had no issues with putting pins through shoe molding, corner molding, pinning crown miters, etc.

    A very minor gripe: it is difficult to load a new clip of pins when there are a few still left on the old clip. The spring mechanism pushes the two clips together pretty hard when you close the magazine, and the ends of the clips can get doubled up, jamming the magazine. I was unable to fix this, so I just made sure I only refilled when it was completely empty. Kind of a hassle on the ladder, but there are so many pins in a clip it didn't matter to me that much. I don't know if this was a problem on the other pinner I tried out because I never thought to check.

    If you've never used a pinner, you should know that it is NOT going to replace your finish nailer. In other words, don't plan on a pinner to hold up oak trim on a coffered ceiling. You can put the smaller stuff (cove, bead) up with the pinner, and you get perfect results.

    Another great use for the pinner is holding the returns on small pieces of trim while the glue sets up. Things that you cannot clamp together can be pinned and you'll probably never see the tiny hole. Plus, no problems with splitting the end grains either! Saves me hours of hole-filling and irritation.

    This pinner has the dual trigger, and it works well. One safety note, don't get complacent about holding the safety trigger down and waving the gun around at the same time (away from the workpiece). There is no safety tip to depress, so it will fire away. It's all too easy to slide one hand a little too close to the tip while you're positioning and give yourself a new body piercing. Didn't do it personally, but it can be done...

    One thing this gun doesn't do as well as a finish nailer is shoot at shallow angle. There's no deep countersink to push the angled nails in, and the pins are so fine that the grain of hard wood will sometimes curve your angled shots and turn them out the side. If you're shooting near the joint between two pieces of wood, it will very easily just follow the joint instead of angling through them. Just take some care in lining it up before you pull the trigger and that issue goes away.

    A minor gripe: it is difficult to load a new clip of pins when there are a few still left on the old clip. The spring mechanism pushes the two clips together pretty hard when you close the magazine, and the clips can get doubled up, jamming the magazine. I was unable to prevent this, so I just made sure I only refilled when it was completely empty....more info
  • Wow! superb product
    Superb micro pinner. Easy to use and I am finding uses for this tool that I would never have imagined. Expensive but worth it....more info
  • The Hulk of Headless Pinner Guns!
    This little pinner is amazing, will leave very little indents after nailing. Easy and comfortable to use each and everytime. Each day I look for something to build just so I can use this gun. I tried Porter-Cable but found it leaves deep indents since they've refused to add a bumper tip.
    Couldn't be happier with my GREX!!!!!...more info
  • Never misses
    I bought this tool based on a review posted by a professional cabinet maker. He was right, this thing rocks. If you're looking for a pinner, this is the one to get. It's well worth the extra $ to have a trouble free tool....more info
  • the best one available
    After asking around on woodnet i found that this one is the only one that does not leave a small dent from the driving pin( at least in this price range)
    the one drawback to all of these micro pinners is that you cant control the depth of the pin
    it will never go more than about a 32nd into the wood
    not quite enough for filler
    ...more info
  • Best Pin Nailer I've Used
    This is a great pin nailer. I've tried other ones and this is hands down the best I've tried. Keep it clean and it will be trouble free. Like all pin nailers it can jamb but this is because of the pins not the nailer. The only draw back is the case which should really have a place to store pins....more info
  • Above the rest
    Fit and finish way above the other manufacturers offerings. The gun has not mis-fired in 4 packs of 1 3/8" pins, and thats a lot of headless pins.
    I pin moldings and trim casings with no problems. This is not a 15 guage trim gun or a 2 1/2" framer but it does what it was made to do and does it very well. ...more info
  • Grex 23 gauge
    Nailing through a painted surface, I had to fill and repaint the holes. If the wood were dark, there would be no need for touch-up the holes are so small. It's a great addition to my shop....more info
  • Grex pin nailer
    I have had this model for over a year it is a great nailer as I mostly do cabinet installs. I love this for crown molding and light rail molding. My boss borrowed this once and wanted it, he normally used a brad nailer and had to go back and putty holes. As i would not let him use it I'm have some job security with finish trim. I also used this to assemble some base corner molding that had a round corner, so it took three pieces to do the corner. This nailer worked great. I would recommend this to anyone before buying other brands. Spend the money it is worth it...more info
  • micro pinner
    What can i say if you need a micro pinner this is your choice! the only thing better is the 2-1/4 inch. this unit does not require an adjustment for the different length of nails that you are using. throw any size in and fire. Grex is the originator of the micro pinner and will always be the best, the rest are just followers....more info
  • Worth the extra bucks
    This nailer costs a little more than the others, but it appears to be well made, functioned perfectly right out of the box and has been a handy addition to my tool arsenal. The tool barely leaves a trace of a nail entry hole and adequately holds trim tight and secure. I am a professional remodeler and I looked at several similar products before ordering this one. I believe I made the right choice. Grex P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Length Headless Pinner...more info
  • Suggestion
    I like the Grex pin nailer but I would like to suggest to all of the tool manufacturers that the form fitting plastic storage case would be much more useful if they left enough room for storage of the supplies (pins). ...more info
  • Works
    I am a custom home builder and my trim installers use this gun on finished materials. Works like a dream....more info
  • Performance matched raves here at
    (see revision below) I wasn't led astray by others who raved about this 23 gauge pinner. It saved the day as far as doing an intricate exterior Ipe handrail with polyurethane glue. No other brad or nailer would work except my old Senco 1/2 thru 3/4 inch pinner and it leaked and didn't have the power of this new one. With no time to use small screws and countersinks nor tenoning, I found that using toe nailed 23 guage pins with polyurethane glue really held together this hard-as-nails exterior hardwood.

    The only small problem was when adding a new shank of pins to a nearly empty gun.. that when the previous shank was used up the new shank due to the smallest misalignment wouldn't pin.. .not a biggy..It just meant one had to very carefully load the pinner and make sure the same size of pins was in-line with the prior shank of pins. Very hard to tell if the gun is firing or not. But minor concerns with such a Great Tool! It's very powerful judging at the strength of penetration into a wood (Ipe) that is very close to being the hardest of woods. 18 guage would shatter and split the wood and only my battery actuated Dewalt 16 guage gun would consistantly penetrate but only at a right angle and with occasional splitting. Only 23 guage pins would toe nail w/o bouncing off.
    Someone described this as the "Lexus of pinners". Seems very true. Also the extra finger safety 'flipper' was annoying and my helper just taped it to the handle as we found that it was more likely to accidently fire with the intricacy of manipulating the safety on than having it taped off (down). Works now very well. No hitches. Comes with the usual leaky bottle of oil..but not even one pin in the box. Make sure you order some if you don't have 'em when ordering this gun.

    after a month or so...revised review. Now the Grex no longer shoots pin to the surface...pins are proud a good 1/16. Opened it up and the first part of the pin driver is shattered. Thus needing a new piston pin, Amazon does carry it. But was the wood too hard (Ipe) on the pinner or is it just a bad design? Remember my old Senco still shoots pins but only is a half through three quarter pinner. I'd have to demote Grex to two stars. The pin driver seems only meant for softer woods. Need to find paperwork as no local dealer sells Grex or contact manufacturer. ...more info
  • great little tool
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas and he loved it. He said it was the perfect size and was quite light and easy to use. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I thought it would have come with a small package of pins to use but it didn't. I don't remember seeing that when I read about the item. Other than that, it was a great buy!...more info
  • Excellent Nail Gun
    I chose the GREX P635 23 Gauge 1-3/8-Inch Length Headless Pinner based on recommendations of other users and it's greater capacity for variable pin size. So far it has functioned flawlessly in various density of wood and leaves no mars or obvious nail holes. The nailer's quality is obvious when you first handle it, as compared to my other nailers. I wish I had it when I trimmed my cabinets....more info